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Asansol, Kolkata

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About Asansol, Kolkata

Asansol is a city in West Bengal, India, located in the Bardhaman district. It is West Bengal's second-largest city and is part of the Asansol-Durgapur industrial belt, which is noted for its coal and steel industry. With significant structures such as Kalyaneshwari Temple and Nehru Park, the city has a rich cultural and historical past. Asansol is a regional economic, industrial, and educational centre. It is well-connected by road and rail, with frequent trains to important cities like as Kolkata and Dhanbad. The city is a vibrant and exciting destination to live and visit because it combines urban conveniences with natural beauty

What Is Good in ASANSOL? / What Can Be Better in ASANSOL?

What is Good in Asansol?

  • Asansol is a major industrial centre in West Bengal, notable for its coal and steel industry. It creates job opportunities and adds to the region's economic prosperity.
  • Educational Facilities: The city is home to a number of reputable educational institutions, including engineering colleges, medical colleges, and schools, which provide citizens with high-quality education.
  • Asansol is home to people from numerous ethnic origins, resulting in a dynamic and diversified society. Festivals, activities, and local food all reflect this variety.
  • Asansol has excellent transportation connection, with well-connected roadways and railway networks. It is readily reached from large towns like as Kolkata, Durgapur, and Dhanbad.
  • Asansol is bordered by stunning landscapes and natural features such as Maithon Dam and Churulia Hills, which provide chances for nature enthusiasts and outdoor activities.

What Can Be Better in Asansol?

  • Infrastructure Development: Asansol might benefit from further infrastructure development, such as road networks, public transit, and municipal amenities.
  • Asansol confronts environmental issues as a result of industrial operations. Continued efforts to combat pollution and encourage sustainable practises would improve people's quality of life.
  • Healthcare Facilities: While Asansol possesses medical facilities, access to specialised healthcare services and enhanced healthcare infrastructure might be improved.
  • Tourism Development: By developing and publicising its cultural and natural features, Asansol has the ability to attract more tourists. Improved tourist infrastructure and marketing activities might help the tourism industry.
  • Diversification of Job Opportunities: While Asansol is recognised for its coal and steel sectors, there is a need for job diversification to develop a more balanced and sustainable economy.

Physical Infrastructure and Liveability Index

Physical Infrastructure

Asansol's physical infrastructure has grown significantly throughout the years. The city has a substantial road network, with national routes such as NH-19 (formerly NH-2) and NH-14 going through it. This allows seamless connectivity to neighbouring cities and states. The city also includes a railway station, which acts as a key regional transit centre.

Asansol has a variety of government and private hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes that serve the medical requirements of the city's people. However, in terms of specialised healthcare services and infrastructure, there is still need for development.

Liveability Index

Housing: Asansol has a variety of housing alternatives, ranging from independent houses to flats, to suit a variety of budgets. The availability of inexpensive housing improves the city's livability.

Asansol has a usually tranquil and safe atmosphere. The city has a police force that maintains law and order, giving inhabitants a sense of security.

Asansol provides essential facilities such as access to clean water, power, and waste management services. However, sustained investment and progress in these areas are required to fulfil the demands of the rising population.

Social Infrastructure

  • Restaurants:
  1. Zaika Restaurant
  2. Tandoori Villa
  3. Hotel Asansol International
  4. The Fern Residency
  5. Barbeque Nation
  6. Domino's Pizza
  7. KFC
  8. Pizza Hut
  9. Saffron Multicuisine Restaurant
  10. Rajdhani Restaurant

Banks/Metro Station/ Airport/Bus Terminal/Railway Stations/Parks

  • Banks:
  1. State Bank of India
  2. HDFC Bank
  3. ICICI Bank
  4. Axis Bank
  5. Punjab National Bank
  6. Bank of Baroda
  7. Canara Bank
  8. UCO Bank
  9. Allahabad Bank
  10. Union Bank of India
  • Metro Station

As of now, Asansol does not have a metro station.

  • Airport

Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport, popularly known as Durgapur Airport, is the nearest airport to Asansol.

  • Bus Terminals
  1. Asansol Bus Stand
  2. Burnpur Bus Stand
  3. Chelidanga Bus Stand
  • Railway Stations
  1. Asansol Junction
  2. Sitarampur Railway Station
  3. Burnpur Railway Station
  4. Kulti Railway Station
  5. Barachak Railway Station
  • Parks
  1. Nehru Park
  2. Rabindra Bhavan Park
  3. Kalyaneshwari Park
  4. Shaktigarh Park
  5. Chittaranjan Park

Popular Roads in ASANSOL - Road 1 / Road 2 / Road 3 / Road 4

  • GT Road, which runs through Asansol, is one of India's most renowned and historic roadways. It links important cities including as Kolkata, Delhi, and Amritsar as part of the Asian Highway 1. GT Road in Asansol is a prominent business and residential district that is surrounded with stores, markets, restaurants, and hotels. It is a popular road that allows automobiles and commuters to move throughout the city and beyond.
  • Another important route in Asansol is Burnpur route. It links Asansol to Burnpur, an industrial town famed for its steel industries. Industries, business organisations, and residential areas flank Burnpur Road. It is a major route for goods and services transit and gives access to numerous industrial sectors inside Asansol.
  • GTB Sarani is a key Asansol route that links Gobindapur to the rest of the city. It runs through residential and business neighbourhoods, connecting people to marketplaces, educational institutions, and healthcare services. GTB Sarani is an important route for commuters travelling to various sections of Asansol and plays an important role in intra-city transit.
  • Hutton route is a well-known route in Asansol that links key metropolitan neighbourhoods. It passes through residential neighbourhoods as well as commercial sectors, including retail malls, marketplaces, and businesses. Hutton Road also serves as a crucial route for students and people seeking access to educational institutions and healthcare facilities.

