Smart City Ranchi: Mission, Objective, Projects, and Current Status


A Smart City is an idea where the government will use all the corresponding information to make tomorrow a better place for all the residents. Similarly, the development of the Smart City of Ranchi is dependent on key pillars, which are as follows:

  • Right governance
  • Use of Economy in an accurate manner
  • Keep the environment healthy (by maintaining hygiene and cleanliness)
  • Use of technology in the day-to-day life of citizens
  • Smart living and Mobility

State governments have to ensure that they control their operations and effectively use the limited resources. Similar thoughts are implemented while planning for the Smart City of Ranchi. It is the work of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to build, execute, and enhance the development and take down the challenges.

Let’s move ahead and learn more about the Smart City of Ranchi. We will discuss the Ranchi Smart City project, map, and Smart City Ranchi plan.

Objective of Ranchi Smart City

The objective behind selecting Ranchi as a Smart City project is to promote the city’s infrastructure, provide healthy and hygienic surroundings to its residents, and create a sustainable environment using smart and innovative ways.

The primary focus for the Smart City of Ranchi is inclusive development and a plan on how to target compact areas. Ranchi Smart City Mission will drive economic growth and improve the residents’ quality of life with advanced development, technology use, and a secure environment. All these factors in consideration will definitely lead to smart upshots. The Smart City Ranchi plan will be executed after being thoroughly planned to increase the lively vibes of the city.

Ranchi Smart City Projects

To continue the modern development of the Smart City of Ranchi, the state government will provide several beneficial opportunities to capitalist in the niches like health, education, real estate, hospitality, and others. All the blueprints are designed in a manner that will fulfil the basic amenities, from good quality sewerage to IT connectivity, digitisation, e-governance, and more. Also, the government asks for public participation.

Physical Infrastructure Social Infrastructure Economic Infrastructure Institutional Infrastructure
Intelligent Public transport Educational infra Skill development centres Min Government Max Governance
Connectivity Infra Health Care infra Commercial centres E-governance & M-governance
Commercial hubs Housing development Incubation centre Safety Security
Zero emission like SWM, STPs Cultural and fitness centres Banking centres Ease of doing business
24/7 water supply Entertainment & Recreation Transit hub Citizen Engagement
Convention Centre & Hotels Parks & Riverfront Development Disaster management

The state government divided the smart Development of Ranchi City into two primary projects:

  1. Area Based Development (ABD)
  2. Pan City Development Projects

Area-Based Development (ABD)

The purpose behind the area-based development in Ranchi Smart City is the development and expansion of a Greenfield spread over 656 acres. This area is near the municipal core and a few kilometres from the central business district (CBD). The selected area is close to the Ranchi airport, Hatiaa railways station, and the proposed capital complex. The proposed land is divided into a breakup for stakeholders and public opinion. You can see the breakup:

Breakup of Land for ABD Projects Area in Acres Area in %
Institutional 134.06 20
Residential 86.51 13
Commercial 67.07 10
Public / Semi-Public 54.6 8
Mix Use Component 69.14 11
Open spaces and circulation 245.05 38
Total Area 656.43 100

The primary focus is to advance the growth of Ranchi with the latest rate of infrastructure and vibrant economy and solve the social-economic requirements of the general public. You can also see the name of the projects, along with their statuses, in the table given below:

Targeted Sectors Name of Projects Cost of Project (INR) Project Status
Development of Core Infrastructure – Energy Power Distribution Infrastructure for RSC (ABD Site) 176.41 crore Under Construction
Development of Core Infrastructure Construction of Entrance Gate 1.69 crore Under Construction
Social Sectors Health and Education Urban Civic Tower 191.75 crore Initial Stage
Social Sectors Health and Education Convention Centre 391.5 crore Initial Stage
Social Sectors Health and Education Jharkhand Urban Planning and Management Institute (JUPMI) 107.58 crore. Under Construction

Pan City Development Projects

For Pan City Development Projects in Ranchi, the first project involves the use the Integrated Traffic and Transport System (RITTS). The primary aim behind using RITITS is to incorporate all transport and traffic issues in one place using Information Communication Technology (ICT).  

