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Vasna, Ahmedabad

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About Vasna, Ahmedabad

Vasna is a locality situated in the western suburbs of Ahmedabad, with the PIN Code 391140. It is emerging as a preferred residential neighbourhood known for its well-developed infrastructure and seamless connectivity. This locality is gaining popularity due to its proximity to business hubs, such as the Parshwanath Business Park, enhancing its demand among professionals. Surrounded by equally thriving neirghbourhoods and localities, Vasna stays committed to continuous growth in every sector, offering the complete range of flavours of Amdavadi life to its residents. 

Vasna is widely known for the many high-end residential projects coming up in the locality. As a commercial locality too, it is making consistent progress. Life in Vasna is characterised by its modern infrastructure, resulting in a balanced act of work and leisure. While deeply rooted in the vibrant hues of its Gujarati culture, the locality also incorporates  contemporary global influences. Apart from being a sought after housing area, thriving employment opportunities also draw large numbers of people to this locality. 

Since the locality is situated in Ahmedabad, a range of high rated educational, medical and business opportunities are readily accessible. Added to this, the smooth transportation and connectivity framework of the city lifts it up by leaps and bounds. In a nutshell, families looking to settle in Vasna can expect an all-round holistic lifestyle. 

What’s Good v/s What Can Be Improved

What’s Good 

What Can Be Improved

Excellent connectivity supported by robust public transportation

Rising pollution levels results in unhealthy environments

Close proximity to the business centres of Ahmedabad

Traffic congestions and frequent jams 

Peaceful neighbourhoods make it a family-friendly locality

Limited parking space

Wide range of housing options

Better waste management systems are required 

Close-knit and welcoming community

Occasional electricity and power cuts 

Physical Infrastructure and Livability Index

The district’s physical infrastructure has been consistently recording positive developments for several years now. On the housing front, multiple new projects are being taken up by renowned developers. Despite the upscale development, Vasna maintains an edge with its affordable housing options which are predominantly multi-storey apartments. This makes it an economical and pocket-friendly city for its resdients. Further, easy access to utilities, local markets and educational institutes generates greater interest among homebuyers. 

Close proximity to the main city of Ahmedabad further lends a great strategic.. It firstly offers easy access to the city's commercial sectors and business parks. At the same time, closeness to Ahmedabad's city centre means that residents have quick access to advanced healthcare facilities, leading job opportunities, and a variety of shopping and entertainment options. 

Vasna also enjoys close proximity to the Sabarmati River. It enhances the locality's appeal due to the scenic riverfront, which has been developed into a vibrant public space with a range of cultural and recreational activities. It has given a significant economic boost to the locality, resulting in increased property values and higher investments. This also provides a boost to hospitality sector and tourism industry in Vasna. 

On the connectivity front, the many arterial roads spread across the locality connect it to nearby areas and neighbouring states. Additionally, the Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Services (AMTS) buses offer efficient intra-city travel to local residents. Further, a well-rounded recreational infrastructure, including malls, shopping complexes and public parks, provides the perfect balanced lifestyle to the city’s residents. 

Social Infrastructure - Restaurants

Vasna relishes in the spicy and tangy flavours of Gujarati cuisine. Here are some of the most famous eating joints in Vasna, offering snacks and appetizers to full course meals and desserts.

  • Jalaram Parotha House
  • Mahalakshmi Parotha House and Special Dalbati
  • Rajwadu
  • Shree Ganesh South Indian Fast Food
  • Krishna Bhajipav
  • Sankalp Restaurant
  • Matruwani Three in One Corner
  • Peniyaram Dosa
  • RockTown
  • Silverdine Restaurant

Banks/ Metro Stations/ Airport/ Bus Terminal/ Railway Stations/ Parks

Banks & ATMs

  • State Bank of India
  • Union Bank of India
  • Kalupur Commercial Co-operative Bank Branch and ATM
  • Punjab National Bank
  • ICICI Bank ATM
  • Axis Bank ATM 

Metro & Railway Stations

  • Vastrapur Railway Station
  • Jivraj Park Metro Station
  • APMC Metro Station
  • Rajiv Nagar Metro Station
  • Shreyas Metro Station

Bus Terminals

  • Vasna Bus Stop
  • Keshariyajinagar Society
  • Vadaj Bus Stop
  • Telephone Exchange (Vasna)


  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel international Airport

Public Parks

  • Rasiklal Chandulal Shah Udyan
  • Riverfront Flower Park
  • Sukan Park
  • Riverfront Biodiversity Park
  • Pritamnagar Park
  • Varahi Public Park
  • Vedant Public Park
  • IIM Children Park
  • Senior Citizen Park
  • OHM Public Park
  • Auda Garden

Popular Roads in Vasna, Ahmedabad

132 Feet Ring Road, 120 Feet Ring Road and Vasna Road surround the locality from three sides, lending robust connectivity and strategic significance to it. Take a look at the connectivity offered by them:

132 Feet Ring Road: The road is a significant commute channel for not only Vasna but the entire city of Ahmedabad. The road connects the locality’s residents to its various pockets and nearby localities. Further, the arterial roads play a crucial role in facilitating interstate travel from Vasna by connecting it to major highways. 

