Innovative Ideas to Sprinkle your Pearly Walls with Bountiful Sun rays

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Glass technology is not just improving magnificently but also is tremendously in vogue and for all the right reasons. Enhancing your homes with glass extensions, sun pipes or even glass roofing tends to not only flood the darkest areas of your mansion with bounteous and gleaming natural light but also give a perception of a voluminous space. No wonder throughout our glorious history, architects have always tried to accentuate and make the most out of our blissful natural light!

Extending your abode with a glistening glass roof, ranging from the simplest of side return to an opulent double-story extension, shall turn over a brilliantly new leaf, like no other. Because of the advancements in the glazing technology, stronger, larger and eco-friendlier panes are now available for the ceiling to be able to get replaced with glass.

Single story dwellings can beautifully use sloping glass panels to bluff the perception of a humungous space. And well, if you’ve got to spend money, then why in the holy name of God, spend it on the age-old glass fittings and passé plasters, when you can gorgeously gaze up at an infinite sky. Frameless shining panels create a strikingly modern atrium, whereas luxurious sliding roof sections work exquisitely well with loft conversions.

However, glass panels and roofs can be slightly more expensive than regular materials used. Also, cleaning the glass panes is as challenging as crucial. Even self-cleaning your ceiling might not protect it from stains of wet leaves or bird droppings.

Your kitchen too can experience a whole new avatar using roof lanterns. The timber-framed roof mounted windows, to give the Georgian or the Victorian Townhouse feels, are making a remarkable comeback. According to many exalted architects, roof lanterns are much quicker to install and tend to pose fewer issues with planning applications and building regulations. They adorn the dark corners of the kitchen with an abundant amount of natural light, along with creating fantabulous pavilion style extensions using frameless glass.

These roof lanterns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including domes, hipped roofs, octagons or pyramids, etc. They come with either timber frames or PVCu, along with small frames of an extremely efficient glass. So, if you’re planning to extend your kitchen into your alluring garden, then big bi-folding doors and a flat roof lantern can bring the equally immense amount of light into your space, as a glass-only design shall provide. Roof lanterns look splendid and provide the eternal amount of daylight, while still maintaining their thermal efficiency.

Thereupon, bless your homes with that exuberant amount of natural light and brighten up every hook and corner of your paradise with these contemporary roofing ideas.

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