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Kashipur, Kolkata

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About Kashipur, Kolkata

Tucked away in the northeastern recesses of the bustling metropolis of Kolkata, Kashipur, aka Cossipore, paints a vibrant picture of cultural diversity, historical heritage, and invigorating local life. Like a beautiful piece of a jigsaw puzzle that completes the culturally rich Kolkata, Kashipur, despite its peripheral location, is an unmissable spot in the City of Joy. It has a robust physical and transportation infrastructure with all the basic amenities easily accessible to the citizens.

As you tread down the welcoming lanes of this locality, you encounter a living, breathing tableau of the quintessential Bengali life. Kashipur is less a locality and more a microcosm of Kolkata itself. Preserving a treasure trove of history, Kashipur houses some of the city's oldest buildings, each narrating its own tale of time. The regal Raja Manindra Road, named after Raja Manindra Chandra Nandy, is a testament to the locality's historical significance. Walking down this road is like leafing through the pages of a history book, offering glimpses into Kolkata's yesteryears.

What's Great About Kashipur

What's Not Great About Kashipur 

Living in Kashipur means immersing oneself in the cultural richness of Kolkata. Also, it is a paradise for food lovers. 

The narrow lanes of Kashipur often face traffic congestion, especially during peak hours and festivals like Durga Puja.

It has all basic amenities near educational institutions and healthcare centres. 

It grapples with the issue of overpopulation leading to overcrowding in public spaces.

Kashipur is well connected to the rest of Kolkata via local bus services, auto-rickshaws, and taxis.

Like much of Kolkata, the locality can experience waterlogging during the monsoon season.

Kashipur maintains a safe environment with a strong community spirit.

Parts of Kashipur are marked by ageing infrastructure with old buildings in not the best condition.

Physical Infrastructure and Livability Index

The roads in Kashipur mostly offer a smooth commuting experience for residents. Although, some parts of the locality have damaged roads. The locality benefits from a dependable supply of water and electricity, essentials that boost the comfort of daily life in Kashipur. In terms of safety, Kashipur maintains a commendable record. The area is well-patrolled, and the strong community spirit adds an extra layer of security, making it a safe environment for families and individuals.

Social Infrastructure- Restaurants

Kashipur has a fairly good infrastructure. One can easily find restaurants, malls, and local stores where you can visit with your friends and family. One can explore multiple dining options at Kashipur in Kolkata. Following are a few of the best eateries where you can eat good quality and hygienic food.

  • Ghosh Hotel
  • Loknath Hotel
  • Rim Jhim Hotel
  • Lalta Hotel 
  • Lovely Biryani 

Banks/Metro Station/Airport/Bus Terminals/Railway Stations/Parks


Kashipur has numerous banks and ATMs making it easier for the locals to send and receive money. Here is the list of the banks present in this area. 

  • State Bank of India
  • Central Bank of India
  • HDFC Bank
  • Canara Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Union Bank of India
  • IDBI Bank

Metro Station 

The presence of the metro in Kolkata makes the commuting experience really easy. The nearest metro station from Kashipur are: 

  • Shyam Bazar Metro
  • Belgachia Metro
  • Dum Dum Metro Station
  • Suvabazar Sutanuti


  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (10 km)

Bus Terminal 

Kashipur (Cossipore) is a well-connected locality with multiple bus routes operating across the area. The central hub for these buses is the Cossipore Bus Stand. 

Railway Station 

Kashipur does not have a railway station of its own. However, it enjoys good connectivity with several nearby stations. A few of them are: 

  • Kolkata Railway Station (2.9 km) 
  • Dum Dum Junction (1.9 km)
  • Barrackpore Railway Station


While known for its bustling lifestyle, Kashipur in Kolkata is close to several parks that offer green spaces for relaxation and recreation. Here are a few parks near the locality:

  • Girish Mancha Park
  • Rani Rashmoni Garden
  • Millennium Park
  • Central Park, Salt Lake
  • Rabindra Sarovar

Popular Roads in Kashipur, Kolkata

Cossipore Road is one of the main roads in this area, which connects the city and makes commuting a hassle-free experience for the locals. 

Raja Manindra Road - This is another important road which connects Cossipore to other parts of the neighbourhood. 

Khagendra Chatterjee Road - This road is a well-known thoroughfare in Cossipore. It connects the key parts of the city. A mix of residential and commercial localities is on either side of this road. 

Nearby Locality to Kashipur Kolkata

Kashipur is surrounded by several prominent localities in Kolkata, including Baranagar, Bagbaazar, Maniktala and many others. 



Commute Time

Cab Fare


3 km

10 minutes

Rs. 50-100


2-3 km

10 minutes

Rs 50-100


4.3 km

15 minutes

Rs. 100 -150


2.9 km 

10 minutes

Rs. 50 -100


2.4 km 

10 minutes

Rs. 50-100

How do People Rate Kashipur Kolkata?

