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Topsia, Kolkata

Kolkata, 700039
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About Topsia, Kolkata

Topsia, located along the EM Bypass Road in East Kolkata, is a residential area known for its proximity to key locations and robust infrastructure. It is encircled by neighbourhoods like Ballygunge, Tangra, and Tiljala, which are approximately 5 kilometres from Kolkata's city centre. Topsia is notable for housing several multi-story apartment projects, including Flora Fountain, Ideal Lake View, Forum Atmosphere, and Zen by PS Group.

Topsia boasts excellent connectivity, largely due to the presence of EM Bypass (NH-12) and MAA Flyover, which provide smooth access to different parts of the city. For public transit, the Rabindra Sadan Metro Station is 4 kilometres away, and the Maidan Metro Station is 7 kilometres distant. Additionally, the Sealdah Railway Station is about 5 kilometres from Topsia, enhancing its accessibility. For air travel, the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is 16 kilometres away, roughly a 30-35 minute drive.

The area is equipped with adequate social and retail amenities too. Notable attractions within Topsia include Science City (a museum), Milan Mela Ground, and Mirania Gardens. The locality is also home to several religious sites. Regarding healthcare, nearby facilities include Flemming Hospital and Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital. Educational institutions such as Huda Public School, Grace Ling Liang English School, and The Crescent School are located in and around Topsia, contributing to its appeal as a family-friendly neighbourhood.

What’s Good v/s What Can Be Better

Positive Points

Negative Points

Excellent connectivity to key Kolkata areas via EM Bypass and MAA Flyover.

Faces heavy traffic, particularly during rush hours.

Modern apartment complexes with diverse living options.

Need for more structured urban development and green spaces.

Close to major transport hubs, hospitals, and the airport.

Struggles with waterlogging during monsoons due to inadequate drainage.

Hosts several reputable schools, offering quality education.

Requires efficient waste management systems for growing waste.

It is enriched with cultural sites like Science City and green spaces.

Higher levels of noise pollution due to proximity to major roads.

Physical Infrastructure and Livability Index 

Topsia in Kolkata showcases a unique interplay of solid physical infrastructure and a commendable livability index, echoing a fusion of contemporary urban living with a hint of traditional charm. This area is increasingly attracting those who value a mix of urban convenience and lifestyle diversity. Topsia presents various residential options, ranging from upscale apartment complexes like Flora Fountain and Ideal Lake View to more traditional housing, catering to a wide spectrum of residents.

The physical infrastructure of Topsia mirrors the dynamic urban development typical of a burgeoning Kolkata. It is characterised by major roads like the EM Bypass and the MAA Flyover, enhancing connectivity across the city. The locality is also well-served by public transport facilities, including proximity to major metro stations and the Sealdah Railway Station. Despite these advantages, Topsia, like many urban areas, grapples with challenges such as traffic congestion and the need for continual infrastructural upgrades to keep pace with its growth.

In terms of livability, Topsia strikes a balance with its community-focused ambience. It is a neighbourhood where residents enjoy a sense of community and engagement, contrasting with more exclusive areas of Kolkata. The locality is adequately equipped with amenities like steady electricity, water supply, and access to local markets, all contributing to its positive livability score. With institutions like Huda Public School and Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital, the area addresses basic educational and healthcare needs. Still, it has room for growth in specialised services to meet the diverse needs of its inhabitants.

Overall, Topsia is a locality that successfully merges modern urban facilities with a sense of community, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a well-rounded and comfortable urban life in Kolkata.

