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Powai, Mumbai

Powai, Mumbai
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New Projects: ₹ 48.65 L - ₹ 9.98 Cr
353 Projects Project in Powai
Buy: ₹ 31,967 Per Sq. Ft
Rent: ₹ 98 Per Sq. Ft
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About Powai, Mumbai

Powai, a posh residential area in the centre of Mumbai, is well-known for its opulent housing options. It offers a variety of projects which provide a higher level of luxury for those willing to pay a premium price.  Among the projects, approximately 41% are Ready to Move, while 35% are Well Occupied, indicating a vibrant and active community.

The most common unit type in Powai is the 2 BHK, which accounts for 44% of the entire supply. The 3 BHK comes closely behind, making up 28% of the total supply. This variety of housing choices accommodates different tastes and price ranges.

When the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, was founded in the region in the 1950s, Powai began to take shape. It has grown into a popular site throughout the years, attracting developers like K Raheja, Kanakia, Wadhwa Group, Ekta World, and Hiranandani who have aided in its expansion and development.

Powai offers a pleasant and beautiful living environment since it is bounded by the tranquil Powai Lake on one side and by greenery on the other. Powai is a desirable location for families because in addition to its natural beauty, it has top-notch educational institutions like Bombay Scottish School, Podar International School, Hiranandani Foundation School, and Gopal Sharma Memorial School.

Furthermore, Powai is not just a residential hub but also houses several office complexes such as Hiranandani Business Park, Hiranandani Kensington SEZ, and other standalone buildings, making it a suitable choice for professionals seeking a convenient work-life balance.

Overall, with its blend of natural beauty, educational institutions, and commercial centers, Powai emerges as an attractive and reliable place to call home, catering to the diverse needs of its residents.

What’s Good in Powai, Mumbai? 

Ample number of things are good in Powai, a few of which are listed-below:

  • Upscale Residential Neighbourhood: Powai is an upscale locality known for its luxurious residential options and serene surroundings, including the beautiful Powai Lake and greenery.
  • Reputable Schools: The neighbourhood is home to prestigious schools including Bombay Scottish School, Podar International School, Hiranandani Foundation School, and Gopal Sharma Memorial School, providing families with good educational alternatives.
  • Well-Developed Social Infrastructure:  An extensive social infrastructure is available in Powai, including top-notch medical facilities like the Dr. L. H. Hiranandani Hospital and close proximity to shopping centres like Galleria and R City Mall for leisure and retail therapy.
  • Employment Opportunities: The presence of commercial complexes like Hiranandani Business Park and Hiranandani Kensington SEZ, along with other office buildings, provides ample employment opportunities in the locality.

What Can be Better?

Following are some of the things that can be better in Powai, Mumbai:

  • Public Transportation: While Powai enjoys decent connectivity, enhancing public transportation options, such as more frequent buses and improved last-mile connectivity, could make commuting even more convenient for residents.
  • Traffic Management: Addressing traffic congestion during peak hours and implementing better traffic management strategies can help ease the flow of vehicles and reduce travel time for commuters.
  • Green Spaces and Parks: Creating more green spaces and parks within the locality can enhance the overall quality of life for residents, offering recreational areas and promoting a healthier environment.
  • Waste Management: Focusing on efficient waste management systems and recycling initiatives can contribute to maintaining a clean and sustainable environment in Powai.
  • Affordable Housing Options: Although Powai does offer some affordable housing choices, further efforts to develop more budget-friendly housing projects can cater to a broader spectrum of potential residents.

Physical Infrastructure and Livability Index in Powai, Mumbai

Powai enjoys excellent physical infrastructure, facilitating easy connectivity to the rest of Mumbai. Major roads like Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR), Eastern Express Highway, and Lal Bahadur Shastri (LBS) Road ensure flawless travel within and outside the area. For those relying on trains, the Kanjurmarg railway station, located just 4 km away, serves as the nearest railway station on the central line of the Mumbai suburban rail network.

Additional convenience comes from the SakiNaka metro station's proximity to Powai, which is only 3 km away. The projected Lokhandwala - Vikhroli Line, popularly known as line 6 of the Mumbai metro, is intended to pass through Powai, opening up intriguing possibilities for even better connectivity. This future expansion in the locality promises to boost real estate activity in the region, making Powai an increasingly attractive destination for both residents and investors and improving its livability index. 

