Top 5 Best Area To Live In Hyderabad

Best Area To Live In Hyderabad

The city, also known as the ‘City of Pearls,’ Hyderabad, beautifully blends history with modernity. Famous for its rich cultural heritage, booming IT sector, and mouth-watering cuisine, this city is the heart of Telangana. Its residential landscape is as diverse as its culture, catering to various preferences and lifestyles.

In the old city, history comes alive with landmarks like the ancient Charminar. On the other hand, HITEC City’s modernity is marked by its sleek skyscrapers, which are considered one of the best areas to live in Hyderabad. This contrast creates a unique blend of the traditional and the contemporary, giving Hyderabad its distinctive charm.

When choosing a place to live, Hyderabad residents seek comfort, convenience, and a strong sense of community. Gated communities and high-rise apartments are rising, offering secure environments with amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, landscaped gardens, and children’s play areas. Areas like Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, and Gachibowli are particularly popular for their proximity to business districts, schools, shopping centres, and healthcare facilities.

The accessibility of workplaces is an important factor, especially in tech hubs like Madhapur and Kondapur. Other areas, such as Manikonda and Nallagandla, have become the best area to live in Hyderabad due to their peaceful surroundings, modern infrastructure, and affordable housing options. Whether you prefer the lively atmosphere of city life or the laid-back vibe of suburban living, Hyderabad’s neighbourhoods offer a perfect mix to suit diverse living preferences.

Let’s get into detail about the best areas to live in Hyderabad and find out what is so popular that makes them stand apart from the rest —

Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Jubilee Hills, situated in the western part of Hyderabad, is often seen as one of the city’s best area to live in Hyderabad. Known for its luxurious and wealthy residents, this neighbourhood represents high-end living and exclusivity. It is ideally positioned between the commercial hub of Banjara Hills and the IT centre of HITEC City, providing both convenience and luxury.

In Jubilee Hills, extended villa complexes, stylish apartments, and secure gated communities are designed for those looking for a premium lifestyle. The area has a peaceful atmosphere with greenery and well-kept parks, offering a perfect place to call home away from the busy city life. Residents can access numerous amenities, such as private swimming pools, modern gyms, and recreational clubs, ensuring a comfortable and leisurely lifestyle.

Some of the main attractions in this best residential area in Hyderabad include– 

The Best Restaurants and Cafes – are Olive Bistro, Chutneys, Barbeque Nation, Flying Spaghetti Monster, and Anvaya Modern Indian Bistro. 

The Best Hospitals – are Apollo Hospitals, Basavatarakam Indo-American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute, Aware Gleneagles Global Hospitals, and KIMS Hospitals. 

Best Schools – Jubilee Hills Public School, Orchids International School, Delhi Public School, and Oakridge International School.

Best Malls – Inorbit Mall, Forum Sujana Mall, and GVK One Mall. 

Main Attractions of the area include KBR National Park, Shilparamam, Durgam Cheruvu, Jubilee Hils Check Point, and Peddamma Temple. 

Nallagandla, Hyderabad

Nallagandla, located in the western part of Hyderabad, has quickly become one of the most sought-after residential areas due to its strategic location and excellent connectivity. Positioned between Gachibowli and the Financial District, Nallagandla is close to major IT and ITES companies, making it an ideal choice for professionals in these sectors. The area features well-planned infrastructure, with wide roads and green spaces contributing to a high quality of life. The landscape of Nallagandla, one of the best residential areas in Hyderabad, includes modern high-rise apartments and gated communities, offering amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and community halls. The peaceful environment, combined with the availability of everyday conveniences and recreational facilities, makes it a preferred choice for families.

Nallagandla’s excellent connectivity is a major benefit. It is connected to key locations in Hyderabad through a strong network of roads and public transportation, ensuring convenient travel throughout the city. The anticipated expansion of the metro is likely to improve its accessibility even further. The presence of well-regarded educational institutions, healthcare facilities, shopping centres, and entertainment options contributes to Nallagandla’s attractiveness as a residential area. The neighbourhood’s rapid growth and potential for investment make it the best area in Hyderabad to live and a wise investment decision.

Some of the main attractions include– 

  • The Best Restaurants and Cafes – The Fisherman’s Wharf, Ruchi Restaurant, Cafe Coffee Day, and Dominos.
  • Some of the popular schools in the area include – Glendale Academy International, Epistemo Vikas Leadership School, and Manthan International School. 
  • Best Hospitals – Archana Hospital, Citizen Hospital, and Continental Hospitals.
  • Best Mall – Citizen Shopping Complex, SLN Terminus Mall, Reliance Fresh, and more. 
  • Main attractions of the area include Tellapur Lake, Gachibowli Stadium, and Botanical Gardens.

