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Ajmer Road, Jaipur

Jaipur, 302006
Ajmer Road, Jaipur
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About Ajmer Road, Jaipur

Ajmer Road, a bustling six-lane expressway in Jaipur City's southwestern region, stands out as a prominent residential and commercial hub. Its strategic location offers exceptional access to the Mahindra SEZ, enhancing its appeal as a prime real estate area. The road's significance is further amplified by the presence of multinational corporations like Deutsche Bank. Surrounding Ajmer Road are key neighbourhoods such as Nirman Nagar, Sanjay Nagar, Rajni Vihar, Jagdishpuri, and Jagdamba Nagar. The area is notable for a wide range of residential developments initiated by renowned builders including Mahima Group, Grass Field Farms & Resorts Pvt. Ltd., Shiv Shakti Group, Chordias Buildcon Pvt Ltd, and Somya Buildcon LLP, with a focus on expansive townships. As far as amenities are concerned, Ajmer Road has no dearth of opportunities.

What’s Good v/s What Can Be Better

Positive Aspects of Living on Ajmer Road

Areas for Improvement on Ajmer Road

Ajmer Road offers easy access to various parts of the city, including important areas like the Mahindra SEZ.

The area often experiences heavy traffic, especially during peak hours.

Ajmer Road has well-maintained roads and public facilities that contribute to a comfortable living experience.

Important measures are needed to reduce air and noise pollution caused by heavy traffic.

The presence of multinational companies and proximity to SEZ offers ample job opportunities.

There's a need for more frequent and diverse public transportation options.

Ajmer Road has a variety of housing options, from affordable to luxury, catering to different preferences and budgets.

The development of more parks and green spaces would enhance environmental quality and provide recreational areas.

The area has access to schools, hospitals, shopping centres, and recreational facilities.

Improving the consistency and reliability of water and power supply to meet growing demands.

Physical Infrastructure and Livability Index

Ajmer Road in Jaipur is a modern urban development. The area is renowned for its strategic position and lively atmosphere and has transformed into a contemporary urban centre while retaining glimpses of its historical roots. The physical infrastructure is marked by a diverse mix of modern residential and commercial zones, ranging from high-rise apartments and luxurious townships to bustling commercial hubs, catering to a wide demographic. This development is complemented by the area's strong transportation network, notably the six-lane expressway, which links Ajmer Road efficiently to key parts of Jaipur, including the Mahindra SEZ. However, this connectivity sometimes faces the challenge of traffic congestion.

Despite its modernisation, Ajmer Road has preserved elements of its historical past, visible in certain architectural styles and older neighbourhood sections, adding a unique character to the area. The social infrastructure further enhances livability, with a variety of schools, hospitals, and shopping centres readily available to residents. Nevertheless, improvements in areas such as traffic management, environmental quality, and infrastructure upgrades are essential for elevating the livability index. Efficient traffic systems and enhanced public transportation could alleviate congestion issues, while the development of green spaces and pollution control measures would improve the environmental aspect. Moreover, ongoing upgrades to road and utility infrastructure are crucial to support the growing population's needs.

Social Infrastructure - Restaurants

Following are some really good restaurants situated in Ajmer Road where you can go with your friends and family to have a good time. 

  • Highway Hut Restaurants 
  • Shree Shyam Mishthan Bhandar 
  • Neel Kamal Restaurant 
  • Balaji Veg Restaurant 

Banks/Metros Stations/Airport/ Bus Terminal/Railway Stations/ Parks 

Banks and ATMs

  • Axis Bank 
  • State Bank of India Branch
  • Union Bank of India
  • Federal Bank 
  • Bank of India 
  • Canara Bank 
  • Bank of India
  • HDFC Bank
  • Bank of Baroda
  • ICICI Bank
  • Indian Bank
  • Bank of Baroda

Metros and Railway Stations 

  • Vivek Vihar Subway Station 
  • Mansarovar Subway Station 
  • Bais Godam Train Station 
  • Civil Lines Subway Station 


  • Jaipur International Airport 

Bus Terminals 

  • Bhakrota 
  • Thikariya Mod 
  • Mahapura Bus Stop 
  • Ramachandrapura Bus Stop 


  • Neelkanth Mahadev Mandir Park 
  • Panchsheel Colony Park 
  • Nandi Mahadev Garden 

Popular Roads in Ajmer Road, Jaipur 

Mahapura Road

Mahapura Road in Jaipur is known for its serene residential neighbourhoods, offering a peaceful living environment amidst the bustling city.

Grand City Road No.1

Grand City Road No.1 is a vital road in Jaipur, featuring modern residential complexes and commercial establishments, catering to the diverse needs of its residents.

Nearby Localities in Ajmer Road, Jaipur 

The table provided below offers detailed information about various localities near Ajmer Road, Jaipur including their respective distances, estimated travel times, and approximate cab fares. 


Distance from Ajmer Road (km)

Travel Time

Estimated Cab Fare (INR)

Nirman Nagar

6-7 km 

20-30 min 


Sanjay Nagar 

1-2 km 

10-15 min 


Rajni Vihar 

2 km 

10-15 min 


Jagdish Puri 

2-3 km 

10-15 min 


Jagdamba Nagar 

3-4 km 

15-20 min 


How do People Rate Ajmer Road, Jaipur?