Social Infrastructure

Powai's social infrastructure is well-established and provides residents with a wide choice of amenities. Along with the well-known IIT Bombay, the region is home to a number of famous schools, including Bombay Scottish School, Podar International School, Hiranandani Foundation School, and Gopal Sharma Memorial School. The renowned Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital provides the area with top-notch medical services. For leisure and shopping, residents have easy access to Galleria Shopping Mall and R City Mall, conveniently located within a 15-minute drive from the locality. 

This comprehensive social setup makes Powai a desirable and convenient place to live in.

Banks/Metro Station/Airport/Bus Terminals/Railway Stations/Parks


  • Axis Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Union Bank of India
  • State Bank of India
  • Bank of Baroda

Metro Station

  • SakiNaka Metro Station
  • Marol Naka Metro Station
  • Asalpha Metro Station
  • Airport Road Metro Station
  • Jagruti Nagar Metro Station


  • Mumbai (BOM) Airport

Bus Terminals

  • Jalvayu Vihar Bus Stop
  • Ies School
  • Panchkutir
  • Kingston Sez Bus Stop
  • Iit Main Gate Bus Stop

Railway Stations

  • Vikhroli Railway Station
  • Kanjur Marg Railway Station
  • Andheri Railway Station
  • Bhandup Railway Station
  • Vidyavihar Railway Station


  • BMC Nirvana Park
  • Forest Park
  • Children Park Powai Lake
  • Powai Garden
  • Deer Park

Popular Roads in Powai, Mumbai

The popular roads in Powai, Mumbai involve the following:

  • Jogeshwari - Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR): The Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR) runs through Powai and links the western neighbourhood of Jogeshwari with the eastern suburb of Vikhroli. It is an important route for everyday commuters and provides beautiful views of Powai Lake and the nearby vegetation.
  • Saki Vihar Road: Saki Vihar Road is a significant street in Powai and is home to several businesses and corporate buildings. It has access to several commercial centres, making it a crucial route for local professionals.
  • Powai Vihar Road: This street goes through the centre of Powai and is lined with housing developments, schools, and leisure areas. It serves local traffic and improves the community's general connectedness.
  • Adi Shankaracharya Marg: This well-known route links Powai to the nearby communities of Kanjurmarg and Vikhroli. It plays a crucial role in connecting Powai to major highways and railway stations.
  • LBS Marg: Although not wholly located inside Powai, LBS Marg is a significant road that runs along its eastern edge.  It provides access to various commercial areas, shopping centres, and entertainment hubs, serving as a major transportation corridor for residents.

Nearby Localities/ Distance Calculators

Some of the significant localities near Powai involve the following:


Distance (Kilometres)

Commute Time


Cab Fare


Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM) 



Rs. 250-300

Gateway of India



Rs. 650-700

Bandra West



Rs. 400-450

Andheri West



Rs. 230-250

How People Rate Powai, Mumbai?

Powai, Mumbai receives consistently positive ratings from residents and visitors alike. The locality is highly regarded for its upscale residential offerings, with luxurious and well-planned projects that cater to various preferences and budgets. The presence of renowned educational institutions and quality healthcare facilities contributes to the positive social infrastructure ratings. 

Additionally, the area's connectivity to major roads and neighbouring commercial hubs is appreciated, making it convenient for daily commuters. The overall safety of Powai, along with its entertainment and shopping options, including prominent malls, further contributes to the positive ratings. All these factors combined make Powai a desirable and highly rated locality in Mumbai.

 How to Visit Powai, Mumbai?

Powai is well-connected to various parts of Mumbai, making it easily accessible. Here are the main transportation options to reach Powai:

  • By Air: If you're arriving from a different city or country, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM) is the nearest airport. From the airport, you can take a taxi or use ride-sharing apps to reach Powai. 
  • By Train: The nearest railway station to Powai is Kanjurmarg Station, which is on the Central Line of Mumbai's suburban railway network. From the station, you can hire an auto-rickshaw or take a short taxi ride to reach Powai.
  • By Road: Powai is well-connected by roads, and you can use local buses, taxis, or rental cars to reach this destination. The Eastern Express Highway and LBS Marg are the main roads connecting Powai to other parts of Mumbai.

