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Tollygunge, Kolkata

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About Tollygunge, Kolkata

Tollygunge, colloquially known as 'Mini Mumbai,' stands as an iconic emblem of South Kolkata, recognized for its pivotal role in the Bengali film industry. As the heart of Bengali-language cinema, Tollygunge's lanes echo stories of legendary film shoots and resonate with the vibrancy of regional Indian cinema.

The history of Tollygunge is rich and multifaceted. Tracing its roots back to the 18th century when it was named Rasa Pagla, it served as a peaceful haven, speckled with European garden houses amidst dense jungles. Its transformation and renaming are credited to Colonel William Tolly, who revitalised the Adi Ganga channel in 1774. Tollygunge witnessed significant historical moments, such as the settling of Tipu Sultan's sons post the Vellore Mutiny of 1806 and enjoyed British patronage with establishments like the Tollygunge Club and Golf Club.

With the intricate railway network bordering it to the north, this locality enjoys efficient connectivity, notably through the Mahanayak Uttam Kumar metro station. Tollygunge's landscape has undergone immense transformation, especially post the partition of Bengal. The ensuing influx of refugees reshaped its socio-cultural fabric, resulting in a myriad of refugee colonies that now define its unique identity. 

Tollygunge, today, boasts of wide roads, and state-of-the-art civic amenities, and remains a buzzing hub of artistic endeavours, also noted for a quaint red-light district near Prince Anwar Shah Road. This neighbourhood, with its rich past and vibrant present, serves as an inviting hub for both residents and visitors alike, offering a harmonious blend of history, culture, and modernity.

What’s Good v/s What Can Be Better

What’s Good 

What Can Be Better

Tollygunge offers robust public transportation services and various auto stands, ensuring easy accessibility for residents and visitors alike. 

Heavy pollution due to industrial development. 

A thriving regional cinema scene. 

Traffic gridlock and crowded streets

Tollygunge provides a comprehensive urban living experience with dedicated markets for daily needs, 

Restricted options for recreation and entertainment. 

Posh locality with luxury societies.

The waste management and disposal system needs enhancements.

Physical Infrastructure and Livability Index

Nestled in the southern expanse of Kolkata, Tollygunge emerges as an epitome of urban sophistication juxtaposed with a rich cinematic history. Known for its posh ambience, the region prides itself on an impeccable infrastructure that facilitates ease and comfort for its residents.

The SP Mukherjee Road acts as the main link across the town. The NSC Bose Road and the Prince Anwar Shah Road also ensure smooth vehicular movement. This network of roads effortlessly integrates Tollygunge with the broader cityscape of Kolkata. The Mahanayak Uttam Metro Station on the Blue Line, coupled with the Tollygunge Railway Station, plays a pivotal role in the daily commute of countless individuals. Besides the metro and train services, the locality thrives on a dense web of buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaws, making it a breeze for residents and visitors to traverse the city.

However, Tollygunge's appeal isn't solely rooted in its transport facilities. Over the years, this locale has carved a niche, exuding elegance and high living standards. It's not uncommon to find developments here that showcase top-tier interior design and architectural splendour, catering to the discerning tastes of its populace. Several markets pepper the neighbourhood, catering to the residents' daily needs, making daily shopping a convenient affair.

The undeniable charm of Tollygunge is further accentuated by its association with the Bengali Film Industry, lending it an aura of glamour and artistic vibrancy. While Tollygunge commands its unique identity, it is seamlessly connected to neighbouring areas like Kudghat, Ranikuthi, Netaji Nagar, Jadavpur, Bansdroni, and Golf Green, each carrying its distinct flavour. Whether it's the allure of the film industry or the promise of a comfortable lifestyle, Tollygunge stands tall as one of Kolkata's most sought-after destinations.

Social Infrastructure- Restaurants

A diverse range of culinary restaurants and experiences map the locality. Some standout eateries include:- 

  • Eat Happy
  • Tolly Dhaba
  • Silver Screen
  • Mr. Chow Tollygunge
  • Graham’s Kitchen
  • Tolly Cafe
  • Tongue Twister 
  • Tipu Sultan
  • Bismillah Family Restaurant
  • Chowman - Golfgreen

Banks/Metro Station/Airport/Bus Terminals/Railway Stations/Parks

The presence of key thoroughfares such as Basanta Lal Saha Road and Golf Road, coupled with the Blue Line of the metros, further enhances the region's accessibility, making travel convenient and efficient for residents and commuters alike.

