CG Bhuiya: Bhulekh Chhattisgarh Land Records Online


The state that is always at the forefront is Chhattisgarh as it is progressive and is always up for adopting state-of-the-art technology. Chhattisgarh successfully computerized its land records in 18 districts with the help of the cg bhuiya portal. To help the citizens of Chhattisgarh get easy access to all the details related to their land, the Government of Chhattisgarh built CG Bhuiya (Bhulekh Chhattisgarh) an online portal. In this portal, all the details regarding their land are uploaded. The Bhu Abhilekh Chhattisgarh details will include everything- starting from the map of their land to b1 naksha khasra, P11 Khatauni, b1 Khasra cg, etc. This Chhattisgarh bhuiya portal is built with an effective and super-easy UI making the portal user-friendly. The citizens cannot only view the land records cg but download them in pdf format.

Chhattisgarh CG Bhuiya - Bhulekh Chhattisgarh Land Records

The land record system of Chhattisgarh is known as Bhuiya or CG Bhu Abhilekh and was developed by NIC (National Informatics Centre) in collaboration with Chhattisgarh Revenue Department. The department has successfully computerised land records of 150 tehsils of all 18 districts of the state.

The Government of Chhattisgarh is adding more and more cities to the cg bhuiya portal continually. For instance, in January 2021, it added 11 villages of the Kabirdham district, and for the other villages, work is under process. In case of any discrepancy, citizens can apply online for the rectification without visiting the land revenue offices.

However, the citizens are suggested to keep all the documents such as name, phone number, village and tehsil details, b1 khasra cg, khata number, etc., handy to access specific information. Users will also be asked to register themselves on the portal with some of these details.

In terms of Government records, keeping track and maintaining records of the land has become effortless, and the risk of losing records or the records getting destroyed has come down to negligible. Maintaining file after file is a big deal for any department, and hence maintenance of all the digital land records cg has become a cakewalk for the department.

In the Chhattisgarh state, it becomes intimidating to access the land records, Khatauni, fard, jamabandi, ROR, b1 naksha khasra, nakal, etc., from the department of revenue and to acquire all you need to make numerous visits to the government offices. Due to the several hassle and technicalities involved, the residents couldn’t access the report of their land. But now, they can easily do that with the help of this nifty portal.

To create a user-friendly and easy to navigate land record system, NLRMP was initiated by the land resources department. Before Chhattisgarh most of the states digitized their land records, then later Chhattisgarh hopped on the trend and computerized their land records through the CG Bhuiya portal. This cg bhuiyan portal creates land names on the time of sale of land and registration of property, raise farm credit, test mutation status for the whole financial institution account, additionally, it is required for courtroom docket functions and diverse private functions.

How to obtain Chhattisgarh Bhuiya information?

To obtain the land records of Chhattisgarh on CGLRC, follow the given steps:
Step 1 - First, visit the official website of cglrc bhuiya
Step 2 - Select your district name from the list and the Bhuiyan page will open in front of you.
Step 3 - Select B1 Khatauni / P II Khasra, whichever report you want to generate.


Step 4 - Select the tehsil, block, and village where your land is located.
Step 5 - Enter the name or number of the document.
Step 6 - Click on the show details option to generate the report.

What is Bhuiyan Portal?

Chhattisgarh Bhuiya Portal or cglrc bhuiya is an online portal based on all real-time land records of Chhattisgarh. Through this portal, the people of Chhattisgarh can enjoy numerous benefits. They can view and download all the information related to their land, for instance, b1 khasra cg, b1 naksha khasra online that too at one click. At the same time, we can apply for improvements in our land records without going to the Tehsil office or the local land revenue office via this portal while sitting at home.


Advantages of Bhulekh Chhattisgarh

The basic idea of making the Chhattisgarh land records online portal was to help the citizens get easy access to all their land-related information. But other than that, there are many other benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • All the citizens of Chhattisgarh have access to this portal and can easily view and download the information.
  • People can get all the information without paying a visit to the local land revenue office.
  • This system will decrease the number of fraud cases in the state.
  • Citizens of Chhattisgarh can easily access all the information regarding their land by just entering the Khata number.
  • This portal is super user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Using this portal will help people save time, energy, and money.

How to get the information of Chhattisgarh Land Records online?

Chhattisgarh is among the top states to adopt the digitalisation of the state's land records and to make them available publicly for the citizens to access. Land records of CG are public on the online cglrc bhuiya portal, also known as the state's Bhulekh program.
The CG Bhuiyan National Informatics Centre portal is divided into two parts-

1) Bhuiyan
2) Bhuiya Naksha
The first one, Bhuiyan, gives all the information regarding the lands Khasra, khatauni, etc., whereas the latter, Bhuiya Naksha, provides the land with a map and its ownership pattern.

