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Hariharpur, Lucknow

Hariharpur, Lucknow
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About Hariharpur, Lucknow

Hariharpur is a village located on the outskirts of Lucknow, the hub of Uttar Pradesh, India that showcases a unique blend of countryside peace and cultural heritage. Despite its small dimensions, this village symbolises the traditional way of life in the region, standing in stark contrast to the bustling city life of Lucknow. Close proximity to the state capital allows Hariharpur to enjoy cultural and economic advantages while still maintaining its essence of simplicity amidst the rapid urbanisation that envelops it.

The essence of life in Hariharpur is deeply connected to agriculture, with local residents engaged in farming and other agrarian activities that define their daily routines and economic sustenance. The village's social fabric is woven with traditional Indian values, where community bonds are strong, and festivals and rituals play a central role in bringing people together.

Hariharpur allows tourists to experience the genuine rural way of life in Uttar Pradesh, away from popular tourist destinations. The village's appeal lies in its serene environment, traditional residences, and the friendly nature of its inhabitants, who epitomise the welcoming spirit Uttar Pradesh is famous for. While it may not have grand sights to offer, its proximity to Lucknow makes it a possible side trip for those interested in exploring the varied cultural scene of the region.

What’s Good v/s What Can Be Better

What’s Good

What Can Be Better

Hariharpur has a rich cultural legacy, thanks to its long history and traditions providing insight into rural life.

The village could benefit from improved infrastructure, including better roads, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.

Being close to Lucknow allows residents easy access to amenities, education, and healthcare services.

Improving waste management systems and sanitation facilities would greatly enhance public health and the environment.

The local economy is supported by agriculture, providing sustenance and a way of life for many families.

There is no direct railway connectivity to the area.

Physical Infrastructure & Livability Index

Hariharpur, a village near Lucknow, showcases a unique combination of rural allure and modern advancements. The village enjoys convenient connectivity to Lucknow through well-maintained roads, facilitating smooth transportation for its residents and providing easy access to the city's amenities. However, internal infrastructure within the village, including roads, water supply, and electricity, requires further development to cater to the increasing demands of its growing population. Despite the advantage of being near healthcare and educational institutions in Lucknow, it is important to prioritise enhancing local healthcare services and educational facilities to elevate the overall quality of life in Hariharpur.

Social Infrastructure - Restaurants

The popular eating joints in Lucknow’s Hariharpur offer various cuisines. Let’s explore these restaurants:

  • Sainik Family Restaurant
  • Shri Balaji Restaurant & Dhaba
  • Delicious Trap
  • House of Curry
  • The Vihan Eating Point
  • Khana Khazana

Banks/ Metro Stations/ Airport/ Bus Terminal/ Railway Stations/ Parks

Banks & ATMs

  • SBI Hariharpur
  • Allahabad UP Gramin Bank
  • HDFC Bank ATM

Metro & Railway Stations

  • Dilawarnagar Railway Station
  • Malihabad Railway Station

Bus Terminals

  • C.M.S.
  • Hariharpur Chowk Bus Stop
  • IIML Bus Station
  • Hariharpur Lalgarh Bus Stop


  • Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport

Public Parks

  • Golfcity Park
  • New Friends Colony Park 2
  • Sri Harihar park Surya City Takrohi

Popular Roads Near Hariharpur, Lucknow

Hariharpur, a village near Lucknow, is connected to the city and surrounding areas through a network of key roads facilitating easy access to various parts of Uttar Pradesh. While specific roads in or directly adjacent to Hariharpur may not be widely known, several major roads and highways near Lucknow are important for transportation and connectivity. Some of the popular and significant roads in the vicinity of Lucknow, which might serve residents and visitors to Hariharpur, include:-

Shaheed Path:  A major ring road that encircles Lucknow, providing efficient connectivity between different parts of the city and its suburbs, facilitating easier access to and from areas like Hariharpur.

Lucknow-Sultanpur Road (NH-731): This national highway connects Lucknow to Sultanpur and passes through several outskirts and villages, potentially including or being accessible from Hariharpur. It's a vital route for regional connectivity.

Raebareli Road: Connecting Lucknow to Raebareli, this road is essential for local and regional traffic. It offers a direct route to the south of Lucknow and possibly serves communities around Hariharpur.

Faizabad Road (NH-28): Leading from Lucknow towards Faizabad and further to Ayodhya, this highway is crucial for both local commutes and long-distance travel, ensuring connectivity to the eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh.

Sitapur Road (NH-24): Connecting Lucknow to Sitapur, this national highway facilitates northern access and is key for travel and transport in the region.

Kanpur Road (NH-27): This major national highway connects Lucknow to Kanpur, one of the major industrial cities of Uttar Pradesh, and is crucial for economic and personal travel.

Nearby Localities to Hariharpur, Lucknow

Nearby Locality

Distance from Soukya Road

Travel Time

Cab Fare (Approx)

Malak, Uttar Pradesh

700 m

3 minutes


Ghuswal Kalan

1.8 km

6 minutes


Devamau, Uttar Pradesh

3.5 km

8 min


Ahmamau, Uttar Pradesh

5.4 km

15 min


How Do People Rate Hariharpur, Lucknow? 

