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Furniture on Rent in Chennai

Handpicked rental furniture choices created just for you.

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Eclectic Rental Furniture Choices in Chennai

Pick from the various options and receive your customised rental furniture at your door.


Moving to another city means lots of tasks on hand. To ease one of your tasks, we provide a service that allows you to rent furniture in Chennai. You can order study tables, chairs, sofa sets, wardrobes, king-size beds, single-bed, and several other furnishing products within 72 hours of placing the order. Furthermore, you get to decide the delivery day and time as per your convenience as we are here to make your work easy.

Self-love starts with finding a perfect bed for yourself. Get ready to add a comfortable bed, storage units, table and chairs to your house while renting furniture in Chennai under your budget.

  • bed
    Beds Starting ₹ 389/-
  • storage
    Storage Starting ₹ 319/-
  • chair
    Tables & Chairs Starting ₹ 538/-
  • chairs
    Chairs Starting ₹ 139/-
  • wardrobe
    Wardrobe Starting ₹ 579/-
  • singleBed
    Single Bed With Mattress Starting ₹ 538/-

Decorate your living room with the right set of rental furniture in Chennai. Order a 3/5 seater sofa, TV unit, balcony set, or coffee table.

  • sofa
    3 Seater Sofa Starting ₹ 499/-
  • TV
    TV Unit Starting ₹ 359/-
  • Balcony
    Balcony Set Starting ₹ 269/-
  • Seater
    5 Seater Sofa Starting ₹ 1168/-
  • cofee
    Coffee Table Starting ₹ 149/-

The best place to savour food with family is in the dining room. Renting furniture in Chennai will be worth some quality time with your family or friends. You can rent furniture like a 4/6 Seater Dining Table or an extra chair /table that is friendly to your pockets.

  • dining
    4 Seater Dining Table Starting ₹ 515/-
  • DiningSet
    6 Seater Dining Table Starting ₹ 709/-
  • Alexa
    4 Seater Dining Table Starting ₹ 955/-
  • Diningtable
    6 Seater Dining Table Starting ₹ 1283/-
  • woodenChair
    Chair Starting ₹ 139/-
  • cofeetable
    Table Starting ₹ 299/-

The study room takes you into a new world and setting up comfortable furniture like a table & chair, bookshelf, and office chair is a must. Rent furniture in Chennai with us now!

  • officeChair
    Office Chair Starting ₹ 189/-
  • book
    Book Self Starting ₹ 199/-
  • studytable
    Study Table Starting ₹ 399/-
  • kidsTable
    Kids Study Table With Chairs Starting ₹ 423/-
  • chairTable
    Study Table With Chair Starting ₹ 588/-
  • tableChair
    Study Table With Chair Starting ₹ 688/-

Benefits of Renting Furniture

Why renting Furniture in chennai is fruitful ?

  • durability
    Engineered Durability

    Produced with sturdy fabrics and materials, our furniture and appliances withstand all complexities.

  • engineered
    Quality Products

    Get the best quality furniture at Square Yards to make your home a haven.

  • Designed
    Zero Commitments

    No obligations to make the next payment. If you don’t need a rental item, return it. Simple!

  • excellent
    Excellent customer support

    In any case, if you face any problems after renting the furniture, feel free to contact

  • flexibility
    High Flexibility

    Get a huge variety of options to choose from. No attachments, you decide how long you need them.

  • attractive
    Valued Prices

    Relish the comfort of owning plush furniture at your preferred time while abiding with your budget.

Our Trusted Partners

Our trusted companions reinforce our promise to make your home a sacred haven.


Rentickle is a one-stop solution for furniture and appliance rental across India. We offer premium quality home furniture, office furniture, appliances, and equipment on convenient monthly rentals and cater to the growing urban needs to live an affordable lifestyle.


What Makes Us

Whether you want to revamp your home furniture or create your own space from scratch, we are the answer to all your wishes. Trust us to take the weight off your shoulders.

  • Fast & free shipping

    We do all the heavy lifting for you. Expect fast delivery at no extra cost.

  • Lowest Rental Prices Guaranteed

    Enjoy premium furniture at prices that suit your pocket.

  • Detailed Quality Checks

    Rent the furniture designs you love to own in mint condition.

  • Stress-free renting

    Furnish your space without worrying about commitment, cost & complexity.

