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Alto Betim Porvorim, Goa

₹ 6200 per sqft

₹ 6200 / sqft Avg. Price
0.36% In last 1 year

Panaji, Goa

₹ 6435 per sqft

₹ 6435 / sqft Avg. Price
0.36% In last 1 year
Panaji is the capital of the Indian territory of and the central command of North Goa region. It lies on the banks of the Mandovi River estuary in the Ilhas de Goa sub-region (taluka). With a populace of 114,759 in the metropolitan region, Panjim is Goa's biggest urban agglomeration, in front of Margao and . Panjim has terraced slopes, solid structures with galleries and red-tiled rooftops, places of worship, and a riverside promenade. There are roads fixed with gulmohar, acacia and different trees. The Baroque Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church is found disregarding the primary square known as Praça da Igreja. Panaji has been chosen as one of the hundred Indian urban areas to be produced as a brilliant city under the Smart Cities Mission. Panaji is the principal city in India to be based on an arranged matrix framework. The city's available authority name is Panaji. The Portuguese name was Pangim, albeit formally named Nova Goa. The city is prevalently likewise called Panjim (in English). It has been renamed Panjim since the 1960s after the Indian organization – with an end goal to wipe out all Portuguese impact from the State. Panjim was added by India with whatever remains of Goa and the previous Portuguese domains after the Indian attack of Portuguese India in 1961. It turned into a state-capital on Goa's rise to statehood in 1987. In the vicinity of 1961 and 1987, it was the capital of the Union Territory of Goa, Daman and Diu. Another Legislative Assembly complex was initiated in March 2000, over the Mandovi River, in Alto Porvorim. Panjim is likewise the authoritative home office of North Goa region. The most visited places in Panjim are the eighteenth June Road (a bustling lane in the core of the town and a shopping territory for travellers and local people), Mala region, Miramar shoreline and the Kala Academy where Goa exhibits its specialty and culture.

Margao, Goa

₹ 4641 per sqft

₹ 4641 / sqft Avg. Price
0.43% In last 1 year
Margao or Madagav is the second biggest city by populace, and the business and social capital of the Indian province of . It is the authoritative base camp of Salcete sub-locale and South Goa area. As of the 2011 enumeration of India,Margao had a populace of 87,650. Males constituted 51% of the populace and females 49%. It had a normal education rate of 90%; male proficiency was 93%, and female education 86.8%. In Margao, 9.8% of the populace was under 7 years old. With a populace of 106,484 in the metropolitan territory, Margao is second biggest urban agglomeration in Goa. The town has numerous sights and goals. These incorporate the 'Closed' Market called, in the Portuguese dialect, Mercado de Afonso de Albuquerque or in Konkani as "Pimplapedd" or "Pimpalakatta," the metropolitan building, the city plant, Anna Fonte , Old Market or Mercado Velho, Holy Spirit Church, terrific pilgrim manors, the sanctuary at Monte Hill, the Hindu crematorium or 'Smashan' and the Muslim cemetery or 'Kabrasthan' both arranged on Pajifond's Rua das Saudades. A portion of the town rural areas incorporate Pajifond, Aquem, Gogol, Borda, Malbhat, Kharebandh, Old Market, Navelim and Comba, the last two being the most seasoned parts of the town. There are various houses of worship and sanctuaries in Margao, since the populace is prevalently Hindu with a critical Roman Catholic and a little Muslim minority. The well known places of worship in Margao are the Holy Spirit Church, the Grace Church, The St Sebastian Church in Aquem and the Monte Hill Chapel. The well known sanctuaries are the 'Damodar Temple', the 'Hari Mandir', the 'Maruti Mandir' at Davorlim the 'Saibaba Temple' at Davorlim, the 'Shiv Temple' at close Nehru Stadium which is the first Temple of Damudora. South Goa is one of two areas that include the territory of Goa in West India, inside the district known as the Konkan. It is limited by the region of North Goa toward the north, the Uttara Kannada locale of Karnataka state toward the east and south, while the Arabian Sea shapes its western drift. Goa is one of the most popular states of India and is a major tourist hub. During its peak season it attracts visitors both from India and abroad.

