Corner Plot Vastu Postioning – Importance, Direction & Tips, Benefits for Home

Corner Plot Vastu

Vastu is an ancient Indian guideline for constructing a home or building that allows positive energy to flow into the vicinity. Corner Plot Vastu provides guidelines for the plot’s direction, layout, and design, ensuring a good energy flow and a balanced living environment. Some major points include the northeast corner opening, placing the kitchen in the southeast, and ensuring the southwest is slightly elevated. Following these principles can bring residents happiness, health, and prosperity.

Overview of Corner Plot 

Corner Plot Vastu offers guidance for creating a home with good energy and balance using ancient Vastu practices. Implementing all the vastu guidelines in the corner plot helps enhance the quality of life, positive energy flow, health, and happiness. Corner Plot Vastu provides the layout for all the parts of your house, such as the kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, balcony, stairs, and main door. The major benefits of corner plots are that they provide good ventilation, natural light, and ample garden space, which help increase health and aesthetics. However, if the shape of the plot is inauspicious and the right vastu is not implemented, it can lead to inauspiciousness, which can cause sorrow, loss of wealth, and misery. In this blog, you will learn about the importance of corner plot vastu and tips for implementing vastu in corner plots in different directions.

Importance of Corner Plot as Per Vastu

  1. Corner Plot Vastu plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and prosperity of a home. By adhering to the vastu principles, homeowners can enhance the positive energy flow and create a harmonious living environment. Here are some key benefits of implementing Vastu for corner plots/ 
  2. Multi-Directional Alignment: Corner plots face multiple directions, allowing for better alignment with north, south, east, and west energies, creating a harmonious and balanced home.
  3. Better Ventilation and Light: The additional open space around corner plots improves airflow and natural light, contributing to a healthier living environment.
  4. Visual Spaciousness: The larger layout of corner plots enhances the property’s appearance, making it feel more open and attractive.
  5. More Garden Space: Corner plots provide extra room for gardens and landscaping, adding to the property’s beauty and peaceful environment.
  6. Optimised Energy Flow: Following Vastu principles ensures positive energy flows smoothly through the home, promoting health, happiness, and prosperity for residents.

Corner Plot Vastu Direction

Corner Plot Vastu provides specific guidelines based on the direction of the plot. Each direction has unique benefits and considerations to ensure positive energy flow and harmony in the home. Here are the key directions and their significance in Vastu:

Northeast corner plot vastu 

  • This direction is regarded as the most favourable and advantageous.
  • A northeast corner plot of Vastu promotes positivity, spiritual development, wisdom, and peace.
  • Ensure this area remains open and free of clutter to facilitate the movement of positive energy.
  • The northeast corner should be lower than the southwest corner to support proper energy flow.
  • This area is ideal for setting up a puja room or meditation space to strengthen spiritual connection.

East south corner plot vastu 

  • Governed by the fire element (Agni), symbolising energy, vitality, and prosperity.
  • It is favourable to have a road on the southeast side.
  • The southeast corner should have some open space to promote positive energy flow.
  • This direction is excellent for placing the kitchen, aligning with the fire element.
  • Use special rocks or pebbles to balance the space if there are extensions.

South-west corner plot vastu 

  • Air Element (Vayu): This corner is controlled by the air element, symbolising movement, change, and communication.
  • Planet Moon: It is linked to the Moon, which affects emotions, intuition, and mental health.
  • Room Suitability: This corner is ideal for a storeroom or guest room.
  • Lightweight Decorations: Use lightweight decorations and air-purifying plants to keep the energy flow positive.
  • Energy Enhancement: Boost positive energy in this area with windchimes and fragrant plants or air fresheners.

South-facing corner plot Vastu

  • Symbolises Stability: This corner signifies stability, grounding, and a connection to one’s roots.
  • Controlled by Ancestors: Governed by Pitru, it represents ancestors and deceased family members.
  • Elevation: The southwest corner should be the highest part of the plot, with a gentle slope towards the northeast.
  • Open Space: It is advisable to leave some open space in this area to maintain stability.
  • Extensions: If there are extensions, balance them by using elements like brass and crystals in the northwest corner.

Tips for Corner plot as per Vastu

Some major corner plot vastu tips are:

  • Keep the northeast corner open and clutter-free to attract positive energy.
  • Place the kitchen in the southeast corner to align with the fire element.
  • Ensure some open space in the southeast corner to allow positive energy flow.
  • The southwest corner should be the highest point of the plot for stability.
  • Leave some open space in the southwest corner to ensure a solid and secure foundation.
  • Decorate with lightweight objects and air-purifying plants in the northwest.
  • Use windchimes and fragrant plants or air fresheners in the northwest to enhance good energy.
  • Use rocks or pebbles to balance spaces with extensions.
  • Grow a bamboo plant or use a picture of bamboo in the southeast.
  • Place strong water features and a Vastu Kalash in the northeast for positive energy.

Corner Plot to Avoid

North and West Roads: Referred to as Vavaya, these plots require the southwest corner to be higher than the northeast to avoid negative energy flow.

South and East Roads: Known as Agneya, these plots are considered inauspicious. They can lead to financial difficulties and stress, particularly for women, due to excess fire energy.

South and West Roads: Termed as Nairutya, these plots are generally to be avoided as they can cause negative energy and instability.

Opposite Side Roads: Plots with roads on opposite sides need careful assessment:

  • East-West plots: If the east side is lower, it is acceptable. However, avoid if the west side is lower.
  • North-South plots: Lower north sides are acceptable. However, lower south sides should be avoided.


Corner Plot Vastu offers guidelines to ensure positive energy and harmony in homes built on corner plots. Keeping the northeast corner open and clutter-free, placing the kitchen in the southeast, and ensuring the southwest is the highest point for stability are some of the major things to remember. The benefits of corner plots include better ventilation, natural light, and more garden space. Specific directions have unique benefits, such as spiritual growth in the northeast and prosperity in the southeast. Avoid plots with roads on certain sides as they may cause negative energy. Following these guidelines can lead to a balanced and prosperous living environment.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q1. What is Plot Corner, as per Vastu?

Ans: In Vastu, plot corners refer to the specific directions and elements associated with each corner, which affect the home’s energy and harmony.

Q2. Is a Corner House Good or Bad as per Vastu?

Ans: A corner house can be good if Vastu guidelines are followed, but certain orientations, like southeast and southwest corners, can be less favourable.

Q3. How many corners are in a house, as per Vastu?

Ans: According to Vastu, a house typically has four main corners: northeast, southeast, northwest, and southwest.

Q4. What are the Benefits of a Corner Plot?

Ans: Corner plots offer better directional alignment, improved ventilation and light, enhanced aesthetics, more garden space, and optimised energy flow.

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