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Property in Allahabad North Allahabad

Last Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Showing 1 - 2 Projects out of 2

HK Sunshine Heights Flagship

Civil Lines, Allahabad

1.36 Cr ₹ 5000 Per Sq. Ft Onwards
Ready to Move
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  • Price
Tulsiani Imperial Green Flagship

Ambedkar Nagar, Allahabad

35.03 Lac to 35.65 Lac ₹ 3100 Per Sq. Ft Onwards
Mid Stage
  • Unit
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Know More About Allahabad North

Total Projects: 2

North is one among the 403 constituencies of Uttar Pradesh and second in area among the Allahabad constituencies. The ward numbers here are 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 17 18, 22, 27, 30, 39 and 43 among others. Owing to its scale and high profile political seats, the region has always been ranked high in terms of infrastructural development. Allahabad is known to be the oldest living city in India and the region has been extensively mentioned in many ancient texts of India. It is one of the most populous regions of Uttar Pradesh and also happens to be a major seat of political power. The city has deep emotional significance for the Hindu community because it is known as the site of the Tribeni Sangam, where the rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meet and it is said that taking a bath in this exact juncture absolves all sins. During Emperor Jahangir’s reign, it was one of his provincial capitals. From the period of 1902 to 1920, it remained the capital of the United Provinces and was an important seat during the independence struggle. There are many places of interest here like the All Saints Cathedral, Khusro Bagh, the Allahbad High Court, Thornehill Mayne Memorial, Alfred Park and others.
What’s Great
  • Pre paid meters for electricity bills
  • Installation of more than 40 CCTVs across major crossings and markets.
What’s Not Great
  • Lack of public water sources at regular intervals
  • Low investment in sports clubs of the region
Watch out for
  • New maintenance plan for the New Yamuna Bridge.
  • Rising numbers of E- rickshaws for curbing pollution in the city

Allahabad North Property Price Rising Factors

Short - Term
  • Investments in the government hospitals for better medical facilities
  • Making emergency lanes for ambulance along all roads
  • Completion of the road bridge along Ganga from Allahabad to Jhusi
  • Ugradation of Waterway 1 from Allahabad to Haldia
  • Modernization and Digitalization of the Allahabad Junction Railway station.
  • Improvement of the National Highways that pass by the region and their constant state of the art maintenance
Long - Term

Allahabad North - Price Trend

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