120 Feet Ring Road: Similar to the 132 Feet Ring Road, this road borders around Vasna. It also facilitates intercity travel while decongesting and diverting heavy traffic from the locality.

Vasna Road: This is one of the most significant roads for intra-locality commuting in Vasna. It helps people access various residential and commercial hubs in the locality while connecting to the city’s larger roads.

Regional Roads: Vasna enjoys a solid network of local and arterial roads. Some of the widely used roads within the city are Keshariyaji Road, Dhaval Gandhi Road and Godavari Road. 

Nearby Localities to Vasna

Nearby Locality

Distance from Vasna

Travel Time 

Cab Fare

Jivraj Park

1.7 km

5 min



2.0 km

5 min



2.3 km

5 min



2.5 km

7 min



2.7 km

7 min


Ayojan Nagar

3.1 km

8 min


Nehru Nagar

3.4 km

8 min



3.7 km

10 min


How Do People Rate Vasna

The residents of this locality have responded positively, giving it an overall average rating of 4/5. A good network of roads and commuting facilities have generated widespread appreciation. Further, a wide range of housing options make this a suitable location for those willing to settle in with their families. Lifestyle, Security, Transportation and vibrant social life are some of the strongholds of this locality. While rising pollution levels and an unclean environment are some areas where residents have expressed their dissatisfaction. Public hygiene and cleanliness require greater attention.

How to Visit Vasna

People travelling from neighbouring cities and states can use the following road, rail and air routes to comfortably reach Vasna.

By Road

The 3 roads spread covering Vasna’s border - 132 feet ring road, 120 feet ring road and Vasna road, help people coming in from nearby states and cities to comfortably enter the locality. 

By Rail

The Vastrapur Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Vasna, at roughly 3.5 kilometres from the locality.

By Air

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, roughly half an hour away, is the closest airport to Vasna. People can board taxis from the airport for comfortable commuting to the locality. 

Places to Visit in Vasna

Gandhi Ashram

Established by Mahatma Gandhi in 1915, it served as his residence and the centre of his political activities for several years. Also known as the Sabarmati Ashram, it served as the starting point of the famous Dandi March in 1930. The Ashram is roughly 20 minutes drive from Vasna and is open to visitors from 10 am to 6 pm. The historic landmark is preserved today as a museum where visitors can get a glimpse into Mahatma Gandhi’s life and times.

Thol Bird Sanctuary

Although slightly distant from Vasna, the Thol Bird Sanctuary is a popular local attraction. Open for visitors from 6 am to 12 am, the sanctuary offers stunning scenes and a tranquil ambience for nature lovers. The artificial lake is the main attraction within the sanctuary. Over 150 species of birds, including the the world's tallest flying bird Sarus Crane, and other species like Spoonbills and Flamingos, create a kaleidoscope of movement and colour against the serene backdrop of the lake.

Sabarmati River Front 

Ahmedabad’s iconic Sabarmati River Front is a popular unwinding spot. Evenings in Ahmedabad witness families and friends gathering at the lush parks, amphitheatre and wide pathways built along the banks of the Sabarmati River. Walking on the Atal Bridge, stretching from east to west ends of the riverfront, feels like walking over water. The waterfront is open for visitors from 9 am to 9 pm, where they can indulge in local food, water sports and multiple cultural events. 

Siddi Saiyed Mosque

One of Ahmedabad’s most famous mosques, the Siddi Saiyed Mosque, is closely connected to Vasna. Built in 1573, it is one of the last major works of architecture of the Gujarat Sultanate period. The mosque’s ten semi-circular windows and intricate jaali work are its highlighting features, attracting tourists and architectural enthusiasts from around the city. The Siddi Saiyed Mosque offers a peaceful and spiritual retreat while facilitating a connection with the divine. 

Jama Masjid

Lying in the old walled city of Ahmedabad, the grand Jama Masjid was built during Ahmed Shah I’s reign. Built outside the Bhadra Fort, the mosque’s expansive courtyards allow visitors to enter from three different directions. With 260 columns and 15 domes and the magnificent use of yellow sandstone are testaments to the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

The Swaminarayan Temple is among the most revered places of worship around Vasna. Built by Swaminarayan himself,  it is the first temple of the Swaminarayan community. Made using Burma teakwood, this intricately carved temple features majestic architecture with beautifully painted ceilings, ornate carvings, and gold-leafed domes. The Lord Narnarayan and Lord Harikrishna Maharaj idols placed inside the temple beautifully elevate the temple’s positive aura.

Locality Comparison 

Vasna is surrounded by areas like Ambawadi, Paldi, Juhapura and Ayojan Nagar in its neighbourhoods. The locality itself is considered a thriving residential hub and compares quite well with its neighbours. What sets it apart from its nearby areas is its rapidly developing infrastructure. Within this advancing infrastructure under which, the transport and housing facilities offer the maximum value. Well-established public transportation framework simplifies daily commutes. At the same time, a wide range of housing options makes it a perfectly suitable place for middle and upper-middle-income families. 

Concluding Remarks

An urban lifestyle characterised by modern amenities and upscaling projects makes for enjoyable living conditions in Vasna. Safe neighbourhoods, interactive community and vibrant social life provide an all-round character to this area. Overall, Vasna is a reliable and promising locality for anyone looking to move to the psorpering city of Ahmedabad.

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