By making all the details of the land available online, the government has made the task of the ordinary person ten times easier. Now they don’t need to visit the local land revenue office or the tehsildar’s office for every other problem. They can quickly resolve their issues by sitting at home. If someone is not comfortable with the online process, they can visit the local land revenue office or the tehsildar’s office any time they want.

Services Offered by Land Records CG Portal

The services provided on this portal are listed below:

  • The portal can be used to download and view Khasra/ Khatauni details in .pdf format. Khasra is the number allotted to a land parcel in rural areas for identification, just like survey number or plot number is allocated in urban areas. On the other hand, Khatauni is a document based on all the khasras registered under the name of a single person or family or owner.
  • All records concerning all the land in the state can be found on the portal.
  • The portal can make all the corrections regarding the land by visiting the portal or using the mobile application. Sometimes, some errors may occur while the registration of the property becomes indispensable to be corrected for proceeding with different processes and claiming possession of the property. At that time, people can apply for record rectification without visiting the local revenue office again and again.
  • People can view all the details related to the mutation process of the land. A mutation is the process of transfer of ownership of the property from one party to another. It may occur due to the current owner’s death, or the owner may sell the property.

Way to Register on CG Bhuiyan online website

The citizens who want to access information regarding their land can now log on to the official portal of Chhattisgarh Bhuiya and view them online. They can also resolve any issue related to their land on this portal. This process has helped millions of people and farmers to keep track of their land of agriculture and properties and saved them from their regular visit to the local land revenue office. Now people can easily access all the information with just a tap of their finger.

The steps to register on CG Bhuiyan online website are simple. You will have to visit the official website, and then on the home page, the Registration option will be available. On it, you will have to search the new user option and get all the information required to register on the website to be furnished properly. Usually, the unique identification number that is the Aadhaar details will be asked to register, and also, the registered mobile number will be asked to enter.

If all the information is matched, you will receive an OTP from which you can verify that the person registering online and the person owning the land in Chhattisgarh is the same. Then you will receive your username ID and password, which you have to note down as you will have to furnish the same details whenever you need to gain access to your land records.

Steps to Download B 1 Khasra CG, P II Khatauni Nakal Report Online

Before directly jumping into the steps to download B1 khasra cg, P II Khatauni, or B1 Naksha Khasra through the land records cg portal, allow us to tell you the basic meaning and difference between Khasra and Khatauni.

What is Khasra?

Khasra is a Persian word used in the Revenue Department of India and Pakistan to make the identification process of each land parcel easier.

As plot numbers are assigned to each plot in the cities or urban areas in India, an identification number is assigned to each land parcel in rural areas or agricultural land. The land revenue authorities take the map of the area and assign the identification number, which is also known as the Khasra number.

The khasra number is very important when investigating land in a village or any agricultural land. With this number, you can find details such as the size of the plot, types of crops cultivated, ownership of the last 50 years.

What is Khatauni?

Khatauni is a document based on all the khasras of a village under the name of any individual. All the khasras listed under the name of any individual or family come under Khatauni of that individual or family.

Difference between Khasra and Khatauni

People often get confused between Khasra and Khatauni. Sometimes people even think of both as the same thing. Khasra details are land parcels owned by an individual where people can find the Khasra number, which is a piece of highly vital information concerning the land parcel. Khatauni, on the other hand, refers to an abstract based on all the Khasras listed under the name of a person or family.

Different reasons why Land Records CG (Khasra, Khatauni) are required?

You may require your Chhattisgarh Land Records (Khasra, Khatauni) for any of the reasons below:

  • To establish land title during the land sale or purchase and at the time of property registration
  • To check the current status of Mutation
  • To apply for a farm loan from a bank
  • For opening a bank account
  • For division of land
  • Other Legal purposes
  • Personal purpose

What is the Nakal Report?

A nakal report is basically a copy of all the land records, ownership pattern, revenue, etc. Though a nakal report cannot be used in any judicial process but if it is digitally signed, it can be used for legal purposes. The nakal is a copy kept with the government to keep a track record of which land parcel is under the name of which individual.

To download B1 Khasra CG, P II Khatauni Nakal report, please follow the steps given below:

Step 1 - First of all, log on to the official website of Bhuiya Naksha Chhattisgarh. After logging in, the home page will open.


