Smart City Tirunelveli: Mission, Objective, Projects & Current Status

Smart City Tirunelveli

The development of Tirunelveli into a smart city is underway. This includes utilising technology to enhance city operations and the quality of life for all local residents. Better waste management systems, smart highways, and rooftop solar electricity are among the innovations the government is implementing. In addition, there are now additional green areas, contemporary bus stops, and safer traffic patterns. The intention is to make living in Smart City Tirunelveli safer, cleaner, and more efficient. This blog will discuss the recent changes and how they benefit the Tirunelveli community on the way to becoming a smart city.

Smart City Tirunelveli

Nellai is another name for Tirunelveli. India’s Tamil Nadu is home to this smart city. It is a very old, historically rich city that has developed into a smart city. This implies that it improves people’s lives through the employment of contemporary technology. Tirunelveli is noted for its colleges and schools, making it a magnet for learning. A Municipal Corporation manages it. The city is well-connected to other regions of India by rail and excellent roads. There are seaports and airports close by as well. Numerous sectors, including banking, technology, and farming, are present in Tirunelveli. There are numerous other stunning historic structures, such as the Nellaiappar Temple. ‘Irutu kadai halwa’ is a popular sweet dish in Tirunelveli. The city is utilising new technologies to enhance its infrastructure, including buildings, roads, and other utilities. This contributes to the well-being of all local residents.

Objectives of Smart City Tirunelveli

Tirunelveli is progressing towards being an intelligent city. The Tirunelveli Smart City Limited is a unique organisation that the city established to implement new ₹940 crore initiatives aimed at improving the city. This massive project includes building a new trade centre, renovating the Tirunelveli Junction bus stop, and establishing a new truck stop in Pettai. Tirunelveli is ranked third among the smart cities selected in the third round of a significant smart city initiative. It has also received national recognition due to these efforts. With ₹950 crore being invested in ongoing projects, a lot of work is being done to improve the city’s quality of life. The city intends to upgrade parks, roadways, and other public areas to enhance the quality of life for its citizens.

Every project in Tirunelveli’s Smart Cities Mission moves forward rapidly to meet deadlines. The city is dedicated to completing these upgrades on schedule, with a total budget of ₹996 crore allocated for them. These modifications are believed to improve Tirunelveli’s efficiency, happiness, and livability.

Smart City Tirunelveli Projects

Several new real estate projects are underway in Smart City Tirunelveli. These projects aim to provide better homes and working spaces for people. The city is building various affordable houses for people who don’t earn a lot. This makes it easier for everyone to find a good place to live. The city is also focusing on area-based development projects (ABD), presence across nation projects (Pan City), and GEO location projects. Here are the detailed insights into these projects:

Area-Based Development (ABD) Projects

Here are the ABD projects in Tirunelveli:

S.No. Project Name Status Description
1 SWM Purchase of 270 No. Of BOV Completed Acquisition of battery-operated vehicles for solid waste management.
2 Improvement of existing STP site Completed This includes providing a wall for protection and forming an approach road with a dustless surface.
3 Truck Terminal Completed Development of a new truck terminal.
4 Solar rooftop Completed Installation of solar rooftop systems.
5 Improvement of the existing compost yard at Ramayanpatti Completed This includes constructing a micro compost centre and protective wall around the yard.
6 Improvement of the Anganwadi Building Completed Upgrade and repair of Anganwadi building.
7 Smart motors in all headworks Under Execution Installation of smart motors at water supply and UGD pumping stations.
8 Formation of Smart roads at various locations Under Execution Development of smart roads with modern infrastructure and technology.
9 Modernisation of existing junction Junction Bus Stand Under Execution Includes underground parking facilities.
10 Conversion of sodium vapour lamps to LED lights in various wards Under Execution An energy efficiency project will replace old street lights with LED lights.
11 Development of Trade centre at SN High Road Under Execution Construction of a new trade centre for business and commerce activities.

source – nellaismartcity

Presence Across Nation (PAN City) Projects

Below are the PAN City projects in Tirunelveli:

S.No. Project Name Status Description
1 Green Space Development Phases I and II Completed Development of 20 parks under two phases.
2 Installation of Traffic Signage Under Execution Install new traffic signage across Tirunelveli Corporation.
3 Green Space Development Phase III Under Execution Expansion of green spaces, including parks and recreational areas.
4 Construction of Multilevel car parking Under Execution Development of new multilevel car parking facilities at strategic locations.
5 Smart City Techno Park Under Execution Establish a technopark near the new bus stand with modern infrastructure.
6 Development of Smart Passenger Shelters Under Execution Create smart shelters for passengers to enhance convenience and safety.
7 Provision of Road Divider with Greenery Under Execution Beautification and functional enhancement of road dividers with plantations.
8 Modernisation of Bharat Ratna Dr. MGR New Bus Stand Under Execution Upgrades include IoT and additional floors to enhance the commuter experience.

source – nellaismartcity

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Smart City Tirunelveli Map

This is a map of the Tirunelveli smart city. You can see every smart project underway in our city by exploring this map. You can see parks, roads, and a lot of newly built infrastructure. You can identify locations and find what’s new with the use of this map. This map is user-friendly and provides updates.

Smart City Tirunelveli Map

source –

Services for Citizens on the Tirunelveli Smart City Portal

Several citizen services are available through the Tirunelveli Smart City Portal, all aimed towards improving citizens’ efficiency and convenience. People can use this online platform to get a range of municipal services from the convenience of their homes. Here are a few of the main services offered:

  • Bill Payments: Residents can use the portal to make payments for their power, water, and property taxes. This service allows them to avoid waiting in a queue at payment counters and save time.
  • Registering a Complaint: The portal has a section where residents can report problems like potholes, broken streetlights, or unpicked trash. This service ensures that grievances are immediately recorded and followed up on until they are handled.
  • Construction Permissions: Anyone wishing to build or renovate a structure can apply for construction permits online. This increases transparency and speeds the approval process.
  • Birth and Death Certificates: The portal offers an online application for birth and death certificates. This service expedites and streamlines the process for citizens to obtain the required documentation.
  • Public transit Information: The city’s public transit system’s routes, times, and costs are easily obtained. This information helps both locals and guests make more effective travel plans.
  • Community participation: To improve civic participation, locals are also given a platform to comment on projects that are happening in their community. Citizens can also take part in forums and get involved in community initiatives.

Looking Ahead at the Future of Tirunelveli

The development of Tirunelveli into a smart city is improving the quality of life for its citizens. Modern technology and clever ideas are making the city more sustainable and efficient. Smart City Tirunelveli will be a wonderful place to live, work, and visit thanks to these improvements, which guarantee a better future for all residents. We anticipate seeing many more advancements as the city grows.

FAQ’s about Smart City Tirunelveli

Q1. What are the smart cities in Tamil Nadu?

The Tamil Nadu government has chosen eleven cities to develop as part of the Smart Cities Mission. These cities are Erode, Thanjavur, Vellore, Tiruppur, Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli, Tiruchi, Madurai, Salem, and Chennai.

Q2. Which is the fastest developing city in Tamilnadu?

Salem is one of the fastest developing cities in Tamil Nadu.

Q3. Is Madurai a smart city?

Yes, Madurai was selected for the Smart City Mission by the government in June 2015.

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