UP Bhulekh – How to View Land Record of Uttar Pradesh online?

UP Bhulekh

A portal called UP Bhulekh was established by the Uttar Pradesh Revenue Board to digitiseย  land records in the state and make them accessible to the public online. In order to digitise land ownership-related information, including “Khatauni” (Records of Rights), the government worked with the state NIC. This made the information transparently available to everyone. To save you the trouble of going to a Patwari or a Tehsildar whenever he or she needs to confirm the UP land record, the portal for UP Bhulekh was created.

The Government of India has requested that the state government of the country’s most populated state, Uttar Pradesh, install servers available at the local level to speed up the digitization of land records in that state. Additionally, the Union Government has encouraged the Uttar Pradesh Government to upgrade the internet infrastructure in order to guarantee efficient internet speed in every district of the state.

Under the Digital India Land Records Modernization Program, the government also plans to implement an entirely online entirely online entirely online registration system and digitise outdated land records. The Union Ministry of Rural Development is introducing the program.

The states have been requested to set up a local server for the National Generic Document Registration System (NGDRS)ย to improve the internet speed for better maintenance of the digital data and guarantee effective digital tracking of UP land records. In Uttar Pradesh and other Indian states, this system offers a wide range of options for you to register your property online.

The NGDRS can also be used by regular citizens for land registration purposes, despite being specifically created for sub-registrar use. The NGDRS has not yet been adopted by many states. The Union government’s NGDRS program, which will digitise land records nationwide, is one of its main initiatives. It offers a user interface for online land record registration and online registration of documents related to land.

Bhulekh UP: What is it? (Uttar Pradesh bhumi Jankari)

Bhu means land, and Lekh means account, thus, the word “Bhulekh” is composed of these two words (in Hindi). In this sense, the term “UP Bhulekh” refers to the land records for the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

According to the state government’s digital database, the khata details (land), Khasra number (a number used to identify a specific land parcel), and Khatauni (a list of a person’s or family’s holdings in a given village) are all included in the land records that are accessible on the Bhulekh website of Uttar Pradesh. All of the districts in Uttar Pradesh have a digital database of land records.ย 

Features of Bhulekh UP Online Portal

The Bhulekh UP portal online has the following key components that enhance the

1. Simple Navigation

Users can quickly check the needed information using the simple navigation options on the Bhulekh UP portal. The portal provides quick links to other UP government portals, including the Board of Revenue, Disaster Management, Registry Office, and others, in addition to the services it offers.

2. Categorisation

The information is organized into different sections on the Bhulekh UP portal online, where users can search according to their preferences.

3. User-Friendly

By entering a few basic details, like the property’s address, square footage, or registration number, users can search the user-friendly portal’s database of UP land records.

4. User Manuals

The Bhulekh UP portal provides user manuals to make it easier for users to use the portal. Visitors can easily read through these instructions to understand the steps to take in order to obtain the necessary information.

5. Internet Services

There are many online services available through the Bhulekh uttar pradesh portal, including e-district, stamp and registry, and complaint registration.

List of Land Records Information Present on Bhulekh UP Portal

In accordance with the Khata and Khasra numbers, the database for UP land records contains information on all registered land holdings as well as ownership details. The below mentioned information is shared on the portal:

  • Name of the owner(s).
  • Phone Number of the Owner(s)
  • Size of the property
  • Information about the Khasra and Khata numbers
  • History of actions taken to replace the property, such as mortgages and third-party claims.
  • Enemy property list
  • Vacant Properties

Any citizen may access the Bhulekh UP portal to view the details pertaining to their land or plot in the state. The government of Uttar Pradesh has digitised the tasks related to the UP land records with the launch of the Bhulekh UP portal.

Not many years ago, the Jamabandi and Khatauni systems were still conducted manually on paper; today, they are conducted digitally. It provides a straight-forward method of viewing UP Khatauni as well as other land data.ย 

Benefits of Bhulekh UP

There are several benefits to using the Bhulekh UP Portal for land records. These consist of:

  • The Bhulekh UP portal allows users to view land-related information, maps, and other materials on a single platform. They can use the Bhulekh UP portal from any location, without having to go to a government office.
  • The citizens only need to type in the Khasra or the Gata number on the interface of the portal to view information about the land or who owns it.
  • The portal’s ability to access data online aids the state in ensuring better transparency and combating crimes like land grabbing and illegal land possession, among others.
  • You can find all the information about your land under one roof at the Bhulekh UP portal for land records.
  • You can use the Bhulekh UP online portal to update all pieces of information pertaining to your land and add any new information to the accounts.

Important Bhulekh UP Online Terminology

The state of Uttar Pradesh is one of many in India to have introduced online Bhulekh portals. Before visiting the Bhulekh UP website, it’s important to understand a few terms.