Bandlaguda Jagir, Hyderabad

Bandlaguda Jagir, located in the southwestern zone of Hyderabad, has quickly become a popular residential area. Its appeal comes from its excellent connectivity, growing infrastructure, and peaceful living. The area is well-connected to the IT hubs of Gachibowli, HITEC City, and the Financial District, making it a perfect choice for professionals in these sectors. The Outer Ring Road provides easy access to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, enhancing its convenience. Apart from being prominent, this area also showcases a myriad of entertainment and leisurely destinations that amuse huge crowds on a daily basis. The residential options in Bandlaguda Jagir range from modern apartments and gated communities to independent houses, catering to various preferences, making it one of the best residential areas in Hyderabad

Some of the main attractions include– 

  • The Best Restaurants and Cafes– Shadab Restaurant, Cafe Niloufer, Tabla Restaurant, The Fisherman’s Wharf, and Dine Hill. 
  • Some of the popular schools in the area include – Glendale Academy International, Delhi Public School, Nadergul, Oakridge International School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, and Gowtham Model School. 
  • Best Hospitals– Zoi Hospitals, Himagiri Hospital, Continental Hospital, Sunshine Hospital, and Apollo Clinic. 
  • Best Mall– South India Shopping Mall, Manta Mall, Mega Shopping Mall, Inorbit Mall, and Forum Sujana Mall. 
  • Main attractions of the area include Himayat Sagar Lake, Mrugavani National Park, Ocean Park, Chilkur Balaji Temple, and Taramati Baradari. 

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Ameenpur, Hyderabad

Ameenpur, situated northwest of Hyderabad, has quickly become one of the city’s most desirable residential areas. Known for its calm environment and natural beauty, Ameenpur is the best residential area in Hyderabad, offering a perfect blend of nature and urban convenience. A highlight of the area is Ameenpur Lake, which enhances the area’s appeal and provides a peaceful retreat for residents. Ameenpur offers many residential options, from budget-friendly apartments to luxurious villas catering to various housing needs and preferences. The well-planned infrastructure, including wide roads, ample green spaces, and modern amenities, significantly enhances the quality of life here.

Residents of Ameenpur enjoy excellent connectivity to key areas of Hyderabad through well-maintained road networks and public transportation. The best area to live in Hyderabad also has essential facilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centres, and leisure spots, making it a self-sufficient neighbourhood.

Some of the popular attractions that make Hyderabad the best place to live

  • The Best Restaurants and Cafes are Repete Brewery & Kitchen, Pista House, Palamuru Grill, BBQ Pride, and Angaara 5 BBQ Nation. 
  • Some popular schools are Oakridge International School, Delhi Public School, Miyapur, Unicent School, Sentia The Global School, and Vikas The Concept School. 
  • Best Hospitals – Mythri Hospital, Pranaam Hospital, Aster Prime Hospital, Anupama Hospital, and Srikara Hospital.
  • The Best Malls are Manjeera Mall, Sujana Forum Mall, South India Shopping Mall, SLN Terminus Mall, and Atrium Mall. 
  • The main attractions are Ameenpur Lake, Miyapur Urban Forest, Hyderabad Botanical Garden, KBR National Park, and Gachibowli Stadium.

Nagole, Hyderabad

The eastern region of Hyderabad, known as Nagole, has become a sought-after residential neighbourhood because of its advantageous position, first-rate connections, and expanding infrastructure. The Hyderabad Metro connects the region well to the rest of the city, and the Nagole Metro Station makes important locations easily accessible. 

Nagole offers a range of housing alternatives, from luxurious villas to reasonably priced apartments, making it the best area to live in Hyderabad for professionals and families. 

The neighbourhood is renowned for its serene surroundings, clean parks, and shared spaces, which makes it perfect for families looking for a balanced lifestyle. The presence of necessary services such as retail malls, hospitals, schools, and recreational centres influences its appeal as a residential centre.

The speedy advancement of Nagole’s infrastructure has also drawn many real estate developments offering up-to-date living areas and amenities. One of the nicest areas to live in Hyderabad is Nagole, a developing neighbourhood that offers residential beauty and urban benefits to its residents.

Popular destinations around this best residential area of Hyderabad are listed below- 

  • The best restaurants and cafes are Chillies Restaurant, Spicy Venue, KS Bakers, Bawarchi Restaurant, Alpha Hotel, and Starbucks. 
  • Best Hospitals – Om Sai Hospital, Prashanth Hospital, and Sri Sai Sanjeevini Hospital. 
  • Some of the popular schools are Unicent School, Indu International School, Arka International School and Santinos Global School.

The Best Malls are PMR Complex, TRENDS, DSL Virtue Mall, and CRM Shopping Mall.

FAQ’s about Best Areas to Live in Hyderabad

Q1. Which area in Hyderabad is good for living?

While many places are known as the best areas to live in Hyderabad, some of the more well-liked ones are Gachibowli, Kondapur, Banjara Hills, and Jubilee Hills. These regions provide a range of housing alternatives, first-rate amenities, and superb connections.

Q2. Which is the most posh area in Hyderabad?

Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills are considered the most posh areas in Hyderabad. These neighbourhoods are known for luxury homes, upscale amenities, and well-off residents.

Q3. Which is the cleanest area in Hyderabad?

Rajendranagar is considered one of the cleanest areas in Hyderabad, according to data from the Telangana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB). The area maintains good air quality throughout the year, often registering in the ‘Good’ or ‘Satisfactory’ categories on the Air Quality Index (AQI). This makes it a favourable place for residents seeking a cleaner environment compared to other parts of the city, which experience higher pollution levels due to industrial activities and heavy vehicular traffic.

Q4. Which area in Hyderabad is best for buying a home?

When deciding on a neighbourhood in Hyderabad, consider Gachibowli, Kondapur, Madhapur, and Manikonda for their proximity to IT hubs and good infrastructure. For luxury living, look into Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills, while Nagole and Bandlaguda Jagir offer reasonably priced options with decent amenities.

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