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Bishnupur, Kolkata

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About Bishnupur, Kolkata

Temples have been an extensive medium through ancient times for showcasing art and creation. Bishnupur is a small town in the Bankura district known for its brilliant architecture, lavish heritage, popular culture and especially the tales of terracotta. With the scarcity of stone throughout Bengal, artisans had found a new substitute in burnt clay bricks and then came the beautiful craft of ‘terracotta’. Although not unique to Bengal, Bishnupur is most famous for its terracotta temples. The town is also home to the intricate ‘Balchuri sari’ and the classical Indian music tradition of ‘Gharana’. 

A popular tourist attraction, the intricate baked earth panels can be seen to adorn temple walls across Bengal. Bishnupur features numerous recreational activities and leisure grounds throughout its region, with many such repositories of cultural memory. The town is predominantly rural and has a population of 67,783 per the 2011 Indian census. The headquarters of the Bishnupur CD block is located in Bishnupur. Easily accessible by trains, cars and buses, the region is well-connected to the nearest city Kolkata. 

Bengali is the main dialect in the region. Several valued educational institutions like schools and colleges can be found in Bishnupur, offering primary to higher education for the children in the area. With an essence of Hindu mythology throughout the area, Bishnupur is a cultural heritage spot with a warm, loving, community-driven environment. With fascinating historical architecture and beautiful art forms throughout the region, you will surely fall in love with this temple town. 

What’s Good/ What can be Better?

What’s Great About Bishnupur, West Bengal?

  • It is a cultural landmark with heritage-rich architecture, such as the terracotta temples and the intricate art of the Balchri Sari. 
  • A well-developed temple town, easily accessible by a system of well-connected roads and commute options. 
  • The locality features many popular schools, hospitals and entertainment venues.
  • A popular tourist destination and art centre. 

What can be better?

  • The closest airport is the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, which is 3 hours from the town. 
  • A majorly rural community with 90% of the population living in rural areas.
  • Still a developing area, the region has only limited transport facilities. 
  • Drainage and sewage facilities to be improved. 

Physical Infrastructure and Livability Index

Bishnupur is a developing community that has gone through considerable infrastructural growth as a tourist attraction and is sure to grow more. Situated close to the Dwarkareshwar River, it is well connected via roads and railways to Kolkata. The Bishnupur Industrial Park is a 16-minute drive at just 4 kilometres and is a major industrial hub providing lease holdings to various industrial units and institutions. As a region with considerably heavy industrial establishments, Bishnupur enjoys higher land allotment than many other industrial parks. 

The Bishnupur-Durgapur state highway connects the town to the major cities. The Bishnupur Railway Station is frequented by many connecting trains and is only a 10-minute drive away. All lifestyle amenities like hospitals, schools and other everyday utilities are available throughout the town. 

Social Infrastructure- Restaurants

As a popular tourist destination, diverse cuisines, palette opinions and local delicacies can be found throughout the locality. Some of the closest restaurants in the region are listed below:

  • Springdale Restaurant
  • Madhulika Restaurant
  • Sree Hotel & Restaurant
  • Annapurna Food Corner
  • Quality Food Tour
  • Park Hotel & Restaurant
  • Biryani Point & Restaurant
  • Pizza House 
  • Food Caravan

Banks/Metro Station/Airport/Bus Terminals/Railway Stations/Parks

Bishnupur is well-connected to the major cities through a well-established system of roads and commute options. Multiple restaurants, banks, ATMs and parks surround the locality.  

Banks and ATMs

  • ICICI Bishnupur Bank and ATM
  • HDFC Bank
  • United Bank Of India - Bishnupur Bank
  • IDBI Bank 
  • State Bank Of India ATM
  • Oriental Bank Of Commerce ATM
  • ICICI Bank ATM
  • Bank of India ATM
  • HDFC Bank ATM

Metros and Railway Station

  • Bishnupur Railway Station
  • Ramsagar Railway Station
  • Ondagram Railway Station


  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport
  • Piardoba British Aerodome

Bus Terminals

  • Poka Bandh Bus Stop
  • Boletala Bus Stop
  • Harighat Bus Stop


  • Children’s Park
  • Lalji Park
  • Naran Dey Park
  • Hospital Park

Popular Roads in Bishnupur

Chinnamasta Road

Named after the Chinnamasta Temple in the locality, the road runs across the community and is well-connected to other commute options. The road also connects the locality with the Bishnupur Heritage School and Bishnupur Public School & College of Nursing (BPSCN). 

Kathuria Road 

The Bishnupur Kathuria Road is a major road that runs along the locality and makes the commute to the Bishnupur Police Station and resorts like the Lal Mati Resort easier. It joins the Bishnupur College Road.  

