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Sector 16, Faridabad

Buy: ₹ 10.00 L - ₹ 9.99 Cr
Rent: 7,000 - 85,000
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About Sector 16, Faridabad

Sector 16 in Faridabad is a prominent area known for its blend of residential and commercial developments. Located in the larger Faridabad district, this sector offers a variety of housing options, from affordable apartments to luxurious independent homes, catering to a diverse range of buyers. The area is well-connected by road, with major highways and arterial roads nearby, ensuring easy access to other parts of Faridabad and the National Capital Region (NCR). The proximity to the Delhi-Mathura Road (NH-2) is a significant advantage for residents and businesses.

For daily needs, Sector 16 houses several markets, shopping complexes, and standalone shops. Educational facilities, including reputed schools and colleges, are within easy reach, making it a practical choice for families. Healthcare services are also readily available, with hospitals and clinics serving the community. Parks and recreational spots in and around Sector 16 provide green spaces for relaxation and activities. The sector is also close to major industrial and corporate hubs, making it a convenient living spot for professionals.

What is Good in Sector 16? 

Here are the advantages of the Sector 16 locality, nestled in Faridabad, that every resident should be aware of: 

  • Food and Dining: Food lovers will appreciate the diverse range of dining options. The area boasts a mix of local and international cuisine, with popular spots like Punjabi Tadka and Chinatown offering delicious meals. Whether street food or fine dining, Sector 16 caters to all tastes.

  • Connectivity and Transportation: The locality is well-connected, making travel easy. The Faridabad New Town Railway Station and local bus services offer convenient access to and from the area. This connectivity attracts people from all over the city.

  • Healthcare and Education: Sector 16 is also known for its reliable healthcare facilities and educational institutions. Fortis Escorts Hospital and AIMS Hospital provide top-notch medical care. Renowned schools like St. John's School and DAV Public School make it a preferred area for families.

  • Real Estate: The real estate market here is thriving, with a mix of residential and commercial properties. The availability of apartments, independent houses, and office spaces makes it desirable for buyers and investors.

  • Green Spaces: For those who love greenery, well-maintained parks like Town Park offer a peaceful retreat from the city's hustle.

What Can Be Better in Sector 16?

Check the points to plan better before moving to Sector 16 for personal or professional reasons: 

  • Traffic Congestion: One of the main issues in Sector 16, Faridabad, is traffic congestion. The area sees heavy traffic, especially during peak hours, leading to delays and pollution. This problem is partly due to the high number of vehicles and limited road space.
  • Water and Power Supply Challenges: Residents often face water and power supply challenges. Inconsistent water supply and frequent power outages disrupt daily life. This is a significant concern for both homeowners and businesses in the area.
  • Pollution: Sector 16 struggles with pollution, both air and noise. Due to traffic and industrial activities nearby, the air quality is often poor. Noise pollution, mainly from vehicles and local markets, also affects the quality of life.
  • Public Transport: The public transport options in Sector 16 are limited. This makes it difficult for people without personal vehicles to commute. Better connectivity and more public transport options are needed.
  • Healthcare and Education: While there are healthcare facilities and schools in the vicinity, the quality and availability of these services can be improved. Residents often travel to other sectors for better healthcare and education services.

Physical Infrastructure and Livability Index

Sector 16, one of its areas, is known for its blend of residential and commercial spaces. This sector is well-connected to major parts of the city, making it a convenient location for both living and working.

Near Sector 16, notable landmarks include the Town Park, a popular spot for relaxation and outdoor activities. The area is also close to the Faridabad Railway Station, ensuring easy travel for residents and visitors. Shopping enthusiasts will find the Sector 15 Market, located just a short distance away, a great place for a variety of shopping needs.

Education is well catered to, with several reputable schools, such as Apeejay School and Modern Vidya Niketan, in close proximity. Healthcare facilities are also readily available, with Fortis Escorts Hospital being a prominent medical centre nearby.

