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Dakshineswar, Kolkata

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About Dakshineswar, Kolkata

Nestled on the corner side of river Ganga, Dakshineswar is a serene locality in Kolkata. It holds a mesmerizing aura that spurs a touch of divine spirituality perfectly combined with traditional vows. This beautiful neighbourhood holds great value due to its renowned Dakshineswar Kali Temple, which is a living testament to the city’s rich cultural heritage and religious fervour. 

If you’re planning to visit Dakshineswar, you’ll be amazed to feel the positivity the moment you put your foot right into it. The scented fresh air, along with the gentle sound of temple bells, and the fragrance of incense sticks filling all the road, represents this city as a pure bliss to be in. The incessant Dakshineswar Kali Temple is dedicated to the fierce and admissive goddess Kali, who is the soul and power of this locality.

With its elaborate construction and breathtaking splendour, the Dakshineswar Kali Temple has drawn tourists and worshippers for over a century. The temple was built in 1855 by Kali devotee and philanthropist Rani Rashmoni, and it is a tribute to their devotion and artistic skill. Its magnificent sculptures and imposing towers beckon travellers to embark on a spiritual journey.

You can witness an amalgamation of purity and peace when you devour your prayers.. Chants and hymns fill the air, creating a fascinating and sobering atmosphere. The famed saint and musician Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa once dwelt in the Nahavat-Khana, a music room part of the temple complex. Even today, many who are seeking spirituality are inspired by his teachings.

Dakshineswar offers beautiful scenery beyond the temple that enchants the senses. The calm Ganges river banks offer an escape from the bustle of the city and a tranquil setting for reflection and introspection. Devotees and villagers congregate along the riverfront in the early morning and late evening to pray, meditate, and offer flowers to the sacred river. One is carried away to a peaceful realm by the soothing symphony created by the rhythmic flow of the Ganges and the mild breeze.

Dakshineswar is a centre for craftsmanship in addition to having religious significance and a charming cultural atmosphere. The area is well-known for its beautiful pottery, handcrafted sarees, and intricate clay sculptures. Local artists preserve long-standing customs by giving clay idols life and weaving stories via colourful threads with their skilled hands and imaginative minds.

Dakshineswar continues to draw seekers from all walks of life because of its spiritual ambience, scenic beauty, and active community. This area delivers an experience that leaves an imprint on the soul, whether one is looking for solace in the divine, a window into history, or simply a tranquil reprieve from the busy metropolis. One cannot help but smile as the sun sets over the Ganges, casting a golden glow over the temple spires.

What's Great about Dakshineswar, Kolkata?

What's Not Great about Dakshineswar, Kolkata?

The locality is a spiritual haven, filled with so many spiritual places like Dakshineswar Kali Temple etc. 

There are limited commercial spaces, and you must settle down for unlikely locations.

This locality boasts a rich cultural heritage and has a plethora of cultural viewpoints to enjoy from.

The locality has an infusion of noise pollution that bothers residents.

You can enjoy serene riverfronts and amazing views that make you want to die for. 

Moving around can be challenging at times due to the region's frequent high traffic congestion.

The locality has a lot of amenities which are also easily accessible.

The Place doesn’t hold voguish nightlife, which can bother a certain group of people.

The area is renowned for its talented craftspeople who work in pottery, clay modelling, and handloom saree weaving to preserve traditional skills and display their artistic abilities.

Dakshineswar may encounter mild levels of air pollution due to its proximity to the city, particularly during high traffic. This might affect the air quality.

Physical Infrastructure and Livability Index

Dakshineswar's physical infrastructure exhibits a well-balanced fusion of heritage and modernity. The community has pristine surroundings, well-kept roads, and dependable public transportation, ensuring easy movement for its residents. Additionally, the area's livability index is raised by the existence of nearby markets, healthcare facilities, and schools. The availability of parks and recreational areas, where families and individuals can unwind amidst greenery, demonstrates Dakshineswar's human-centric approach. Dakshineswar is a great place to live, thanks to the strong sense of community and efforts to provide basic services, resulting in a high livability score.

