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New Thippasandra, Bangalore

Bangalore, 560075
Buy: ₹ 19 L - ₹ 2.51 Cr
Rent: 13,000 - ₹ 3.75 L
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About New Thippasandra, Bangalore

An active neighbourhood is New Thippasandra in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The majority of the region is a residential one with a mixture of single-family homes and apartments. The neighbourhood is noted for its high-quality amenities, which include schools, hospitals, and shopping malls, and is well-connected to other areas of the city.

What's Great About New Thippasandra

For several reasons, New Thippasandra in Bangalore, India, is an excellent place to reside. The area is mostly residential, and there is a fair mixture of single-family homes and apartments. It has good amenities, including schools, hospitals, and commercial areas, and is well connected to other areas of the city.

What's Not Great About New Thippasandra

Living in New Thippasandra in Bangalore, India, presents a number of difficulties, including poor access to other areas of the city. Since most of the area is residential, anyone without a personal vehicle may find it challenging to commute due to poor public transportation choices.

Physical Infrastructure and Livability Index

The physical infrastructure of New Thippasandra in Bangalore, India, is good, with well-kept roads and reliable public transportation. The vicinity serves as a desirable residential and business hub thanks to the abundance of schools, hospitals, and shopping centres. Nonetheless, the area's high traffic volume, scarcity of green space, and sporadic flooding during the monsoon season all have an impact on the livability score.

Social Infrastructure - Schools Nearby / Restaurants / Healthcare Centers /

A tranquil community with solid social infrastructure is New Thippasandra. There are various educational institutions in the region, including the renowned New Horizon Gurukul and the Gopalan National School. There are also a number of medical institutions, including the Columbia Asia Hospital and the Manipal Hospital. With a variety of parks and green areas, as well as places to shop and have fun, like the Phoenix Market City Mall, the neighbourhood provides its residents with a high quality of life. 


  • New Horizon Public School
  • St. Mary's Public School
  • VIBGYOR High School
  • Clarence Public School
  • Deccan International School


  • Manipal Hospital
  • Cloudnine Hospital
  • Koshys Hospital
  • Axiss Dental Clinic
  • SAI Spoorthi Hospital


  • Aromas of Andhra
  • Pind Balluchi
  • Empire Restaurant
  • Little Italy
  • Sri Krishna Kafe

Shopping Malls & Market / Banks / Airport / Metro / Bus Terminal / Railway Station Nearby / Parks Nearby

Here is a list of Shopping Malls & Markets, Banks, Airports, Metro, Bus Terminals, Railway Stations, and Parks nearby New Thippasandra

Shopping Malls 

  • Gopalan Signature Mall
  • Gopalan Grand Mall
  • Market Square Mall
  • Kemp Fort Mall

Banks & ATMs

  • HDFC Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • ICICI Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • Canara Bank


  • The nearest metro station is Baiyappanahalli Metro Station, located about 3 km away


  • Kempegowda International Airport, located about 40 km away

Bus Terminal 

  • Krishnarajapuram Bus Stand, located about 3 km away

Railway Station 

  • Bangalore East Railway Station, located about 3 km away


  • BDA Park
  • Sri Nidhi Park
  • Indira Priyadarshini Park

Popular Roads in New Thippasandra

100 Foot Road, which runs parallel to the Old Airport Road in New Thippasandra, is one of the busiest roadways. There are numerous stores, eateries, and cafes lining both sides of this busy business strip. It serves as a centre for entrepreneurship and innovation in the region thanks to the abundance of small and medium-sized firms that call it home. A common means of transportation for commuters is the road because it is well connected to other areas of Bangalore and has a large number of buses and cars travelling along it. 100 Foot Road is a vibrant and energetic street that contributes to the New Thippasandra neighbourhood's energy.

Home Services in New Thippasandra - Interior / Movers & Packers / Rental Furniture & Appliances / Solar Roof Top Services

Here are some interior design services, furniture rentals, and solar rooftop services available in New Thippasandra 

Interior Designing Services

  • FabModula Interiors
  • Urban Living Interiors
  • Design Arc Interiors
  • Pencil Studio
  • SP Interiors & Designers

Furniture/Appliance Rentals

  • Rentomojo
  • Furlenco
  • Guarented
  • Cityfurnish
  • Rentickle

Solar Rooftop Services

  • Orb Energy
  • Sunshot Technologies
  • Vijayalaxmi Solar
  • Goodwyn Energy Solutions
  • SolarMaxx

Nearby Locality to New Thippasandra

In close proximity to New Thippasandra are the communities of Indiranagar, HAL, and CV Raman Nagar. These neighbourhoods are well renowned for their commercial activity, with a large number of nearby enterprises and startups. With simple access to buses and the metro, the region is also well-connected to other areas of Bangalore.