  1. Jamabandi/Fard: The term “jamabandi” (also spelled “fard”) refers to a record of rights (RoR) that lists various land rights, such as the right to cultivate and own property.
  2. Khata: All of the information pertaining to the property owners and their relatives is contained in a legal document known as a Khata.
  3. Khasra: A survey number assigned to a specific plot of land is called a “Khasra” number.
  4. Khatauni: The Khatauni is a legally binding document that includes all relevant information about the landowners, including name, address, and plot size.
  5. Khewat: The Khasra number is another name for the Khewat number. Regardless of whether they equally share ownership or not, it is a number given to a co-owner of a piece of property.
  6. Gata Number: A plot of land is designated using a gata number.
  7. Bainama: The term “bainama” is merely another name for a sale deed. A sale deed is a formal document that certifies the transfer of ownership of a property to a buyer.

List of Districts Available on Bhulekh UP Portalย 

A list of districts in Uttar Pradesh that are available on the Bhulekh UP Portal has been mentioned in a tabular format below for your reference:

District Nameย 

Amroha Jalaun Mahoba
Amethi Jaunpur Mirzapur
Ambedkarnagar Jhansi Muzaffar Nagar
Ayodhya Deoria Moradabad
Aligarh Pilibhit Meerut
Agra Pratapgarh Mainpuri
Azamgarh Prayagraj Rampur
Etawah Fatehpur Rae Bareli
Unnao Farrukhabad Lucknow
Etah Firozabad Lalitpur
Auraiya Budaun Varanasi
Kannauj Bareilly Shamli
Kanpur Dehat Balrampur Shahjahanpur
Kanpur Nagar Balliaย  Shravasti
Kasganj Basti Sant Kabir Nagar
Kushinagar Bahraich Sambhal
Kaushambi Baghpat Saharanpur
Cucumber Barabanki Siddharthnagar
Ghaziabad Banda Sitapur
Ghazipur Bijnor Sultanpur
Gorakhpur Bulandshahr Sonbhadra
Gonda Bhadohi Hamirpur
Gautam Buddha Nagar Soft Hardoi
Chandauli Mathura Hathras
Chitrakoot Maharajganj Hapur

Download Khasra Khatauni on UP Bhulekh Online

The Bhulekh UP portal allows users to quickly check UP land records. Follow the instructions below to check your land records in UP:

Step 1:ย  Visit the Bhulekh UP official website at upbhulekh.gov.in.

Step 2:ย  Select “Khatauni Ki Nakal Dekhin” from the home page (imitation of rights record)

Step 3:ย  Enter the proper captcha code as it appears on the following screen.

Step 4:ย  Choose the appropriate district, tehsil, and grammar (village).

Step 5: You can use the Khasra and Khata numbers to narrow your search on the following page.

Step 6: Enter the data and click the “search” (green) button.

Step 7: The land information is presented in a particular format.

You can check other land records, like the code of the revenue village and the plot, on the online portal of UP Bhulekh by following the procedures described above (UP Land Records). However, a viewer needs a few specifics, like the Khata Number, Khasra Number, or the identifier of the Khatedaar, in order to see these details.

How Can I Learn About the Khatauni Revenue Code?

You can find information about the plot and the revenue village code Khatauni on the Bhulekh UP Portal. The detailed process is as follows:

Step 1:ย  Access Bhulekh UP by logging in at upbhulekh.gov.in (UP Land Records)

Step 2:ย  On the home page, select “Know the special code of revenue village Khatauni.”

Step 3:ย  On the following page, choose the tehsil, district, and village name or village code.

Step 4:ย  The village’s revenue code can be found under ‘Select Village name/Village’ Code.

You can take the actions listed above to find out the specifics of the plot code on the UP land record.

How do I know the Status of the Land/Gate Dispute?

The Bhulekh UP portal is a technologically advanced web application that enables users to view the previously difficult-to-access information about landowners’ shares, or the Bhulekh Naksha UP, online. Take the following actions to watch Bhulekh naksha UP over the web:

Step 1: Access the Bhulekh UP website (UP Land Records).

Step 2: Select “Khatauni Ansh Nirdharan Ki Nakal Dekhien” from the home page.

Step 3: The website will redirect to the next screen just as you select this option.

Step 4: Select the district, tehsil, and ย  options here.

Step 5: The screen that follows will appear as soon as you choose the district, tehsil, and village.

Step 6: Type in the Khasra or Gata number of the relevant property and press the button to search. It will be possible to view the Bhulekh UP online.

Know the Status of the Sale of the Plot/Gate?