Step 2 - Here you will find digitally signed B-1/P-II. Click on this option.
Step 3 - Then, find your village on the page that opens and click on it. You can also put your village number to find it faster.
Step 4 - After this, you will have to choose from the districts, tehsil, village etc., on the next page.
Step 5 - When you fill in all the details, you’ll be given an option to choose between Khasra War or Name War.


Step 6 - After this, you can choose any of the options to proceed with.
Step 7 - Then, fill in all the details required. You will get the option to download Khasra or Khaitani reports. Choose any one of them.


Step 8 - After this, put your name, mobile number and email id. Further click on the report button. You will find the option to download the report.
Step 9 - Click on that option to download the report.

How to check the Bhuiya Naksha (Chhattisgarh land map)?

When we buy land, during that time, we get the map of the land parcel drawn on paper, but sometimes it is lost, or it is not available due to some reason. So, to end this problem, the Chhattisgarh Land Records Department has given the facility to get the map of your land available online through the CG Bhuiya naksha portal. For this, you don’t need to pay a visit to the Patwari and Tehsil offices. From the comfort of your home, you can access the map of your land.

In the map, naksha khasra b1 of all the lands present in the village is visible, through which the land is identified as a particular individual.

Features of Bhunaksha

  • Developed with the aid of the use of Free and Open supply software
  • Works in both Windows and Linux
  • The Centralized and Distributed structure
  • Web, Desktop, and Mobile apps to be had for the public to use
  • Responsive rendering for smaller screens
  • Plugin structure to facilitate integration with any state’s ROR/Master database
  • A plot may be divided into more than one subdivision in an unmarried mutation
  • Multiple strategies for growing department lines
  • Grid and Background photographs may be used to assist in drawing department lines
  • Multiple plots may be divided in an unmarried operation for reducing road/canal etc
  • The history and Audit path of the department is maintained withinside the software
  • Distance size and calculation takes into attention preliminary scale and neighbourhood units
  • Plot map and Village map may be displayed and revealed to any scale
  • Vector printing of maps
  • SLD is primarily based on the total styling of the plot and layers
    Query primarily based totally thematic maps may be described with the aid of using users
  • Bulk import of Shape documents and ADF documents
  • Maps may be generated from Survey facts (LandXML) and FMB
  • Validation reviews for evaluating facts in the ROR database and digitised map documents
  • Helps to rectify geometry mistakes in Shapefile
  • Adapts to the authentication and authorisation functions of ROR database users
  • Online Georeferencing gear for legacy maps


To check the Chhattisgarh land map, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 - First, visit the official website of CG Bhuiyan. The home page will open in front of you.
Step 2 - Select your district, tehsil, RI, and village.
Step 3 - You will find your map on the right side of your screen.

List of districts of Chhattisgarh whose land records are available online

The districts of Chhattisgarh listed on the portal are given below

  1. Balod
  2. Baloda Bazar
  3. Balrampur
  4. Bastar
  5. Bemetara
  6. Bijapur (Bijapur)
  7. Bilaspur (Bilaspur)
  8. Dantewada (Dantewada)
  9. Dhamtari
  10. Durg
  11. Gariaband
  12. Janjgir-Champa
  13. Jashpur (Jashpur)
  14. Kabirdham
  15. Kanker
  16. Kondagaon
  17. Korba
  18. Koriya (Korea)
  19. Mahasamund
  20. Mungeli
  21. Narayanpur (Narayanpur)
  22. Raigarh (Raigarh)
  23. Raipur (Raipur)
  24. Rajnandgaon
  25. Sukma
  26. Surajpur (Surajpur)
  27. Surguja

How to View Khasra Details?

As plot numbers are assigned to each plot in the cities or urban areas in India, similarly in rural areas or agricultural land, an identification number is assigned to each land parcel. The land revenue authorities take the map of the area and assign the identification number, which is also known as the Khasra number.

The khasra number is very important when investigating land in a village or any agricultural land. With this number, you can find details such as the size of the plot, types of crops cultivated, ownership of the last 50 years.
To get the khasra details online on the Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan portal, follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Go to the official page of Bhulekh Chhattisgarh
Step 2 - Click on the ‘Khasra Details’ option present on the home page.
Step 3 - After that, a page will open where you will have to fill in your district, tehsil, and village.


Step 4 - You will find your details here

Steps to view land details related to Parivartan Bhoomi Sandaran Khasra

Parivartan Bhoomi Sandharan Khasra is the mutation that takes place in the land parcel or the property mutation. It refers to the modification of the ownership of the land parcel when sold or transferred. This is recorded by the revenue officials. The mutation is the modification of the title entry of a property in the local municipal corporation. Mutation can occur due to multiple reasons. A few are listed below:

  • Inheritance - On the demise of the current owner of a property, the property automatically gets transferred under the name of the nominee directly.
  • If talking about a leased property, the ownership can be changed via an irrevocable power of attorney.
  • In case of a sale, here if the property is on the lease, it needs to be converted to freehold property before the mutation takes place.

