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Odisha is the only frontrunner state that initiated a nationwide movement to digitise all the land records. To our surprise, citizens and landowners of the state got the opportunity to check land records in early 2008 with the help of the official Bhulekh Odisha portal. Yes, you read it right! Isn’t it so cool? Bhunaksha Odisha is the online portal created by the Odisha Government which gives access to people to check their land records and Bhulekh Odisha Plot Details. Bhulekh means Bhu = land and Lekh = records, so, Bhulekh means Land Records. Bhulekh Orissa, therefore, means land records of Orissa.

Land Records Web Portal of Odisha - Odisha Bhulekh

Bhulekh Odisha is an online portal created by the Government of Odisha that allows people of the state (Odisha) to access their land record information. The website is set up and handled by the Department of Revenue. Bhulekh Odisha portal allows citizens to obtain their land record information in a hassle-free manner. The online platform can be used to collect information about the land, the property owner and the property's value. The procedure to obtain your land record information is easy to follow and has a fast turnaround time.

Information You Can Read on Bhulekh Orissa Website

You can get all the land-related information, even statistics and facts easily on the Bhulekh Odisha portal. Have a look!

  • In-depth information about Tehsil
  • Well-designed land maps
  • Orissa state statistics
  • Access to Record of Rights (RoR)

How to Check Bhulekh Odisha Land Records Online?

Land records are important documents to have while selling or buying a home. It confirms land ownership and is presented in court in the event of a land dispute. If you are looking for ways to find land records by the name of the tenant, then in that case visit the Bhulekh Odisha website and click on the view option of ROR.

By using the Khatian Number, you can double-check the land record

Stage 1: First and foremost, select your village, district, RI circle, tahasil from the drop-down menu.
Stage 2: Next, click on the "Khatian" option.
Stage 3: After that, to display the land record data, select the Khatian number and click on "enter” to know the details of the land record

Scrutinize Land Record Using the Khatian Number on Bhulekh Odisha Portal

Stage 1: First of all, select your district, RI circle, tahasil, and village from the drop-down menu.
Stage 2: Next, choose the "Tenant" option.
Stage 3: Subsequently, to access the land record information, type in the tenant's name and click on the "enter" option.

Search the Land Record Odisha by Plot Number

Stage 1: Firstly, select your district, tahasil, village, and RI circle from the drop-down menu.
Stage 2: Next, click on the "Plot" option.
Stage 3: Now, to display your land record information, select the plot number and press "enter."

What Are the Benefits of Bhunaksha Odisha Online Portal?

Bhunaksha Odisha is an online web portal that is capable of holding comprehensive land records. Bhulekha is a platform that was introduced as part of the Odisha government's e-governance programme, as well as other initiatives such as geo-naksha and land tax payment.

  • The accessibility of land records through an online mechanism is the key benefit of the Bhulekh Odisha portal which is governed by Bhulekh Odisha Nic/Bhulekh Orissa Nic.
  • Citizens' time in getting information will be minimised, and the likelihood of errors will be minimal.
  • The key benefit is the availability of maps for the people of Odisha. Bhulekh Odisha map plays an important role in determining the extent of every owner’s plot.
  • You can access land information through the internet.
  • You would not have to pay a fee to access any of the details related to their land through this online facility.

Unmissable Key Features of Bhulekh Odisha Land Record Portal

Land Record Web Portal of Odisha has the following key features:

  • Bhulekh Odisha is an online land record repository in the state of Odisha.
  • Land ownership verification becomes effortless and straightforward with Bhulekh of Odisha Portal.
  • People of Odisha are no longer required to visit government offices to view their land records thanks to the Bhulekh Odisha portal.
  • With the aid of this portal, people can view their land records from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Citizens can also search the map view of their lands via the Bhulekh Odisha portal.
  • The bhulekh Odisha portal contains all relevant information like the name of the landowner, the history of the land, the cost of the land, and so on.
  • The bhulekh Odisha portal also has information on the agricultural aspects of the land.
  • You can use the digital land record as proof of any legal intent.
  • Even records are required for the partition of lands.
  • Ownership of land is verified with the help of records.

What Are the Goals of Bhulekh Odisha?

The chief objective and goal of Bhulekh Odisha is to provide all the information and facts about the land on a single website.

  • These digitized online records make everything easy-peasy for citizens of Odisha as with it they are no longer required to go to an authority to scrutinize their land records.
  • Citizens within a click can check all the details and information of their lands from the comfort of their bedroom.
  • Bhunaksha Odisha saves turnaround time and also efforts
  • Ensures transparency and credibility.

How to Verify Bhunaksha Odisha Land Record?

Bhu Naksha Odisha is a cadastral mapping program that allows you to digitize your land maps. The land's boundaries are defined by this.

Here goes the step-by-step process for checking Bhulekh Orissa map records online.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Bhulekh Orissa Land Records,

Step 2: In the ‘Select Location for ROR’ section, choose the following details from the given options

  • District
  • Tahasil
  • Village
  • RI Circle

Step 3: Complete land record verification using any of the following options.

