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Nadia, Kolkata

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About Nadia, Kolkata

Districts like Murshidabad and Purba Bardhaman, as well as North-24 Parganas and Hooghly, are located in West Bengal and border Nadia. In addition, it shares a border with Bangladesh and has a complicated past of its own. One of the final Bengali provinces to be administered by the Sena ruling dynasty, Krishnanagar, serves as the district's administrative centre. Bengal's cultural heritage has been greatly influenced by the Nadia district. The dialect used in and around Nadia served as the foundation for the mainstream form of Bengali that was created in the 19th century. Many rivers can be found in the Nadia district. The district's northeastern border is touched by the Padma, currently the Ganga's primary tributary.

What Is Good in Nadia? What Can Be Better in Nadia?

Nadia is a district in West Bengal that has seen many developments over the last few decades. Some good things about this locality are listed below. 

  • The most widely used forms of transportation in the area are taxis, trains, buses and cabs.
  • Roads that are well connected and well-maintained provide for hassle-free commuting for the general public
  • Road construction is ongoing in many places, largely to repair damage and make the roads usable.
  • Even though the area is often relatively empty at night, it is always perceived as safe and has never been the scene of any undesirable actions.
  • The majority of localities in Nadia have street lights that are maintained properly and are in operation. 
  • In order to keep crime rates low and local inhabitants safe, the police regularly patrol the area under the control of neighbourhood police stations according to their schedules and protocols.
  • The area is generally clean and well-kept since there is sufficient public awareness of sewage disposal, waste disposal, and environmental preservation by prohibiting superfluous rubbish dumps alongside highways.
  • Between the issues with the national economy, there has been a rise in the sale rates.
  • Numerous office buildings, commercial centres, and places of employment are located close by and connected to the region.
  • This area is surrounded by National Highway-34, which enhances local connectivity.

Nadia is a developing district, however, there are many aspects of the locality that need improvement and monitoring. 

  • Although public transport options are currently operational, there is undoubtedly opportunity for improvement by expanding the bus network.
  • There are many cases of road breaking and numerous potholes on parts of the roadways, which necessitate rapid monitoring.
  • Even though it can become somewhat desolate after midnight, the neighbourhood has a low crime rate at night, ensuring the protection of all residents.
  • Most towns have functioning street lights, but certain spots require reconstruction and adequate upkeep.
  • While most places rarely have garbage dumps, some areas need to establish sewage and waste disposal systems.
  • The areas that are surrounding by production facilities experience average levels of noise and air pollution, and initiatives are being proposed to lessen the impact.
  • Sale prices have skyrocketed, which may have a negative impact on the economy and people's capacity to afford goods and services.

Physical Infrastructure and Livability Index

The neighbourhood of Nadia is well-developed, with hospitals, banks, ATMs, and schools dispersed throughout. There are numerous commercial establishments, and development is properly planned out and hastened. Rental homes with sufficient lodging options and safe connectivity are available all across the neighbourhood. Despite the area's varied demographics, the majority of the locals speak Bengali. Basic necessities and consumables can be found in local markets, along with luxury goods and upscale goods. Around the neighbourhood, there are numerous market areas and commercial centres. Within the urbanised housing societies and close-by entertainment districts, it is an excellent location to live. 

Social Infrastructure 

The social infrastructure of a locality determines its livability and price attractiveness. The following factors and establishments contribute to the social infrastructure of Nadia. 

  1. a) Restaurants

There are many eateries and dining establishments in Nadia that offer both popular local food and international cuisine. 

  • Ranna Bati
  • La Bristo
  • Hot Lips
  • Mother’s Hut
  • Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor
  • RocoMamas Kalyani Nagar
  • What’s Up Cafe and Lounge
  • Good Wife. 
  • Adhar Chandra Das and Sons
  • Haveli
  1. b) Banks

This locality hosts several national banks and financial institutions to give residents hassle free financial services. 

  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • UCO Bank
  • Punjab National Bank
  • United Bank of India
  • Oriental Bank of Commerce
  • Union Bank of India
  • State Bank of India
  • HDFC Bank
  • Allahabad Bank
  • IDBI Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Dena Bank
  • Canara Bank
  • Bank of Baroda
  1. c) Metro Station

Currently, there are no metro stations in Nadia. However, the closest metro stations like Noapara Metro Station, Dum Dum Metro Station, Belgachia Metro Station, Shyambazar Metro Station, and Sovabazar Sutanuti Metro Station are all within a 30 km radius of Nadia. 

  1. d) Airport

Nadia does not have an airport of its own, however, the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, which is around 110 kilometres from Nadia, is the closest airport to the city.

  1. e) Bus Terminals

There are many bus depots in and near Nadia district, and some of these include the following. 

  • Karimpur Bus Stand
  • Krishnanagar Bus Stand
  • Nimtala More
  • Tehatta Bus Stop
  • 2nd BN Ndrf
  • Plassey Para Bus Stop
  • Dhubulia Bus Stop
  • Akhandananda Bus Stop
  • Bagula Bus Stop
  • Hematpur Bus Stop
  1. f) Railway Stations

There are many railway stations in Nadia that connect to popular places and nearby employment hubs. 

  • Krishnagar City Railway Station
  • Badkulla Railway Station
  • Jalal Khali Railway Station
  • Dignagar Railway Station
  • Mayurhat Railway Station
  •  Bishnupriya Station
  1. g) Parks

Recreational facilities like parks are important for children to play and interact with one another and for others to find a momentary respite from busy schedules. Nadia has several parks for this reason.

