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Haldia, Kolkata

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About Haldia, Kolkata

Haldia, a bustling neighbourhood tucked away on the bank of the Haldia River in Kolkata, is an astonishing location all along. The locality is shockingly famous for intriguing both locals and tourists with its beaconing beauty. Haldia, is a living testament to the Kolkatat’s rich history, diverse culture and serene atmosphere and welcomes everyone with wide open arms.

Haldia is believed to be a close-knit community; residents of this location are poised to welcome visitors every time. The community has a common motto, that the people live with a feeling of togetherness and friendship, work together to plan recreational and knowledgeable activities, celebrate festivities and help each other in times of need. 

When you walk through Haldia’s street, they appeal to you as a beacon of contemporary convenience and vintage heirlooms advancing beautification. You’ll encounter many antique-rich homes along with their intricate construction details. Kolkata has lived and breathed a historic menace, and Haldia has been an incessantly important part of it throughout its history. The architecture has complemented the city’s artistic outlook with changing growing times.

The fresh air spreads whispers of all kinds, be the testament proof of mouth-watering regional delicacies or having an outlook on Haldia’s delectable fare. You get to encounter scrumptious treats like sondesh, rosogolla along with Haldia’s all time favourite puchka, jhalmuri and kathi rolls. This enigmatic presentation of Haldia’s streets delves you deep down into the alluring aroma cooked up directly from the stall of street vendors.

Haldia is not only having favouritism for amazing delicacies but also serves as a centre for creative and cultural activities. The locals of Haldia have joined hands in an untimely manner to be a saviour and protector of their rich history and give a push to emerging talent. There is life all along in Haldia’s street. You get to entertain yourself with visuals of live street music, theatre performances and dances of various kinds. Popping artists present their art and work and interact with the public in cultural institutions and art galleries, which features their true dedication to art.

Haldia is not simply a place; it’s an emotion for people who are intrigued to be entertained by street artists, eat food delicacies and enjoy the tranquillity of the place. You get to enjoy their energising aura, the city life and all that the locality has to offer. The locality not only emerges out to be an intriguing place for tourists, but implodes as nothing but pure bliss in each core sector, be it real-estate or any other. 

What's Great about Haldia, Kolkata?

What's Not Great about Haldia, Kolkata?

The locality re-energize every soul by giving a strong supportive community vibe.

If you’re a night owl, you don't have much choice out there to enjoy an entertaining nightlife. 

In Haldia, you enjoy cultural vibrancy, where citizens comprehensively represent their regional songs and arts. 

Limited availability of public transport can be a major issue for daily commuters and tourists. 

You’re never going to be famished, as Haldia holds quite a number of delicacies to present them with mouth-watering cuisines. 

The area frequently experiences heavy traffic congestion, which sometimes makes moving around difficult.

You’ll be amazed to engulf yourself in this serene and calm atmosphere. 

The locality itself holds fewer employment opportunities, making people move around different parts of Kolkata. 

You get to encounter architectural diversity as all along, you will have visuals of antique and voguish apartments. 

There are concerns regarding infrastructural advancement, as the locality is still behind many nearby localities in that quota. 

Physical Infrastructure and Livability Index

Haldia, which is situated in West Bengal, India, has a strong physical infrastructure that values the personal touch, contributing to its high livability rating. Residents benefit from convenient connectivity through well-planned roadways and a strong public transit system. The town's dedication to sustainability is demonstrated by its effective trash management and availability of green areas. In addition to offering basic services like healthcare and education, Haldia also promotes a sense of community and cultural life. Residents are actively involved in decision-making processes in the community, ensuring that their demands are satisfied. Haldia's high livability index, which makes it an ideal place to live, work, and flourish, results from this all-encompassing approach to infrastructure and community development.

Social Infrastructure- Restaurants

Haldia, a neighbourhood in Kolkata, has a robust social infrastructure that meets the needs of its citizens. The community fosters a vibrant and friendly atmosphere with great restaurants that mesmerise everyone.


  • Great Wall Restaurant
  • Domino's Pizza
  • The Golden Harvest & China Valley
  • Big Boss Club
  • Treatofy

Banks/Airport/Bus Terminals/Railway Stations/ Parks

All the details regarding nearby banks, ATMs, the airport, train stations, bus stops, and other places within or near Haldia, Kolkata, are compiled in the list below:-

Banks & ATM

  • HDFC Bank ATM
  • UCO Bank ATM
  • Axis Bank ATM
  • State Bank of India ATM
  • Andhra Bank ATM


  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport


  • City Centre Park
  • Millenium Park
  • Central Park
  • Eco Park
  • Rabindra Sarobar

Railway Station

  • Mahisadal
  • Barda
  • Satish Samanta Halt
  • Haldia

Bus Stand

  • Haldia Bus Terminal
  • Haldia- Mecheda Bus Stop
  • SBSTC Haldia Bus Terminus
  • Township Bus Stand

Nearby Locality to Haldia Kolkata



Commute Time

Cab Fare



21 min.

INR 350-400


21.7 km 

31 min.

INR 630-700

Chaul Khola


13 min.

INR 350-400



22 min.

INR 450-500



20 min.

INR 350-400

How Do People Rate Haldia Kolkata?

People in Kolkata highly praise Haldia, which speaks to its excellent attributes and dedication to maintaining a human touch. The region is acclaimed for its superior physical infrastructure, simplicity of entry, and accessibility of essentials. The town's commitment to sustainability, efficient rubbish removal, and the presence of green spaces are valued by the locals. It is widely regarded for Haldia's cultural vigour, the feeling of community, and heritage commemoration. The town's inclusive decision-making processes and residents' engaged engagement are responsible for its high ratings. Haldia is a popular and pleasant area in Kolkata because it manages to strike a balance between modernization and principles that put the needs of people first.

How to Visit Haldia Kolkata?

If you're a tourist or a citizen of the city seeking an alternate method of transportation, the following options are offered for your convenience: 

  1. Airways: You can opt for Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport to travel to Haldia Kolkata and have a mesmerizing stay all ahead.
  2. Railways:- Haldia Kolkata can alternatively be reached through Barda, Mahisadal, or any other railway station. The area appears to provide tourists and commuters with seamless train access. 
  3. Road: Haldia Kolkata has strong inter-state connectivity and is easily accessible via roads from neighbouring communities. 

Places to Visit in Haldia, Kolkata

Plan your trip around the following sites if you want to spend the weekend in Haldia in Kolkata away from the chaos:

  • Indian Museum
  • Diamond Harbour
  • Victoria Memorial
  • Nicco Park
  • Prinsep Park
  • Fort William
  • Alipore Zoo
  • Mahishadal Raj-Bari Road
  • Digha Beach
  • Gurusaday Museum
  • Gangasagar
  • Mandarmani Beach

Locality Comparison

Haldia, in comparison, differs from other communities in that it excels at maintaining a personal touch while offering first-rate amenities. In contrast to its rivals, Haldia prioritises the opinions and needs of its inhabitants and places a high importance on community involvement and participatory decision-making procedures. Because of its cutting-edge physical infrastructure, efficient waste management, and accessibility to critical services, the neighbourhood stands apart. Due to its commitment to sustainability, accessibility to open spaces, and celebration of cultural diversity, Haldia has a high ranking for livability. Because the people of Haldia live contented and satisfying lives, the community succeeds in its human-centric approach.

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How to Visit Haldia, Kolkata?

Haldia Kolkata
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