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Harlur, Bangalore

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About Harlur, Bangalore

Harlur, located in the centre of Bangalore, is a welcoming and positive neighbourhood that has grown in popularity as a result of its strategic position and well-planned infrastructure. Ideally located on the Sarjapur Main Road, Harlur is a sought-after neighbourhood for professionals who work in Electronics City and the city's IT sector. Numerous well-known companies, such as Infosys, Tech Mahindra, TCS, Siemens, Wipro Technologies, and Infotech Enterprises, are located in the area and draw a sizable population of students and working adults.

A distinctive feature of Harlur is its social structure, which is intertwined with a varied food scene and a lively café culture. The area's social energy is enhanced by the abundance of eateries that serve a wide range of cuisines, providing locals with a diverse culinary experience. Additionally, Kempegowda International Airport and other important transit hubs are strategically connected to Harlur, making it simple to access both local and international travel. Despite lacking a metro station of its own, the area is well-connected thanks to its close proximity to both current and planned metro lines.

Harlur's popularity is further accentuated by its adjacency to key localities such as HSR Layout and Bellandur. This strategic positioning ensures that residents enjoy access to an array of amenities and employment opportunities. As residents rate Harlur positively for its residential ambiance, connectivity, and community spirit, the locality continues to evolve as a thriving hub within the dynamic landscape of Bangalore, contributing significantly to the city's residential allure.

What’s Good v/s What Can Be Better

What’s Good

What Can Be Better

Well-planned infrastructure

Improved public transportation is needed to accommodate the growing population

Essential facilities like schools and hospitals

Enhanced traffic management is crucial for addressing increasing congestion

Abundance of green spaces

Local authorities are actively working on improving these aspects to enhance overall livability

Proximity to IT parks, attracting professionals


Contributes to a diverse and dynamic community


Physical Infrastructure & Livability Index

Harlur, Bangalore, boasts robust physical infrastructure that significantly contributes to its high livability index. The well-planned layout of the locality encompasses wide roads, organised residential spaces, and efficient waste management systems, fostering a conducive environment for residents. The presence of essential facilities, including schools, hospitals, and shopping centers, further enhances the quality of life in Harlur. The abundance of green spaces adds to the aesthetic appeal and provides a tranquil setting for residents to unwind. The meticulously planned physical infrastructure is a key factor in establishing Harlur as a desirable residential destination, accommodating the diverse needs of its inhabitants.

The livability index of Harlur is positively influenced by the thoughtful urban planning that prioritises community well-being. The neighborhood's cleanliness, availability of recreational spaces, and proximity to IT parks contribute to its overall appeal. While the area continues to experience growth and development, the focus on maintaining a high livability index ensures that Harlur remains an attractive choice for those seeking a balanced and comfortable living environment in the vibrant city of Bangalore.

Social Infrastructure - Restaurant

There are several restaurants in Harlur that serve a wide range of cuisines, creating a diversified gastronomic scene there. Residents can enjoy a diverse range of culinary experiences, from upmarket restaurants offering international flavours to neighbourhood diners serving traditional South Indian food. The growing café culture strengthens the social fabric by offering areas for unstructured gatherings and leisure.

  • Dolci Desserts
  • Harlur Kitchen
  • The Courtyard - Sarjapur
  • BonSouth
  • Windmills Craftworks
  • Truffles - Ice & Spice
  • Yumlok
  • Brahmin's Coffee Bar
  • Asia Kitchen by Mainland China
  • Hammered

Banks/ Metro Stations/ Airport/ Bus Terminal/ Railway Stations/ Parks

Harlur is well-connected to major transport hubs, including Kempegowda International Airport, various bus terminals, and railway stations. The presence of banks adds to the convenience of residents, ensuring easy access to financial services. While the locality is not directly serviced by a metro station, its proximity to existing and upcoming metro lines enhances connectivity.