Social Infrastructure 

The social infrastructure mentioned here makes it easier for residents to live comfortably. These are the listed destinations: 

  • Restaurants:

    • Swagath Restaurant

    • Pavilion Restaurant

    • Tandoori Village

    • Brew N Barrel

    • The Foodies

  • Schools:

    • DAV Public School

    • Tagore Academy

    • Modern Vidya Niketan

    • Ryan International School

    • St. Albans School

  • Banks:

    • State Bank of India

    • HDFC Bank

    • Axis Bank

    • Punjab National Bank

    • ICICI Bank

  • Metro Stations:

    • Old Faridabad Metro Station

    • Neelam Chowk Ajronda Metro Station

    • Bata Chowk Metro Station

    • Escorts Mujesar Metro Station

    • Sector 28 Metro Station

  • Airport:

    • Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.

  • Bus Terminals:

    • Faridabad Bus Terminal

    • Ballabgarh Bus Stand

    • NIT Faridabad Bus Stand

    • Sector 12 Bus Stop

    • Badarpur Border Bus Terminal

  • Railway Station:

    • Faridabad Railway Station

    • New Town Faridabad Railway Station

    • Ballabgarh Railway Station

    • Old Faridabad Railway Station

    • Asaoti Railway Station

  • Parks:

    • Town Park

    • Nehru Park

    • Central Park

    • Rose Garden

    • BPTP Park

Popular Roads in Locality - Road 1 / Road 2 / Road 3 / Road 4

Follow the roads and routes suggested below for a hustle-free movement in Sector 16 locality: 

By Road:

Sector 16 in Faridabad is well connected by road. If you're driving, you can use National Highway 19, which links Delhi to Agra and passes through Faridabad. The drive from Delhi to Sector 16 is straightforward and takes about an hour, depending on traffic.

By Bus:

Buses are a convenient way to reach Sector 16. Regular bus services operate from Delhi, Gurgaon, and other nearby areas to Faridabad. The local bus stop in Sector 16 is a central point where you can get down. Buses are frequent, affordable, and a good option for those not wishing to drive.

By Railway:

Faridabad Railway Station is the nearest major railway station. It's well-connected to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. You can take a taxi or auto-rickshaw from the station to Sector 16, which is about 3-4 kilometres away.

By Airport:

The closest airport is the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. You can hire a taxi from the airport or use the metro to reach Sector 16. The drive takes around an hour, depending on traffic conditions. Using the metro, you can travel to Faridabad and then take local transport to Sector 16.

Nearby Locality of Sector 16, Faridabad- Distance Calculator

You can get a precise idea of the costs, journey times, and distances to well-known neighbourhoods in the Sector 16, Faridabad, area by using these computations.

Using this information to create a more effective plan for your normal commute or brief holiday can save money and time. 


Distance (Kilometres)

Commute Time


Cab Fare


Sector 18

5 km



Sector 16a

15 km



Sector 17

4.13 km



Gopi Colony

4.23 km



How People Rate This Locality?

Sector 16 in Faridabad is a sought-after area for home buyers due to its blend of residential comfort and easy access to essential facilities. This sector, known for its well-planned layout, offers a variety of housing options, from budget-friendly apartments to more spacious independent houses.

Residents appreciate the area's connectivity, with major roads like Mathura Road and the Faridabad Bypass Road nearby, making travel to other parts of the city convenient. Public transport is readily available, and the nearest metro station, Old Faridabad, is just a short drive away.

Daily needs are easily met with several markets, grocery stores, and shopping centres like the SRS Shopping Mall within reach. The area is ideal for families due to the presence of reputed schools like DAV Public School and St. John's School, and healthcare facilities like the Fortis Escorts Hospital and the Sarvodaya Hospital.

How to Visit Sector 16?

Visiting Sector 16, a vibrant neighbourhood in Faridabad, is convenient because of its excellent connectivity. Here's a guide on how to get there:

By Road:

Traveling to Sector 16 by car is convenient. The area is well-connected by major roads and highways. Driving via NH-19 (National Highway 19) is popular, as it links Faridabad with other key cities. Local roads are generally in good condition, making the drive smooth.

