Bhulekh MP: Online Land Records of Madhya Pradesh


Bhulekhmp is an online platform that has been introduced by the Government of Madhya Pradesh for the people living in the state of Madhya Pradesh, to view their land records online. Bhulekh Madhya Pradesh runs all land records through the BhulekhMP portal. This online portal provides access to land records, maps, reports, and so on.

There is no fee charged for the services offered by the MP Bhulekh online page.

What is Bhulekh?

Bhulekh means keeping a record of the lands a person owns. In the advent of digitalisation, keeping these records becomes easy. The Central Government has mandated all states to provide land record data to an online database under the Digital India initiative to gather and modify land records. Here comes digital platforms like MP Bhulekh online into the picture that helps one to view, modify and track these land records. Though most states are still learning the method of uploading and translating documents to the portal, some have already completed the process.

Though most states are still learning the method of uploading and translating documents to the portal, some have already completed the process.

The Government of India has introduced the Digital India Land Records Modernization Program (DILRMP) to computerize land records and register maps known as Bhu Naksha, details of land records, and mutation records. The settlement records also are updated online to prevent land disputes. Just half of the states in India have digitized records of land, and the other states are computerising records. The government frequently updates these land records conducting land surveys. So, Bhulekh MP is one of the best services provided by the government for the residents of Madhya Pradesh.

What is Khasra

A Persian term, Khasra could be a plot or survey range given to a specific piece of land in villages. In urban areas, lands are assigned plot numbers or survey numbers - the equivalent of rural areas’ Khasra range. As plot numbers are assigned to every piece of land in India, an analogous numeral identification is assigned to agricultural land in rural areas. Authorities take the village map and assign a khasra range to each plot of land within a specific village.

At this point, it needs to be mentioned that although the writing system for the 2 words is the same, the term ख़सरा shouldn't be confused with खसरा, the Hindi term to denote the rubeola, an extremely contagious virus-induced malady. So, here MP Bhulekh Khasra is helpful in finding out all information about the desired plot in Madhya Pradesh.

What is Khatauni?

The Khatauni (खतौनी) variety is a crucial tool, to inspect the standing of land possession, particularly in rural areas of India. At the time of sale and purchase of land, the Khatauni plays a critical role as it carries all the important information regarding the land.

Khatauni provides data regarding the land-holding pattern at various intervals. A document, known as the Khatauni, provides data regarding the land, its Khasra, the number of persons owning it, its total space, and so on. Khatauni has the details of all the Khasras closely-held by a property owner. In other words, Khatauni is the record of all the Khasras closely-held by a landowner.

While a specific area piece of land is its Khasra variety, the units of all the Khasras of a specific person or family is understood as Khatauni. That way, a Khasra is simply a unit whereas a Khatauni may be a record of many units. Another difference between both is that the Khasra is created in the P-II form whereas Khatauni is created in B-I form. Whereas the former has twelve columns, the latter has twenty-three columns.

Bhulekhmp 2021 Online Overview

Article CategoryMP Land Record Bhulekh
StateMadhya Pradesh
DepartmentRevenue Department, Madhya Pradesh
Contacts[email protected], 0761-2441200

Services Available on MP Bhulekh Portal

So far, you must be accustomed to the fact that the introduction of the MP Bhulekh portal has brought a progressive change in maintaining MP land records as everything is digitized now. Like other states, Madhya Pradesh has also hopped on the trend of digitizing its land records after the proclamation of the India Land Records Modernization Program that commenced under the initiative of digital India. At present, Madhya Pradesh is managing land records with the help of the online portal Bhulekh MP. On this user-friendly portal, anyone can access a database of the record of rights of ownership and the icing on the cake is they can also attain every type of land documents, report, and map. In a nutshell, this nifty online portal has made the land management system more expedient and transparent. All in all, the MP Bulekh portal has got it all for you!

