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AnyROR @ Anywhere Land Record Gujarat

The Revenue Department of Gujarat has launched a website – AnyROR Gujarat on the e-dhara platform. This website allows you to get a hold of Gujarat’s land records and is an abbreviation of ‘Any Records of Rights Anywhere in Gujarat’. You can attain AnyROR Gujarat 7/12 online, 8A, Jantri or certificate of land record, etc., through the official website.

Importance and Benefits of AnyROR Anywhere Gujarat

AnyROR Anywhere Gujarat is an essential source of records of a property or land in Gujarat. The benefits of the website are:

  • It secures the land’s ownership rights
  • It reduces the efforts on loan sanction
  • AnyROR Gujarat land record serves as a vital document in dictating ownership in land disputes and litigation cases.
  • It is important to sell land since it enables the buyer to cross-verify and confirm the land’s specifics.
  • The software is free and takes little time to verify the AnyROR Gujarat website.
  • Government-authorised forms for maintaining and updating land records online are available.

Features of AnyROR Anywhere Gujarat

AnyROR Anywhere Gujarat has the following features:

  • Users can quickly check the necessary details using the portal’s simple navigation feature.
  • The website’s homepage is dynamic and offers quick links to practically all the services provided.
  • Users can choose from a variety of self-service choices.
  • One of the most admirable characteristics of the others on the platform is quick access to information.
  • The portal’s multilingual data meets the needs of a diverse audience with various linguistic preferences.
  • Visitors can stay informed with the help of the circulars located at the end of the homepage.

Objectives of AnyROR Gujarat Portal

The digital land records platform – AnyROR Anywhere Gujarat has the following objectives:

  • Provide land information like area, type, owner’s name etc.
  • It keeps the landowner’s rights secured and maintains transparency
  • To not only allow users to view the land records ut also update various information like crop loan details, subsidies, getting an electrical connection etc., as and when necessary.

How to Check Gujarat 7/12, 8A, Satbara Utara Land Records?

The role of AnyROR Gujarat gov in 7/12, 8A or Satbara Utara land records is that it provides the complete information. You will have to adhere to the below-mentioned steps:

  • Log in to the official website of AnyROR Gujarat land record
  • Three options are offered on the front page – ‘Land Record Rural’, ‘Land Record Urban’, and ‘Property Search’. Pick the option that best fits your search criteria.
  • The next page will be displayed after the redirect. You must enter the information like – Old Scanned Vf-7/12 Details, Know Khata by Owner Name, Details of Old Scanned Vf-6 Entry, Vf-8a Khata Details, 135-D Notice for Mutation, Entry List by Month-Year, Vf-7 Survey No Details, Vf-6 Entry Details, New Survey No From, Integrated Survey No Details, Old For Promulgated Village, and Revenue Case Details.
  • Choose a choice that fits your search parameters and enter all the necessary information.
  • To access the essential information online, click “Record Details”.
  • The screen will display your results

How to Check 8A or 8/12 Land Record?

One can check 8A or 8/12 land records through AnyROR Gujarat gov. The steps that need to be followed are given below:

  • Visit the official website of AnyROR Gujarat or AnyROR Anywhere.
  • Locate ‘View Land Record Rural’ and click on it
  • The next page will have a drop-down list from which you must select ‘8A Khata Details.’
  • The next page will require you to enter details like taluka, district, Khata number and village name.
  • Once you have filled in all the details, the captcha code must be entered 
  • The screen that accompanies ‘Get Record Detail’ will display your AnyROR Gujarat land record of 8A.

How to Check Land Owner’s Name in Gujarat?

You can check the land owner’s information in Gujarat through the AnyROR portal. The 8A extract depicts the land ownership of a person or a group. One can get the 8A document from AnyROR Gujarat gov.

How to Submit Application via AnyROR Gujarat?

The following steps must be followed by applicants who seek to submit requests for premium payment or other approvals linked to purchasing land:

  • Access the AnyROR Gujarat portal
  • Click “Online Application” on the top menu 
  • Click on the first choice to create a new application, and then select the purpose of the application
  • After deciding on the application’s goal, select the application type, taluka, district, and village, then provide your phone number and email address.
  • To have your credentials verified, generate the OTP. 
  • Upon entering the OTP correctly, submit your application.

How to check the Urban Land Records in AnyROR Gujarat?