The sale status of a land parcel can be easily checked by a user. A user of the UP Bhulekh Gov. In portal can learn the status of the sale of a land parcel. Check the status of sale on the UP land records portal by following the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Visit the official Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh land records website at upbhulekh.gov.in

Step 2: On the main page, youโ€™ll see an icon for โ€˜Know the Status of the Sale of the Plot/Gateโ€™. Click on the icon.

Step 3: After selecting this option, a new window will open.

Step 4: Select the district, tehsil, and village options on this page.

Step 5: After selecting the details, the information about the “Enemy Property” will be shown on the screen.

How to View a Copy of Khatauni (Record of Rights)?

To view a copy of the Khatauni (Record of Rights), follow these below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Visit the main page of the Bhulekh UP portal.

Step 2: You will be greeted with a main page.

Step 3: Translate the page to English if you feel more comfortable with the English language, or stick to the Hindi interface if you are more comfortable with Hindi.ย 

Step 4: Click on the icon that says View copy of Khatauni (Record of Rights)

Step 5: Click on the icon, and you will be taken to an interface like this.ย 

Step 6: Enter the captcha code, and you will be taken to an interface that looks like this.

Step 7: Click on the district, the village, and the tehsil and you will see an interface like the following.

Step 8: Now enter your Khasra/Gata number, and then youโ€™ll be able to view your Khatauni (Record of Rights).ย ย 

How to View Bhulekh Lucknow?

Follow the below mentioned steps to view Bhulekh Lucknow:

Step 1: To view Bhulekh Lucknow, visit the Khatauni (Record of Rights) page and click on Lucknow in the โ€˜Choose the Districtโ€™ column, then the tehsil and the village in accordance to where you live in Lucknow.

How to View Bhulekh Agra?

Follow the below mentioned steps to view Bhulekh Agra:

Step 1: To view Bhulekh Agra, visit the Khatauni (Record of Rights) page and click on Agra in the โ€˜Choose the Districtโ€™ column, then the tehsil and the village in accordance to where you live in Agra.

How to View Bhulekh Varanasi?

Follow the below mentioned steps to view Bhulekh Varanasi:

Step 1: To view Bhulekh Varanasi, visit the Khatauni (Record of Rights) page and click on Varanasi in the โ€˜Choose the Districtโ€™ column, then the tehsil and the village in accordance to where you live in Varanasi.

How to View Bhulekh Gorakhpur?

Follow the below mentioned steps to view Bhulekh Gorakhpur:ย 

Step 1: To view Bhulekh Gorakhpur, visit the Khatauni (Record of Rights) page and click on Gorakhpur in the โ€˜Choose the Districtโ€™ column, then the tehsil and the village in accordance to where you live in Gorakhpur.

How to View Bhulekh Allahabad?

Follow the below mentioned steps to view Bhulekh Allahabad:ย 

Step 1: To view Bhulekh Prayagraj, visit the Khatauni (Record of Rights) page and click on Prayagraj in the โ€˜Choose the Districtโ€™ column, then the tehsil and the village in accordance to where you live in Prayagraj.

Please Note: Allahabad is now called Prayagraj, and thus all information regarding Allahabad will now be found under the name of Prayagraj.ย ย 

Find Information About Enemy Properties on the Website for Bhulekh UPย 

In addition to data on abandoned properties, a user in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh can obtain information about enemy properties in UP as well. To see enemy properties on the portal of UP Bhulekh or UP land records, adhere to the guidelines below:

Step 1: Access the UP Bhulekh Portal.ย 

Step 2: Select the “Shatru Sampatti” (Enemy Property) tab from the homepage.

Step 3: The following step will require you to select the “District” and “Tehsil.”

Step 4: Just as you select the information, a PDF file shall open. This will include details about the “Enemy Property” in Uttar Pradesh.

How to View a Copy of Khatauni Assessment?

Follow the instructions stated below to view a copy of Khatauni Assessment:

Step 1: Access the Khasra Khatuni MP website to obtain a certified copy of the Khatauni document.ย 

Step 2: To obtain a certified copy of Khatauni records, select the Settlement Khatauni and press “yes.”ย 

Step 3: Give the required information and receive a copy of the Khatauni certificate.

How to Access the Bhulekh UP Website’s Vacated Property Information?

Vacant properties, also known as Nishkrant Sampatti in Hindi, are those whose owners departed during the partition of Pakistan. These land parcels are currently governed by the state.

A visitor must determine whether or not a piece of land is vacant before making an investment in it. If a property has been abandoned, it is not eligible for sale and is under government control.

Follow the instructions above to determine whether a property has been vacated or not:

Step 1: Access the Bhulekh UP website.

Step 2: Select the “Nishkrant Sampatti” option from the home page.

Step 3: A redirect will take you to the next website.