Social Infrastructure - Restaurants

Following are some really good restaurants you can visit with your friends and loved ones:-

  • Golden Joy Restaurant 
  • New Shimla Restaurant 
  • Royal Indian Restaurant 
  • Mavericks Family Restaurant and Caterer 
  • Pepper Chino 
  • Parijat Restaurant 

Banks/ Metros Stations/ Airport/ Bus Terminal/ Railway Stations/ Parks 

Banks and ATMs

  • Axis Bank 
  • HDFC Bank
  • Indian Bank
  • Bank of India 
  • State Bank of India Branch
  • Union Bank of India
  • Canara Bank
  • Bank of Baroda
  • ICICI Bank

Metros and Railway Stations 

  • Topsia Metro Station 
  • Park Circus Station 
  • Kamardanga Halt Train Station 


  • Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport 

Bus Terminals

  • Institute of Child Health 
  • Kohinoor Market 
  • Ashiana Apartment 
  • Loha Pul Bus Stop 
  • Syed Amir Ali Avenue 

Popular Roads in Topsia 

Topsia Road

A bustling thoroughfare in Topsia, Kolkata, is known for its vital connectivity and a mix of residential and commercial establishments.

Chandra Nath Road

A relatively quieter road in Topsia, it offers a blend of residential areas and local businesses and is known for its easy accessibility.

Kustia Road

This road is a significant local artery in Topsia, characterised by its lively marketplaces and diverse shops and services.

Nearby Localities in Topsia, Kolkata 

The table will help you understand the distance you will need to travel from Topsia, travel time and estimated cab fare.


Distance from Topsia (km)

Travel Time

Estimated Cab Fare (INR)


3-4 km 

15-20 min 



2-3 km 

15-20 min 



2-3 km 

15-20 min 


Park Circus 

2-3 km 

15-20 min 



4-5 km 

25-30 min 


How do People Rate Topsia? 

Topsia in Kolkata receives favourable ratings for several key aspects that make it an appealing place to live. Its prime location along the EM Bypass and near the MAA Flyover ensures excellent connectivity, enabling residents to access different parts of Kolkata easily. This superior connectivity significantly eases daily commutes for personal and professional purposes, making Topsia a convenient choice for many.

The area is also recognised for its relatively high safety standards. Community-driven efforts, coupled with efficient local policing, contribute to a secure environment, making it an attractive location for families and individuals who prioritise safety and security in their living areas. These factors, along with the blend of residential options and proximity to essential services, make Topsia a well-regarded locality in Kolkata. 

How to Visit Topsia? 

By Air

Arrive at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, which is about 16 kilometres away from Topsia. You can take a taxi from the airport or use app-based cab services like Ola or Uber for a direct route to Topsia. Alternatively, you can use the airport's bus services or private shuttles to reach the area.

By Road

Topsia is well-connected by road, particularly through the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass (EM Bypass). If you're driving from within Kolkata or from nearby cities, you can navigate via EM Bypass to directly reach Topsia. Regular bus services from different parts of Kolkata and neighbouring areas are available to Topsia, making it accessible via public transportation.

By Train

The nearest major railway station is Sealdah Railway Station, located approximately 5 kilometres from Topsia. Upon arriving at Sealdah, you can opt for local transport like taxis, auto-rickshaws, or buses to reach Topsia. For those coming from distant cities, Kolkata’s major railway stations, like Howrah and Sealdah, offer excellent connectivity to Topsia via local transport services.

Places to Visit in Topsia, Kolkata

Science City

Located near Topsia, Science City is the largest science centre in the Indian subcontinent. It's a fascinating blend of education and entertainment, featuring a Space Odyssey, Dynamotion, Evolution Theme Park, Maritime Center, and Earth Exploration Hall.

Birla Industrial & Technological Museum

A short drive from Topsia, this museum on Gurusaday Road is India's first science museum and a treasure trove for science enthusiasts. Its exhibits cover physics, biotechnology, metals, and more.

Mirania Gardens

A peaceful retreat within Topsia, this garden is perfect for a leisurely stroll or a relaxing picnic. Its lush greenery offers a refreshing break from the urban hustle.

Quest Mall

Located in the nearby Ballygunge area, Quest Mall is one of Kolkata's most upscale shopping destinations, featuring a range of international and Indian brands, a multiplex, and various dining options.

Park Street

A short drive from Topsia, Park Street is famous for its vibrant nightlife, historical landmarks, and an array of dining options, from street food to fine dining. It's a must-visit for anyone looking to experience Kolkata's dynamic cultural scene.

