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Mahavir Nagar, Mumbai

Mahavir Nagar, Mumbai
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About Mahavir Nagar, Mumbai

Mahavir Nagar, located in the western part of Mumbai, is a well-known locality in the Kandivali West area, predominantly inhabited by a Gujarati population. This region is under the jurisdiction of the RS Ward of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation and is an expanding residential hub. It's known for its high-rise residential projects like NHP Anshul Heights, Chandak Harmony, Red Brick Ibis, Sethia Kalpavruksh Heights, and Bharat Asbury Park. The area is famous for its Khau Galli, offering a variety of street foods and has important hospitals like Sukhsagar Hi-Tech and United Multispeciality. Key recreational facilities include MCA Sachin Tendulkar Gymkhana, Kamla Vihar Sports Club, Kandivali Recreation Club, and numerous gardens and turfs​​​​.

Notable schools in Mahavir Nagar include Kapol Vidyanidhi International School and PJ Pancholia High School​​. The locality is well-connected through public transportation by BEST buses and is in proximity to Kandivali and Borivali railway stations. It also offers easy access to important areas like Mindspace Malad, Infinity mall, Inorbit mall, and Laxmi Industrial Estate, Andheri, through the Western railway line, SV Road, New Link Road, and the Western Express Highway. Kandivali station is approximately 2.4 km away, Borivali station about 3.2 km, and the Kandivali west metro station (Metro Line 2A) is 450 meters from Mahavir Nagar

What is Good in Mahavir Nagar? 

Here are the advantages of the Mahavir Nagar locality, nestled in Mumbai, that every resident should know: 

  • Location and Accessibility: Situated in Mumbai, Mahavir Nagar stands out for its excellent connectivity. Close to Kandivali station, it offers easy access to various parts of the city.
  • Retail and Shopping Hubs: The area is a shopping haven with Dhanukarwadi Shopping Centre and Centrium Mall nearby. These places offer a variety of shops, from clothes to daily needs.
  • Food and Cuisine: Food enthusiasts have a lot to explore. The locality hosts numerous eateries like Borivali Biryani Centre and Pizza Hut, providing a diverse culinary experience.
  • Education and Schools: For families, reputable schools like Oxford Public School and St. Lawrence High School ensure quality education for children.
  • Healthcare Facilities: With hospitals like Zenith Hospital and Shatabdi Hospital, residents can access top-notch medical care.

What Can Be Better in Mahavir Nagar?

Check the points to plan better before moving to Mahavir Nagar for personal or professional reasons: 

  • Traffic Congestion: One of the major problems in Mahavir Nagar is the heavy traffic, especially during peak hours. Roads like [Main Road Name] often experience slow-moving traffic, making commuting challenging for residents.
  • Water Logging: During the rainy season, areas around [Specific Area or Street] in Mahavir Nagar struggle with waterlogging. This disrupts daily life and raises concerns about hygiene and health.
  • Limited Public Transport: The availability of public transport like buses and local trains is insufficient to meet the growing population's needs. This forces many to rely on private vehicles, increasing traffic woes.
  • Noise Pollution: With the increasing number of vehicles and ongoing construction activities, residents often complain about noise pollution. This can be particularly disturbing in areas near[Major Road or Construction Site].
  • Air Quality Concerns: Due to traffic congestion and industrial activities in nearby areas, air pollution is a growing concern in Mahavir Nagar. This impacts the health of residents, especially those with respiratory issues.

Physical Infrastructure and Livability Index

Mahavir Nagar, a prominent area in the vibrant cityscape, boasts a remarkable blend of modern amenities and comfortable living standards. This locality is known for its well-developed physical infrastructure, making it a sought-after destination for potential homeowners and investors. The region is well-connected through an efficient network of roads, ensuring easy access to major city landmarks and business hubs. Public transport is readily available, with bus stops and metro stations situated conveniently, reducing commute times significantly.

Overall, Mahavir Nagar strikes modern living and a comfortable lifestyle. Thus, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of convenience and quality living. The area's continuous development and strategic location add to its appeal, promising a worthwhile investment and a fulfilling life.

Social Infrastructure 

The social infrastructure mentioned here makes it easier for residents to live comfortably. These are the listed destinations: 


  • Tulsi

  • Sukh Sagar

  • ChitChat Chai

  • 7 Scripts​​


  • SMT. J.B. Khot High School​​


  • HDFC Bank

  • ICICI Bank

  • State Bank of India (SBI)

  • Another branch of HDFC Bank

  • Bank Of Baroda​​​​​​​​​​

Metro Stations:

  • Kandivali West (Mahavir Nagar)​​


  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport​​

Bus Terminals:

  • Mahavir Nagar Bus Stop​​

Railway Station:

  • Kandivali and Borivali railway stations​​

Popular Roads in the Locality- Road 1 / Road 2 / Road 3 / Road 4

Follow the roads and routes suggested below for a hustle-free movement in Mahavir Nagar locality: 

Charkop Road: Charkop Road is a hub for food lovers. Lined with various eateries, from cozy cafes to traditional Indian restaurants, it offers a culinary journey for every palate. The road is also home to several supermarkets and local shops, making it a one-stop destination for all shopping needs.

SV Road: SV Road in Mahavir Nagar blends commercial and residential spaces. It's famous for its array of stores selling everything from trendy clothes to electronic gadgets. The road is also dotted with numerous clinics and hospitals, providing easy access to healthcare services. Its connectivity to other parts of Mumbai makes it a convenient choice for residents and visitors.

MG Road: MG Road is the cultural heartbeat of Mahavir Nagar. This road is where you'll find an array of art galleries, bookstores, and music shops. It’s a great place for those who seek a touch of culture in their daily lives. The road also hosts various cultural events and festivals annually, adding to its vibrant character.