Mapusa, Goa

₹ 4426 per sqft

₹ 4426 / sqft Avg. Price
0.50% In last 1 year
Mapusa is a town in North , India. It is arranged 13 km north of the capital Panaji. The town is the central station of Bardez Taluka. It is situated on the principle roadway NH-17, connecting Mumbai to Kochi. Mapusa is near one of the principle focuses of Goa's tourism industry. Mapusa's nearness to numerous shorelines in the north Goa makes it a reasonable base amid the visitor season (November to April). Since it is a primarily business town (for local people) with a substantial inhabitant populace, Mapusa has just a predetermined number of lodgings and convenience. Mapusa wakes up on Friday, the conventional market day otherwise called Mapusa Friday Market. Individuals from encompassing towns and towns come to Mapusa to offer their products. Mapusa, does not have an excessive number of traveller destinations. There are a couple of pioneer time Municipal expanding on the Altinho slope, it is a genuinely residential community with generally present day building spread around the inclines of a little hillock called Altinho. The most celebrated altar Shree Dev Bodgeshwar Sansthan of Lord Bodgeshwar, situated on the edges of the town amidst some rice fields, which is wonderfully lit up during the evening and draws a large number of enthusiasts for its yearly Jatra. Apart from this there is the Church of Our Lady of Miracles, established in 1594 and modified a few times since, the Church (otherwise called St Jerome's), then the Maruti Temple etc. North Goa is the perfect tourist destination attracting tourists from far and near and is crowded terribly during the peak season. The North Goa boasts of beaches like Baga Beach, Beach, Agoda Beach etc. Goa is the perfect holiday spot in India and is famous not only in the country but all over the world for its number of beaches and water sports activity that it hosts. People from foreign lands come to visit this place.

Porvorim, Goa

₹ 5127 per sqft

₹ 5127 / sqft Avg. Price
0.33% In last 1 year
otherwise called Purvari, is the authoritative capital of the territory of , India. It is arranged on the correct bank (north bank) of the Mandovi River. The authoritative capital Panaji is situated on the contrary bank. Considered as a suburb of Panaji, Porvorim is viewed as an upmarket private centre as it lies on the prime Mumbai– Goa roadway NH17. Porvorim is not really a few kilometres from the state capital, Panaji. Formally a town, it gives offices no shy of that of a town or a little city.Porvorim is very much associated by streets. The National Highway 17(NH17) goes through Porvorim. Framework, for example, schools, lodgings and thruways is creating here at a high pace. The Mall De Goa shopping centre is arranged here. Porvorim still has a considerable measure of greenery. Porvorim now is especially a neighborhood with instructive establishments around. Porvorim is arranged on the banks of River Mandovi, with a fantastic perspective of the state capital Panaji from the Mandovi connect. Porvorim is home to a few instructive organizations, including the conspicuous Vidya Probhodhini Education Society, with pre-essential, essential, secondary school and senior optional tutoring segments.

Dabolim, Goa

₹ 5632 per sqft

₹ 5632 / sqft Avg. Price
0.43% In last 1 year
Dabolim a village in Mormugao, Dabolim is located about 30kilometres from the state capital, Panjim, 23kilometres from the South Goa district headquarters Margao and 5 kilometres from , the headquarters of Mormugao. The only airport in Goa, Dabolim Airpot, is located here.

Ponda, Goa

₹ 3864 per sqft

₹ 3864 / sqft Avg. Price
0.49% In last 1 year
Ponda otherwise called Fonda, is a city and a civil committee in the South region of Goa, India. Situated in the focal region of Goa, Ponda lies 28 km (17 miles) southeast of , the capital of Goa and 17 km (10.6 miles) upper east of Margao, the region capital Ponda is otherwise called "Antruz Mahal" in view of the nearness of various well known sanctuaries and rich social legacy. The modern focus of the state, Ponda is home to numerous extensive manufacturing plants and mechanical homes, and is Goa's quickest developing city. Ponda shaped piece of the Novas Conquistas (New Conquests) of Portuguese India. It was led by the Sonde Rajas under the Vijayanagara Empire and the Bijapur Sultanate. In the sixteenth century, because of the nonappearance of the Portuguese, Ponda was a place of refuge for Hindus escaping oppression by Jesuits and the Portuguese. In 1675, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj seized Ponda from the Bijapur Sultanate. It remained some portion of the Maratha Empire until 1764. Under Shivaji, Saundekar Raja was the vassal of Ponda. As per the 2011 statistics of India, Ponda had a populace of 22,664. Guys constituted 51.8% of the populace and females 48.2%. Ponda had a normal education rate of 85.2%, higher than the national normal of 74.0%, with male proficiency at 86.7% and female education at 83.5%. In Ponda, 9.9% of the populace was under 6 years of age. Konkani is the most broadly talked dialect. Ponda is the passage to Goa's untamed life asylums, both the Bondla and the Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, and furthermore to the Dudhsagar falls. The close-by Butterfly Conservatory of Goa pulls in nature fans. It is at Pisgal, Priol, and near the Tropical Spice Plantation.