Places to Visit in Powai, Mumbai

Powai, Mumbai, offers a blend of natural beauty and modern attractions, making it an exciting place to explore. Here are some of the best places to visit in Powai:

  • Powai Lake: The charming Powai Lake, which is surrounded by rich greenery, is the centre of the community. It's the perfect place for taking a leisurely stroll, enjoying the serene atmosphere, or even having boating.
  • Hiranandani Gardens: Hiranandani Gardens is a posh residential and business complex that is a must-see for its well designed architecture, classy shopping areas, and a variety of culinary options.
  • Powai Garden: A well-kept public park, Powai Garden is ideal for a family picnic or a leisurely evening stroll amidst beautiful flowers and lawns.
  • Chhota Kashmir: A favourite destination for nature enthusiasts, Chhota Kashmir is close to Powai Lake and offers a miniature lake, paddle boating, and relaxing surroundings.
  • Powai Plaza: A thriving retail centre known for its assortment of stores, boutiques, and restaurants that cater to all interests.
  • Red Carpet Wax Museum: For a dose of entertainment and creativity, head to the Red Carpet Wax Museum to see lifelike wax statues of famous personalities.

Locality Comparison

Powai, a notable suburb of Mumbai, India, attracts a mixture of local residents and foreigners, making it stand out for its varied demographics. The region has a well-developed infrastructure, including contemporary apartment buildings, retail establishments, and educational facilities. Residents enjoy access to reliable transportation, with good connectivity through roads and public transit. Powai also provides a broad range of amenities, including shopping malls, restaurants, recreational parks, and healthcare facilities, contributing to a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.  Despite having a higher cost of living than some other areas of Mumbai, many people and families looking for an urban lifestyle find it to be an appealing option due to the excellent quality of life, safety, and employment prospects.


Powai in Mumbai, emerges as a vibrant suburban jewel with a diversified population, a well-established infrastructure, and a wealth of services. Its allure lies in offering a cosmopolitan lifestyle together with contemporary conveniences and possibilities, making it an attractive choice for individuals and families.

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Why Should You Invest in Powai, Mumbai?

What’s Great About Powai
  • The locality is connected to the rest of the city through major roads like Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road, Eastern Express Highway, and Lal Bahadur Shastri Road
  • The locality has good accessibility to many modes of transport like bus, metro, train, auto, cab, etc.
  • The locality has several reputed schools and colleges that offer quality education
  • Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital is a prominent hospital in the region
  • It has several office complexes like Hiranandani Business Park, Hiranandani Kensington SEZ, and companies like Schindler India Pvt Ltd, CRISIL Bayer, TCS, Cognizant
What’s Not Great About Powai
  • Traffic congestion during peak hours is a cause of concern for daily commuters
  • Waterlogging occurs during monsoons due to poor drainage system
  • Lack of parking space 
  • Hanuman Tekdi slum colony is situated near the locality
  • Air pollution is a major issue in the locality

Nearby Powai, Mumbai- Distance Calculator

Locality Name Landmark Name Category Distance Time
Powai, Mumbai Powai Railway Station City Connection 3,245 km 2 days 15 hours
Powai, Mumbai Powai Post Office City Connection 3.0 km 9 mins

How to Visit Powai, Mumbai?

Powai Mumbai
Please Select the destination to calculate the travel time.
Powai Map and Nearby Landmarks
  • Schools
  • City Connections
  • Shopping Centers
  • Business Hubs
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
Hotel Near by Powai
Business Hub Near by Powai
Shopping Center Near by Powai

Social Infrastructure Nearby Powai, Mumbai

School Nearby Powai, Mumbai
  • Pawar Public School
  • SMShetty School
  • Nahar International School
  • HFS International
  • Bunts Sanghas S M Shetty International School
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya
  • Gopal Sharma International School
  • Bombay Scottish School
  • Hiranandani Foundation School
  • Podar International School
+ (8) more
Hospital Nearby Powai, Mumbai
  • Lh Hiranandani Hospital
  • Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital
  • Dr Ishwaree Deshmukh Asha Advance Multispeciality Physiotherapy Rehabilitation And Wellness Clinic
  • Nirali A M Naik Charitable HealthCare Facility
  • Nahar Medical Centre
  • DrLHHiranandani Hospital Blood Bank
  • Padmalay Hospital
  • Healthspring Powai
  • Sarveshwari Hospital & ICU
  • Darshana Nursing Home
+ (8) more
Hotel Nearby Powai, Mumbai
  • Rodas An Ecotel Hotel
  • Meluha The Fern
  • The Beatle
  • The Residence Hotel
+ (3) more
Business Hub Nearby Powai, Mumbai
  • Supreme Business Park
  • Downtown Powai
  • Hiranandani Business Park
  • Crisil House
+ (2) more

