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Localities in Varanasi

Varanasi is a metropolis that has been meticulously developed. In the last few years, Varanasi has risen as India's most livable city. It has become one of the richest planned towns with modern infrastructures and excellent interiors.

The reason for this advanced development is the expanding IT industry in Varanasi. It has become a corporate hub, media sector, top universities, hospitals, film city (in planning), and many others. The top localities in Varanasi offer more than just your dream house.

New Projects in Rohania, Varanasi
Rudra Aadharshila
Rudra Aadharshila Rohania, Varanasi
Price On Request

Shakuntalam Shreevinayakam Aradhya
Shakuntalam Shreevinayakam Aradhya Rohania, Varanasi
₹ 56.09 L to 1.03 Cr

Vidhan Royal Paradise
Vidhan Royal Paradise Rohania, Varanasi
₹ 20.85 L to 40.64 L

Shri Neelkanth Square City
Shri Neelkanth Square City Rohania, Varanasi
Price On Request

New Projects in Parao, Varanasi
Ganpati Estate
Ganpati Estate Parao, Varanasi
Price On Request

Rudra Ganges
Rudra Ganges Parao, Varanasi
₹ 26.15 L to 39.60 L

New Projects in Shivpur, Varanasi
Aditri Kashi Nilayam
Aditri Kashi Nilayam Shivpur, Varanasi
₹ 39.80 L to 1.05 Cr

Awadh Ambrosia
Awadh Ambrosia Shivpur, Varanasi
₹ 58.60 L to 84.12 L

Dreamland Harnarain Aeropolis
Dreamland Harnarain Aeropolis Shivpur, Varanasi
₹ 56.25 L to 1.30 Cr

Hemish Rudraksh Paradise
Hemish Rudraksh Paradise Shivpur, Varanasi
₹ 1.57 Cr

Ramesth Shree Narayan Enclave
Ramesth Shree Narayan Enclave Shivpur, Varanasi
Price On Request

New Projects in Sarnath, Varanasi
Tridev Indraprastha
Tridev Indraprastha Sarnath, Varanasi
₹ 50.84 L to 1.05 Cr

Rudra Ratnam
Rudra Ratnam Sarnath, Varanasi
₹ 40.46 L to 58.96 L

Rudra Heights
Rudra Heights Sarnath, Varanasi
₹ 65.45 L to 1.17 Cr

Roma Buddha Heights
Roma Buddha Heights Sarnath, Varanasi
₹ 48.08 L to 67.32 L

New Projects in Kailashpuri Colony, Varanasi
Kashi Green City
Kashi Green City Kailashpuri Colony, Varanasi
Price On Request

Rudra Towers
Rudra Towers Kailashpuri Colony, Varanasi
₹ 40.25 L to 66.26 L

Dhairya Nikunj
Dhairya Nikunj Kailashpuri Colony, Varanasi
Price On Request

New Projects in Bhullanpur, Varanasi
Roma Entertainment City
Roma Entertainment City Bhullanpur, Varanasi
₹ 75.45 L to 1.79 Cr

Virat Lavanya
Virat Lavanya Bhullanpur, Varanasi
₹ 76.72 L to 1.04 Cr

New Projects in Shivpurwa, Varanasi
ELA Shiva Kashi Vijay Enclave
ELA Shiva Kashi Vijay Enclave Shivpurwa, Varanasi
Price On Request

Tridev Annapurna
Tridev Annapurna Shivpurwa, Varanasi
₹ 90.24 L to 1.22 Cr

Rudra Prestige
Rudra Prestige Shivpurwa, Varanasi
₹ 87.00 L to 1.23 Cr

New Projects in Lehertara Industrial Estate, Varanasi
Shreemaa Sri Krishna Vilas
Shreemaa Sri Krishna Vilas Lehertara Industrial Estate, Varanasi
₹ 39.62 L to 67.47 L

Rudra Royal
Rudra Royal Lehertara Industrial Estate, Varanasi
₹ 50.75 L to 80.03 L

New Projects in Karaundi, Varanasi
Tridev Kunj
Tridev Kunj Karaundi, Varanasi
₹ 51.57 L to 55.30 L

Dhairya Awadh
Dhairya Awadh Karaundi, Varanasi
₹ 31.44 L to 31.60 L

New Projects in Asapur, Varanasi
Rudra Laxmikunj
Rudra Laxmikunj Asapur, Varanasi
₹ 29.66 L to 45.86 L

Rudra Buddha Enclave
Rudra Buddha Enclave Asapur, Varanasi
₹ 36.93 L to 54.31 L

New Projects in Danganj, Varanasi
Visionary Raj Tower
Visionary Raj Tower Danganj, Varanasi
₹ 32.29 L to 46.73 L

Tirupati Hispan Tirupati Enclave
Tirupati Hispan Tirupati Enclave Danganj, Varanasi
₹ 40.64 L to 68.20 L

New Projects in Maheshpur, Varanasi
Roma Ganpati Residency
Roma Ganpati Residency Maheshpur, Varanasi
₹ 20.16 L to 53.10 L

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