Smart City Karnal: Mission, Objective, Projects, and Current Status

Karnal Smart City

Situated in Haryana, Karnal is a melting pot of history and Indian culture. This historical city boasts a rich cultural heritage and has been the centre of knowledge and learning since time immemorial. Many cultural and religious sites are situated here including the Karnal Fort, Karnal Lake, and the Karnal Temple. Delectable cuisines and beautiful lakes with just the right touch of North Indianness make Karnal a unique city to explore and are, needless to say, simply unmissable. A few of the important monuments such as Kos Minar and Kalander Shah’s Tomb are a must-visit in Karnal. The list just doesn’t end here. Apart from being an important research centre, Karnal is also associated with Indian history. It is believed to be the land of the great Karna, the famous historical character of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. There is also a famous lake in the city which goes by the name Karna Lake. Apart from this, there is also a gate known as Karna Gate. Karnal is also home to famous personalities who have made India proud and are no less than an inspiration for the masses globally, owing to their success. These names include the late Kalpana Chawla- the first woman of Indian origin to go to space, Anish Bhanwala, and Navdeep Saini. For the unversed, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, the late Liaquat Ali Khan was also born on the soil of Karnal. 

Smart City Karnal Objectives

The objectives of Karnal Smart City are as follows: 

  1. Develop a sustainable and smart urban environment.
  2. Improve the overall quality of life for its citizens through improved public services and better living conditions.
  3. Generate profitable investment and employment opportunities.
  4. Promote efficient mobility and transportation solutions.
  5. Enhance safety, and overall disaster management.
  6. Foster an efficient governance system.
  7. Strengthen the local economy through modern-day innovation.
  8. Leverage technological solutions to make Karnal into a futuristic city.

Smart City Karnal Projects

Smart City Karnal Completed Projects

Name of the Project Important Information About the Project 
Smart School 
  • BaLA – building as a Learning Aid for school students to enhance and boost learning aptitude.
  • Availability of Class 1 to 12 from Haryana board 
  • Presence of e-contents in every classroom
  • Creation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Lab.
  • Robotics Lab development.
  • Capacity building of teachers.
Mini Tipper
  • A dedicated waste collection chamber.
  • Conforming with BS-VI Norms.
  • Equipped with IEC Awareness Mechanism.
Backhoe Loader and Waste Grabber
  • Procurement of 4 no. of Backhoe Loader with Waste Grabber.
  • Consists of a 6-in-1 bucket attachment with a capacity of 1.0m3.
  • Conforming to BS-III or the latest Emission Standards.
Road Painting 
  • Road Painting At Karan Gate Market.
Beautification and Development of Novelty Road
  • To promote smooth movement of vehicles and pedestrians. 
  • Propose a minimum 2 m wide footpath.  to pedestrians by offering safely designed and adequate road crossings and signals. 
Theme painting on the Cultural Corridor
  • Depicting the culture of Karnal since the Mythological era of Mahabharata.
Neki ki Deewar Neki ki Deewar Improvement of the space. 


  • Improving the overall functionality of the Space.
  • Showcasing the local culture. 
  • The word ‘Deewar’ symbolises unity rather than separation and also involves a proper community engagement.
  • Presence of seating spaces and trees with seating nearby to make the project a ‘social destination.’

Source- https://www[dot]karnalsmartcity[dot]in/

Smart City Karnal Upcoming Projects

Name of the Project Important Information
Kunjpura Facade Improvement Kunjpura Facade Improvement – Installation of Uniform Informed Signage Boards in the Market.


  • Approximately 400 shops in Kunjpura Market are to be developed. 
  • Excessive Informed Signage boards will be removed.
  • One shop can have only one signage.
  • Width of the Uniform Informed Signage Board will be 4 feet and the length can vary as per the façade of the shop.
  • Cost of Board – Approximately 300 Rs. per square feet.
  • Material Used – Acrylic/Vinyl Letters on ACP Sheet.
Kos Minar  Highlighting the existing monument with LED Lighting


  • Addition of a Plaza to be done on both sides of the Minar for the purpose of beautification. 
  • Define the surrounding space Addition of articulated Lighting.
  • Signages for place-marking.
  • Theme-based Painting to be done on the adjacent wall.
Vertical Garden  Mini Secretariat Building is covering almost 95 sq.m. of space which will have 3300 plant pots.


  • Selection of plant species based on nature as well as the characteristics of the plants.
  • To survive in semi and full sun while offering a variety of seasonal and experiential opportunities.
Church Tower Highlighting the existing monument with LED Lighting.


  • Upgradation of new pathways having the same architectural features.
  • Addition of articulated lighting and Gazebo.
  • Creation of access pathways at entry and placement of Signages for marking the place.
  • Addition of basic amenities like water ATM and services room.

Source- https://www[dot]karnalsmartcity[dot]in/

Smart City Karnal Ongoing Projects

Name of the Project Important Information About the Project
Open Area Gyms and Meditation Area 
  • Wellness Trail by Installing Open Air Gyms & Meditation Areas in Parks and Creation of Oxy Park.
  • Installation of Open-Air Gym in about 74 parks all over Karnal.
  • Development of a base Platform for such open-air gyms, Tot lots and meditation areas.
  • Installation of 14 different pieces of equipment for each open-air gym.
  • Landscaping, Solar LED light poles, Seating benches etc.
Development of Recreational Zones at Karna Lake on GT Road Theme based laser musical fountain show.