Hariharpur, located near Lucknow, has received an average rating of 3.9/5. This area offers a mix of residential and commercial establishments, with the Topkhana Bazar serving as the postal head office. It is also home to well-regarded schools and colleges, and there are local shops that provide everyday necessities. Additionally, several ATMs are nearby, and respectable individuals inhabit the locality. Hariharpur is experiencing rapid development, and numerous new projects are being introduced.

While a network of roads connects Hariharpur to the rest of Lucknow, traffic congestion during peak hours may be a concern. Public transportation options are available, but improvements in frequency and coverage could greatly enhance the accessibility of Hariharpur.

How to Visit Hariharpur, Lucknow?

Visiting Hariharpur in Lucknow can be conveniently planned as Lucknow is well-connected by road, rail, and air. Here's how you can reach Hariharpur via these three modes of transportation:

By Road:

Lucknow is connected to major cities by the National Highway network. You can drive to Lucknow from nearby cities like Kanpur, Prayagraj, Varanasi, etc., via NH27, NH30, and NH31. Once in Lucknow, follow local directions to Hariharpur. If you are already in Lucknow, Hariharpur is accessible by local roads. You can use city buses, auto-rickshaws, taxis, or a private vehicle to get there. 

By Rail: 

Lucknow is a major railway hub with several stations, the main one being Lucknow Charbagh Railway Station (LKO). You can hire a taxi or auto-rickshaw from the railway station or use city buses to reach Hariharpur.  Depending on where you're coming from, consider arriving at Lucknow Junction (LJN) or other smaller stations in the city, which might be closer to Hariharpur.

By Air:

Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport (Lucknow Airport) serves domestic and international flights about 12-15 kilometres from the city centre. You can take a taxi or a pre-booked car from the airport or ride-sharing services to Hariharpur. 

Places to Visit in Hariharpur, Lucknow

As a part of Lucknow, Hariharpur shares the city's magnificent architecture, rich cultural tradition, and culinary legacy. Even though Hariharpur isn't a well-known tourist destination on the map, it's close to Lucknow, so that visitors can discover a wide range of activities. The following is a list of locations and activities in and around Lucknow that interest you:

Lulu Mall:

Lulu Mall in Lucknow is a significant addition to the city's retail and entertainment landscape.  Lulu Mall typically houses a wide array of national and international brands. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of cuisines in the food court, which usually features a mix of local and international food outlets. Additionally, standalone restaurants within the mall offer more formal dining options. 

Chandrika Devi Mandir:

Chandrika Devi Temple, located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, is a revered Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Chandrika Devi, a form of Goddess Durga. It is an important pilgrimage site situated on the banks of the Gomti River, especially during the Navratri and Chaitra Navratri festivals, when thousands of devotees flock to the temple to offer prayers and seek blessings. 

La Martiniere College:

La Martiniere College in Lucknow holds a distinguished reputation as one of India's most esteemed and historically significant schools. The campus boasts an exquisitely designed main building that is a testament to architectural brilliance. A visit is essential to truly appreciate its magnificence, where one can marvel at the captivating statues of leaping lions.

Locality Comparison

Located in Lucknow, Hariharpur is a developing area that offers a peaceful environment and improving infrastructure. It combines residential convenience with easy access to amenities, making it an ideal choice for individuals and families who desire a calm yet connected lifestyle. Unlike its nearby counterparts like Malak, Ghuswal Kalan, and Devamau, Hariharpur distinguishes itself with its well-established residential atmosphere, featuring a growing number of housing developments and community services.

Key Takeaways

Hariharpur, located in Lucknow, offers a unique blend of peaceful residential settings and ongoing development. This locality is marked by its serene environment, making it an ideal choice for individuals and families seeking peace away from the city's hustle. With accessible amenities and growing infrastructure, Hariharpur is gradually becoming a demanding area for new homebuyers. The locality is strategically positioned, providing easy access to Lucknow's major landmarks and business centres, enhancing its appeal for those who desire a balance between a calm lifestyle and urban convenience. The community's emphasis on maintaining a harmonious living space and the potential for real estate growth positions Hariharpur as a promising locale in Lucknow.


Where is Hariharpur, Lucknow located?

Hariharpur is a locality situated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Which banks have opened their branches and ATMs in Hariharpur?

Hariharpur has several bank ATMs, including SBI Malihabad, PNB ATM, UBI ATM, etc.

Which is the nearest airport to Hariharpur?

The nearest major airport to Hariharpur, Lucknow, is the Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport (LKO).

Is Hariharpur a safe locality?

Yes, Hariharpur in Lucknow is a safe locality for residents and visitors.

What are some prominent hospitals near Hariharpur?

Some prominent hospitals near Hariharpur are Medanta Hospital Lucknow, Javitri Hospital & Test Tube Baby Center, Medi Health Multispeciality Hospital, etc.

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Why Should You Invest in Hariharpur, Lucknow?