Now, without further ado, let’s have a glance at the services available on the online Mpbhulekh portal:

  • Information related to every land record is accessible such as the Khatauni code, rights of ownership, plot status, sales deeds, tenancies, etc.
  • The collection payment option is available on the portal.
  • On the portal, users can access Khasra, the record of rights, maps, and many more.
  • Buyers and sellers of land can search for old documents on the MP Bhulekh online portal.
  • Users can easily and straightforwardly access the Bhu Naksha view.
  • Users can also get information related to the type of soil, the shape of the land and in-depth facts about the irrigation use of crops and land.

How to Check Land Records in Bhulekhmp Portal?

All land records in MP are created in MP Bulekh online portal. Now, each person can see their land record through the portal at any time. MP Bhuabhilekh or Bhulekh MP is designed and developed by the Department of Revenue. Through the portal, the user can access their land record, Khataui, Khasra, and so on. The user can access the required data simply by using a smartphone. The days where one had to run from one government office to the other are no longer there. If you have got land and wish to look at the land records then visit the BhulekhMP authorized website to look at them on-line. Perform the following steps to view land records in Khasra/Khatauni/Map in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

With bhulekhMP records being made digital, you can see the Khatauni, Khasra, or maps very easily by following just a few steps:

  • Just simply go to the website of MP land records
  • The ‘Record application’ page is displayed with a computerized map
  • Click on the district
  • Once you select the district from the map, two links will be displayed:
    • Clicking on this link, will take you to another page.
    • Next click on the link,
  • Enter the following details on the page by selecting the required drop-down menus.
    • Tehsil
    • District
  • Click ‘OK’. The village list will be shown.


  • Locate the village on the displayed list of villages and then click on the ‘Select’ link beside the selected village.


You’ll require to enter the following details in the bhulekhmp portal:

  • Tehsil
  • Light or halka
  • District
  • R.N.M.
  • Village
  • Year

Type the code that is shown on the monitor.

Select Option to choose the data you want.

Click on ‘Choose’ and the information will be provided and created on the Bhulekh MP portal.


You must remember, after finishing the process detailed above and choosing the data you want to see, the page may request details such as the Khasra number in agreement with the land record that has been specified.

A step-by-step guide to see MP BHULEKH Land Record Online

  • Just go to the MP Bhulekh website
  • Select Free Service and choose Khasra/B1/Map.
  • Choose the details such as Tehsil, District, and Village names from the dropdown list.
  • Type the Khasra number and then type the captcha. Select on View Details.
  • The khasra information is displayed.

MP Bhulekh Khatauni Khasra 2021

With MP Bhulekh 2021, we can also get MP Bhulekh Online as per Khatauni, Khasra on the online portal. To make use of this, read and follow the steps detailed below.

1. Open the MP Bhulekh online portal by using a web browser on your computer or mobile and go to

2. Click on Free Service.

3. After the portal opens, various options are shown on the monitor. From this, you should click the Free Service option.

4. The list of different services will be available in Free service. From this, you must choose the map copy / khasra/ b1 / option.

5. Choose Khasra/B1/Map Copy

6. Specify the Khasra details.

7. Next, choose your tehsil, district, RNM, patwari Halka number, Khasra, and village number. After that, go to the View Detail option.

8. See MP bhuabhilekh B1, Naksha.

9. After this, you can see the khasra, map details or the B1 of your land. Now, you should select the option you want.

10. You can also get MP Bhulekh details based on your name. For this, select the bhu-swami option in the fourth step. Then locate and submit your name.

Note: Other than checking the information for Bhulekh MP 2020, you can also see and download MP Bhulekh 2021/2022 online from home.

How to Check Property Related Documents in BhulekhMP Online?

Khasra is a type of land record that contains info like land revenue, area of land, survey range, the supply of irrigation, crop details, and address. If you are residing in MP and need to check your land records follow the below steps to look at them online:

  • Login to MP Bhulekh website
  • Once the home page is visible, tap on the ‘Free service’ option, provided on the top left corner or at the bottom of the page.


Once you click on the said option, the page will show the following options.

  • Bhu-Naksha
  • Khasra / B1 / Map Copy
  • Copy Application Form
  • Village List
  • Khasra / B1 / Map
  • Downloads
  • Data Cleansing Report


  • To see any document related to the property, select the respective option.
  • Apart from this, you can also download the application forms and other documents if required. However, the website requests you to log in before providing you access to all the mentioned services.