Step 4: Choose the District and Tehsil.

Step 5: Following your selection of the district and tehsil, the information regarding vacant properties will be shown in the format below.

The details, including the gata number, the district, the tehsil, the owner’s migration, and other information, will be displayed.

How Do I File a Complaint Online with UP Bhulekh?

The government of Uttar Pradesh has made an effort to deliver citizen-focused services digitally. The UP Bhulekh portal not only offers access to land records and related services online, but also allows citizens to file online complaints. The online module allows for the digital registration of complaints. To file a complaint online with Bhulekh UP, follow the steps listed.

Step 1: Access UP Bhulekh’s official website.

Step 2: At the bottom of the homepage, select the “Complaint Registration” option.

Step 3: A redirect to jansunwai.up.nic.in will take place. The complaint registration and redress process is the focus of this website.

Step 4: Select the online option for “Complaint Registration.”

Step 5:ย  When you see the code for complaint registration, accept it!ย 

Step 6: Enter your phone number, and you will receive an OTP. Enter that OTP and continue to register a complaint.

How to Find Out the Status of an Online Complaint on UP Bhulekh?ย 

You can track the progress of your complaint online at the Bhulekh UP portal after you’ve submitted it. To check the status, adhere to the suggested steps.

Step 1: Access UP Bhulekh’s official website.

Step 2: At the bottom of the homepage, select the “Complaint Registration” option.

Step 3: A redirect to jansunwai.up.nic.in will take place. The complaint resolution and registration processes are the focus of this website.

Step 4: Select “Status of Complaint” from the menu.

Step 5: Following the entry of the mobile number, the complaint number, and the email address, complete the captcha code in the freshly opened window.

Step 6: Press the “Submit” button.

How to do Khatauni Login on the Bhulekh UP portal?

By visiting upbhulekh.gov.in, users of the Bhulekh UP portal can view the details for Khatauni on the UP Land Records portal. One must log into the system of khatauni in order to view the Khatauni details. To log into the Bhulekh UP portal using Khatauni, follow the steps listed above.

Step 1: Visit UP Bhulekh’s official website.

Step 2: Select the “Khatauni Login” link on the homepage.

Step 3: After that, you’ll be taken to Bhulekh UP’s official login page.

Step 4: You have the option of being an official or a regular user. You have access to a variety of options on the land records website, including the Board of Revenue administrative login.

  • Board of Revenue Report Login.
  • Login for district administration.
  • Login for Tehsil Administration.
  • Login for Tehsil Mutation.
  • Login for Tehsil Mutation
  • Login for Tehsil Khatauni Print

Step 5: After selecting an option, a window requiring your username and password will be displayed.

Step 6: After completing the form fields, press the “Submit” button.

How to do Khasra Login on the Bhulekh UP Website?

Visit the website if you wish to conduct a Khasra login. There are various icons in the page thatโ€™ll take you to the interface you wish to tend to. You can enter your tehsil and district to view the reports or the required information.ย 

Bhulekh UP Mobile Application

UP You can easily download the Bhulekh mobile app from the Google Play Store and view UP land records there. Despite the fact that it’s a third-party mobile application, it is advisable to keep in mind that since it is a third-party application, applicants must be careful and not provide any information that is of a confidential nature when trying to retrieve your land-related details. The Bhulekh UP mobile application offers a customizable dashboard, interfaces with real-time updates, efficient data security, simple registration, and other features.

To connect to your land record UP information, follow these instructions on how to use the Bhulekh UP mobile application.

Step 1: Describe the location of your property, including its tehsil, district, and village.

Step 2: Feed in your login information to access the mobile application. If you don’t have it, you can sign up on the mobile application and continue the login process from there.

Step 3: After logging in, information about Land Record UP will appear on your screen.

Bhulekh UP Contact Information

The Bhulekh UP support team’s contact information is provided below. If you have any additional questions, you can get in touch with the team using these details.

Office location: Revenue Council, Computer Cell, Lucknow, UP

Telephone Number: 0522-2217145

Address for E-mail: bhulekh-up@gov.in

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many districts are listed in the Bhulekh UP online portal?

There are 75 districts listed in the Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh online portal.

How many tehsils are listed in the Bhulekh UP online portal?

There are 351 tehsils listed in the Bhulekh, UP, online portal.

How many Parganas are listed in Bhulekh UP online portal?

There are 905 parganas in the Bhulekh UP online portal.

Can I check the Khasra and Khatauni details on UP Bhulekh?

Yes, you can check your Khasra and Khatauni details on UP Bhulekh.

How can I find an answer to my query related to Bhulekh UP?

The website for Bhulekh UP, www.upbhulekh.gov.in, can answer all your queries related to Bhulekh UP.

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