Social Infrastructure- Restaurants

The social infrastructure in Dakshineswar, a neighbourhood in Kolkata, is strong and serves the demands of its residents. The neighbourhood fosters a lively and welcoming atmosphere with fantastic restaurants that would enchant everyone.


  • Food Fandom
  • Maa Bhabatarini Hotel And Restaurant
  • Vinayak Food Plaza
  • Wow! Momo
  • Anam's Kitchen

Banks/Airport/Bus Terminals/Railway Stations/ Parks

The list below contains all the information on locations in or close to Dakshineswar, Kolkata, including nearby banks, ATMs, the airport, train stations, bus stops, and other locations:-

Banks & ATM

  • ICICI Bank ATM
  • State Bank ATM
  • UCO Bank ATM
  • Canara Bank ATM
  • Bank of Baroda ATM


  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport


  • Dakshineswar Park
  • Panchavati Park
  • Mitra Bagan Park
  • Subodh Chandra Roy Udyan (Chatal Math)
  • Sister Nibedita Shishu Sathi Park

Railway Station

  • Dakshineswar
  • Bally Ghat
  • Baranagar Road
  • Uttarpara
  • Belgharia

Bus Stand

  • Dakshineswar Bus Terminal
  • Ariadaha Bus Terminus
  • Dakshineswar Alambazar More Bus Stop
  • Dakshineswar Howrah Bus Stand
  • Baranagar Station

Nearby Locality to Dakshineswar Kolkata 



Commute Time

Cab Fare

Santhi Nagra Colony


7 min.

INR 100-120

New Mullick Colony

1.4 km 

6 min.

INR 100-120



8 min.

INR 120-150



9 min.

INR 140-180



12 min.

INR 140-180

How do People Rate Dakshineswar Kolkata?

Dakshineswar residents think highly of their neighbourhood and consider it to be one of the best places to live in Kolkata. Their sentiments are derived from Dakshineswar's rich spiritual and cultural legacy. The tranquil atmosphere, close proximity to the revered Dakshineswar Kali Temple, and the holy Ganges River are all valued by the locals. The good assessment is enhanced by the strong sense of community and the well-kept physical infrastructure, which includes markets, schools, and healthcare facilities. The livability index of Dakshineswar is further boosted by the city's peaceful fusion of tradition and modernity, which fosters a nurturing environment that locals adore and proudly regard as great.

How to Visit Dakshineswar Kolkata?

The following options are provided for your convenience if you're a visitor or a city resident looking for an alternate mode of transportation: 

  1. Airways: To go to Dakshineswar Kolkata and have an enthralling stay, choose to fly through Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport.
  2. Railways:- Dakshineswar Kolkata can alternatively be reached through Dakshineswar, Bally Ghat, or any other railway station. The area appears to provide tourists and commuters with fervorous train access. 
  3. Road: Dakshineswar Kolkata has strong inter-state connectivity and is easily accessible via roads from nearby localities. 

Places to visit in Dakshineswar, Kolkata

If you wish to spend a long weekend in Dakshineswar in Kolkata far from the commotion, plan your trip around the following attractions:

  • Dakshineswar Kali Temple
  • Adyapeath Mandir
  • Dakshineswar Skywalk
  • Ethnotel

Locality Comparison

As opposed to other neighbourhoods, Dakshineswar excels at keeping a personal touch while providing top-notch amenities. Dakshineswar prioritises the opinions and requirements of its residents in contrast to its competitors and places a great value on community involvement and participatory decision-making processes. The community stands out due to its state-of-the-art physical infrastructure, effective waste management, and accessibility to essential services. Dakshineswar gets a high score for livability because of its dedication to sustainability, ease of access to open areas, and celebration of cultural variety. Dakshineswar residents lead happy, fulfilling lives, which demonstrates the success of the community's human-centric philosophy.

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How to Visit Dakshineswar, Kolkata?

Dakshineswar Kolkata
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