Smart City Nagpur: Mission, Objective, Projects, Current Status


Nagpur has been named one of India’s  smart cities under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 100 smart city mission in India in 2015. Being the prominent city under the Indian state of Maharashtra. It has grown to become a significant urbanised city in India. Nagpur is experiencing a surge in infrastructure development with a fusion of modernity and traditions. 

The government of India launched this urban renewal and redevelopment programme to steer  Nagpur and other smart cities towards sustainable development and citizen-friendly growth. In this article, we will walk you through the Smart City Nagpur along with the objectives, map, projects and login procedure of the Nagpur Smart City portal. 

Nagpur Smart City Overview

Nagpur, the winter capital and third largest city of Maharashtra, with a total population of 46,53,570 inhabitants. Smart City Nagpur is also called ‘Orange City’ all across the country. In addition, it serves as a significant trade centre hub for oranges grown in the region. Recently, It has been named India’s cleanest and second greenest city. In addition, it has also ranked under the top 100 smart city list approved by the Union Ministry of Urban Development.  

In the 18th century, Nagpur was established by ‘Bhakt Buland’, a prince of the Gond tribe. It is located in the country’s centre, with the origination point on a route. The origination point, the ‘Zero Mile Marker’ implies India’s geographical centre. Moreover, it is split into 14 Talukas and 12 Assembly Segment Constituencies.

Nagpur Smart City Objectives

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation plans to offer the city a smart solution. The goal is to improve water supply, public infrastructure, employment, sewage treatment, stormwater drainage, and solid waste disposal. Check out the following resources to learn more about the Nagpur smart city’s other goals:

  • Expanding the use of renewable energy sources
  • Improving non-motorized transport
  • Making open space growth possible
  • Individuals’ safety is prioritised
  • Improvements to healthcare, educational facilities, and public transit services
  • Taking steps to preserve the culture and heritage
  • Development of open space
  • Promoting the efficient use of energy

Nagpur Smart City Projects

The following tables list shows the Nagpur smart city projects, along with their sector, effect, findings and interpretations, and approximated DPR cost:

Work Completed

StateCityName of the ProjectSectorImpactImplementing AgencyProject Being Taken Up ByMention The Project MilestonesDpr approximately  Project Cost
MaharashtraNagpurProject Green LightEnergyReduced dependence on and conservation of energy from conventional sourcesIdentified contractorsCityProject has implemented by Nagpur Municipal Corporation. 1,36,000 LED lights have been installed in 10 zones of NMC.Rs. 0 Crore
MaharashtraNagpurSuyojit Pardi-




Area DevelopmentImproved living conditions for the urban poorHCP Design, Planning and Management Pvt. Ltd.SPVThe Draft Town Planning Scheme has been approved by Government of Maharashtra u/s 68 of MRTP ACT 1966 and notification published in the official gazette on 24th Oct 2018. Modification required u/s 37 of the MRTP ACT 1966 approved by Government of Maharashtra. Notification is published in the official gazette. Arbitrator appointed by Government of Maharashtra u/s 72 of MRTP ACT 1966.Rs. 0 Crore
MaharashtraNagpurRainwater HarvestingStorm Water DrainageConservation and reuse of vital resourcesYet to be DecidedCityThis proposal is merged with Home Sweet Home(MAH-NAG-014) 


and TenderSURE(MAH-NAG-008).  

In addition, no other fund is allocated. 

NSSCDCL launched two proposal  Rain Water harvesting project in existing

and Nagpur Municipal Corporation Schools in ABD region .The funding was through the European Commission and Implementation Agency ICLEI South East Asia. 

The proposal was accomplished 13/01/2022.

Rs. 0.3 Crore
MaharashtraNagpurSelection of Master system Integrator, MSI work under ConvergenceSafety and SecurityImproved safety and security of citizens, particularly vulnerable groups (women, children and elders)Larsen and ToubroOthersCity Operation Centre – 100% completed/ City Network – 97% /City Surveillance – 99% / City Wi-Fi-100%/ Smart Strip – 85% / City Command Center – 35%/ Kiosk – 25% Amount paid to implement agency: Rs. 196 Crore and  Rs. 103 Crore from NSSCDCL.Rs. 0 Crore


Work Order Stage

StateCityName of the ProjectSectorImpactImplementing AgencyProject Being Taken Up ByMention The Project MilestonesDpr approximately  Project Cost
MaharashtraNagpurZero Garbage SocietySolid Waste ManagementImproved sanitation conditionM/s Zigma Global Environ Solutions Private LimitedSPVTender has been floated Third Time on dated 17/03/2021. Technical evaluation completed and Letter of Acceptance issued on dated 17/06/2021.