  • Visual and experience with Thematic Cultural walk.
  • Sculptures and Theme Park present on the island.
  • 1.2 km of pedestrian and Cyclists tracks encircling the lake’s edge along with 70 ECS parking.
  • Extension of the existing food points
Gappu Wala Park Development of Hockey field and volleyball court in Gappuwala park located in ward no 14 Karnal.


  • Development of areas identified for installation of Open-air gyms. 
  • There is a lot of landfilling and pedestrian pathways present in the park.
  • Development of pedestrian pathway along boundary wall to develop uniform walkable surface.
  • LED High mast light Poles.
Beautification and Development of Atal Park Creating a magnet for the people of Karnal and facilitating them with an upgraded open recreational facility.


  • Improve the safety and security within the Park for enhanced user experience through provision.
  • Allocation of components like speakers and drinking water points. 
  • Introducing new activities within the park for the purpose of using the underutilised spaces. 
  • To add wayfinding signages across the park. This would be done for better usability and creating an arrival experience.
Creation of a plaza on Meerut road near Tau Devi Lal chowk
  • This project comprises bus stops, designated on-street two and three- wheeler parking.
  • It includes shaded seating areas, Water Drinking Points, Toilets, Dustbins, and Information Kiosks.
  • Wayfinding signages. 
  • The plaza is facilitated with a Vendor Kiosk and shaded seating space to enhance the experience of the user.
Beautification and Development of Namaste Chowk to Meera Ghat
  • Junction improvement for a smooth flow of traffic.
  • It will also provide an open space as an extension of adjacent land use, providing seating and vendors.
  • Providing amenities like landscaped plazas, and food vendors.
  • Providing pedestrians a safe walking environment by designing adequate road crossings.
  • Signalised junctions with blinkers and visible signage.

Source- https://www[dot]karnalsmartcity[dot]in/

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Smart City Karnal Map

Located on the banks of the pristine Yamuna, smart city Karnal is everything your desi heart desires. From a historical lens, the city holds a significant value too! This is because the third battle of Panipat was fought here. Indeed, Karnal is a rich combination of cultural heritage and a comfortable lifestyle. It won’t be an understatement to say that Karnal is a modern-day dream wrapped in sunshine for you. Here’s what the map of the smart city looks like. 

Karnal Smart City map

Source- https://www[dot]karnalsmartcity[dot]in/

How to Log In to the Karnal Smart City Portal?

If you don’t have an account already registered on the website, all you need to do is follow the below-given steps to make an account on the Karnal Smart City Portal. Please note, you will need to provide your personal information such as your name, phone number and email address to do registration on your Karnal Smart City portal. 

Step 1: Go to the official Karnal Smart City Portal website.

Step 2: Go to the “Login” or “Sign In” button on the homepage.

smart city karnal portal login

Step 3: Click on the login button and a new page will open.

Step 4: Enter your registered email address or username and password in the provided fields.

Step 5: Click on the “Submit” button to log in to your account.

Step 6: Your account is created. 

With this, you will be able to access all the services and information that is related to the smart city project.

Karnal Smart City Portal: Citizen Services

Karnal aims to provide its citizens with the best of services in terms of all kinds of facilities, and amenities. Following are the citizen services that the Karnal government has planned out for its citizens. 

  • Pension Services: The government of Haryana has launched various schemes that aim to ease the citizens’ woes. These include OLD AGE SAMMAN PENSION along with DISABILITY PENSION, RAJIV GANDHI BIMA PARIVAR YOJNA along with other schemes. 
  • Vehicle Registration: The government has launched software like VAHAN and SARATHI. These have been conceptualised to resonate with the rules of the Central Motor Vehicle Act. These aim to improve the overall vehicle registration process. 
  • Apply for a Death Certificate: This service aims to help citizens easily apply for a death certificate without any hassle. 
  • Residence Certificate: With this service, the user will be able to easily apply and get residence certificate. 
  • Birth Certificate: Citizens will be able to register their children’s birth without hassle. 

Wrapping Up

Karnal is among the top 100 cities that are being developed as a smart city. The local government is working and improving on areas like water supply, sewerage, ICCC, city surveillance, solid waste management, water recharging, and even street lighting, along with town planning and development. With all these measures in place, it aims to become an ideal city for its residents.

FAQ’s about Karnal Smart City

Q1. Is Karnal on the smart city list?

Yes, Karnal is on the smart city list.

Q2. Why is Karnal called a smart city?

Karnal is on the way to becoming a smart city. Currently, many projects are in development and Karnal as a city is inching forward to owning the title of smart city with each passing day. 

Q3. Is Karnal a metro city?

No, Karnal is not a metro city yet.

Q4. What is the cost of living in Karnal?

The cost of living in Karnal can greatly vary depending on the needs of the individual and his or her lifestyle preferences. 

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