  • State Bank of India
  • ICICI Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • Canara Bank

Bus Terminals

  • Harlur Bus Stop
  • HSR Layout BDA Complex Bus Stop
  • Sarjapur Main Road Bus Stop
  • Bellandur Gate Bus Stop
  • Kaikondrahalli Bus Stop


Kempegowda International Airport is the primary airport serving Bangalore. It is situated approximately 45 kilometers away from Harlur.

Public Parks

  • Kasavanahalli Lake Park
  • Harlur Lake Park
  • Kaikondrahalli Lake Park
  • Central Park, HSR Layout
  • Agara Lake Park

Popular Roads in Harlur

Harlur is intersected by several well-maintained roads, with Sarjapur Road and Outer Ring Road being prominent. These roads facilitate smooth commuting and connectivity to key areas in Bangalore.

  • Sarjapur Road: Sarjapur Road is one of the most prominent and well-traveled roads in Harlur, Bangalore. Stretching across the locality, this road is a vital artery connecting Harlur to key areas such as Sarjapur, HSR Layout, and Electronic City. Lined with commercial establishments, educational institutions, and residential complexes, Sarjapur Road is a bustling thoroughfare that reflects the dynamic growth of the region. It serves as a crucial commuting route, facilitating smooth travel for residents and professionals alike. The road's strategic location contributes to its popularity, making it a central hub for various activities in Harlur.
  • Outer Ring Road (ORR): The Outer Ring Road traverses through Harlur, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the locality's connectivity. This major road encircles the city, connecting Harlur to other significant areas in Bangalore. Known for its strategic importance, the Outer Ring Road is dotted with commercial complexes, IT parks, and shopping centers, contributing to the overall vibrancy of Harlur. The road not only facilitates easy access to neighboring localities but also serves as a hub for businesses, making it an integral part of Harlur's economic landscape.
  • Kasavanahalli Main Road: Kasavanahalli Main Road is a local road that weaves through the heart of Harlur, offering residents access to various residential communities and commercial spaces. This road is characterised by its proximity to local amenities such as schools, healthcare facilities, and neighbourhood markets. Kasavanahalli Main Road contributes to the local charm of Harlur, providing a convenient route for daily commuting and establishing itself as a key locale for residents. Its significance lies in connecting different parts of Harlur and facilitating the seamless flow of everyday life in the locality.

Nearby Localities to Harlur

Harlur shares proximity with strategic localities like HSR Layout, Bellandur, and Sarjapur. The adjacency to these areas enriches the overall appeal of Harlur, offering residents access to a wide range of amenities and employment opportunities.

Nearby Locality

Distance from Harlur

Travel Time

Cab Fare 

HSR Layout

3.2 km

10 min

₹ 90


4.5 km

15 min

₹ 110


6.0 km

20 min

₹ 130


3.8 km

12 min

₹ 95


5.2 km

18 min

₹ 115

How Do People Rate This Locality

Residents of Harlur generally rate the locality positively for its residential ambiance, social amenities, and connectivity. The community spirit and the presence of essential services contribute to the overall satisfaction of the residents.

How to Visit Harlur

Harlur can be easily accessed via road from various parts of Bangalore. Public transport, such as buses and cabs, provides convenient commuting options. The nearest metro stations and railway stations also facilitate connectivity to Harlur.

  • By Road:

Harlur, located in Bangalore, is conveniently accessible via well-connected road networks. For visitors from neighboring states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and others, NH-44 serves as a primary route to reach Harlur. Additionally, those coming from Kerala, Maharashtra, and Telangana can efficiently use NH-48, ensuring a smooth and straightforward journey to this vibrant locality. The road infrastructure surrounding Harlur is well-maintained, offering a hassle-free travel experience for commuters from various parts of South India.

  • By Rail:

Harlur enjoys proximity to key railway stations, with the Bangalore City Railway Station being approximately 15-20 kilometers away. Visitors arriving by train can easily reach Harlur by utilising local transportation services available at the railway station. The well-connected railway network ensures a convenient and time-efficient journey for those opting for rail travel to explore the charm of Harlur.

