Dholera Smart City: Mission, Objective, Projects & Current Status

dholera smart city

In 2050, approximately 70% of the planet’s population will be living in cities, per estimations. Although some metropolises are already failing to keep up with the recent influx of individuals, smart cities are required to transform these cities into more being manageable and viable.

A Smart City is a kind of urban development that uses information and communication technology (ICT) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to give relevant information for better resource and asset management. Data acquired from humans and mechanical devices is processed and analysed to oversee and control traffic and transportation systems, water supply networks, power plants, sewage disposal, and other systems.

The Smart City, also known as an environmental or sustainable city, strives to increase the standard of city services while lowering their costs. It is distinguished by the following characteristics: wise administration, lifestyle, mobility, accommodation, and a smart economy. Their principal objective is to balance technological advancement with tomorrow’s cities’ economic, social, and environmental issues. Their overarching theme is the standard of living: how to live better with each other while protecting the environment.

Dholera Smart City

Dholera Special Investment Region, i.e. DSIR, is one of India’s largest industrialised ventures, extending around 920 square kilometres and comprising vast territory tracts. It is considered to be an ambitious scheme in the critical urban centres of Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Baroda, and Bhavnagar. Dholera has Top Class ICT infrastructure that provides good interconnectivity. It is conveniently positioned between airports and the Central Spine Expressway.

Primary Objectives of Dholera Smart City

The Smart City Dholera is currently under development. As a result, booking services for various places are already available. The following are some of the high-quality amenities included in the Smart City Dholera project:

  • Power smart metres are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Walking and cycling lanes with walkways are ornamented with different trees and plants.
  • Waste goods may be recycled completely and wastewater can be used easily.
  • Maximum recycling and trash collecting facilities, incinerator waste to energy.
  • ICT-enabled infrastructure and an integrated city management system. 
  • Collection of industrial wastewater.
  • Existence of an open storm channel.
  • It is an urban planning initiative that prioritises citizens and their occupations.
  • For future generations, it will be a livable and sustainable ecosystem.
  • It is situated 50 kilometres southward of Ahmedabad and will provide housing to 7 lakh people.
  • The authorities would like to build a sustainable and inclusive city that values both the environment and people.
  • Solar electricity would serve as the main source of power across all urban services inside the Smart City Dholera project.
  • This city has the capacity to emerge as a precedent for future Indian urban design due to its focus on eco-friendly construction.
  • Dholera Smart City seeks to be a worldwide financial, industrial, and logistical centre.
  • It has a number of important goals: By connecting roads, railways, ports, and waterways, it will boost city’s digital connection.
  • In a green and safe Smart City, the total control of power, transportation, water, and waste management is envisioned.
  • It’s going to be a green spaces settlement with effective community amenities, including schools, multi-functional parks, college buildings, community halls, and hospitals, as well as a green corridor that connects with a transit route.
  • Dholera Smart City will be constructed in such a way that it will help in reducing pollution and traffic.

Implementing Agency of Dholera Smart City

The Gujarat state government, along with the NICDC Trust of the central government, have created a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). This has been named Dholera Industrial City Development Limited (DICDL) and will be used to implement the project.

Dholera Smart City Projects

The Dholera Investment Region has a proposal that is based on the 2009 Special Investment Region Act. It was planned to create a world-class centre that would increase the state’s economic activities.

Furthermore, SIR allows the government to declare a region larger than 100 square kilometres and less than 50 square kilometres as a SIR. The Dholera SIR covers an area of 920 square kilometres. The DSIR development region encompasses 22 Dholera villages.

Its industrial infrastructure will serve both local and global markets. Since the Dholera Smart City initiative is situated on the elevated DMIC (Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor) region, logistical assistance will be highly committed and constant, i.e. without disruption.

The enterprises in the Dholera Smart City project region are set to benefit from a plethora of amenities and features. The amenities include state-of-the-art facilities and great access to areas such as Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Bhavnagar. Airport and seaport access will be maintained throughout the project.

State City Project Name Implemented Agency Status Estimated Cost
Gujarat Dholera Design and Construction of ABCD Building Cube Construction and Engineering Ltd Completed 72.31 Crores
Gujarat Dholera Raw Water Transmission Main D.R. Agarwal Infra Pvt Ltd Completed 29.67 Crores
Gujarat Dholera Adhiya River Bunding Phase-1 Jugalkishor Ramkishan Agarwal Pvt Ltd Completed 11.87 Crores
Gujarat Dholera Interior Works of BBC Building  New Concept Completed 19.44 Crores
Gujarat Dholera Experience Zone at ABCD Building Tagbin Completed 4.84 Crores
Gujarat Dholera Design and Construction of Roads and Services Larsen and Turbo Ltd Ongoing 1801.07 Crores
Gujarat Dholera Canal Front Development Zone -2  P.R. Patel and Company Ongoing 26.43 Crores
Gujarat Dholera Canal Front Development Zone -3  P.R. Patel and Company Ongoing 14.99 Crores
Gujarat Dholera Service Area Buildings  Bridge and Roof Co. India Ttd Ongoing 32.82 Crores
Gujarat Dholera Common Effluent Treatment Plant  Larsen and Turbo Ltd Ongoing 156.86 Crores
Gujarat Dholera Sewage Treatment Plant (STP-10 MLD) Larsen and Turbo Ltd Ongoing 53.13 Crores
Gujarat Dholera Balance Works of WTP MS Khurana Engineering Ltd Ongoing 87.97 Crores
Gujarat Dholera Earth filling in Selected Plots of Activation Area Montecarlo Ltd Ongoing 86.01 Crores
Gujarat Dholera ICT MSI Project D.R. Agarwal Infra Pvt Ltd Ongoing 68.99 Crores
Gujarat Dholera Interior Works of SPV Building New Concept Ongoing 15.58 Crores
Gujarat Dholera Adhiya River Bunding Phase-2 Kalthia Engineering and Construction Ltd Ongoing 21.25 Crores