The following developments are envisioned by the state government:

  • Public transport management
  • Parking management
  • Corridor Management (Traffic)
  • Intermediated Public Transport (IPT) Integration
  • Fare management 

Another step is to make the surroundings of Ranchi city safe and secure with other future utilities like Solid Waste Management (SWM).

Targeted Sectors Name of Projects Cost of Project (INR) Project Status
Area Development Smart Road 1 Airport to Birsa Chowk via Hinoo Chowk 101.01 crore Initial Stage
Area Development Smart Road No. 2 Raj Bhawan to Birsa Chowk Via Kishore Ganj 471.77 crore In Progress
Area Development Smart Road No. 3 Raj Bhawan to Kantatoli via Circular Road 633.89 crore In Progress
Area Development Smart Road No. 4 Raj Bhawan to Booti More via Bariatu Road 586.46 crore Tender
Development of Core Infrastructure Rabindra Bhavan 155.11 crore In Progress
Development of Core Infrastructure Rejuvenation & Conservation of Harmu River 85.43 crore 75% Complete
Development of Core Infrastructure Karamtoli Talab 10.19 crore 5% Complete
Development of Core Infrastructure Public Bicycle Sharing (Proposed in annuity model) 43.8 crore Work Issued
Development of Core Infrastructure Jaipal Singh Stadium and Vendors’ Market 39.38 crore. 40% Complete
Development of Core Infrastructure Urban Haat in Kanke 17.2 crore 11% Complete
Development of Core Infrastructure Beautification & Conservation of Bada Talab 12.98 crore Initial Stage
IT Connectivity and Digitalization Command Contol and Communication Centre 150.24 crore In Progress
Environment Including Pollution Birsa Munda Smriti Park( phase-1) 53.3 crore 20% Complete

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How to Register for Ranchi Smart City Portal?

To register yourself for the Ranchi Smart City portal and get live updates, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit the official website – www[dot]rsccl[dot]in/CitizenPortal-Ranchi/

Step 2: You can see the Register/Login button on the top right-hand side corner of the homepage.

ranchi smart city login

Step 3: Click on the Register button. 

Step 4: Now enter the details like email address, name, and number 

Step 5: OTP will be sent to your number. You have to update it in the text field and verify it.

Step 6: Once the OTP is verified, write a strong password twice and click on the register button.

You have successfully registered yourself on the Smart City Ranchi portal.

Another method is to download the Ranchi Smart City app from the play store or apple store and get a notification of each update. The app is – CITY APP RANCHI. When you search for it on Play Store, it will appear similar to the image shown below.

Ranchi Smart City Map

ranchi smart city map

source@ https://udhd[dot]jharkhand[dot]gov[dot]in/Other/RSC.aspx

A Smart City is a concept dependent on several factors. It means working on the complete analysis of the city, transportation solutions, improved health services, and a clean environment. Thus, there are several ways to conceptualise the Smart City Ranchi plan. The five best-targeted areas are to provide modern infrastructure, sustainable services, technology and development, innovative ways to keep the surroundings clean and hygienic, and other community social services. The first step is to create a Smart City Ranchi map that displays the targeted areas of the city.

What is Ranchi Smart City Project Offering to Citizens?

Ranchi Smart City project provides citizens with online services making their work effortless, hassle-free, and time-saving. Online services like death/birth certificates, paying bills, e-tenders etc, are available on the official website – www[dot]rsccl[dot]in/CitizenPortal-Ranchi/services. You can visit this official page and use any of the following services as per your requirement. 

  • Online Building Plan Approve
  • Birth and Death Registration
  • Public Grievance Management System and information
  • Property Tax Management System
  • Municipal License Management System
  • Water Connection
  • e-Tenders, Jharkhand
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Contractor Registration System
  • Project Management System
  • Real Estate Regulatory Authority
  • Mukhyamantri Jansamvad

FAQ’s about Ranchi Smart City

Q1. Is Ranchi on the Smart City list?

Ranchi is on the list of 100 smart cities under the Smart City Mission programme started by the Government of India

Q2. Why is Ranchi called a Smart City?

Ranchi is called a Smart City because it uses information and communication technologies (ICT) to increase overall operational efficiency. Its intent is to share data with the public and improve the quality of government services for citizen welfare. 

Q3. Is Ranchi a metro city?

Yes, Ranchi has a planned rapid transit system spread over an area of 16.2 km in the city.

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