By Bus:

Buses to Sector 16 are frequent and affordable. The main bus stand in Faridabad, located near Bata Chowk, serves as a central point for buses from various parts of the city and neighbouring regions. Buses are a practical choice for budget travelers.

By Railway:

Faridabad is well-served by the railway network. The nearest railway station is Faridabad New Town, which is about 4 km from Sector 16. Local taxis and auto-rickshaws from the station can take you directly to Sector 16. This method is suitable for those who prefer comfort and speed.

By Airport:

The closest airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, which is approximately 35 km away. You can hire a taxi from the airport or use metro services to reach Faridabad. The metro is a reliable option, with the nearest metro station to Sector 16 being Old Faridabad.

10. Tourist Spot / Places To Visit in Sector 16 

If you're exploring Faridabad, here are five tourist spots in and around Sector 16 that are a must-visit:

Surajkund Lake

Located close to Sector 16, Surajkund Lake is a popular destination for visitors. This ancient reservoir, built in the 10th century, is known for its calm surroundings and historical significance. It's a great spot for those who enjoy scenic beauty and history.

Raja Nahar Singh Palace

A short drive from Sector 16, this historical palace offers a glimpse into India's rich past. The architecture of Raja Nahar Singh Palace is a draw for history enthusiasts and tourists alike, showcasing the splendour of Indian heritage.

Badkhal Lake

Near Sector 16, Badkhal Lake is a favorite among nature lovers. The serene lake surrounded by hills is perfect for picnics and bird watching. Its natural setting provides a peaceful escape from the city.

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

This sacred temple in Sector 16 is a must-visit for spiritual seekers. The serene atmosphere of Shirdi Sai Baba Temple offers a place for reflection and worship, attracting devotees from various places.

Town Park

Town Park, a green haven in Sector 16, is ideal for families and fitness enthusiasts. It's a popular spot for relaxation and exercise with well-maintained paths, playgrounds, and ample greenery.

11. Locality Comparison 

Sector 16 in Faridabad stands out as a notable area for potential residents, offering a unique blend of features compared to other parts of the city. This locality is marked by its easy access to essential services and connectivity. Unlike other areas, Sector 16 boasts a well-established network of roads, making travel to key parts of Faridabad and neighbouring regions smooth and hassle-free.

In terms of education and healthcare, Sector 16 holds an edge. It houses several reputed schools and colleges, ensuring quality education is within reach. Healthcare facilities are also commendable, with multiple hospitals and clinics providing good medical care. This is a significant advantage over some other localities where such amenities might not be as readily available.

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Why Should You Invest in Sector 16, Faridabad?

What’s Great About Sector 16
  • The metro station is approximately 3min away from this location.
  • It has good connectivity to other parts of Faridabad.
  • Traveling is convenient as there are various modes of transport.
  • The railway station is at a distance of approximately 23mins away from here.
What’s Not Great About Sector 16
  • It is a crowded place suffering from air pollution.
  • The air quality is inferior due to the increased emission of greenhouse gases, and it may prove fatal for people suffering from lung diseases.
  • It lacks a peaceful surrounding as it is a prime location with many offices and institutions around it.
  • Traffic congestion during peak hours.

How to Visit Sector 16, Faridabad?

Sector 16 Faridabad
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Sector 16 Map and Nearby Landmarks
  • Schools
  • City Connections
  • Shopping Centers
  • Business Hubs
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
School Near by Sector 16
Hotel Near by Sector 16
Business Hub Near by Sector 16
Shopping Center Near by Sector 16
City Connection Near by Sector 16

Social Infrastructure Nearby Sector 16, Faridabad

School Nearby Sector 16, Faridabad
  • Mahadev Desai School
  • Geeta Public Schl
Hospital Nearby Sector 16, Faridabad
  • Metro Heart Institute Multispeciality
  • Sunflag Hospital and Research
  • Qrg Health City
  • Anuj Hospital
+ (2) more
Hotel Nearby Sector 16, Faridabad
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