Link Road: Link Road is known for its modern shopping malls and entertainment centres. It’s a favourite among the youth for its trendy boutiques, multiplex cinemas, and gaming zones. The road is also peppered with parks and open spaces, offering a refreshing escape from the urban hustle.

Nearby Locality of Mahavir Nagar, Mumbai- Distance Calculator

You can get a precise idea of the costs, journey times, and distances to well-known neighbourhoods in the area of Mahavir Nagar, Mumbai, by using these computations.

Using this information to create a more effective plan for your normal commute or brief holiday can save money and time. 


Distance (Kilometres)

Commute Time


Cab Fare


Hyder Nagar 

5 km




15 km



Jagadgiri Gutta

4.13 km



Pragathi Nagar

4.23 km



How People Rate This Locality?

Located in the heart of Mumbai, this locality is a preferred choice for families and professionals. One of the key attractions of Mahavir Nagar is its excellent connectivity. It is well-linked by major roads like Link Road and SV Road, making travel to different parts of Mumbai easy. The nearby Kandivali Railway Station further adds convenience, providing efficient commuting options. Residents appreciate the area for its array of shopping options. Malls like Growel's 101 and nearby markets offer a variety of shopping experiences. Whether it's daily necessities or luxury items, one can find almost everything within a short distance.

How to Visit Mahavir Nagar?

By Road: Mahavir Nagar is easily accessible by road, connected by major highways like the Western Express Highway. Driving here is convenient, with clear signage leading to the destination.

By Bus: For those who prefer public transport, numerous bus services operate to Mahavir Nagar. Key bus stops nearby include Kandivali Station Bus Stop and Charkop Bus Station, linking to various parts of Mumbai.

By Railway: The nearest railway station is Kandivali Railway Station, on the Western Line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway network. From here, Mahavir Nagar is a short auto-rickshaw or taxi ride away.

By Flight: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport is the closest airport for outstation visitors. Taxis, app-based cabs, or buses can be taken from the airport to Mahavir Nagar.

10. Tourist Spot / Places To Visit in Mahavir Nagar 

  • Global Vipassana Pagoda: A symbol of peace and harmony, this remarkable meditation hall is easily accessible by road via the Western Express Highway. Buses and local trains connecting to Borivali station are convenient options for those preferring public transport.
  • Essel World and Water Kingdom: Located in Gorai, a short drive from Mahavir Nagar, these theme parks offer thrilling rides and water slides. Reach them by taking the Borivali bus route or the Malad railway station for a fun-filled day.
  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park: This lush green oasis, a short drive from Mahavir Nagar, is perfect for nature lovers. The park is reachable via the Western Express Highway or by train to Borivali station, followed by a local bus ride.
  • Gorai Beach: A serene getaway, Gorai Beach is just a few kilometres from Mahavir Nagar. It's best reached by road or a local train to Borivali or Malad station, followed by a bus ride to Gorai Creek and a ferry to the beach.
  • Kanheri Caves: These ancient Buddhist caves are a must-visit set within the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Access them by a short drive on the Western Express Highway or by rail to Borivali station, followed by a bus to the national park.

11. Locality Comparison 

Mahavir Nagar, nestled in Mumbai, stands out as a vibrant area, perfect for residents and visitors. This locale, known for its lively atmosphere and convenient amenities, offers a blend of cultural richness and modern living. For food lovers, Mahavir Nagar is a paradise. With a variety of eateries, from street food stalls to high-end restaurants, there's something for everyone. The area is famous for its diverse culinary offerings, featuring local and international cuisines.

Shopping enthusiasts will find a treasure trove in Mahavir Nagar. The streets are lined with shops offering everything from traditional Indian wear to contemporary fashion, making it a destination for shoppers.

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How to Visit Mahavir Nagar, Mumbai?

Mahavir Nagar Mumbai
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Property Rates & Price Trends in Mahavir Nagar

2 Ratings
  • 5 Star 1
  • 4 Star 1
  • 3 Star 0
  • 2 Star 0
  • 1 Star 0
What’s good
  • Business Hubs & Offices in Close Proximity
  • Plenty of Shopping & Entertainment Options Nearby
  • Near Metro or Good Public Transport
  • Reputed Schools or Hospitals in the Vicinity
What’s Bad
  • Limited or no Green Areas & Parks
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Real estate agent

Mahavir Nagar is a very well-developed locality with almost all businesses running there. This locality is well connected to other parts of the city with Metro close by and other transportation facilities available. It has many commercial Complexes and Shopping Malls in the locality.

Real estate agent

Mahavir Nagar is a very well-developed locality with almost all businesses running there. This locality is well connected to other parts of the city with Metro close by and other transportation facilities available. It has many commercial Complexes and Shopping Malls in the locality.

Demand in Mahavir Nagar, Mumbai

  • Sale
  • Rent
Property Type
50 L - 2 Cr.
2 Cr. - 5 Cr.

Supply in Mahavir Nagar, Mumbai

  • Sale
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Property Type
50 L - 2 Cr.
2 Cr. - 5 Cr.
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Top Real Estate Experts in Mahavir Nagar, Mumbai
Rakesh S Bidlan Mumbai, Maharashtra
Rakesh S Bidlan
Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Sanjeev Dhilan Mehta Mumbai, Maharashtra
Sanjeev Dhilan Mehta
Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 11 Years Experience
  • 22 Listings in Mahavir nagar
  • Speaks: English,Gujarati,Hindi
Chirag Sanghavi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Chirag Sanghavi
Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 10 Years Experience
  • 6 Listings in Mahavir nagar
  • Speaks: English,Gujarati,Hindi
Himanshu Shah
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Jaya Ramlal Khandelwal
Mumbai, Maharashtra
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