Locality Comparison

The localities surrounding Topsia in Kolkata each present distinct characteristics and lifestyles. Ballygunge, one of the most affluent areas in Kolkata, is renowned for its high-end boutiques, upscale restaurants, and prestigious educational institutions. It primarily consists of luxurious apartments and large ancestral homes, offering a quieter and more upscale environment than Topsia.

Tangra, famously known as Kolkata's Chinatown, is celebrated for its rich Chinese cuisine and tanneries. The area displays a mix of old houses and new apartment buildings, bustling with small businesses and restaurants, particularly Chinese eateries. Tangra's industrial and culturally diverse atmosphere contrasts with the more balanced urban environment of Topsia.

Tiljala presents a blend of residential and industrial settings, characterised by a diverse socioeconomic spectrum. While it has a variety of traditional homes and modern apartments, it is less commercially vibrant and more industrial compared to Topsia.

Park Circus stands out as a major transportation hub with excellent connectivity. It combines old and new residential structures and is known for its lively markets and educational institutions. The area is busier and more crowded than Topsia, featuring a mix of residential and commercial setups.

Sealdah, housing one of Kolkata's busiest railway stations, is marked by dense residential areas and a distinctly urban feel. The commercial activity here is high, driven by the railway station and related businesses. This makes Sealdah extremely busy and more congested compared to the relatively balanced environment of Topsia.


In conclusion, living in Topsia, Kolkata, offers a unique urban experience that balances the hustle and bustle of city life with the comforts of residential living. Its strategic location along major roads like the EM Bypass and the proximity to the MAA Flyover provide exceptional connectivity, making it a convenient base for navigating the city. The variety of residential options, from modern apartment complexes to traditional housing, caters to a diverse demographic, making it a versatile choice for many.

Topsia's growing infrastructure, including access to essential services, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities, contributes to a comfortable urban lifestyle. While it faces typical metropolitan challenges like traffic congestion and noise pollution, the locality's blend of convenience, accessibility, and community atmosphere enhances the overall quality of life.

The proximity to vibrant neighbourhoods like Ballygunge, Tangra, and Park Circus adds to its appeal, offering residents easy access to a wider range of cultural, dining, and shopping experiences. This, combined with its relatively high safety standards and community-centric ambience, makes Topsia a desirable location for those seeking a balanced urban living experience in Kolkata.


What are the transportation options available in Topsia?

Topsia is well-connected by road, with easy access to the EM Bypass and the MAA Flyover. Public transportation options include buses, taxis, and app-based cab services. Nearby metro stations like Rabindra Sadan and Maidan Metro Station enhance connectivity.

Are there good educational institutions in and around Topsia?

Yes, Topsia is close to several reputable educational institutions, including Huda Public School, Grace Ling Liang English School, and The Crescent School, catering to a range of educational needs.

How is the healthcare infrastructure in Topsia?

The healthcare infrastructure in Topsia is robust, with nearby facilities like Flemming Hospital and Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital, providing residents with access to quality medical care.

What kind of residential options are available in Topsia?

Topsia offers a variety of residential options, ranging from upscale apartment complexes like Flora Fountain and Ideal Lake View to more traditional housing, catering to different lifestyles and budgets.

Are there any recreational or cultural spots in Topsia?

Yes, Topsia is home to several recreational and cultural spots such as Science City, Milan Mela Ground, and Mirania Gardens, offering residents entertainment and leisure activities within the locality.

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How to Visit Topsia, Kolkata?

Topsia Kolkata
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Topsia Map and Nearby Landmarks
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School Near by Topsia
Hospital Near by Topsia
Shopping Center Near by Topsia

Social Infrastructure Nearby Topsia, Kolkata

School Nearby Topsia, Kolkata
  • Llr Public School
  • Oxford High School
  • StThoms High School
  • Genius National School
  • Purbanchal Prabhati Sangha Primary School
  • Panchkari Radharani Adarsha Vidyalaya For Girls
  • Royal Grammar School
  • Grace Ling Liang English School
  • The Crescent School
+ (7) more
Hospital Nearby Topsia, Kolkata
  • Swastik Seva Sadan
  • Flemming Hospital
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