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Legal Services for Property

Any real estate transaction or transfer of property or even holding of property require legal assistance to ensure you have a “Good & Complied Title” of the property. And in case you don’t have one – legal professional help can ensure you to be in process of having the right ownership.

How it Works?

You can choose legal, technical, valuation or lisasoning services for any city or asset type work for your properties in India - we have hired a high quality in-house team to give you personalized services anywhere in the country. Imagine, a seasoned lawyer, valuator, govt liasoning, technical consultant, facility manager at your disposal.
Our team will call and understand the requirement and appoint the best suited domain expert to deliver services
Once you confirm the service and pay, we raise a ticket and agree on a timeline for completion of the work entrusted
You get an email, sms, call on the completion of the ticket. Then, you rate us on your service!

Benefits of Legal Support Services

  • inhouse

    Inhouse Experts

    Legal experts with 3-6 years’ experience in real estate, worked in leading law firm to deliver issues

  • complez

    Simple to Complex Issues

    From vetting - drafting - complaints - notice – wills all under one roof including support with establish firms

  • efficient

    Cost Efficient

    We are sure to deliver the best services in cheapest cost, while many things are standardised, we ensure to deliver service in a personalised manner

Our Service Packages

Drafting of MOU

MOU is the starting point for negotiation and is an agreement which records the scope and the purpose of documents.

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Drafting Sale Agreement

An agreement of Sale/Sale Deed constitutes the final terms and conditions of sale of a property by the seller to the buyer.

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Drafting Leave and License Agreement

A leave and licence agreement is a legal document that enables one party to allow another party to use their immovable assets, i.e., property, for a specific period without any change in the ownership of the asset.

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Drafting of Will/ Probate/ Family Arrangement

Will: A last will and testament is a legal document that communicates a person's final wishes, as pertaining to possessions and dependents.
Probate: Probate means the copy of a Will certified under the seal of a court of competent jurisdiction with a grant of administration of the estate of the testator.

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Drafting of Letter of Administration

The Letter of Administration is a document obtained from High Court to the person appointed as administrator (personal representative) of the estate of someone who died without a will. The letters authorize the administrator to settle the deceased person's estate according to the state's intestate succession laws.

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Drafting Power of Attorney
This can be residents and non residents. For non residents this can be for purchase of property provided they do appostile from their respctiv embassy.

A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document giving one person (the agent or attorney-in-fact) the power to act for another person (the principal). 

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Drafting of RERA Complaint
This come with 2 attendance on hearing

A Complaint which is to be filed before the RERA tribunal due to any dispute or differences which may arise between the allotees or developers. 

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Drafting of Property Gift Deed

A gift deed is a document that records the act of giving a gift of movable and immovable property and is executed between the donor (the person giving the gift) and the donee (person receiving the gift).

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Drafting Legal letters/ Notice/Complaint

A letter containing dispute/difference in the commercial understanding or any other issue between the parties.

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Sale Agreement Vetting

Sale Agreement Vetting means making a careful and critical examination of sale agreement which will be sent by other party and making requisite changes to the same.

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Documents Inspection Report
Set of documents which you need us to vet and generate a report of its perfectness

Verifying set of documents pertaining to Transaction/ Permission/ Utilities documents and making a check list of documents provided and also highlighting pending documents.

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Title Search
This is done for a unit, or a land, or multiple units and lands

A title search is research of public records to determine a property's legal ownership and find out what claims are on the property.

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Title Opinion
This is issue by the in-house qualified lawyer with its licence number

A title opinion is the process reading of all the title documents and verifying the title of present owner pertaining to the property and highlighting list of issue to be complied with.

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Public Notice + No claim Letter
typically release in 2 relevent newspapers

Public notice is the process of inviting claims from public at large to investigate title of property/ loss of documents/ death of owner and issuing the same in the two newspaper one in English and other in local language.

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Court Case Check
check on District, Supreme Court, NCLT, DRT, etc.

To verify all the cases against an individual/firm/company/LLP filed before different Courts and Tribunals and highlighting all the pending and disposed of cases against the same.

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Comprehensive Tenant Verification

Tenant verification is the process of carrying out background check of the tenant to determine whether the tenant is genuine.

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Frequently asked questions

Services are typically taken while one is buying, selling, renting the property, complaints with developer, at the time of pre possession, refurbishment or change of house, disputes, certifications, diligence, etc. There is no frequency and they are “On Demand” services
All legal support services are given by in-house lawyers with experience and apt education background for all administrative requirements. While we take litigation request but work with an empanelled law firm to represent the case. The opinion given can be used in any court of law
Absolutely yes. We recommend to go through our Refund Policy for the same. We are till date zero percentage claims for refund. Many times the service request takes time to deliver due to external factors which are not in control, so time taken for the service cannot be a factor of refund. In case of refund refund request, a senior member gets involved to sort the issue and get to a resolution
We donot require any license at company level, but most professionals have their qualification to deliver services. We donot do any certifications but get our empanelled partner at a small cost, if required
The valuation are done in two manner, desktop valuation by inhouse team and other option is to do it through our empanelled registered valuers. In both cases there is credible data to prove the valuation. In our experience difference in valuation expectation can happen only on agriculture lands or open land or building outside municipal limits, due to unorganised data source.
Each service is unique and personalised and typically take 7-14 working days to get delivered. Lot depends on the information from clients to start the request, post which major external factors define the delivery of services. We give estimate time of each service. We have seen less than 10% cases where the service was not delivered on time. These services shoot their timeless to additional 7-14 days.
Yes every service request has 2 escalation matrix and the email ids are given in every service request under process
All cost matrix is on carpet area, this way we ensure you are only charged for what you are using.
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