Locality Distance Commute Time Cab Fare
Indiranagar 2 km 10 mins Rs. 50 - 70
Domlur 3 km 15 mins Rs. 60 - 80
Ulsoor 4 km 20 mins Rs. 80 - 100
Koramangala 5 km 25 mins Rs. 100 - 120
MG Road 7 km 30 mins Rs. 120 - 150
Electronic City 16 km 45 mins Rs. 250 - 300

How People Rate New Thippasandra

Residents of Bangalore give New Thippasandra high marks. The neighbourhood is praised for its pristine streets, excellent hospitals and schools, and close access to well-known commercial centres. Residents also value having peaceful residential areas and green landscapes nearby.

How to Visit New Thippasandra

The public transportation system in New Thippasandra is excellent, including buses and taxis. Indiranagar station, which is around 3 kilometres distant, is the closest metro stop. To get to New Thippasandra from different parts of the city, buses and auto-rickshaws are available.

Places To Visit in New Thippasandra

Bengaluru's New Thippasandra neighbourhood is well-known for its thriving street markets. There are numerous establishments in the area that sell everything from clothing to home goods. Also, there are a number of restaurants and street food sellers that sell a variety of regional specialities.

Locality Comparison

The prominent residential neighbourhood of New Thippasandra is situated in Bangalore's eastern region. It has several schools, hospitals, and shopping malls and is well-connected to other areas of the city. In comparison to other surrounding communities like Whitefield and Indiranagar, New Thippasandra is more reasonably priced and provides an excellent balance of urban conveniences and scenic beauty. Nonetheless, at peak hours, the area can become very crowded.

Wrapping Up

Eastern Bangalore's New Thippasandra is a thriving community known for its vibrant marketplaces, street food carts, and busy commercial sectors. It is a well-liked resort for both young professionals and families and offers a variety of accommodation alternatives, from affordable apartments to roomy villas.

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How to Visit New Thippasandra, Bangalore?

New Thippasandra Bangalore
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New Thippasandra Map and Nearby Landmarks
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Business Hubs
  • Shopping Centers
  • City Connections
City Connection Near by New Thippasandra
Hotel Near by New Thippasandra
Shopping Center Near by New Thippasandra
Business Hub Near by New Thippasandra

Social Infrastructure Nearby New Thippasandra, Bangalore

School Nearby New Thippasandra, Bangalore
  • Mother Mary English School
  • Indira Nagar Cambridge School
  • Miranda School
  • Oxford English High School
  • StThomas Public School
  • Fuscos School
  • Kannada Government School
  • Sapna Book House
  • National Centre For Excellence
+ (7) more
Hospital Nearby New Thippasandra, Bangalore
  • Maternity Services
  • Beml Hospital
  • Nethradhama Superspeciality Eye Hospital
  • Precise Medical Diagnostics
  • Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Eye Hospital
  • Columbia Asia Hospitals Pvt Ltd
  • Chinmaya Mission Hospital
  • Kakde Nursing Home
  • Rotary K R Hospital Blood Bank
+ (7) more