  • By Air:

For air travelers, the Kempegowda International Airport serves as the primary gateway to reach Harlur. Situated approximately 45 kilometers away, this airport provides both domestic and international connectivity. Upon arrival, visitors can avail themselves of taxi services or other modes of transportation readily available at the airport to reach Harlur seamlessly. The well-established air connectivity ensures accessibility for both national and international visitors to explore the diverse offerings of Harlur in Bangalore.

Places to Visit in Harlur

Kasavanahalli Lake

Kasavanahalli Lake, tucked away in the centre of Harlur, is a calm and attractive location that provides a peaceful diversion from the bustle of the city. The luxuriant vegetation that envelops the lake makes it the ideal backdrop for a leisurely stroll or a quiet picnic. The location's natural attractiveness is enhanced by the range of bird species that may be seen there. For those looking for a quiet getaway in the middle of the busy city, as well as for nature lovers, the well-kept walking trails and benches make it the perfect location.

Harlur Lake Park

Harlur Lake Park is a recreational haven, featuring well-manicured lawns, play areas, and walking tracks. This family-friendly destination offers a blend of green spaces and modern amenities, making it a favorite spot for residents and visitors alike. The park provides a welcoming environment for children with its playgrounds and open spaces, making it an ideal location for family outings. The scenic beauty and the refreshing ambiance of Harlur Lake Park make it a popular destination for relaxation and outdoor activities.

Kaikondrahalli Lake

Situated in close proximity to Harlur, Kaikondrahalli Lake is an urban oasis known for its scenic beauty and ecological significance. The lake is surrounded by lush vegetation, providing a habitat for various bird species. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful walk along the well-maintained trails, appreciating the natural biodiversity. The lake also hosts community events and initiatives, fostering a sense of environmental awareness among residents. Kaikondrahalli Lake stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and urban life in the bustling locality of Harlur.

Locality Comparison

Comparing Harlur with neighboring localities reveals its unique blend of modernity and tranquility. While Bellandur and HSR Layout are bustling with commercial activities, Harlur maintains a more residential character, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a quieter lifestyle.


Harlur, Bangalore, stands as a testament to the city's evolution, offering residents a blend of modern living and natural tranquility. With ongoing infrastructural developments and a strong sense of community, Harlur continues to attract individuals and families looking for a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. As the cityscape evolves, Harlur is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Bangalore's residential landscape.

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Why Should You Invest in Harlur, Bangalore?

What’s Great About Harlur
  • The Outer Ring Road connects Harlur Road to the other parts of the city.
  • An abundance of parking space.
  • Good at safety and cleanliness.
What’s Not Great About Harlur
  • Traffic can be a drawback
  • Public Transport can be a complication

How to Visit Harlur, Bangalore?

Harlur Bangalore
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Harlur Map and Nearby Landmarks
  • Schools
  • City Connections
  • Shopping Centers
  • Business Hubs
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
Hotel Near by Harlur
Business Hub Near by Harlur
Shopping Center Near by Harlur

Social Infrastructure Nearby Harlur, Bangalore

School Nearby Harlur, Bangalore
  • International School
  • Orchid International School
  • Shri Renuka Government School
  • The Cambridge International School
+ (2) more
Hospital Nearby Harlur, Bangalore
  • Fg Dental Care
  • Creative Smiles Dental Clinic
  • Karnataka Reddy Janasanga Hospital
  • Shri Shiva Sai Hospital
  • Mak Speciality Health Centre
+ (3) more

Property Rates & Price Trends in Harlur

Demand in Harlur, Bangalore

  • Sale
  • Rent
Property Type
Below 50 L
50 L - 2 Cr.
2 Cr. - 5 Cr.
Above 5 Cr.

Supply in Harlur, Bangalore

  • Sale
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Property Type
Below 50 L
50 L - 2 Cr.
2 Cr. - 5 Cr.
Above 5 Cr.
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