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Localities in Agra

Agra is a metropolis that has been meticulously developed. In the last few years, Agra has risen as India's most livable city. It has become one of the richest planned towns with modern infrastructures and excellent interiors.

The reason for this advanced development is the expanding IT industry in Agra. It has become a corporate hub, media sector, top universities, hospitals, film city (in planning), and many others. The top localities in Agra offer more than just your dream house.

New Projects in Shastripuram, Agra
Shri Krishna Lok Apartments
Shri Krishna Lok Apartments Shastripuram, Agra
Price On Request

Vishwakarma Krishna Indraprastha
Vishwakarma Krishna Indraprastha Shastripuram, Agra
Price On Request

Shri Tulsi Meenar
Shri Tulsi Meenar Shastripuram, Agra
₹ 40.32 L to 49.92 L

Nalanda Crown
Nalanda Crown Shastripuram, Agra
₹ 34.10 L to 34.38 L

Ganpati Emerald Height
Ganpati Emerald Height Shastripuram, Agra
₹ 30.80 L to 47.27 L

New Projects in Sikandra, Agra
Gayatri Manhar Garden
Gayatri Manhar Garden Sikandra, Agra
₹ 28.50 L to 39.75 L

Ganpati Classique
Ganpati Classique Sikandra, Agra
₹ 21.42 L to 51.24 L

Bhawna Executive Apartment
Bhawna Executive Apartment Sikandra, Agra
₹ 39.00 L to 45.15 L

New Projects in Mayapura, Agra
Gambhir Pratham
Gambhir Pratham Mayapura, Agra
₹ 27.90 L to 33.30 L

Ganpati World
Ganpati World Mayapura, Agra
₹ 35.56 L to 43.96 L

Gambhir Lakeview Apartment
Gambhir Lakeview Apartment Mayapura, Agra
₹ 58.80 L

Gambhir Sanskriti
Gambhir Sanskriti Mayapura, Agra
₹ 19.95 L

Buy: ₹ 83 L - ₹ 1.2 Cr
New Projects in Tajganj, Agra
Buland Vatika
Buland Vatika Tajganj, Agra
Price On Request

O P The Luxe Paradiise
O P The Luxe Paradiise Tajganj, Agra
₹ 23.70 L to 32.78 L

Ganga Taj Royale
Ganga Taj Royale Tajganj, Agra
₹ 69.68 L to 99.98 L

Ansal Emerald Heights
Ansal Emerald Heights Tajganj, Agra
₹ 37.50 L to 65.91 L

New Projects in Khandari, Agra
Deeksha Dwarika
Deeksha Dwarika Khandari, Agra
₹ 35.06 L to 74.06 L

Ansal API Sushant Taj City
Ansal API Sushant Taj City Khandari, Agra
₹ 15.02 L to 34.63 L

New Projects in Civil Lines, Agra
Ram Meher Vardaan
Ram Meher Vardaan Civil Lines, Agra
₹ 60.73 L to 78.75 L

Anupam Royale
Anupam Royale Civil Lines, Agra
₹ 72.28 L to 97.70 L

New Projects in Bainpur Mustkil, Agra
Prerna Manglam Nilay Villas
Prerna Manglam Nilay Villas Bainpur Mustkil, Agra
₹ 61.70 L to 1.24 Cr

Prerna Manglam Aadhar
Prerna Manglam Aadhar Bainpur Mustkil, Agra
₹ 34.81 L to 55.44 L

New Projects in Shahganj, Agra
Pushpanjali Puneet Villa
Pushpanjali Puneet Villa Shahganj, Agra
₹ 34.98 L

Deeksha Shri Bankey Bihari Dham
Deeksha Shri Bankey Bihari Dham Shahganj, Agra
₹ 36.33 L to 50.28 L

New Projects in Village Rajrai, Agra
Maruti Pravasham
Maruti Pravasham Village Rajrai, Agra
Price On Request

Pushpanjali Habitat
Pushpanjali Habitat Village Rajrai, Agra
₹ 26.25 L to 33.75 L

New Projects in Gopal Pura, Agra
RSG RS Green Valley
RSG RS Green Valley Gopal Pura, Agra
₹ 16.13 L to 22.98 L

New Projects in Kahrai, Agra
Ram Raghu Exotica
Ram Raghu Exotica Kahrai, Agra
₹ 28.75 L to 50.60 L

New Projects in Kalika Nagla, Agra
Pushpanjali Cloud Valley
Pushpanjali Cloud Valley Kalika Nagla, Agra
₹ 21.31 L to 41.45 L

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