Smart Cities In Rajasthan: Mission, Objective, Projects & Current Status

Rajasthan's Smart City Projects

Want to know how the past and future coexist? Well, Rajasthan, the least densely populated area yet the largest (area wise) state in India, has taken up the work of implementing smart city projects. Nearly three fourth of its residents reside in rural areas and come from religious backgrounds. 

Welcome to the Smart City Rajasthan blog, where the city’s traditional elements meet modern innovation in the heart of India’s desert jewel. And we say that because the city is a mix of remarkable forts and the latest tech setup, which go hand in hand with cutting-edge sustainability. 

Below, we will highlight how Rajasthan’s rich heritage and futuristic advancements take a step towards transforming timeless beauty into a smart city. 

Smart Cities in Rajasthan

Launched in 2015, the Smart Cities Mission is a nationwide initiative to develop 100 Indian cities, and Rajasthan stands at the forefront of this initiative. In simple terms, it is a nationwide initiative that aims to transform Indian cities into happier places to live. The mission’s goal is to develop towns and cities while preserving their unique historical and economic identities. Dedicated efforts to upgrade vital infrastructure and raise the standard of living for locals characterise this transformative phase.  

To be precise, Rajasthan led the charge with four cities: Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer, and Kota, which were approved in two rounds of evaluation. These cities now serve as role models for healthy, clean, and sustainable living environments, showcasing intelligent infrastructure driven by advanced technology.

Here’s a closer look at the list of smart cities in Rajasthan: 

  • Jaipur: The Pink City aims to leverage technology for better infrastructure, heritage preservation, and overall quality of life. 
  • Udaipur: The City of Lakes is focusing on improving its iconic walled city area while maintaining its cultural heritage. 
  • Kota: This coaching hub is working towards creating a more sustainable and efficient urban environment.
  • Ajmer: The spiritual centre of Ajmer is looking to enhance its infrastructure and services while preserving its religious significance. 

But what elements add up to make one called a smart city? Let’s find out:

Key Components of a Smart City in Rajasthan

  • Digital Infrastructure:
  • Public Wi-Fi zones and high-speed internet access throughout the city.
  • Online platforms for accessing government services, paying bills, and lodging complaints.
  • Sustainable Development:
  • Promoting eco-friendly construction techniques and materials.
  • Increasing the use of solar power and other renewable energy sources.
  • Smart Mobility:
  • Efficient and tech-enabled public transport systems, including smart bus stops and real-time tracking.
  • Intelligent traffic signals and monitoring systems are needed to reduce congestion and improve safety.
  • Urban Planning:
  • Development of affordable and energy-efficient housing in Smart city Rajasthan projects.
  • Advanced systems for waste collection, segregation, and recycling.
  • Water and Sanitation:
  • Systems to monitor and manage water usage, reduce waste, and ensure clean water supply.
  • Improved public sanitation and automated cleaning processes.
  • Safety and Security:
  • Widespread CCTV coverage and advanced surveillance technologies.
  • Quick response systems for emergencies, integrated with local law enforcement and medical services.

Objectives of Smart City Rajasthan 

The Smart Cities Mission in Rajasthan has tailored plans for each city, focusing on their unique needs. Let’s explore the simplified goals for these four gems for a smart city Rajasthan:


  • Reducing congestion and making commutes smoother using intelligent traffic management.
  • Utilising technology to safeguard Jaipur’s historical treasures while enhancing the city experience.
  • Simplifying access to government services and offering online complaint resolution platforms for residents.


  • Revitalising the iconic walled city area while preserving its cultural heritage.
  • Promoting green spaces, tackling pollution, and ensuring a cleaner and more eco-friendly Udaipur.
  • Implementing real-time water monitoring systems to prevent leaks and ensure reliable water supply.


  • Creating a more sustainable environment for students with efficient waste management and energy practices.
  • Focusing on skill development programmes and fostering entrepreneurship to boost employability.
  • Upgrading the power distribution system for uninterrupted electricity supply.


  • Blending modern infrastructure with Ajmer’s spiritual significance to create a harmonious environment.
  • Ensuring reliable access to clean water and improved sanitation systems for all residents.
  • Implementing smart solutions to prepare for and mitigate the impact of extreme weather events.

The Vision Behind Smart City Rajasthan Projects

Rajasthan follows a comprehensive smart city model, ensuring that each city incorporates at least one smart solution. This approach has led to significant success, with 138 out of 341 projects completed and funded by an allocated budget of ₹3,965 crore. Due to these efforts, Rajasthan consistently ranks among the top-performing states in the Smart Cities Mission. The state has also been recognised for its achievements, receiving multiple accolades, including nine awards at the MoHUA Award Ceremony in 2020.

Rajasthan has successfully completed several smart city projects aimed at improving the lives of its residents. Here’s a peek at some exciting initiatives underway across the four participating cities:

List of Completed Projects in Smart City in Rajasthan

City Project Description Cost (in crore INR) Completion Status
Jaipur Multi-level Parking at Chaugan Stadium Development of a multi-level parking facility 45 Completed
Jaipur Facade Improvements in Nine Markets Beautification and modernisation of market facades 30 Completed
Jaipur Rooftop Solar Panels Installation of solar panels on rooftops 25 Completed
Jaipur Nullah Coverage Covering 100m stretches of open drains 12 Completed
Jaipur Rejuvenation of Rajasthan School of Arts Renovation and modernisation of the art school 30 Completed
Udaipur Smart Water Management System Implementation of IoT-based water quality monitoring systems 40 Completed
Udaipur Solar Power Installations Solar power installations on public buildings and streetlights 35 Completed
Kota Painting on Electrical Distribution Boxes Artistic painting of electrical boxes 2 Completed
Kota E-Office System Provision of e-office, including server installation 5 Completed
Ajmer Heritage Site Preservation Technology-driven preservation of heritage sites 20 Completed

source – smartcitiescouncil

These projects reflect Rajasthan’s commitment to improving infrastructure, sustainability, and quality of life for its residents through the Smart Cities Mission.