  • Khatian
  • Plot
  • Tenant

How to Download Odisha Bhulekh Land Records?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to download the Bhulekh Land Records:

  • By going to the official Bhulekh Odisha portal, you can find the land record you're searching for and gain access to it.
  • Select the District, Tahasil, Village, and RI Circle from the ‘Select Location for ROR' menu.
  • Use the Khatian, Tenant, or Plot options to verify the land record.
  • Pick the appropriate choice from the drop-down menu and fill in the assigned fields with the necessary data in accordance with the selected option.
  • To access the land records, go to the ‘RoR Back Page' and ‘RoR FrontPage.'
  • Once the land record page has been created, simply select the ‘Print' option or save the file to your computer in PDF format.

What is the Purpose of Bhulekh Odisha?

Every detail and knowledge related to land is referred to as Bhulekh. Therefore, Bhulekh in Odisha applies to all land-related data in the state of Odisha. All land records in Odisha were maintained manually until 2008. Only the concerned agencies had access to land records. Odisha's government began digitising its land records as part of the National Land Records Modernization Program. The state now maintains all of its land records through the Bhulekh Orissa online portal. Accessing information about lands located in Odisha has become a hassle-free activity for everyone thanks to the digitization of land records.

The spectrum of services it provides are:

  • Access to Record of Rights
  • Access to maps
  • Displays State Statistics
  • Provides Tehsil information.

With the launch of the Bhulekh Odisha came the following benefits:

  • Transparency in the land record management system of Orissa.
  • Transparency in Bhulekh Orissa Map
  • Conversion from manual to digital operation saves time and reduces the chance of mistakes.
  • Round-the-clock access to land records.

How much does the Govt is charging in terms of Application Fee?

The following are the application fees for ROR applications and other heads at Bhulekh Odisha:

Government fees & user costsRs. 30/-
Kiosk Operator Service ChargesRs. 8/-
Certificate Output ChargesRs. 10/-
Printing ChargesRs. 10/-
Scanning ChargesRs. 5/-
DEGs ChargesRs. 2/-

What Are the Major Documents Required While Applying For The ROR Online?

The Odisha Record of Rights is an excerpt from the state government's Revenue Department land records register. The Record of Rights (ROR) is a crucial document that includes information about the property's true owner. If an Odisha resident wishes to sell or purchase property, he must first obtain a Record of Rights (ROR) paper. The Revenue and Disaster Management Department of the Odisha Government is in charge of issuing the ROR paper. Name of landowners, history of the property, cost of land, and other details are available in the ROR text, as well as types of land, agricultural aspects, and other information. ROR provides extensive details about land ownership and the history of landowners. This document is a significant measure of a property's legal status. The Revenue Department keeps a separate Odisha Record of Rights (ROR) register for each village. Residents of Odisha receive approved copies of entries in the record of rights from the government. The process for obtaining a certified copy of Odisha Records of Rights or an extract of ROR is detailed in this blog.

Submit the below-mentioned documents to apply for Odisha ROR (Records of Rights).

  • For Identity – Voter ID
  • For Address Proof - Aadhaar Card
  • Furnish the proof of ownership of your property
  • Documents of Land Tax
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Evidence for Income Sources – Income certificate

How to Check Maps on Bhulekh Odisha Land Records Easily?

The portal “” is the official website for land records search of Odisha and related activities. The state government is in charge of monitoring operations in the land recording portal, which is available to all people of the state. They can see ROR, village maps, farmers can get information related to the type, area, and ownership of the land along with other information about their land.

To check the Map, simply follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to the official website:
  • Select the "Map View" tab
  • The Map page will be displayed
  • Select your district
  • Click on the submit button
  • Select the Plot number
  • The plot details will be shown

How to Check Bhu Naksha Odisha Portal (Bhulekh Odisha Map)?

hu Naksha is a utilitarian software that is predominantly used for digitizing land maps. This efficacious software helps in defining the boundaries of the land. To attain Bhu Naksha of Odisha religiously follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First and foremost, login to the official Bhulekh Odisha Naksha portal
  • After that, click on the district in which the land is situated, after that you will be automatically redirected to another page.
  • Next, enter the village details, district, tehsil and then click on Plot info to acquire the details.
  • By following the procedure adequately, you will be able to attain details by selecting the particular plot number on the map.

You will get a well-defined boundary of the plot that big-time helps in cross-checking the specific details related to plots.

How to Use Bhulekh of Odisha Mobile Application?

Odisha Bhulekh is an app that is available on the play store and anyone can download the app to retrieve the Bhulekh Odisha Map and the land record details.

If anyone has any type of query related to land records, then they can round-the-clock reach out on the below-mentioned email ID and numbers.

Revenue Minister Helpline Number & Email ID18001218242 and [email protected]
Land Records & Survey, Board of Revenue Email ID[email protected]
Concerned Tahasildar Email ID

How to find Tehsil details on Bhulekh Orissa?

By following the steps outlined below, you can check the details for your Tahsil on the online Bhulekh Odisha portal:

  • First and foremost, visit Odisha Bhulekh's official website.
  • Pick the ‘Tehsil Details' option from the online portal's main menu.
  • You'll be taken to the Tahasil Web Information tab, where you'll have to choose a district and enter your Tahasil name.
  • Once you are done with the aforementioned process, select the ‘Go’ option so that you are redirected to the next page and over there you will be able to see Tehsil’s in-depth information.

Wrapping Up

Odisha Bhulekh portal has helped in saving time and has created transparency in land-related transactions. In a nutshell, it has empowered people by giving them access to crucial information.

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