Property Rates & Price Trends in New Thippasandra

Location Summary for New Thippasandra
  • All
  • New Sale
  • Resale
  • 6M
  • 3M
  • 1Yr
Sales Transactions
Gross Sales Value
₹ 20 Cr.
Current Rate/Sq.ft
₹ 5,933
Price Movement
+₹ 218
Location Sales Trend for New Thippasandra
  • All
  • New Sale
  • Resale
Price Movement in & around New Thippasandra
  • All
  • New Sale
  • Resale
Location Current Price 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
New Thippasandra ₹ 5,933 -0.29% +3.82% +40.59%
C V Raman Nagar ₹ 7,861 +0.78% +0.24% +6.25%
Indiranagar ₹ 10,368 +2.87% -4.81% +10.59%
Kaggadasapura ₹ 5,006 -1.08% -14.77% -19.87%
Murgesh Pallya ₹ 5,152 +0.94% +0.16% -0.08%
Vibhutipura ₹ 5,141 -0.40% -4.02% -0.30%
Top Selling Projects by Transaction in New Thippasandra
  • All
  • New Sale
  • Resale
  • 6M
  • 3M
  • 1Yr
Project Transactions Current Price Price Change
Vasavis Sai Sanjeevini 3 ₹ 6,500 +₹ 590
Shreyas Nandhnam 2 ₹ 6,144 -
Laa Paradise 1 ₹ 7,299 -
SMR Vinay Cascades 1 ₹ 6,799 ₹ 0
Jai Sai Sadan 1 ₹ 6,766 +₹ 1,049
Saideep Heaven 1 ₹ 6,644 -
Sai Shree Enclave 1 ₹ 6,508 +₹ 863
Srinidhi Mansion 1 ₹ 6,431 -₹ 108
Aakarshana Enclave 1 ₹ 6,418 +₹ 377
SRK Cornerstone 1 ₹ 5,481 +₹ 776
Top Selling Projects by Value in New Thippasandra
  • All
  • New Sale
  • Resale
  • 6M
  • 3M
  • 1Yr
Project Sale Value Current Price Price Change
Vasavis Sai Sanjeevini ₹ 2 Cr. ₹ 6,500 +₹ 590
SMR Vinay Cascades ₹ 2 Cr. ₹ 6,799 ₹ 0
Duo Harmony ₹ 2 Cr. ₹ 9,256 -
Annapoorna Apartment ₹ 2 Cr. ₹ 7,412 -
Shreyas Nandhnam ₹ 1 Cr. ₹ 6,144 -
Laa Paradise ₹ 1 Cr. ₹ 7,299 -
Srinidhi Mansion ₹ 1 Cr. ₹ 6,431 -₹ 108
Gitanjali Corner ₹ 1 Cr. ₹ 7,501 -
SRK Cornerstone ₹ 1 Cr. ₹ 5,481 +₹ 776
Gitanjali Apartment ₹ 1 Cr. ₹ 6,903 -
Top Developers by Transaction in New Thippasandra
  • All
  • New Sale
  • Resale
  • 6M
  • 3M
  • 1Yr
Developer Name Transactions
Vasavi Home Solutions 3
SMR Holdings 2
Skylark Mansions 2
PSS Properties 1
SRK Estates 1
Gitanjali Developers 1
T Mallikarjuna Developer 1
LAA Properties 1
Duo Associates 1
Jai Sai Properties 1
Top Gainer Projects in New Thippasandra
  • All
  • Resale
  • 1Yr
Project Transactions Current Price Price Change
SMR Vinay Cascades 5 ₹ 6,799 -₹ 1,387
High Value Transactions in New Thippasandra
  • All
  • New Sale
  • Resale
  • 6M
  • 3M
  • 1Yr
Project Gross Value
Duo Harmony ₹ 2 Cr.
Annapoorna Apartment ₹ 2 Cr.
Laa Paradise ₹ 1 Cr.
Srinidhi Mansion ₹ 1 Cr.
Gitanjali Corner ₹ 1 Cr.
SRK Cornerstone ₹ 1 Cr.
Gitanjali Apartment ₹ 1 Cr.
Jai Sai Sadan ₹ 1 Cr.
Sai Shree Enclave ₹ 1 Cr.
Aakarshana Enclave ₹ 1 Cr.
Most Expensive Projects in New Thippasandra
  • All
  • New Sale
  • Resale
  • 6M
  • 3M
  • 1Yr
Project Current Price
Laa Paradise ₹ 7,299
SMR Vinay Cascades ₹ 6,799
Jai Sai Sadan ₹ 6,766
Prakruthi Paradise ₹ 6,750
Team Sara ₹ 6,652
Saideep Heaven ₹ 6,644
Sreyas Nandanam ₹ 6,510
Sai Shree Enclave ₹ 6,508
Vasavis Sai Sanjeevini ₹ 6,500
Elan Aster ₹ 6,495
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R K Groups
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  • Speaks: English,Hindi,Kannada
Rajashekhar Reddy
Bangalore, Karnataka
Bangalore, Karnataka
Purushotham V
Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Speaks: English,Hindi,Kannada
Srikanth M
Bangalore, Karnataka
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