How to Use the Energy of Green Tara in Feng Shui ?

Green Tara

It is said that Tara is the mother goddess of compassion, the most important female deity of the Buddhist pantheon. According to lore, in seeing humanity’s suffering Avaloketishwara shed a single tear of compassion, giving birth to Tara. According to legend, Tara insisted on retaining her feminine form as a Bhodisatva so she could assist all sentient beings in overcoming obstacles on their path to enlightenment. In the article, we will discuss how the ideal placement of the Green Tara Statue in Feng Shui can be ended up playing in your favor.

Who is Tara?

Apart from the Green Tara, there are various different types of Tara. In Tibetan cosmology, Red Tara is associated with harmony, Black Tara with power, Blue Tara with the ability to control anger, and the Yellow Tara with wealth and prosperity.  Green Tara is associated with the Air element, representing female wisdom as the “Swift Saviour” due to her ability to save us from negative forces and keep us from suffering.

She is usually depicted as sitting on a lotus, with her right foot extended. Her right hand is extended in the downwards direction, which depicts her readiness to grant accomplishments. Her left hand denotes the gesture for granting protection- with the ring finger and thumb touching. She also has blooming lotus flowers on her shoulders.

Ideal Placement for Green Tara in Feng Shui

The best way that you can make use of the positive energy of the Green Tara with Feng Shui is to place the image of the goddess in an area that has the strongest connection with you and what you would like her help with. You can use the Green Tara as a statue in Feng Shui, artwork, or even use the Green Tara practice. The following are some of the ways you can use the statue:

Use her in The Family Room

Since Tara is considered the goddess of harmony, if well placed she can provide a sense of healing for your family. By placing the statue in the family room or living room, you can inculcate a feeling of togetherness and peace for your family. The statue is said to work really well in the living room because it is said to be most connected to family as that is where most of your time together is.

Wealth Area

The first step is to identify the wealth area of your house. This area can be found easily by standing on the front door of your house and looking to your left side. The farthest corner on the left side of your entry area is usually the wealth area of the house. This statue in the wealth area of the Bagua map can actually do wonders for your family. This placement is said to bring forth a feeling of compassion within you and your loved one. By placing the Tara statue in the wealth area you can understand how to be generous and feel the abundance of the world.

Health Area

Placing the statue in the center of your house has a number of related benefits for you and your family. Since the center of your home is connected to all the Bagua areas, it helps in maintaining your health and overall well-being. By placing the statue in the health area(center) of the house, you can call on the goddess to improve the prosperity of your family and maintain the good health of your loved ones.

Front Entry

Another ideal placement for the Green Tara statue is at the front area or the foyer of your house. This is so because you can see the statue every time you enter or exit your place. This in turn greatly helps in increasing positivity as seeing her regularly can help you acknowledge her teachings about compassion and also inculcate a sense of not being alone.

Meditation Area

The Green Tara can be a perfect addition to your meditation area or your area of worship. This placement is sure to uplift your mood and spirit as well as invoke a feeling of well-being and compassion. Further, meditating in the presence of this statue or using The Green Tara Mantra can help you release a feeling of good hope in all your endeavors and bring back the positive energy unto your own self.