source@ https://dholera[dot]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]in/projects

Dholera Smart City Industries

Among the most important enterprises that will be comprised at the Dholera Smart City are:

  • Electronics
  • Electronics
  • Heavy engineering
  • Defence
  • Emerging high-tech technologies
  • Manufacturing in General
  • Agriculture and food processing
  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
  • Metal materials

Zones of the Project Area

The city is divided up into zones such as commercial, housing, higher utilisation route, amenities, transportation, tourism, recreational and sports, and some others. Each of the following areas is then assigned a proportion of the overall area which will be constructed.

Different Zones Percentage of Area Allotted
Commercial Area 47%
Housing Area 28%
Common Amenities 8%
Roadways 6%
Corridor with Easy Access 4%
Tourism 3%
Sports and recreation 3%
Others 1%

Divisions of the Area

The city is divided into numerous zones, each with its own set of benefits. As a result, creative planning is essential for smart living. The list is as follows:

  • Sports Zone City Center 250 Meter Expressway (https://dholera[dot]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]in/)
  • Zone of Information and Technology
  • The Green Zone
  • Corridor with Easy Access

Aside from these, the industries will undergo a significant transformation with the completion of the project. It offers a greener, pollution-free environment. Furthermore, it has the potential to be a significant contributor to India’s economy.

Current Status of Dholera Smart City Mission

The execution of this project will proceed in phases. Phase 1 will cover the project’s first and second town planning designs. Furthermore, the whole Smart City Dholera region will comprise 250 metres of the intended Expressway. This highway will be extended by 110 kilometres to connect Dholera, Ahmedabad, and Bhavnagar. Consequently, once this massive project is done, the people of Gujarat will gain the long-term benefits as mentioned above. 

The first phase of the project is intended to be finished in 2023. However, the activation site, which is essentially an industrial sector and encompasses around 22.5 square kilometres, is still in the works and will be operational soon. The first phase of Dholera International Airport construction will commence in 2022 and be completed in 2024. Within the same time, the Ahmedabad-Dholera Greenfield expressway will be developed. Phase 2 of the Smart City Dholera project will include the implementation of town planning 3 and 4. However, after Phase 1 of the Dholera Smart City project is done, Phase 2 will commence.

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Dholera Smart City Map

Here’s the Smart City Dholera map allowing you to have a better understanding of the city’s area-based planning.

dholera smart city map

source@ https://dholera[dot]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]in/

How to Log In to the Dholera Smart City Portal?

Since the city is yet to be developed, the Dholera Smart City portal is available to the citizens. You can access Smart City Dholera registration.

Follow the steps below to register for the Smart City Dholera site and get live updates:

  • Go to the official website at https://dholera[dot]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]in/web/login
dholera smart city login
  • The Register button is at the upper right-hand corner of the site.
  • Select the Register option.
  • Now input your information, email address, name, and phone number.
  • You will get an OTP to your phone number. 
  • After verifying the OTP, enter a secure password twice and click the register button.

You have successfully signed up for the Smart City Dholera site.

Dholera Smart City Portal: Citizen Services

Since the city is yet to be developed, the Dholera Smart City portal will be available to the citizens soon. Then you will have access to Smart City Dholera registration.

To Wrap Things Up

The Dholera Smart City is the GOI and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream project. The Gujarat government has also made substantial efforts in this regard. With numerous superior technology locations and businesses, this city would be an excellent location in India. When you live in such a high-standard city, whether commercial, residential, or industrial, just professionalism will encircle you.

FAQ’s about Dholera Smart City

Q1. Is Dholera on the Smart City list?

Yes, Dholera is on the Smart Cities list, which also includes Ahmedabad, Vadodra, Bhavnagar, and Rajkot in Gujrat.

Q2. Why is Dholera called a Smart City?

Dholera is a proposed city project in Gujarat, India, that would be the world’s first completely integrated metropolitan region developed from the ground up.

Q3. Is Dholera a metro city?

Yes, Dholera will soon be a metro city.

Q4. What is the cost of living in Dholera?

Since the Dholera Smart City is yet to be constructed, we cannot estimate the cost of living in the city.

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