Property mutation is one of the most vital processes of all legal land transactions. After the transfer is complete, the new owner gets all the information about the land under his name. Once the process of mutation is completed, the information gets updated in the Mutation register.

The importance of Land mutation are as follows-

  • A mutation document is very crucial to prove the ownership of the land in the state.
  • It is necessary to fix the liability of property tax payments.
  • During the sale of the land, this document is necessary for the buyer to verify if the land he wants to buy is clean.

To view the details of the mutation of property of your land, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1 - First, visit the official website of Chhattisgarh Bhuiya or Bhuiyan nic. Here you will find the home page.
Step 2 - Click on the link Parivartan Bhoomi Sandaran Khasra given on the home page.
Step 3 - A form will appear on your screen.


Step 4 - Fill in the details asked in the form regarding the plot or the owner. The information will include name, district, tehsil, and village.
Step 5 - Here, you will have all the details related to the change in land maintenance of khasra.

What are the Documents Needed for the Mutation of Property?

Given below are the documents required for the process of Property Mutation:

  • Aadhaar Card Document
  • Receipts of Property Tax
  • Certificate of succession, death or will
  • Bond of Indemnity
  • The sale or title deed certificate
  • Property mutation form filled adequately

Though the list of necessary documents may change from state to state, these documents are required everywhere.

How to apply online for record rectification?

While maintaining records of all the land parcels in a state, there are times when some errors occur, as the records are made manually by the employees at the revenue department. The errors may include silly mistakes such as spelling errors in the name or opposite gender to wrong date of birth or address.

These errors sometimes lead to many discrepancies while proceeding with any legal process. It also becomes difficult to prove the claim correct due to these errors, which is why errors should be rectified as soon as possible. To make the rectification process easier for the commoners, the government built the CG Bhuiyan portal so that applying for record rectification can be done while sitting at home.

Given below are the steps you should follow to apply for online record rectification:

Step 1 - First, visit the official website of Chhattisgarh Bhuiya. The home page will open on your screen.
Step 2 - Click on the option or link given to apply for Online Record Correction


Step 3 - Fill in the details such as name, district, tehsil, a village in the form that pops up on the screen.
Step 4 - Click on submit after filling the form, and your correction will be saved successfully.

The process to view land details related to Nazul Maintenance Khasra

A Nazul land means land in the village/town or near them which is reverted to the Government. The ownership of land that is with the former government. In simple words, the land, which is reverted to the government, was formerly owned by the government.

Which lands can revert to the Government?

There are multiple cases other than the case where the plot of land belongs to the state government. Some of the scenarios are listed below.
The lands-

  • does not come under the record of any village.
  • the land that is not considered as Jungle, Banjar, etc.
  • the land that is not noted for grazing lands, charai land, etc.
  • is not a service land.
  • is not reserved for the development of a village or community development project.

Under "Nazul" lands, the land of the government is considered to be used for the projects of construction or for public amenities like Bazaars, mandi or children and entertainment play parks.

The division of the land is under the custody of any Department of the State Government or Central Government. The lands which can be commonly labelled as Nazul lands are as follows:

  • Plots of lands close to the buildings, whether or not they're government or non-government.
  • Plots of lands used for Bazaars, cantonment areas, parks, mandi, Haat or fairs;
  • Lands used for cremation
  • Lands wherein opportunity of creation is there, and different lands wherein there's an opportunity that those may be used for public functions withinside the close to future.

To find the land details related to Nazul Maintenance, follow the below-listed steps:

Step 1 - First visit the official website of Chhattisgarh Bhuiya. The home page will open on your screen.
Step 2 - Click on the option of land details related to Nuzal Sandharan Khasra.


Step 3 - Fill in the details such as name, district, tehsil, a village in the form that pops up on the screen.
Step 4 - Click on the search button
Step 5 - Here, you will find all the details regarding Nuzal Sandharan Khasra.

Steps to download PDF by document number

The document number is referred to as the number present on the land registration document. This number identifies the document because of its unique character, and every time land is registered under the name of an individual, a unique document number is generated. This also makes it very crucial to download the PDF copy without any confusion.

Step 1 - First visit the official website of cg bhuiya. The home page will open on your screen.
Step 2 - On the home page click on the option pdf from document number. A new page will open on your screen.