Nearby ASANSOL - Distance Calculator


Approx. Distance

Commute Time

Cab Fare (Approx.)

Transport Services Availability


5 km

15 mins

INR 50-100

Buses, Auto-rickshaws, Taxis


7 km

20 mins

INR 80-120

Buses, Auto-rickshaws, Taxis


15 km

30 mins

INR 150-200

Buses, Auto-rickshaws, Taxis


25 km

40 mins

INR 200-250

Buses, Auto-rickshaws, Taxis


30 km

45 mins

INR 250-300

Buses, Auto-rickshaws, Taxis


30 km

45 mins

INR 250-300

Buses, Auto-rickshaws, Taxis


65 km

1.5 hours

INR 600-800

Buses, Trains, Taxis

Asansol-Durgapur MC

70 km

1.5 hours

INR 600-800

Buses, Trains, Taxis


80 km

2 hours

INR 800-1000

Buses, Trains, Taxis


210 km

4-5 hours

INR 2500-3000

Buses, Trains, Taxis


How People Rate ASANSOL

People's reviews and opinions of Asansol may differ depending on their particular experiences and preferences. Here are some of the most popular characteristics people evaluate when assessing Asansol:

Liveability: People evaluate Asansol's general liveability, which includes elements such as safety, cleanliness, healthcare facilities, education, and recreational activities. The overall grade is influenced by the availability and quality of essential facilities and services.

Infrastructure: Physical infrastructure, such as roads, transit networks, water supply, energy, and public amenities, might affect how people rank Asansol. Higher ratings are frequently the outcome of a well-developed and efficient infrastructure.

Employment possibilities: The availability of employment possibilities and the potential for professional advancement in Asansol are essential considerations when ranking the city. A strong industrial sector, company presence, and business prospects all help to boost ratings.

Cultural and Social Environment: The cultural and social environment, including festivals, events, local customs, and community participation, influence how people see Asansol. Positive evaluations can be influenced by a strong cultural environment and a welcoming community

How to Visit ASANSOL

By Air: Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport, commonly known as Durgapur Airport, is the closest airport to Asansol. You may take a taxi or a pre-booked cab from the airport to Asansol, which is around 35 km away.

By Train: Asansol Junction, a well-connected railway station, is located in the city. It is a key railway hub in the area, with connections to cities throughout India. You may check train schedules and purchase tickets in advance to go to Asansol by rail.

By Road: Asansol is easily accessible by road. From adjacent cities or towns, you may take a cab or a bus to Asansol. Asansol is easily accessible by vehicle, thanks to national roads such as NH-2 (Delhi-Kolkata) and NH-19 (Delhi-Guwahati).

Tourist Spot / Places To Visit in ASANSOL

  1. Nehru Park: Nehru Park, located in the middle of Asansol, is a famous leisure area. It is great for a family excursion because it has beautiful foliage; a lake, boating facilities, and children’s play area.
  2. Kalyaneshwari Temple: This respected temple dedicated to Goddess Kali is located at Kalyaneshwari, approximately 20 km from Asansol. The shrine is well known for its tranquil mood and picturesque surroundings.
  3. Maithon Dam: About 40 km from Asansol, Maithon Dam is a lovely tourist destination. It provides boating facilities on the reservoir, which is surrounded by scenic landscapes and hills. The dam is especially famous for its evening musical fountain show.
  4. Joychandi Pahar: Joychandi Pahar is a renowned hill station and picnic site around 30 km from Asansol. It has stunning vistas, hiking paths, and adventure activities such as rock climbing and rappelling.
  5. The Burnpur Riverside Promenade is a lovely place on the banks of the Damodar River where you may take a leisurely walk and relax amidst nature. It has lovely river views and is a favourite area for evening strolls.
  6. Churulia, around 30 km from Asansol, is the birthplace of famed poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. A culturally significant location organises an annual event to honour the poet. You may learn about the poet's life and work by visiting the Kazi Nazrul Islam Museum.

ASANSOL Comparison (basis on few elements)

  • Asansol is located in the Bardhaman district of West Bengal, India. It is located on the Damodar River's banks. Durgapur: Durgapur is also in West Bengal's Bardhaman district, some 65 km from Asansol. It is located on the Damodar River's banks.
  • Asansol has a substantial industrial presence, with businesses like as coal mining, steel, and manufacturing contributing to the economy. The Chittaranjan Locomotive Works and the Eastern Coalfields Limited are well known. Durgapur is an important industrial city noted for its steel and alloy industries. It is home to the Durgapur Steel mill, India's largest steel mill. Durgapur's industrial sector is also growing, with several manufacturing plants.
  • Asansol is home to a number of educational institutions, including engineering colleges, medical colleges, and schools. Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol Engineering College, and St. Patrick's Higher Secondary School are among Asansol's notable institutions.
  • Durgapur is well known for its educational infrastructure, which includes a number of engineering institutions, management institutes, and schools. Among the city's prominent educational institutions are the National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, and the Durgapur Institute of Advanced Technology and Management.
  • Asansol is well connected by rail and road networks. Asansol Junction is an important railway station that connects to several cities. National roads like as NH-2 and NH-19 go through Asansol, providing excellent road connection.
  • Durgapur: Durgapur is also well connected by rail and road networks. Durgapur Railway Station is an important railway junction that connects the city to the rest of the nation. Durgapur is served by National Highway NH-2, which provides simple vehicle access.
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