Banks and ATMs

  • Axis Bank Branch
  • UCO Bank
  • Yes Bank
  • IndusInd Bank
  • Bank of India
  • Punjab National Bank
  • United Bank of India ATM
  • Yes Bank ATM
  • Punjab National Bank ATM
  • Union Bank of India ATM

Metros and Railway Station

  • Mahanayak Uttam Kumar Metro Station
  • Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station
  • Tollygunge Railway Station
  • Lake Gardens Train Station


  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport

Bus Terminals

  • Manton Bus Stop
  • Simultala Bazar Bus Stand


  • K.P. Lane Park
  • Jagbir Park Tollygunge
  • Indrani Park and Waterbody

Popular Roads in Tollygunge

SP Mukherjee Road

One of the most important links across the locality is the SP Mukherjee road that runs beside the Tollygunge Canal. The road adds to the well-established road network in the area, connecting various byways and other road links in the region like the NSC Bose Road and Prince Anwar Shah Road. 

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road

Running by the Tollygunge metro stations in the Blue metro line, the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose road makes accessibility to various public transit options in the locality easier, The Tollygunge railway station is not too far from the region as well. 

Prince Anwar Shah Road

The Deshpran Sasmal  and the Prince Anwar Shah Road run parallel, adding to the region’s established road network running by various neighbourhoods and localities. 

Nearby Locality - Distance Calculator


Distance from Tollygunge 

Commute Time (in minutes)

Cab Fare

 (in INR)

Lake Gardens

1.9 km

7 minutes

INR 79

Regent Park

2.0 km

8 minutes

INR 99


3.0 km

9 minutes

INR 119

How do People Rate this Locality? 

As a locality, Tollygunge enjoys a positive rating of over 4.2 among residents and visitors. The locality, often called ‘Mini Mumbai’, is highly regarded by its inhabitants for its seamless blend of historical significance and contemporary development. This esteemed locality of South Kolkata is synonymous with the Bengali film industry, leaving a distinctive mark with its influential cinematic contributions and vibrant cultural essence.

Its strategic location ensures a network of well-connected transportation avenues. Tollygunge boasts several auto and bus stand peppered throughout its expanse, simplifying daily commuting for its residents. Various reputed educational institutions are present in the region, like the Tollygunge Bangor High School, RP Academy English Medium School and Mollahat High School, among others. Healthcare facilities in the region are also numerous, adding to the community’s reputation as a positive real estate investment. 

How to Visit Tollygunge?

The area benefits from an extensive network of roads and various public transportation options, simplifying the daily commute for its residents.

By Road: 

The Jadavpur main road is an important link beside the region. Various bus routes join the locality to the main city along with easy public transport through the metro Blue Line. 

By Train: 

The Blue metro line is an easy public commute option in the area, and the Tollygunge railway station is not more than a 6-minute drive through the Deshpran Sasmal road. 

By Airport: 

The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport is over a 50-minute from the locality. 

Places To Visit in Tollygunge

Many key city attractions and other entertainment zones are nearby for a fun day out. 

Royal Calcutta Golf Club

Just 3 minutes from the locality, the Royal Calcutta Golf Club is the oldest golf club in India and the first to be established outside of Great Britain. This venerable institution, with its roots dating back to 1829, is not just a piece of history but an integral part of the world's golfing heritage. It's worth noting that while Scotland can claim the oldest clubs, the title of the oldest golf club outside the United Kingdom falls to the Royal Calcutta Golf Club, with only the Royal Blackheath Golf Club in London predating it, having been founded in 1766. Visiting the Royal Calcutta Golf Club offers more than just a round of golf. It's an opportunity to walk through a chapter of golfing history, experience diverse recreational activities, marvel at the vibrant flora and fauna, and witness the legacy of golfing greats, all within the confines of this storied institution.

