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Mansarovar, Jaipur

Jaipur, 302020
Mansarovar, Jaipur
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About Mansarovar, Jaipur

Mansarovar, situated in the western part of Jaipur, Rajasthan, is a rapidly developing residential locality. Known for its well-planned layout and modern infrastructure, Mansarovar is a preferred residential area for many residents of Jaipur. The locality offers a harmonious blend of residential complexes, commercial spaces, educational institutions, and recreational facilities. Mansarovar is adorned with wide roads, landscaped gardens, and parks, providing a serene environment for its residents. With its proximity to major transportation hubs, shopping malls, and entertainment centers, Mansarovar ensures convenience and a high quality of life for its residents. The area's vibrant culture, traditional Rajasthani cuisine, and warm hospitality further enhance its appeal.

What is good here  

Mansarovar, situated in the heart of Jaipur, presents a contemporary residential locality that blends modern infrastructure with a touch of Rajasthani heritage. Known for its well-planned layout and wide roads, Mansarovar provides a comfortable and convenient living environment. The area is adorned with beautifully landscaped gardens, lush parks, and recreational spaces, offering residents a serene and rejuvenating atmosphere. Mansarovar's strategic location, with easy access to transportation hubs, educational institutions, and commercial centers, ensures a vibrant and convenient lifestyle. Additionally, the locality's bustling markets, delectable cuisine, and warm hospitality reflect the essence of Jaipur's culture, making Mansarovar a sought-after residential destination for a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition.

What can be Better 

Mansarovar, located in Jaipur, offers a comfortable living environment, yet there are areas that can be bettered. The development of more recreational spaces and parks within the locality would provide residents with additional green spaces to unwind and engage in leisure activities. Improving transportation infrastructure and connectivity to neighboring areas can further enhance accessibility and convenience. Promoting the conservation of local water bodies and implementing sustainable water management practices would ensure the preservation of natural resources. Additionally, encouraging the establishment of art galleries, museums, and cultural centers would enrich the artistic and intellectual landscape of Mansarovar. By focusing on these aspects, Mansarovar can elevate its appeal as a modern residential hub that fosters a sense of community and well-being.

Social Infrastructure 

Mansarovar, located in Jaipur, boasts a robust social infrastructure that caters to the needs of its residents. The locality is home to esteemed educational institutions, providing a strong foundation for quality education. It offers a comprehensive healthcare network, including hospitals, specialized clinics, and healthcare centers, ensuring accessible and reliable medical services. Mansarovar features well-maintained parks, recreational facilities, and community centers, providing spaces for social interaction and leisure activities. The area is also dotted with shopping complexes, markets, and entertainment centers, offering a diverse range of retail and entertainment options. With its well-developed social infrastructure, Mansarovar fosters a vibrant and inclusive community.

Some restaurants here are : 

  1. Royal Tadka
  2. Mansarovar Delights
  3. The Rajasthani Thali
  4. Spice Palace
  5. Jaipur Junction
  6. Mansarovar Biryani House
  7. Saffron Flavors
  8. Rajasthani Rasoi
  9. Mansarovar Grill House
  10. Haveli Fine Dining
  11. Maharaja's Feast
  12. The Pink City Cafe
  13. Mansarovar Sweets & Snacks
  14. Taste of Tradition
  15. Rajputana Tandoor

Banks/Metro Station/ Airport/Bus Terminal/Railway Stations/Parks

Here is a list of banks, metro stations, airport, bus terminal, railway stations, and parks in Mansarovar :

Banks in Mansarovar, Jaipur:

  1. State Bank of India
  2. HDFC Bank
  3. ICICI Bank
  4. Punjab National Bank
  5. Axis Bank
  6. Bank of Baroda
  7. Union Bank of India
  8. Canara Bank
  9. Bank of India
  10. Central Bank of India

Metro Station in Mansarovar, Jaipur:

  1. Mansarovar Metro Station

Airport near Mansarovar, Jaipur:

  1. Jaipur International Airport (Sanganer Airport) - Approximately 13 km away

Bus Terminal in Mansarovar, Jaipur:

  1. Mansarovar Bus Terminal

Railway Stations near Mansarovar, Jaipur:

  1. Jaipur Railway Station - Approximately 9 km away
  2. Gandhinagar Jaipur Railway Station - Approximately 9.5 km away

Parks in Mansarovar, Jaipur:

  1. Mansarovar Park
  2. Green Valley Park
  3. Central Park Mansarovar
  4. Swarn Jayanti Park
  5. Nehru Bal Udyan (Children's Park)

Popular Roads 

Mansarovar, located in Jaipur, is a vibrant locality known for its well-connected road network. Here are five important roads that contribute to the seamless transportation in the area:

  1. New Sanganer Road: A major arterial road that connects Mansarovar with Sanganer, known for its commercial establishments and residential complexes.
  2. Shipra Path: A bustling road that runs through the heart of Mansarovar, lined with shops, restaurants, and shopping centers, offering a vibrant shopping experience.
  3. Madhyam Marg: A well-traveled road that connects Mansarovar with other prominent areas in Jaipur, known for its educational institutions and commercial hubs.
  4. Patel Marg: An important road that intersects Mansarovar, hosting a variety of shops, eateries, and residential buildings, adding to the local charm.
  5. Gopalpura Bypass Road: A crucial road that bypasses the crowded areas, providing smoother connectivity to nearby areas and reducing traffic congestion.