Ongoing Smart City Projects in Rajasthan

Here is a detailed table of ongoing smart city Rajasthan projects:

City Project Description Cost (in crore INR) Status
Jaipur Integrated Traffic Management System Real-time traffic monitoring and management 150 Ongoing
Jaipur City Surveillance and Safety System Comprehensive CCTV coverage and advanced surveillance 100 Ongoing
Udaipur Smart Public Transport Modernisation of public transport with real-time tracking 80 Ongoing
Udaipur Lake Cleaning and Maintenance Using advanced techniques for lake cleaning and preservation 70 Ongoing
Kota Smart Waste Management IoT-enabled waste collection and management systems 60 Ongoing
Ajmer Smart Street Lighting LED street lighting with remote monitoring and control 55 Ongoing

source – smartcitiescouncil

Tendered Smart City Projects in Rajasthan

Here is a detailed table of tendered smart city projects:

City Project Description Cost (in crore INR) Status
Jaipur E-Governance Platform Development of an integrated e-governance system 120 Tendered
Jaipur Multi-Modal Transport Hub Establishment of a multi-modal transport hub 200 Tendered
Udaipur Solar Energy Expansion Large-scale solar power generation and distribution 95 Tendered
Kota Smart Health Services Implementation of telemedicine and e-health services 90 Tendered
Ajmer Heritage Conservation Projects Technology-driven conservation of historical sites 85 Tendered

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Rajasthan’s Smart Cities Map

Over the past few years, Rajasthan has witnessed transformative changes through its successful Smart City Mission. The map below illustrates the infrastructural advancements and the introduction of new features that enhance the quality of life for residents. This includes significant growth in hospitals, schools, and public transportation facilities. The map is not only a valuable resource for the residents of Rajasthan but also offers insights for citizens across India, showcasing the state’s commitment to modernization and sustainability.

Smart City Rajasthan map

source –

Citizen Services on the Rajasthan Smart City Portal

All cities featured on the Rajasthan Smart City Portal offer a variety of e-services to benefit residents. Here are some of the services typically provided by various cities:

Services Provided by Jaipur

  • Ration Card Services: Applications for applying, cancelling, separating, transferring, duplicating, and changing a name on ration cards.
  • Certificates: Applying for SEBC, SC/ST, Widow, Economically Backward, Income, Senior Citizen, Farmer, Religious Minority, Domicile, Character, and Non-Creamy Layer certificates.
  • Education Services: Special services for students selected in All India Civil Services, UPSC Main, and UPSC Prelims.
  • Property Services: VF 6, VF 8A, and 7 details.

Services Provided by Udaipur

  • Certificate Applications: Solvency, Income, Backward Class, Linguistic Minority, SC/ST, Residency, Domicile, Inheritance, and Widowhood certificates.
  • Permits: Self-defense, arms, security arms, no objection for petroleum, and liquor permits.
  • Land Services: Applications for allotment of land, government account, government wasteland, social forestry, government fallow land, shrimp farming, and salt industry.
  • Ration Card Services: Applications for applying, cancelling, separating, transferring, duplicating, changing, adding/removing a name in/for a ration card.

Services Provided by Kota and Ajmer

  • Property and Emergency Services: Filing for Property Tax, receiving help in case of emergency and fire.
  • Water and Safety Services: Water drainage, Fire NOC, birth-death certificate, food safety license, oral polio vaccination.
  • Vehicle Services: Vehicle tax and registration, animal pond, meat, fish, and animal adoption license, shooting permission.

Services Provided by Jodhpur

  • Certificate Applications: Applying for Birth and Death certificates.
  • Land Records: Applying for Land Records.
  • License Applications: Applying for new/renewal of self-protection and crop protection licenses, licenses for hotels, restaurants, cinema halls, petroleum, firecracker storage, and entertainment places.
  • Social Security: Applying for social security schemes like the National Family Benefit Scheme.

Services Offered by Bikaner

  • Tax Payments: Paying Property Tax.
  • Community Services: Community plot booking, water metre connections.
  • Business Services: Registering/intimating shops; tracking complaint status.
  • Water Services: Hydraulic water metre.
  • Certificate Applications: Applying for birth and death certificates, paying e-challan, Fire NOC.

FAQ’s about Smart Cities in Rajasthan

Q1. Why is Udaipur called a smart city?

Udaipur is called a smart city because it implements advanced technologies and sustainable practices to improve urban living. It includes smart water management and digital infrastructure.

Q2. What is the rank of the smart city of Udaipur?

Udaipur is ranked 5th among the 100 smart cities in India.

Q3. Why is Ajmer a smart city?

Ajmer is a smart city because it focuses on enhancing urban infrastructure. The mission aims to provide efficient public services and preserve its historical heritage through smart solutions.

Q4. Which is the fastest-growing city in Rajasthan?

Jaipur is the fastest-growing city in Rajasthan, and we can see the most rapid urban development and economic growth here.

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