Step 3 - Enter your document number on this page.
Step 4 - Click on the download button.
Step 5 - Your file will be downloaded.

How to know the current status of record recovery?

Sometimes due to some errors in the process, the record of some land may get lost. At that point in time, it is very important to recover the record. To answer why it is almost impossible to prove the ownership of the records is lost during some clash regarding the land.

Now with CG bhuiyan, it has become very easy for the common people to apply for Record Recovery. They do not need to take rounds of the local land revenue office or the tehsildar’s office each time they want any solution to any issue they face.

After you have applied for the Record Recovery, it takes time to process. But people do need to know about the status of the process. Status here means to which step the process proceeded. Through the CG Bhuiya, we can easily get a check on where the process of record recovery has reached. It will become very difficult if people had to go to visit the local land revenue office every other day to check if the record has been updated.

The status check will give you an idea of how far has the process of your record recovery gone and will give you a clear track record of the process.

Step 1 - First, visit the official website of Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan. The home page will open on your screen.
Step 2 - Click on the link of the Current status of Record Recovery.


Step 3 - Select your district, village, and tehsil on the page that appears after step 2.
Step 4 - As you select the details, your current status of land record recovery will appear.

How to View Village Crop Sensible Area Coverage Report?

The procedure to view village crop sensible region record is as follows:

Step 1 - You should go to the official internet site of Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan.
Step 2 - Now, the home web page will open on the screen in front of you.
Step 3 - You need to click on the choice of Village Crop Wise Coverage Report.
Step 4 - When the new web page opens, you need to fill in the needed statistics like District, Tehsil, Village, Weather, Crop Year. Please fill in your statistics correctly.
Step 5 - After filling in all of the statistics, the village crop sensible insurance record will seem at the display in front of you.

How to Download Chhattisgarh Bhuiya Naksha App?

Users can use the Bhulekh Chhattisgarh online portal to view the land map (bhuiya naksha). You can view all types of information such as B1 Khasra CG, digitally signed online file and P-II Bhu-Naksha.

The approach to download the app is as follows:

Step 1 - Citizens of CG will first have to download the app from Google Play Store
Step 2 - Search for the Chhattisgarh Bhuiya app from the play store
Step 3 - Click on the option of INSTALL
Step 4 - After which, your app will be successfully downloaded. And all of the associated information can be seen on your cell phone via the app

The process to Apply Digital Signature B-I/P-II

A digital signature is basically getting your documents such as B1 khasra, CG signed digitally by the authorities via the online portal. It gets your documents, maps, khasra, khatauni, etc., verified by the revenue authorities that the land parcel is authentic.

In technical words, a digital signature is encryption/decryption technology and is a type of electronic signature. E bhuiya, cg or the E- Bhuiya B1 is the digital bhulekh portal of Chhattisgarh.

Normal mimic reports or the nakal reports are of no value in any legal matter that takes place. A digital signature or the documents, when attested by the authorities becomes legal proof that can be used in legal proceedings. That is why Digital Signatures play a very important role while keeping track of all the details concerning a land parcel. If it does not come out correctly, it can create issues while all the legal processes that may occur.

Step 1- Go to the official website of Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan or Chhattisgarh bhu abhilekh.
Step 2- Click on the option of Digital Signature B1/ P II Application.


Step 3 - Select either the name of your village or the number of your village option.
Step 4 - After a new page opens, fill in the name of your village or the number of your village.
Step 5 - As soon as you select your village name or number, a digitally signed document of Khasra or Khatauni will appear on your screen.

Bhulekh: Required Files For the Online Name Change Application

  • The minimal price of a sworn statement on stamp paper ought to be Rs.10.
  • Photographs in passport sizes.
  • Copy of Legal ID proof, which includes PAN card, Aadhaar card, or passport
  • Registration fee receipt.

Wrapping Up

The main purpose of creating CG bhuiyan is to make the process of accessing all the details concerning the land easy and hassle-free. Now people can easily resolve all the issues regarding their land without visiting the local land revenue office or tehsildar’s office again and again. This program not only caters to all the needs of the citizens but also has multiple extra benefits of using the official website.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there an official app available for extracting land records?

Yes, there is an official app available for extracting land records.

Where to contact for problems related to khasra, khatauni, or B1?

If there is any type of error related to your land or land records, then contact your Tehsil office or Patwar.

What do you mean by Khata?

Khata number is a unique account number assigned to a family that represents the family's complete landholding. A Khata number, also known as a Khewat number, identifies the proprietors and their complete land ownership.

What is the website to get the land records of your property?

The website where you can find the land records of Chhattisgarh is You can even find your plots and their details on Bhuiya Naksha too.