People’s opinions about Kashipur, Kolkata, can differ depending upon the locality’s accessibility, well-rounded amenities and cultural richness. The locals here enjoy seamless connectivity with other parts of the city with fairly good roads, which can be poorly maintained in some parts. The locality offers the locals to soak in Bengali traditions, arts and culinary delights. Basic infrastructure, such as educational institutions and healthcare facilities, are easily accessible, making the overall livability experience in Kashipur worth it.  

How to Visit Kashipur Kolkata?

Here’s how you can reach Kashipur (Cossipore) by the following means of transportation. 

By Air: The Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport is your gateway if you arrive by air. The airport, located approximately 12 kilometres from Kashipur, provides domestic and international connections. 

By Train: The Kolkata Railway Station, located close to Kashipur, serves as a significant junction connecting Kolkata to various parts of India. You can opt for a local taxi or an auto-rickshaw for a quick and convenient ride to Kashipur from the station.

By Road: For those preferring road journeys, Kashipur is conveniently accessible. The locality boasts a well-facilitated bus terminal, with regular bus services operating from various cities within West Bengal and neighbouring states. The comprehensive road network also provides an easy route for those who travel by private taxis or self-driven cars.

Places to Visit in Kashipur Kolkata

Ramakrishna Math: This monastic organisation affiliated with the Ramakrishna Mission is about 2-3 km away. The serene ambience of the place invites introspection and peace, and the lush gardens provide a calming respite from bustling city life.

Cossipore Garden House or Udyanbati: This was where Sri Ramakrishna, a revered saint, spent his last few months. It has now been converted into a shrine and is a must-visit for those interested in spirituality and religious history. It is situated at a distance of about 1-2 km from Kashipur. 

The Marble Palace: While not exactly in Kashipur but a short ride away, this opulent mansion, built in 1835 by Raja Rajendra Mullick, houses a collection of beautiful sculptures, paintings, and antiques. It is an architectural marvel made entirely of marble, giving it its name. It is situated at a distance of 5 km from Cossipore. 

Rabindra Bharati Museum (Jorasanko Thakur Bari): A short distance from Kashipur, this ancestral home of the famed Tagore family has been converted into a museum dedicated to Rabindranath Tagore, India's first Nobel laureate. It is a hub of cultural and literary history.

Indian Statistical Institute: This globally reputed institute in Baranagar near Kashipur is worth visiting for its sprawling, green campus and rich history. Founded by P.C. Mahalanobis, it has contributed significantly to research and education in statistics and related sciences.

Locality Comparison

When juxtaposing Kashipur with other localities within Kolkata's diverse landscape, it's essential to factor in individual tastes and necessities. Kashipur, with its vibrant cultural history, strategic location, and superb connectivity, presents a compelling case. However, each locality in Kolkata has its unique charm and advantages.

Take, for example, neighbourhoods like Ballygunge or Alipore. If tranquillity and a more residential feel are what you're after, these areas might align with your preferences. They offer peaceful environs and are known for their lush green spaces, providing a contrast to the bustling atmosphere of Kashipur.

Conversely, if you seek the allure of high-end shopping experiences and state-of-the-art infrastructure, locales such as Park Street or Salt Lake may resonate with your expectations. With their blend of modernity and sophistication, these areas offer a different flavour of life in Kolkata.

Wrapping Up 

Kashipur is a neighbourhood in Kolkata celebrated for its cultural heritage, spirited local life and overall connectivity. Plus, the essential facilities situated in close proximity make the everyday life of the locals the right mix of convenience and comfort.

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Why Should You Invest in Kashipur, Kolkata?

What’s Great About Kashipur
  • Kashipur is a bustling residential locality offering quality but affordable housing properties.
  • It is located within easy reach of all the hotspots in Kolkata for modern living.
  • Kashipur is one of the best-connected localities in Kolkata, having abundant road, rail and metro links.
  • Kashipur is a bustling residential locality offering quality but affordable housing properties.
  • It is located within easy reach of all the hotspots in Kolkata for modern living.
  • Kashipur is one of the best-connected localities in Kolkata, having abundant road, rail and metro links.
What’s Not Great About Kashipur
  • Kashipur, as well as its surroundings, are densely populated.
  • The biggest bane affecting Kashipur is the heavy traffic congestion at the BT Road during peak office hours.
  • The locality suffers from the menace of mosquitoes and vector-borne diseases.
  • Kashipur, as well as its surroundings, are densely populated.
  • The biggest bane affecting Kashipur is the heavy traffic congestion at the BT Road during peak office hours
  • The locality suffers from the menace of mosquitoes and vector-borne diseases

How to Visit Kashipur, Kolkata?

Kashipur Kolkata
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Kashipur Map and Nearby Landmarks
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  • City Connections
  • Shopping Centers
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Shopping Center Near by Kashipur

Social Infrastructure Nearby Kashipur, Kolkata

School Nearby Kashipur, Kolkata
  • Sanatan Dharm Vidyalaya
  • Raja Manindra School
  • Cossipore StNinians High School For Girls
  • Arya Vikas Vidyalaya
  • Saint Ninians High School For Girls
  • Raja Bagan Islamia Primary School
  • Hope Academy School
  • Cossipire Shri Sanatan Dharam Vidyalaya Kolkata
  • Missionary School
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