Bhulekh Delhi – The Digitalisation of Delhi Land Records


The Government of the NCT of Delhi launched an online service called Bhulekh Delhi, or Delhi land records, to make verifying their property simpler. This digital service was previously known as Indraprastha Bhulekh Delhi. Bhulekh Delhi digitally keeps track of Delhi land records to avoid data manipulation and corruption.

A person can verify ROR Delhi land records on the Bhulekh Delhi portal or at the district offices’ local citizen service centres. The official website of Bhulekh Delhi offers access to land records and the documents of Jamabandi, Khasra, and Khatauni Delhi.

Read this guide to quickly view Delhi land records online using the name, Khasra number, and Khata number.

Important Key Details About Bhulekh Delhi

The following table provides key details about the Bhulekh Delhi service:

Previous Name Indraprastha Bhulekh Delhi
Initiative By The Government of the NCT of Delhi
Services Offered View Delhi land records online Check the records of Khasra, Khatauni Delhi and Jamabandi DelhiDownload property mutation certificate
Managed By Revenue Department of Delhi
Process Online
Official Website

How do Check and View Delhi Land Records Online by Name?

Bhulekh Delhi allows an individual to access Delhi land records online. Follow the below-mentioned steps to check and view Delhi land records by name.

  • Access the official website of Bhulekh Delhi.
  • Choose the district from the drop-down list, then click on the ‘View Records’ option.
  • The redirected page will require you to enter details like the District, Subdivision, Village, and Khata Type. Recheck the data entered.
  • The website allows an individual the freedom to access the Delhi land record by name, Khata No., and Khasra No. In this instance, select the ‘Name’ option and continue to enter the owner’s name.
  • To view the land record details, click on the ‘View Khata Details’ option. The screen will show all the information about the land.

How do I view the Delhi Land Records ROR Report by Khasra Number?

In rural areas, each plot of land is assigned a Khasra Number, which serves as its survey number. It is comparable to the survey or plot numbers we all receive in urban areas. The Bulekha Delhi website allows a person to check the Khasra number in Delhi. To access the Delhi land record by Khasra no., an individual must follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Visit the Bulekha Delhi website.
  • On the homepage, select the ‘Khasra Khatauni Delhi Details’ option. You will be redirected to a page listing various possible actions.
  • Select the ‘see records’ option on the page, then enter information about your village and Khata Type.
  • The website allows you to search for Delhi land records by Khata no., name and Khasra No. Users are free to pick any of the above options.
  • Enter the Khasra number in the required field and click on ‘Proceed’
  • Click the ‘View Khata Details’ option to view the land record details.
  • The screen will now display the ROR Delhi land record. 

View Delhi Land Record ROR Report by Khata Number on DLRC Portal

The Bhulekh Delhi or the DLRC website allows individuals to access the ROR Delhi land record by Khata number. The following steps must be adhered to.

  • Visit Bhulekh Delhi or the DLRC Revenue Department portal. 
  • On the homepage, select the “Khasra Khatauni details under DLR Act.”
  • The new page you will be directed to will require you to select ‘View Records’ and then enter the place of land.
  • After entering the necessary information, select the ‘by Khasra Number’ option from the drop-down menu, followed by the ‘View Khata Details’ option
  • The next screen will display the information you asked for.

How do Check Delhi Jamabandi Details Online on DLRC Portal?

The DLRC Delhi land records website allows people to check their Jamabandi Delhi or access the ROR Delhi land records. The following steps must be followed to avoid any hassles:

  • Visit the DLRC Delhi land records website. 
  • Select the ‘Jamabandi Delhi details’ option.
  • Next, you will be required to opt for the “Jamabandi Details under PLR Act” option.
  • Proceed by selecting the District and clicking on the ‘View Records’ option
  • The screen will now display all the Jamabandi Delhi details 
  • Check the detail you wish.

What is Property Mutation in Delhi State? 

A property’s mutation, also known as Dakhil Kharij in Hindi, is the change of ownership title from one person to another. This is recorded in the revenue records of the relevant local municipal body. Buyers must be aware that mutation entries do not grant anyone property titles.

Freehold and leasehold properties can be mutated. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), Delhi Development Authority (DDA), and Land and Development Office (L&DO) all participate in the mutation process.

Delhi Property Mutation: List of Documents Required

The following documents must be produced in front of the sub-registrar office: A representative will verify the submitted documents, after which the mutation certificate will be issued. This process can take between 15-30 working days.

  • Sale deed copy
  • Duly attested indemnity bond on INR 100 stamp paper
  • No objection certificate from the housing board
  • Property tax clearance receipt
  • Duly attested undertaking form from the transferee on INR 10 stamp paper
  • Apportionment fee of INR 100 and composition fee of INR 50

The following documents must be produced if the property is inherited:

  • Will copy
  • Owner’s death certificate

The following documents must be produced if the property is registered through a power of attorney (POA).

  • Power of attorney papers
  • copy of payment registered with sub-registrar
  • Will copy

How do I get a mutation certificate online in Delhi?

A person can obtain a mutation certificate online from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi or MCD. The following steps must be followed to get the certificate easily:.

  • Visit the official website of the MCD
  • Navigate to the ‘Download Mutation certificate’ option available at the bottom of the page
  • The next page will require you to enter information like registration date, registration number and SRO office. Proceed by entering the captcha code displayed on the screen.
  • Your mutation certificate will be downloaded.

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Bhulekh Delhi : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ROR in land records?

The complete form of ROR in land records is a Record Of Rights. This land record holds all the information pertaining to land, like an owner’s name, size, land units, etc.

Is Khatauni a proof of ownership?

Yes, Khatauni is the proof of ownership. Khatauni is a legal document that provides information about the land, including the owner’s name.

What details can you check on the Delhi Bhulekh portal?

People can access ROR Delhi land records by searching the Bhulekh Delhi website online or visiting the Delhi land records District offices. The website also allows a person to check the records of Khasra, Khatauni Delhi and Jamabandi Delhi.

How to see the Bhulekh of Sangam Vihar in Delhi?

A person can see the land records of Sangam Vihar in Delhi by visiting the official website of the Delhi Bhulekh. One can access the records by searching through the Khasra number, Khata number or owner’s number.

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