  • Mangaldeep Eco Tourism Park
  • Fulia Rabindranath Park
  • Jubilee Park
  • Durga Das Park
  • Purbayan Park and Garden
  • Jhilmil Park
  • Shishu Park
  • Joke Park
  • Monpakhi Park
  • Saikat Park

Popular Roads in Locality - Road 1 / Road 2 / Road 3 / Road 4

Several roads are well-travelled due to their connection, historical significance, and commercial value in the Nadia district of West Bengal, India. Here are some of Nadia's well-travelled roads.

NH-34 (National Highway 34): A significant national highway road that travels through the Nadia district is NH-34. It links Siliguri, a significant city in North Bengal, with Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. This route is essential to tying the Nadia district to other regions of the state and the nation.

Krishnanagar Road: In the Nadia district, Krishnanagar Road is a crucial road. It links the district's various towns and villages to Krishnanagar, the district's administrative centre. Within the district, this road is widely used for transportation and commuting.

Chakdaha Road: Another well-travelled road in the Nadia district is Chakdaha Road. It links Chakdaha, a city renowned for its historical and cultural legacy, with Krishnanagar. Visitors to Chakdaha and its surroundings frequently use this road passing through Nadia.

Shantipur Road: The well-travelled Shantipur Road links Krishnanagar with Shantipur, a city well-known for its handloom sector. Due in large part to Shantipur's numerous handloom manufacturers and textile industries, this road has a heavy volume of traffic.

Nearby Locality - Distance Calculator

There are many significant localities that are situated close to Nadia. These localities are connected to one another via several means of public transportation. The table below shows Nadi’s connectivity to other localities. 




Approximate Cab fare (₹)


47.2 km

1 hr 42 min



66.6 km

2 hr 23 min



71.9 km

2 hr 38 min



136.8 km

3 hr 32 min



144.3 km

4 hr 1 min


  • Transport Service Availability

There are many options for on-road public transportation that connect Nadia to its nearby localities like Bongaon, Haringhata, Kalyani, Howrah, and Kolkata. The most commonly used public transports are trains, buses, autos, and cabs. 

How People Rate this Locality

People have given positive feedback to Nadia because of its livability index and popular tourist destinations. Nadia has increased in popularity as a residential area because of the upcoming and new developments. Road connectivity is growing and increasing. To avoid inconvenience and unwelcome accidents, new roadways are being built close to residential areas. New commercial projects are being developed to accommodate the growing population and demand for services. The demand for the remaining apartments in the neighborhood has prompted the development of further projects. There are homes and offices operating with correct connectivity and practical design structures.

How to Visit Nadia?

There are many ways to visit the district of Nadia. These are the typical routes to the Nadia district:

  • By air: The Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata is the closest airport to the Nadia district. To get to the Nadia area from the airport, you can either rent a cab or use a pre-paid taxi. 
  • By train: Rail networks connect the Nadia district well. Krishnanagar City Junction, Ranaghat Junction, and Nabadwip Dham Railway Station are the three main rail hubs in the Nadia district. From Kolkata and other significant cities, a number of trains travel to these stops.
  • By road: The Nadia area is easily accessible by bus or personal automobile, thanks to its excellent road infrastructure. The district is connected to Kolkata and other surrounding cities via National Highway 34 (NH-34), which runs through it. 
  • Local transportation: Local transportation choices in Nadia district include taxis, auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws and buses.

Tourist Spot / Places To Visit in Nadia

There are several tourist attractions in the Nadia district, which is home to a wealth of historical and cultural history. Here are a few of the well-known tourist attractions in the Nadia district:

  • Krishnanagar Palace- It is a gorgeous palace that is situated in Krishnanagar and is also referred to as the Rajbari Palace. The palace, which was constructed in the 19th century, features striking architectural designs and is home to a museum that displays artefacts, artworks, and royal possessions.
  • Mayapur- For adherents of the Gaudiya Vaishnavism faith, Mayapur is a prominent pilgrimage place. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, a respected saint and spiritual authority, was born there. The ISKCON Temple, popularly referred to as the "Temple of Vedic Planetarium," is the main draw in Mayapur.
  • Nabadwip- Another significant place of worship in the Nadia district is Nabadwip. It is thought that this is where Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was born. Numerous historic temples in the town, notably the well-known Nabadwip Chandrodaya Mandir and Yoga Peeth, are widely recognised.
  • Bethuadahari Wildlife Sanctuary- The Bethuadahari Wildlife Sanctuary, which is close to Krishnanagar, is a delight for those who enjoy the outdoors and wildlife. Deer, birds, and reptiles are just a few of the many types of plants and animals that are found here. It provides chances for birdwatching and outdoor walks.

Locality Comparison (basis on few elements)

In comparison to the nearby districts and localities, Nadia is way better in terms of safety, livability, transportation, and road connectivity. It has a progressive physical and social infrastructure, and in this regard, it is doing better than Bongaon or Haringhata. Having a progressive physical infrastructure is necessary for the economic and social development of a place. It has more demand for properties than many of its neighbouring areas. However, in comparison to metropolitan cities like Kolkata or Howrah, Nadia's development is slower. Kolkata has metro connectivity and proximity to the airport, unlike Nadia.

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How to Visit Nadia, Kolkata?

Nadia Kolkata
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