Property Rates & Price Trends in Powai

Summary For Powai

Location Summary: Powai

Powai is an upscale residential and commercial neighborhood located in the central suburbs of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is situated on the banks of Powai Lake and is known for its modern infrastructure, greenery, and luxury properties. The location is well-connected to major parts of Mumbai through the Eastern Express Highway, JVL...

8 Ratings
  • 5 Star 6
  • 4 Star 2
  • 3 Star 0
  • 2 Star 0
  • 1 Star 0
What’s good
  • Plenty of Shopping & Entertainment Options Nearby
  • Reputed Schools or Hospitals in the Vicinity
  • Well Built Roads with Sidewalk
  • Safe at Night with Well Lit Streets
What’s Bad
  • Scarcity of Public Transport
  • Crime Prone with Blind Spots
Powai, Mumbai Video
pratik Lahane
Ratings & Reviews of Powai, Mumbai View All
Dilraj Singh
Real estate agent

It's a very good locality in terms of living, luxury, connectivity and peaceful place.

Real estate agent

Feel good

pratik Lahane
Real estate agent

A premium location with good connectivity and business hub with peaceful vibe and mesmerizing views.

Vijval Parekh

I have been in the local area of Powai for 4 years in a rental home. The area is famous for the several educational institutes present here in the location. There are many schools like PG Garodia School, Poddar International School Powai English School, and so on. the area is very close to the Powai Metro Station and KanjurMarg railway station. The locality is very famous for the IIT market and the DR LH Hiranandani Hospital. Read More

Amari Parekh

I rented a house in the local area of Powai which is very posh. The commuting system of the area is very famous and the area has many bus stops. There are many shopping malls in the locality like Galleria Mall and many more. Powai Fruits market is a very famous market where the area is very congested and full of thieves. The lifestyle is very urban in the locality and the the environment is very impure. Read More

People also Asked About Powai

  • How far is powai from airport?
    Vijayant Ghosh Answered: 04 July 2023
    Powai is just 6 kilometres away from the Mumbai International Airport. It will take you roughly 23-25 minutes to reach Powai from the Airport, via the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR). Read More
  • Why is powai so famous?
    Roshan Saxena Answered: 04 July 2023
    Powai first attained fame with the development of the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) that came up here in 1958. Ever since, it has become even more popular for its Powai Lake and also for being a major IT and start-up hub of Mumbai. Powai is also famous for its top-class residential projects as well. Read More
  • Is powai a good area?
    Indukanta Mallick Answered: 04 July 2023
    Powai is one of the best places to stay in Mumbai. It is a well-planned residential township, home to numerous premier residential communities, offices, start-ups, and the beautiful Powai Lake. The greenery, quality of life, and connectivity are all top-notch in Powai. It also has great social amenities for residents. Read More
  • Is powai mumbai costly?
    Suditi Dixit Answered: 05 July 2023
    Powai is one of the costliest areas to live in Mumbai. The area has transformed into a posh and highly coveted residential location in the city, home to several ultra-luxurious residential and commercial projects. The property prices can start from approximately Rs. 22,000 per sq. ft. and go up to a whopping Rs. 50,000 per sq. ft. as well in some cases. Read More
  • Which local station is near powai?
    Surekha Deshmukh Answered: 04 July 2023
    Powai is located in close proximity to the Kanjurmarg railway station. The railway station is only 3.5 kilometres away from Powai and can be reached in only 13-14 minutes through the Adi Shankaracharya Marg and Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR). Read More

Demand in Powai, Mumbai

  • Sale
  • Rent
Property Type
Builder Floor
Office Space
2.5 BHK
3.5 BHK
50 L - 2 Cr.
2 Cr. - 5 Cr.
Above 5 Cr.

Supply in Powai, Mumbai

  • Sale
  • Rent
Property Type
Builder Floor
Office Space
2.5 BHK
3.5 BHK
50 L - 2 Cr.
2 Cr. - 5 Cr.
Above 5 Cr.
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