What’s Great About Hariharpur
  • The locality is well-connected to other parts of the city via NH 27
  • Many schools and colleges near the locality are Vishwanath Mahavidyalaya Dakhlor, Shri Sudarshan Academy Junior High School, and B.R. Montessori Inter College
  • Azmi Clinic and Medicose, Medanta Lucknow, and Sai Hospital and Trauma Centre are the major healthcare centers in the locality
  • Lulu mall is the major mall in the locality
  • HCL IT City is located near the locality
What’s Not Great About Hariharpur
  • Traffic congestion during peak hours
  • No railway connectivity
  • Far from the city center
  • Power cuts happen during monsoon
  • Pollution is a major problem in the locality

How to Visit Hariharpur, Lucknow?

Hariharpur Lucknow
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Hariharpur Map and Nearby Landmarks
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Business Hubs
  • Shopping Centers
  • City Connections
Hospital Near by Hariharpur
City Connection Near by Hariharpur
Hotel Near by Hariharpur
Shopping Center Near by Hariharpur
Business Hub Near by Hariharpur

Social Infrastructure Nearby Hariharpur, Lucknow

School Nearby Hariharpur, Lucknow
  • Delhi Public School
Hospital Nearby Hariharpur, Lucknow
  • Claris Hospital
Hotel Nearby Hariharpur, Lucknow
  • The Nawabs Hotel And Banquet

Property Rates & Price Trends in Hariharpur

Location Summary for Hariharpur
  • All
  • New Sale
  • Resale
  • 6M
  • 1Yr
Sales Transactions
Gross Sales Value
₹ 3,850,000
Current Rate/Sq.ft
₹ 3,427
Price Movement
+₹ 157
Location Sales Trend for Hariharpur
  • All
  • New Sale
  • Resale
Price Movement in & around Hariharpur
  • All
  • New Sale
  • Resale
Location Current Price 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
Hariharpur ₹ 3,427 - +4.80% -18.41%
Ahmamau ₹ 3,410 -6.48% -9.02% -14.28%
Vrindavan Colony ₹ 6,046 -3.26% -11.42% +30.02%
Rental Distribution for Hariharpur
  • Rental
  • 3M
Configurations Area Range(in Sq.Ft.) Price Range
2 BHK 1100-1300 ₹ 13,900 - 16,500
2.5 BHK 1300-1375 ₹ 16,500 - 17,400
Top Developers by Transaction in Hariharpur
  • All
  • New Sale
  • Resale
  • 6M
  • 3M
  • 1Yr
Developer Name Transactions
Ansal API 3
5 Ratings
  • 5 Star 3
  • 4 Star 2
  • 3 Star 0
  • 2 Star 0
  • 1 Star 0
What’s good
  • Plenty of Shopping & Entertainment Options Nearby
  • Reputed Schools or Hospitals in the Vicinity
  • Near Metro or Good Public Transport
  • Safe at Night with Well Lit Streets
What’s Bad
  • Decaying or Broken Roads
  • Scarcity of Public Transport
Ratings & Reviews of Hariharpur, Lucknow View All
Naini Bawa

I grew up in Hariharpur. Its postal head office is Topkhana Bazar. It has got many reputed schools and colleges. Local shops of daily necessary amenities are easily available. Many ATMs are there nearby. Respectable people live in the locality like teachers and doctors. The place is well planned with well-constructed roads and a good supply of water and electricity. The roads have street lights and a nice drainage system. All over it is a good and secure play to live. Read More

Dhaval Gandhi

I am working as a clerk at Maa Shri Mahakali Higher Secondary School. So I was looking for a rental flat or house near to my school and I found it. The place is nice with all the basic things available nearby. It comes under Saleh Nagar Panchayath. All the houses have plenty of space. The people in the neighborhood are simple and helpful. I am very happy to find such a peaceful place to reside. Read More

Chaaya Varma
Former resident

I was staying at Hariharpur for about 3 yrs as I was working on a housing project over there. The place is developing rapidly and coming up with many new projects. The societies are well-planned and built with Class materials. The societies have ample space. The societies are good with all the necessary items available nearby. One setback about the place is the transport system. But as the place is developing rapidly this will not upcoming time be a major problem. Read More

Suvarnarekha Garg

As I was appointed as a teacher at Surat Singh JHS school I was looking for a spacious rental house for me and my family to move in with. As per my need, I got a house in this nice gated society near my school. It has got ample space for children to play and elderly people to walk. Medicine shops, grocery shops, and vegetable shops are available within a walking distance. The roads are broken but as it is a newly developing locality thus very few people stay here but as I can see the place is developing rapidly several people will come to reside hear as they will get all the basic needs within a walkable distance. Read More

Manishankar Mangal

I bought my a house at Hariharpur, Lucknow. I feel to live here. The locality is rapidly developing. Dilawarnagar railway station is a nearby railway station to Hariharpur. Markets, movie theatres, health centers, medicine shops, banks, and ATMs are available nearby at walking distance. The society in which I bought my house is spacious and has a playground for children. It is a secure gated society. There are also many new upcoming projects under construction process in our locality. Read More

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