AnyROR Anywhere Gujarat allows one to check urban land records in Gujarat. The steps to be followed are:

  • Visit the AnyROR Gujarat land record website
  • Click on the ‘View Land Record – Urban’ option on the homepage
  • The page you will be redirected to requires a few details from you
  • Enter the survey number, Nondh number, 135-D notice details, survey number by owner’s name, and entry list in the month-year format. 
  • The following required details are the city survey number, district name, ward, month and year. Click on ‘Get Record Detail’ and enter the captcha code; once you are satisfied with the details.
  • Your urban land records will be displayed on the screen.

How to Check Revenue Case Details on AnyROR Gujarat Online?

AnyROR Gujarat app and website eliminates the need to visit a Patwari (land officer) to get revenue case details. The steps to be followed to get the details of the revenue case are:

  • Visit the AnyROR Gujarat gov
  • Select the ‘View Land Record – Rural’
  • Opt for ‘Revenue Case Details’ from the drop-down menu
  • The website will ask you to enter details like taluka, village, district, survey, block number, and captcha code.
  • Once satisfied with your entered details, proceed with ‘Get Record Details.’
  • The next page will feature the revenue case details.

Services offered by AnyROR Gujarat

AnyROR Anywhere Gujarat is a platform that provides all land records of Gujarat in one place. The services offered by this website are:

  • Urban land records
  • Rural land records
  • Search of property
  • AnyROR Gujarat 7/12 online
  • Online applications through Integrated Online Revenue Applications (IORA) to gain permission to purchase land, pay premiums, and other things 

Check AnyROR Gujarat Land Records via Search of Property

AnyROR Gujarat website provides its users with the freedom to check Gujarat land records vis property search. The following steps must be taken to get the required information:

  • Sign in to the AnyROR website 
  • Select the “Property Search” link on the homepage.
  • You will be taken to the next page. Choose any options listed under the “Select Any One” option. The listed options are – Property specific, Name specific, and year-by-year document numbers.
  • Once you have selected your option, enter details like – Sub-Registrar Office, District, Index-2 Village, Property/Land Type, TP/Survey/Value Zone, Applicant Name, Search Type, Mobile Number, and Email ID. 
  • Key in the verification code that was texted to your phone number.
  • To access the papers, click CERSAI SEARCH. The information will be shown on the screen.

Important Guidelines Before Using AnyROR Gujarat

The important guidelines before using AnyROR Anywhere Gujarat are:

  • The only website in Gujarat that lets you download ROR is AnyROR. Therefore, avoid being duped by phoney websites.
  • Before purchasing any land in Gujarat, be sure to check AnyROR Anywhere, as it has all the data pertaining to disputes and loans of the land.
  • The ROR copy you acquire from the AnyROR portal is for your personal use only and has no legal standing to be submitted in court.
  • Never enter your bank information on a website since the Government won’t use it. 

AnyROR Anywhere Mobile Application

Although offering revenue-related services online through their website, AnyROR Gujarat does not currently have a dedicated mobile app. Despite this, the Google Play Store and App Store are filled with phoney third-party applications that promise AnyROR services, but none are affiliated with the Government of Gujarat. Therefore, it is recommended that users take caution before making any payments or providing any information on any app that makes the promise that it can give ROR details from the government website. It must be emphasised that the official AnyROR Gujarat website is the greatest resource for accessing information on land records.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I check and download 7/12 Utara online in Gujarat?

You can check and also obtain a copy of 7/12 Utara Gujarat through the AnyRoR website. Step by step procedure to obtain AnyRoR 7/12 Utara Gujarat online is: First and foremost, Visit the AnyROR website. Click on the view “Land Records Rural” option on the screen. Select Old Scanned VF (7/12) Details. Enter the information of your district, taluka, village and captcha. Now, select the “GET RECORD DETAILS” option.

What is land ROR?

The record of rights is ROR which is a record of the land that proves the rights of a landowner on the land or property that belongs to the real property owner. The ROR or the record of rights holds all the information about the land or property transactions.

How can I check my land map online in Gujarat?

You can check your land map easily on the AnyRoR Gujarat gov website at any time and anywhere.

How do you use AnyROR?

Various services are available on ror anywhere website, you just have to visit the website and register yourself on it as a citizen. Then you will be able to access the website easily for many services. The official website is as follows –

What is the meaning of 7/12 with respect to land in Gujarat?

The Saat Baara or the 7/12 Utara Gujarat is an extract with the information document that provides details of the specifications of the land like the survey number, area, date and present owner’s name, etc. It is put together with the two forms. Form 7 gives the details of the landowner and his rights. Form 12 speaks of the land type and usage. This 7/12 Utara Gujarat document is maintained by the Revenue Department of the state government to determine the tax.

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