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Ratings & Reviews of Omaxe City, Lucknow

7 Ratings
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What’s good
  • Plenty of Shopping & Entertainment Options Nearby
  • Safe at Night with Well Lit Streets
  • Reputed Schools or Hospitals in the Vicinity
  • Well Built Roads with Sidewalk
What’s Bad
  • No Infrastructural Development Planned in Future
  • Scarcity of Public Transport
Omaxe City, Lucknow - Reviews
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Fuhaar Infraventures
Real estate agent
Great Sociaty For family
Kasthuri Bhatt
In Lucknow, Omaxe City has always been regarded as one of the best options. I am grateful that my parents were able to invest in this company at a young stage in their careers. I have always called this place home. The fact that there are only a few factories in this area contributes to the low level of pollution. You have access to a really solid opportunity for advanced education. Although Omaxe has a reliable public transportation system, there is currently no connectivity to the metro. Rest is fine in this location. Read More
Anandmoorti Batra
Former resident
I had to leave Omaxe city when I was younger to live in another city, the time that I spent there as a youngster still stands out as some of the happiest of my life. Because all of the necessary items, such as hospitals, schools, and markets, are within walking distance in this neighborhood, it is a nice place to live because you can easily find the things you need for your home there. This location provides you with the kind of life that helps you feel refreshed and revitalized. Read More
Apoorva Chadha
Although I've only been a member of this society for a couple of months, I adore it since the atmosphere is always so fresh. This location provides us with access to clean air. There has been a sufficient supply of both electricity and water consistently. That is the finest possible outcome. In addition to this, there is reliable public transportation, which makes s's life much simpler. There is a transport infrastructure that is well maintained as well. Read More
Uma Naidu
The neighborhood is desirable for living because all of the necessary items, such as schools, hospitals, and a market for home appliances, are within walking distance from one another. You can move around quite easily using the public transportation system. Comparatively fewer people compared to other cities like (Delhi NCR) less pollution reduced traffic bottlenecks. The water facilities are sufficient, however, the water itself can be unfit for consumption at times. I hope someone in power decides to do something about this situation. Aside from that, the neighborhood is an excellent value in Lucknow. Read More
Kamala Garg
I moved here with my family quite some time ago, and over that time, I've witnessed the neighborhood maintain its status quo. There are many friendly neighbors, and there is an occasional sense of community present. Omaxe City is the best choice for you if you are looking for projects that are already finished and ready to move into. The condition of the area's roadways is outstanding. Additionally, street lights are erected in the streets. The increased visibility of law enforcement in our town deters criminals and makes it safer overall. Additionally, there is a sufficient supply of water. Read More
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