Birla Mandir

Not more than 15 minutes from the locality, Birla Mandir in Kolkata is an architectural marvel and a spiritual oasis that beckons tourists from all corners. At its heart, the main temple enshrines the divine pair, Krishna and Radha, evoking devotion and reverence. As one explores further, they are greeted by the mighty goddess Durga, symbolising Shakti or power, in the left dome. In contrast, the right dome presents a meditative Shiva, offering a complete panorama of major deities. The intricate Rajasthani temple artistry and stone engravings vividly narrating the Bhagavad Gita's scriptures, under the design prowess of architect Nomi Bose, make Birla Mandir a must-visit amalgamation of spiritual fervour and artistic grandeur.

The Zoological Garden, Alipore Zoo

The Zoological Garden, Alipore, often referred to as the Alipore Zoo or Kolkata Zoo, is a jewel in the crown of Kolkata's attractions and boasts a legacy as India's oldest officially designated zoological park. Opening its gates in 1876, this expansive 46.48-acre sanctuary has borne witness to history, most notably as the residence of Adwaita, the Aldabra giant tortoise, who lived for over an impressive 250 years. Beyond its historical significance, the zoo plays a crucial role in conservation, particularly with its commendable captive breeding project for the endangered Manipur brow-antlered deer. Tourists visiting during December and January will be part of a vibrant atmosphere, as the zoo attracts vast numbers of enthusiasts during the winter months. The zoo is just 22 minutes from Tollygunge. 

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral in Kolkata stands as a testament to the city's rich colonial heritage and architectural grandeur. Just 31 minutes from the locality, the cathedral is a great day-out activity. With its towering spires and striking "Indo-Gothic '' design, this edifice is not only the largest church in Kolkata but also holds the distinction of being the first Anglican cathedral in Asia and the inaugural newly-built cathedral in the overseas territory of the British Empire. Constructed in the 19th century to cater to the European community's growing population, its design seamlessly blends Gothic architectural elements with modifications suitable for the Indian climate. The cathedral's rich history is palpable, from its resilient reconstruction after two major earthquakes to its vast library and intriguing displays of art and memorabilia. 

Victoria Memorial

The Victoria Memorial, majestically standing amidst the sprawling greens of the Maidan in Central Kolkata, is a testament to the grandeur and luxury of the British Raj. Constructed between 1906 and 1921, this monumental edifice is dedicated to Queen Victoria, who reigned as the Empress of India from 1876 to 1901. Made of gleaming white marble and spread across a vast expanse of 64 acres, it is the world's largest monument dedicated to a monarch. Beyond its impressive architecture, which perfectly encapsulates the Anglo-Indian design from the imperial age, the Victoria Memorial is a treasure trove of history. Now functioning as a museum under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, it offers visitors an immersive journey into the past, making it an indispensable stop for those looking to delve deep into India's colonial legacy and the rich tapestry of its cultural heritage.

Locality Comparison

This vibrant community in Tollygunge is continually evolving. Residents here share a strong sense of community, and significant infrastructure enhancements are underway. Tollygunge's scenic surroundings offer easy access to major city attractions and nearby districts. The area's reputation as a sought-after real estate destination is further bolstered by the presence of renowned educational institutions and healthcare facilities.

Key Takeaways

Positioned as a premier real estate destination, this neighbourhood boasts a range of essential living amenities. Its strategic placement guarantees effortless connections to major urban centres and nearby areas. The town's comprehensive transportation networks enhance its appeal to potential investors.

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Why Should You Invest in Tollygunge, Kolkata?

What’s Great About Tollygunge
  • Major roads, excellent connectivity to all parts of Kolkata
  • Railway station, metro stations, bus terminus & public transport
  • Excellent social infrastructure
  • Comparatively reasonable property prices
  • One of Kolkata’s most prime locations
What’s Not Great About Tollygunge
  • Predominance of luxury and premium projects
  • Densely populated and saturated realty market

How to Visit Tollygunge, Kolkata?

Tollygunge Kolkata
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Tollygunge Map and Nearby Landmarks
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  • Hotels
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  • City Connections
Hotel Near by Tollygunge
Shopping Center Near by Tollygunge
Business Hub Near by Tollygunge

Social Infrastructure Nearby Tollygunge, Kolkata

School Nearby Tollygunge, Kolkata
  • Tollygunge Girls High School
  • Tollygunge Adarsha Hindi High School
  • Bd Memorial School
  • Better High School
  • Bangur High School
+ (3) more
Hospital Nearby Tollygunge, Kolkata
  • M R Bangur Hopital
  • M R Bangur Hospital
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