Nearby Localities – Distance Calculator

Mansarovar in Jaipur is surrounded by several prominent localities that contribute to its vibrant atmosphere and diverse offerings. To the north lies Malviya Nagar, known for its educational institutions, commercial centers, and upscale residential complexes. Towards the east is the bustling area of Sanganer, famous for its rich handicrafts and textiles. Moving west, one will find the lively neighborhood of Vaishali Nagar, renowned for its shopping avenues, restaurants, and recreational facilities. To the south lies Jagatpura, home to numerous educational institutions, IT parks, and residential projects. These neighboring localities complement Mansarovar, collectively forming a dynamic region within Jaipur.

Nearby Locality

Distance (in km)

Time (in minutes)

Cab Fare (approx.)

Malviya Nagar



Rs. 100-150




Rs. 120-180

Vaishali Nagar



Rs. 150-200




Rs. 180-250




Rs. 150-200

Tonk Road



Rs. 180-250

Bapu Nagar



Rs. 180-250




Rs. 200-300

Raja Park



Rs. 250-350

Shyam Nagar



Rs. 300-400

Lal Kothi



Rs. 250-350

Transport Service Availability

Mansarovar in Jaipur is well-served by various transport services, ensuring convenient connectivity for its residents and visitors. The locality benefits from an extensive network of public buses operated by the Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC), offering affordable transportation to different parts of the city. Additionally, Mansarovar has good access to auto-rickshaws and cycle rickshaws, providing convenient short-distance travel options. Ride-hailing services like Ola and Uber are also readily available, offering on-demand cab services for comfortable and hassle-free commuting. Moreover, Mansarovar is connected to other parts of Jaipur through well-maintained roads, making it easily accessible by private vehicles as well. Overall, the transport services in Mansarovar cater to the diverse needs of the residents and contribute to the smooth mobility within and beyond the locality.

How People Rate 

Mansarovar, located in Jaipur, captivates people with its vibrant culture and royal heritage. The magnificent palaces, such as the Jal Mahal and Amer Fort, receive top ratings for their architectural beauty and historical significance. Mansarovar's lively bazaars and bustling markets, brimming with colorful textiles and exquisite handicrafts, earn praise from shoppers. The town's renowned Rajasthani cuisine, with its rich flavors and aromatic spices, delights food enthusiasts. Mansarovar's lively festivals and cultural events, showcasing traditional music and dance forms, leave a lasting impression on visitors. The amalgamation of regal charm, cultural vibrancy, and shopping delights make Mansarovar a top-rated destination in Jaipur.

How to Visit

To visit Mansarovar, Jaipur, one can arrive at Jaipur International Airport, which is located around 9 kilometers away. From the airport, one can hire a pre-paid taxi or book a cab to reach Mansarovar. Jaipur Railway Station is also well-connected to Mansarovar, and one can take an auto-rickshaw or a cab from the station to reach the locality. Mansarovar is well-connected by road, and public buses operated by the Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) provide transportation within the city. Auto-rickshaws and taxis are easily available for local travel within Mansarovar.

Places to Visit

Mansarovar, located in Jaipur, offers a treasure trove of architectural wonders and cultural landmarks. The opulent Amer Fort, known for its intricate design and captivating light shows, is a must-visit. The majestic Jal Mahal, a palace surrounded by Man Sagar Lake, presents a picturesque sight. For a glimpse into the city's heritage, the Albert Hall Museum showcases a vast collection of artifacts and artworks. The vibrant Birla Mandir, adorned with intricate marble carvings, offers a spiritual respite. Mansarovar is also known for its lively bazaars, including the famous Johari Bazaar, where visitors can indulge in shopping for traditional Rajasthani handicrafts and jewelry. The regal charm and cultural richness of Mansarovar make it a captivating destination.

Locality Comparison

Mansarovar, located in Jaipur, stands out with its regal ambiance and architectural wonders. Unlike the fast-paced lifestyle of Jaipur city, Mansarovar showcases the city's royal heritage through iconic landmarks like Amer Fort and Jal Mahal. The locality offers a blend of historical grandeur, spiritual sanctuaries like Birla Mandir, and vibrant bazaars where visitors can immerse themselves in the rich Rajasthani culture. Mansarovar provides a glimpse into Jaipur's royal past and captivates visitors with its regal charm and cultural allure.

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Mansarovar Jaipur
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Social Infrastructure Nearby Mansarovar, Jaipur

School Nearby Mansarovar, Jaipur
  • Taxila Business School
  • Neerja Modi School
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  • Ideal Urology Hospital
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  • Souvenir Premier
  • Hotel Dev Villas
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Sharda Swami
Real estate agent

It's a great area for residential natural or all aminities in silent zone

Shubham Joshi

Overall Mansarovar is hub for everything.

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Satyapal Mitawa
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Vikas Kumar Haritwal
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