How to Login into BhulekhMP Portal?

The Madhya Pradesh government is now providing land records online through MP Khasra, MP Khatauni, and MP Bhulekh Map land records. MP Bhulekh online is very easy to access. All land records are created online throughout a Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh portal. To access all the services offered by MP BhuAbhilekh offers, one should log in to the website. You can follow a few steps and login to the website within a few minutes. Bhulekh MP website is where you can access all these records.

  1. Visit the Bhulekh MP at
  2. The ‘Login’ option is available in the top left corner. Click on the option and a pop-up is displayed.
  3. Specify your account credentials on the pop-up.
    • Login ID
    • Department (select from the drop-down menu)
    • Password
  4. Type in the code and select Submit.

If you have misplaced or forgotten the password, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option. It will enable you to set your password again.


MP Bhulekh Khasra, Khatauni (Land Records)

To view your own MP Bhulekh Khasra land records, follow the steps given below:

  1. First, visit the authorized website through the given link
  2. On the homepage, you may see the map of MP.
  3. Click on your district shown on the map.
  4. Select the on the website button.
  5. Now, choose your district from the drop-down button.
  6. Also, select Tahsila and click on OK.
  7. You will see the village with a complete khasra
  8. Search your village and click on the ‘Select’ choice to read the main points.
  9. Type district, tahsil, village and other details.
  10. Type security code is shown within the image.
  11. Select the Search option.
  12. Now you will see the land records.

Why should you check details on the MP Bhu Naksha portal?

The Bhu Naksha portal is important for the following reasons:

  • Legality
  • Owner’s verification
  • Size of the land
  • Save time

It is very important to view the MP Bhu Naksha online (Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh) if you want to purchase a plot of property or land, anywhere in the state. All the land-related records of persons in Madhya Pradesh are currently handled with the help of technology. Bhulekh MP is an online portal introduced by the Revenue Board of Madhya Pradesh, to stay up to date with records. Using the portal, you will gain access to the map of your property, form, crop details, village list, arrangement report of the land, and geo map or the Bhu Naksha.

We will help you to understand how to access the Bhu Naksha of your land on the online website. The Bhulekh Gov in MP has made safety its priority.

Bhu-naksha on Mobile App

The Madhya Pradesh government has also introduced the Bhu Naksha mobile app service for all of its citizens. Thus, one can easily access the Khasra, Khatauni details too. Just download the land records of MP through MP Bhu Abhilekh app.

A Step-on Step Guide to Check Bhu Naksha in MP

  • Visit Madhya Pradesh’s authorized online portal called MP Bhulekh.
  • Click on ‘Free service’ to continue.
  • You will be taken to a free service list of which one that is present is the Bhu Naksha.
  • Type the details of the land such as Tehsil, Zila and Village.
  • Depending on your selections, the Bhu Naksha will be displayed on the monitor. You can type the Khasra details for more information.
  • On typing or selecting a specific Khasra, all the data concerning its owner/s, size and type of the plot is shown.

Why Should You Use MP Bhulekh to Check Bhu Naksha?

These days, looking and seeing for the land records and the Bhu Naksha is convenient and can be done using the smartphone. It saves time, where the user can access all the information even from the comfort of his/her home. All you need to do is to visit the official website of Bhulekhmp and get the necessary information instantly.

List of Districts with Bhu Naksha Records Online

Ashok NagarMorena

How to Check MP Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni Online?

The steps are simple:

  • First login to the official Bhulekh Madhya Pradesh online portal. Click on Free Service. Then click on Khasra/ B1 option and then fill in the Khasra details.
  • Next fill the right option from the dropdown menu like tehsil, district, RNM, patwari Halka number, Khasra and village number.
  • Then click on ‘View Detail’ option.
  • Now select MP Bhuabhilekh B1 Naksha. Now select the further options that you want and it will be displayed on your screen.

Charges for Bhu Naksha Map

To get a copy of the map in an A4-sized paper, the fee is charged for the first page Rs 30 and Rs 16 for every additional page.