Nearby Locality - Distance Calculator


Distance from Bishnupur 

Commute Time (in minutes)

Car Fare

 (in INR)

Jambli Naka

1.2 km

4 minutes

INR 70

Krishna Ganj

1.7 km

6 minutes

INR 100


2 km

7 minutes

INR 150

How do People Rate this Locality?

An up-and-coming locality, Bishnupur is constantly developing and enjoys majorly positive reviews from locals and visitors alike. As a popular tourist destination, the area is well-connected to all major cities and has various available commute options. An agreeable and affordable neighbourhood for families, many children's parks, leisure zones and green spaces are present. 

The locality offers a safe, convenient and clean environment with some of the best schools, hospitals and restaurants nearby. The Self Shopping Centre, JD Bazaar and Beauty Center are popular among residents. Travel around the neighbourhood is easy with the Ahalla Bai Road, Kathuria Road and the Chinnamasta Road that connect the entire town. 

How to Visit Bishnupur?

Interconnected roads and a well-established system of commute make the area readily accessible. You can easily reach the locality by roads, trains and air travel. 

By Road: Regular bus routes run throughout the locality at various bus stops. The Poka Bandh Bus Stop, Boletala Bus Stop, and the Harighat Bus Stop are frequented stations where numerous buses frequent every hour. 

By Train: The Bishnupur Railway Station lies in the locality and is a 9-minute drive from the region. It is a well-frequented junction on the Kharagpur-Bankura line. Many trains joining the town to other nearby neighbourhoods run through here. The Tarakeshwar and Bishnupur line connects the localities via Arambag. Both long-route connecting trains and short-route trains can be found here.

By Airport: The nearest airport to the locality is the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. A smaller private airstrip by the Indian Air Force is also around the locality at Panagarh. 

Places To Visit in Bishnupur

Most famous for its terracotta temples and crafts, Bishnupur is full of various tourist sites that showcase beautiful temples made of beautiful architectural techniques and the art of terracotta. Some of the most popular tourism sites are listed below. 

Ras Mancha

Built by the Malla King Hambir, the temple goes back to 1600 AD. Constructed to facilitate mass worship during the Ras festival, the temple is architecturally unique and consists of terracotta motifs. It stands higher from the ground on a plinth made of reddish clay soil. The pyramidal structure is aesthetically beautiful and a unique wonder for the region and throughout the country. With history whispering through its galleries, its ambience will leave you amazed. All visitors can take a ticket for temples throughout Bishnupur here.

Jorbangla Temple

One of the most exceptional examples of Terracotta art throughout West Bengal, Jorbangla Temple was built by King Raghunath Singh. The architecture showcases stories of Krishna’s childhood and scenes from ancient Indian texts like Mahabharata and Ramayan. A must-visit for history buffs and scholars, the temple witnesses many pilgrims worldwide and scholars and archaeologists of ancient architecture.

Archaeological Museum

The Acharya Yogesh Chandra Purakirti Bhawan is a local museum in Bishnupur, which is another important tourist attraction. For archaeology enthusiasts, art and history connoisseurs. The museum is a wonder to behold, a living museum with newly discovered sculptures. It is also home to over 5,000 manuscripts, photographs, and other ancient remnants. 

Radhashyam Temple

Just 2 kilometres from the Bus Station, the Radhashyam Temple, was built by King Chaitanya Singha in the 1700s. The temple has a unique gateway structure and is one of the most popular temples in the locality. Esteemed as a living shrine in the region, the temple houses Radha, Shyam, Nityananda and Chaitanya deities. 

Dalmadal Kaman Cannon

Located near Chinnamasta Temple, Dalmadal Kaman Cannon is a popular historical attraction. It is believed to have been used for counterattack by the deity Madan Mohan himself when the Marathas attacked the town. It was built by melting charcoal because of the lack of availability of iron. The cannon has still not rusted with time and becomes even more fascinating. The site is well-maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India, with detailed descriptions of the history of the site. 

Locality Comparison

As a popular tourist attraction, Bishnupur is an attractive hotspot with an immense cultural heritage on display. It houses a loving, warm community environment, fascinating architectural buildings, and art forms. It is a popular locality for real estate development as its popular location and economic growth potential. The locality is comfortable, safe and clean, with everyday amenities readily available. 

With a good transport system with well-connected roads and well-maintained transit options, the neighbourhood is readily accessible. The temple town is home to the intricate Balchuri sari and offers a culturally rich real estate property. 


Bishnupur offers a culturally rich neighbourhood adept with all modern amenities. The locality is a versatile community with diverse restaurants and entertainment sites and has multiple tourist attractions. An advantageous location with pleasing weather conditions and affordable living costs, Bishnupur is an attractive real estate destination.

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How to Visit Bishnupur, Kolkata?

Bishnupur Kolkata
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  • Bishnupur Grihasree Sikshayatan For Girls
  • Divya Arya Vidya Public School Bishnupur
  • Calcutta Business School
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