Work order and agreement issued 20/09/2021.

Rs. 48 Crore
MaharashtraNagpurSmart Bus SheltersUrban TransportTransportation and mobilityM/s. Signpost India Pvt LtdOthersOut of 355 bus shelter, smart elements have been installed in 77 bus stops.Rs. 11.35 Crore
MaharashtraNagpurHome Sweet Home housing projectHousingMixed land use and compactnessShanti Construction Private LimitedSPVHome Sweet Home is divided into two packages. Package -1 (1024 DUs) is for PAPs and Package -2(3000 DUs) is to create housing bank in the city. The agency is in place for Package-1 on EPC mode. Tender will be floated for Package-2 on PPP mode.Rs. 0 Crore
MaharashtraNagpurSmart Trash BinsSolid Waste ManagementReduced pollutionShapoorji Pallonji and Company Private LimitedSPVThis proposal is a part of TenderSURE.Rs. 1 Crore
MaharashtraNagpurDesign and construction of Roads, Bridges, Culverts, Sidewalks, MEP works on TenderSURE Concept for ABD area under Nagpur Smart City ProjectNon Motorised Transport and WalkabilityImproved walkabilityShapoorji Pallonji and Company Private LimitedSPVContract between NSSCDCL and Implementing Agency has signed on 10th Oct 2018. The implementation of the project is in progress.Rs. 0 Crore


Tender Stage

StateCityName of the ProjectSectorImpactImplementing AgencyProject Being Taken Up ByMention The Project MilestonesDpr approximately  Project Cost
MaharashtraNagpurPublic Market PlacesEconomic DevelopmentBoost to local identity and economyYet to be selectedSPVPendingRs. 44.18 Crore
MaharashtraNagpurPublic Market Places-1Economic DevelopmentBoost to local identity and economyNASPVThe detailed project report has completed and tender has been floated. The identification of the agency is in process.Rs. 33.79 Crore


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Nagpur Smart City Map

The idea of a “Smart City” is based on several critical factors. It entails focusing on enhancing medical services, ensuring a clean atmosphere, improving infrastructure needs, and carrying out a thorough evaluation of the city. As a result, there are various ways to conceptualise the Smart City Nagpur framework.

Before, any construction, the government acknowledged the 5 areas such as contemporary infrastructure improvements, sustainable facilities, technology and growth, novel methodologies to preserve a safe and clean environment, and other public services for society. The first step will be to create a Smart City Nagpur map that outlines the city’s high-priority areas.

smart city nagpur map


Nagpur Smart City: Citizen Services

The Nagpur smart city portal provides the following unique features that allow users to access a variety of public services:

  • Citizens can obtain in-depth details about the Nagpur Municipal Corporation. They can learn about the city’s history, objectives, departments, upcoming events, etc.
  • 24*7 Helpline numbers for emergency centres include hospitals, urban health centres and crematoriums.
  • The portal provides information on primary and secondary schools, medical colleges, recreational areas, parks, libraries, and water parks.
  • A list of Aadhar centres in various areas of Nagpur is available to citizens.
  • Real-time data and upgrades on Nagpur’s public transportation services.

Binding Up

Nagpur was included under the smart city list, which will undoubtedly improve citizen service qualities for its residents. The Nagpur state government clearly stated it would collaborate with the pertinent management and regulatory authorities to enhance development strategies. This will improve the city’s infrastructure and lead to more sustainable development. Furthermore, Nagpur smart city portal will improve transparency and spatial awareness  among Nagpur citizens.

FAQ’s about Nagpur Smart City

Q1. Is Nagpur on the smart city list?

Yes, Nagpur city is ranked at 44 positions under the smart city list.

Q2. Why is Nagpur called a smart city?

Nagpur has the geographical advantage of being centrally situated, and it is a rapidly expanding city with a clear vision.

Q3. Is Nagpur a metro city?

Nagpur, the state’s second capital, also serves as the third largest city in the state of Maharashtra. Additionally, it is the 13th largest urban conglomeration in India, with an area of 217 square kilometres. Moreover, it has a population of approximately 35 lakhs and an area of around 3576 square kilometres.

Q4. What is the cost of living in Nagpur?

Nagpur is quite an affordable place to live. As per your budget, you will find homes that will suit your needs and have the required amenities.

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