Assagao, Goa

₹ 6072 per sqft

₹ 6072 / sqft Avg. Price
0.15% In last 1 year
A village in Bardez, Goa is located about 4 kilometres west of Mapusa. Assagao is known as Land of Flowers. The popular beaches of Anjuna and Vagator are to the west of Assagao. This area also hosts several prominent educational institutions. There are a number of places of interest in and around this area, including the Church of Saint Cajetan, SWAN Yoga Retreat, Ghatyeshwar Temple, etc. Assagao Union High School is located in the village.

Bainguinim, Goa

₹ 4671 per sqft

₹ 4671 / sqft Avg. Price
0.37% In last 1 year
this is located in Tiswadi Tehsil of North Goa district. Situated at a distance of 9 kilometres from Panaji, Bainguinim has a total population of 1501. The nearest town is Tiswadi. There are about 388 houses in Bainguinim village. Both public and private bus service is available within village. The closest railway station is within 5 kilometres from here.

Candolim, Goa

₹ 7253 per sqft

₹ 7253 / sqft Avg. Price
0.22% In last 1 year
Candolim A census town in North Goa, Candolim is located in the Bardez taluka in the state of Goa. It is situated just south of the famous Beach. Candolim is also a popular tourist destination. The main Candolim-Calangute Road hosts several shops and restaurants. Panjim is at a distance of 15 kilometres here.

Chicalim, Goa

₹ 4194 per sqft

₹ 4194 / sqft Avg. Price
0.36% In last 1 year

Vasco da Gama, Goa

₹ 4600 per sqft

₹ 4600 / sqft Avg. Price
0.52% In last 1 year
frequently abbreviated to Vasco, is the biggest city in the province of on the west shoreline of India. It is named after the Portuguese adventurer Vasco da Gama. The city lies on the western tip of the Mormugao landmass, at the mouth of the Zuari River, around 30 kilometres from Panaji, Goa's capital, and around 5 kilometres from Dabolim Airport. The city was established in 1543 and stayed in Portuguese hands until 1961, when Goa stopped to be a Portuguese domain. The 1888 developed Mormugao port remains a bustling delivery course in Asia. Indeed, even today it is one of the real ports of free India and around 33% of India's metal fares leave from here. The ship-building territory of Goa Shipyard Limited that constructs Navy and Coast Guard vessels was likewise worked here in 1957 (amid the Portuguese-period). At first worked around the city's harbour as the freight boat repair yard Estaleiros Navais de Goa, the region has extended to incorporate more related exercises. Bogmalo Beach is 8 kilometres from Vasco. This shoreline is very hazardous as it has submerged streams. Hollant (Issorcim) and Baina are two littler shorelines around Vasco. Aside from the adjacent shorelines, the city of Vasco is dispossessed of any significant vacation spots, the notable landmark being the 400-year-old Igreja de Santo André (St. Andrew's Church), situated at the passageway of the city. However the Naval Aviation Museum close to the airplane terminal is a prevalent visitor spot and is one of three such historical centres in India. One of Goa's head melodic gatherings, Diamond Orchestra, hails from Vasco. The town is additionally home to a few English groups from Goa, strikingly Lynx and Kollectiv Soul. Vasco is known for the yearly Shri Damodar Bhajani Saptah reasonable held in Shravan month of Hindu lunar timetable going before the celebration of Nag panchami. Vasco da Gama facilitated the relics of Saint John Bosco, though briefly, on 21 August 2011, at the St. Andrew's Church, while the relics were on their reality visit. Like all towns and urban areas in Goa, Vasco commends the Shigmo/xigmo and Carnival every year with a road parade where glides from all finished Goa take an interest. South Goa is one of two zones that fuse the area of Goa in West India, inside the region known as the Konkan. It is obliged by the region of North Goa toward the north, the Uttara Kannada territory of Karnataka state toward the east and south, while the Arabian Sea shapes its western buoy. Goa is a champion among the most celebrated states of India and is an essential explorer focus point. In the midst of its zenith season it pulls in visitors both from India and abroad.
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