Khasra Number and Bhu Naksha Serial Number Linkinga

It was not compulsory to link the khasra with the map and hence, districts have not been linked in the two. For this to happen, web-based GIS applications need to be linked to the various departments, such as the revenue courts, bank, and registration departments. To share the information with these departments, all the knowledge should be up to date, which includes the Khasra and Bhu Naksha details.

Recently this has been made compulsory. All the previous changes that reflected within the Khasra can be replicated within the Bhu Naksha, as well. Map rectification module, Map number/attribute update, Map exchange, Map update, and Map clipping/update modules etc. are available for easy facilitation.

Bhu Naksha: Is it Essential to Keep an Eye?

The real estate industry was overwhelmed by instances of fraud for quite some time, because of which structural reforms such as the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA) became mandatory. If you are a plot seller, an owner or a buyer, it becomes mandatory to look for the applicable details of the concerned property on the MP Bhu Naksha. This aids in eliminating any confusion regarding the legality or ownership of the property.

To Conclude!

The Madhya Pradesh Government has made it convenient for property owners to register their land and verify it by introducing the digital MP Bhulekh Portal and system. Those who are facing issues in processing, can reach out to clarify queries.

The services are user-friendly. There is a team of experts that guides the users through the services. One can also take the maximum benefits of the Grievances Redressal section on the website that looks after various complaints. All other details about the Bhulekh Madhya Pradesh portal application process, how to verify land certificates, and more information, are displayed on the main website.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the primary goal of MP Bhulekh?

The primary goals of bhulekh Madhya Pradesh are listed below:

Citizens of Madhya Pradesh can check the land records and various data regarding the land and property from the authorized web site of MP Bhulekh. All records such as rights, plot area, Khatami code, area unit can be accessed on this portal. The website aims to eliminate the requirement for people to go to different departments for any queries or land or property problems.

What are the Benefits of MP Bhulekh Madhya Pradesh Land Record?

1. You can without delay read all the details of the land together with the map and various important data.
2. You can find the Khasra Khatauni numbers in a couple of minutes.
3. No need to visit revenue offices for getting these details as you can collect them all at one place online.
4. You will not need to visit far away revenue offices for getting these details.
5. Easily check and find relevant data regarding your farm/land.
6. Get help recovering possession of the land that belongs to you.
7. You can transfer all the land details anytime and anyplace at your convenience.
8. You can get your data updated and added to the MP Bhulekh portal.
9. There are many other benefits of MP Bhulekh online land records and systems.

What is MP Bhulekh Khasra?

Madhya Pradesh Government has started providing on-line land records (Khasra / Khatauni/Map land records/Bhulekh) in digitisation mode. All land records are created on-line in the MP Bhulekh portal. Now, anyone will see their land record through the portal anytime.

What can I check through the Bhulekhmp Khasra Portal?

Through the portal, the users can check their land record, Khatauni, khasra, take deposits, and so on.

What are the Benefits of Bhulekhmp Portal?

There are a lot of benefits from the Bhulekh MP portal like-

1. Easy access to MP land records
2. Instant information on Khasra, Khatauni and Records of Rights
3. Bhu Naksha view is easily accessible
4. Intimation diversion is available
5. Online payments related to lands can be made

What is the Official portal of MP Bhulekh?

The authorized portal of MP Bhulekh is

How can I check my land record in MP?

You can see your MP land records by visiting its on-line land record portal. Perform the following steps:

1. Visit
2. Choose the district from the digital map and enter the details needed on the page.
3. Go to the link given.

How can I check my Khasra on MP?

Here are the key steps for seeing MP Bhulekh land records online:

1. Go to the authorized MP Bhulekh web site is
2. Choose the Free Service choice by clicking on it.
3. Click on the Khasra/B1/Map Copy and you need
4. Enter all the details together with the District, Tehsil, Patwari Halka, Village
5. Choose either the Khasra variety or Bhu Hindoo.
6. Enter within the captcha code when filling in the details.
7. You will currently be able to check all necessary data linked to the Khasra/B1/Map.

How can I view Khasra, Khatauni Land record details?

The user has to head to the authorized portal of MP Bhulekh and look for the land records option. Click on the choice and enter your land record details. Click on search then your land records will be displayed.