  • Free relocation

    Your relocation is on us. Just dial us & we do the rest.


Happy Customers in Chennai

Shreyas Gupta (Business Intelligence)
Well Coated Table-chair for food
After working all day in the office, I need relaxation at home. And, I love to eat food on a proper table chair setup. Thus, I Squareyards myself a table and a chair in just a single click.
Ravinder Chavan (Education Counselor)
Premium King size Bed
Shifting to Mumbai was a big decision, especially with no furniture. That's when my colleague advised me to use Squareyards rental furniture in Mumbai. Get myself a king-size bed and mattresses within my budget.
Karan Sissodia (Engineer)
Perfect Sized Study Table/Chair
With a study table and chair, it is easy to concentrate and study. As a student, both are very necessary and my landlord assisted me in arranging a perfect table chair as per the size of my room under my budget. Thanks!!

Frequently asked questions

How can I rent furniture online in Chennai?

To rent furniture in Chennai, you have to visit Squareyards.com, select your rental furniture type, add it to your cart, and within 72 hours your rental furniture in Chennai will be delivered to you.

Why is renting furniture better than buying in Chennai?

Renting furniture in Chennai is easier than buying it because it makes your relocation easy. This is because the cost of furniture only depreciates after purchasing it. Also, you cannot move to another city without selling it. Another advantage is that you won’t even have to invest any money in purchasing brand-new furniture.

Can some furniture be returned on the spot in Chennai?

Yes, you can return some furniture on the spot in Chennai.

What are the minimum and maximum duration for renting furniture?

The minimum period is three months and the maximum is 12 months. However, one can also rent furniture for six and nine months.

What furniture is available for rent in Chennai?

In Chennai the following home furniture is available for rent – king-size beds, single beds, tables, chairs, cupboards, and sofa sets.

How much time does it take to deliver rented furniture in Chennai?

Within 24 to 72 hours, you will get your furniture on rent in Chennai.

What If I want to change the delivery time and delivery date?

Once you place the order, the support team will contact you to schedule the time and delivery date as per your convenience.

Is delivery and installation charges for furniture free in Chennai?

Yes, the delivery and installation charges for furniture on rent in Chennai are free. However, if your place doesn’t have a lift service, a minimum fee is applicable. If you stay above the third floor without a lift service, Rs. 500 will be charged.

Rent a Furniture Online in Chennai

Chennai city holds traditional and modern values, with several people residing there. Chennai is a high-class city and has several expanses. Relocating is not leisurely as you can only carry your clothes, not furniture. Therefore, we offer services that you can use to rent furniture in Chennai. Renting is easier in Chennai than purchasing any furniture because the cost of purchasing is high and what if you have to relocate again? Therefore, rent furniture in Chennai and stay tension free.

Your Furniture Solution

Do you want an affordable bed? What quality of wood do you want in your furniture? Take a break from these questions as we provide you with premium furniture customised as per your need without any tension of delivery or installation. Get ready to rent furniture in Chennai.

Rent Furniture in Chennai

Rental furniture is booming in Chennai because now offices are open and more and more people are moving to the city. These moving people have also increased the demand for furniture in Chennai. This is because no one can move their furniture along with them. Thus, renting furniture in Chennai is a great idea.

Your Home Deserves the Best

With our best services, you can rent furniture in Chennai in any locality or area, be it North Chennai, West Chennai, South and East Chennai, Suburban Chennai, Northern Suburbs of Chennai,  Western Suburbs of Chennai, Southern-Eastern Suburbs of Chennai, Suburbs along ECR and OMR of Chennai, Satellite Towns.

One Stop Solution

Whether you need a table, a side table, a dining room, a sofa set, a bed, or a bookshelf on rent in Chennai, you will find it all here.

Move Furniture for Free

You will get the delivery of the furniture on rent for free, including the installation.

New Makeover for your Home

Renting furniture from us can give a new makeover to your new home in Chennai without much hassle. Choose your colour, design, and size and get them at zero deliverable costs.

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You are hereby informed that Square Yards is only acting as a referral partner and will connect you with its Partners to fulfil your requirements. Hence, Square Yards shall not be liable for any damages, losses, claims, actions and suits due to any deficiency, non-performance or unsatisfactory services offered to you by its Partners.