Ajmer Road in Jaipur is highly regarded for its blend of modern living and cultural heritage. It's celebrated for its diverse housing options, commercial vibrancy, and proximity to employment hubs like the Mahindra SEZ. The area's well-developed social infrastructure, offering educational, healthcare, and entertainment facilities, contributes to its high livability. Despite facing challenges like traffic congestion and infrastructure development, efforts to improve these areas are ongoing. The community's dedication to preserving its cultural identity while adapting to urban growth gives Ajmer Road a unique charm, making it a positively rated locality in Jaipur.

How to Visit Ajmer Road, Jaipur?

Visiting Ajmer Road in Jaipur can be conveniently done by road, air, or train, catering to various travel preferences:

By Road

Ajmer Road is well-connected to other parts of Jaipur and nearby cities via an extensive road network. Visitors can easily drive to Ajmer Road using private vehicles or taxis. Frequent bus services are also available, connecting Ajmer Road to different parts of Jaipur and neighbouring regions.

By Air

The nearest airport to Ajmer Road is Jaipur International Airport. From the airport, Ajmer Road is easily accessible via taxis or ride-sharing services. The drive from the airport to Ajmer Road takes about 30-45 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

By Train

Jaipur Railway Station serves as the primary railhead for those visiting Ajmer Road. It is well-connected to major cities across India. Upon reaching the Jaipur Railway Station, visitors can hire a taxi or use local public transport to reach Ajmer Road, which is a short distance away.

Places to Visit in Ajmer Road, Jaipur

Ajmer Road in Jaipur is surrounded by a variety of interesting places to visit, offering a mix of cultural, historical, and leisure experiences:

Hawa Mahal

Located a short drive from Ajmer Road, Hawa Mahal, known as the 'Palace of Winds', is a remarkable example of Rajput architecture. Its unique five-story exterior with intricate latticework is a must-see for visitors interested in history and architecture.

Jantar Mantar

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an astronomical observatory built in the 18th century. Situated near Ajmer Road, Jantar Mantar showcases a collection of nineteen architectural astronomical instruments, offering insights into the scientific acumen of ancient India.

Jal Mahal

Also known as the 'Water Palace', Jal Mahal is an architectural marvel situated in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake. It's a short drive from Ajmer Road and offers a picturesque view, especially during sunset.

Birla Mandir

This magnificent white marble temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi, is a serene place for spiritual reflection. Located not far from Ajmer Road, Birla Mandir also provides a panoramic view of the city.

Jaigarh Fort

Overlooking the Aravalli ranges, Jaigarh Fort is known for its impressive structure and the world's largest cannon on wheels. A visit to this fort offers a glimpse into the royal past and provides stunning views of the surrounding landscape. It's easily accessible from Ajmer Road and is a great spot for history enthusiasts.

Locality Comparision

Near Ajmer Road in Jaipur, various localities each offer their unique characteristics, catering to a diverse range of lifestyles and preferences. Nirman Nagar stands out as a popular residential choice, offering a variety of housing from budget-friendly apartments to independent houses. Its excellent connectivity to Ajmer Road and other key areas of Jaipur, along with essential amenities like schools and shopping centres, make it ideal for families and professionals alike.

Sanjay Nagar, in contrast, is a quieter, more residential area. It's preferred by those seeking a peaceful environment, featuring a blend of old and new housing structures. Its proximity to major landmarks in Jaipur ensures convenience without compromising the peace of the locality.

Rajni Vihar is witnessing a surge in residential projects, increasingly popular among middle-income homebuyers for its affordable housing options. As the social infrastructure develops, it's becoming a promising area for long-term investment.

Jagdishpuri offers a well-established community feel with a range of residential properties, including apartments and independent homes. Known for its local markets, the area is also well-equipped with schools and hospitals, adding to its residential appeal.

Lastly, Jagdamba Nagar is emerging as a favoured residential area, particularly among young professionals and families. The locality's modern housing projects and improving infrastructure, coupled with its connectivity to major employment hubs, make it an attractive option.

Each locality, with its distinct features and proximity to Ajmer Road, caters to different segments of homebuyers and renters, offering a blend of tranquillity, accessibility, and community living in the vibrant city of Jaipur.


In conclusion, living around Ajmer Road in Jaipur offers a diverse and enriching experience, combining the convenience of urban living with the charm of a culturally rich environment. The localities surrounding Ajmer Road, each with their unique attributes, cater to a wide range of preferences and needs. Whether it's the tranquil residential settings of Sanjay Nagar, the affordable and growing community of Rajni Vihar, or the well-established and vibrant Jagdishpuri, these areas provide a variety of living options. The strategic location of Ajmer Road ensures excellent connectivity to major parts of Jaipur, enhancing the appeal of these neighbourhoods. Furthermore, the presence of robust social infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, and shopping centres, adds to the quality of life. Thus, residing near Ajmer Road in Jaipur is synonymous with enjoying a balanced lifestyle that harmoniously mixes modern amenities with cultural richness.

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How to Visit Ajmer Road, Jaipur?

Ajmer Road Jaipur
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