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You mostly have encountered the terms Khasra Khatoni or Khasara Khatauni when land records are being referred in rural areas. This term Khatauni is extensively used when a unique number is allotted to the owner of land, specifically in rural areas. This number helps at the time to fetch details regarding ownership of rural land. And if someone is planning to invest in a land piece in rural parts of India, then this Khasara Khatoni number is a must for the purchaser of land. 

Mostly, it is advised to invest in land as land is considered an appreciating asset. It means the value of assets increases with time and market conditions. Additionally, one must be familiar with all the crucial terminologies used at the time of land transactions. And Khasra, Khatauni are some of those terms. 

But, to get an in-depth insight into these numbers, you need to dive right into the article below, which will give you a better understanding of it.

What is Meant by Khatauni Number?

The Khatauni number is allocated to the landowner whose land is used for cultivation. Furthermore, it is a relevant document as it gives all the necessary knowledge about a land piece. The Khatoni number is issued specially to the person cultivating the farmland. If you want to collect details related to the Khatauni number, you can simply do that by visiting the Tehsildar’s office. You can also collect information regarding the same by using online, which is reaching out to the state’s land records or the official bhulekh website. 

The document majorly reproduces itself as proof that the person owns the mentioned land property. It also tells about the accurate location of land, if it’s near to other owned land by the family. It also gives insight into other Khasras with the same family’s ownership. 

Additionally, when the land was being sold off, the number acted as an important tool which helped in carrying out the sale process with ease. The Khatoni number gives details regarding the name of the village where the land is based, the associated district name, if and only if there was a change in the ownership, the Khata number, and last but not least, the name of the owner along with their father’s name.

Let’s say that the ownership of the land changed multiple times; the same must be registered with the Khatauni documents. But it’s the bare minimum to get the update reflected back within a span of 3 months.

What is Meant by the Khasra Khatauni Number?

The Khasra Khatauni number is an exclusive ID issued against a piece of land-based in a particular village. It’s important to note down your Khasra number somewhere, as any information regarding land by higher government officials will be shared by stating the Khasra number itself. This Khasra number also helps avoid any legal trouble, be it any case. And, during a transaction regarding the land regarding the sale or purchase of land, the number can be used for verification purposes to be saved from any occurrence of fraud in the near future. 

Difference between Khatauni and Khasra Numbers

It might be the case with you that because of both being associated with land, Khasra and Khatauni numbers get you in confusion. But, these both have the separate meaning as well as importance. They can never be used interchangeably. 

  • As stated above, the Khatauni number is allotted to the land owners, whereas the Khasra number is attached as a unique identity with a piece of land itself.
  • Another major difference is that the Khatauni number reflects land records of multiple units, whereas the Khasra number represents only a single unit of land piece.
  • Along with that, they also differ in record creation. The record creation for the Khatauni number takes place using Form B-1, which includes 23 columns. On the other hand, record creation for Khasra numbers takes place using Form P-2, which includes 12 columns.
  • And lastly, the Khatauni number is attached to the land owners who cultivate multiple land pieces having distinct Khasra numbers. 

Importance of Khasra Khatauni Numbers

The importance of Khasra Khatauni numbers can be identified in awe of being a representative ID of land pieces and their owners. If you want to access any information regarding that land piece, then that can be done by using these numbers. Additionally, these numbers can be used to commence an official communication regarding any updates about the land piece. This communication can inculcate any fraudulent or suspicious transaction taking place at any moment. Major benefits are compiled below in a thorough manner:-

  • Information regarding the lease and mortgage of land piece
  • The sand quality which the land piece holds
  • List of number of owners allotted for a specific land piece
  • Details about all pieces of land held by the family members
  • Total area and dimensions of land piece
  • If the land is cultivated by the owners itself, and if not then the accurate details of people cultivating the land piece.
  • If the land piece is divided among multi-party, then details of each landowner regarding the same.
  • Any other details regarding ownership of the land piece for the last 50 years
  • The pattern of land cultivation being taken in use to cultivate the land piece
  • Complete geographical pointers of plots which have surrounded the land piece.
  • Information about elements and trees surrounding the land piece

In Which States is Khasra Number allotted?

As the Khasra number is allotted to land pieces based in rural India, so the states lying in Northern and Central India have land pieces associated with the Khasra Number. The name follows as such-

Uttar Pradesh Haryana Himachal Pradesh Punjab
Madhya Pradesh Jharkhand Bihar Uttarakhand

How can you Search Khasra Khatauni Online?

To search for the Khasra Khatauni Number online, you have to particularly explore the state’s related website. And for your convenience, two examples have been taken up for Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh to give you a better understanding regarding the same:-

Search Khasra Khatauni Number in Madhya Pradesh (MP)

In this following example, Madhya Pradesh is taken up as the basic state for reference to search for Khasra Khatauni number for any land parcel:-

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Khasra Khatauni Madhya Pradesh.
  • Now, you must scroll down the page; many options will be visible on the website’s homepage.
  • Now, you have to choose Settlement Khatauni (Scan); after clicking on it, a dialogue box will appear on the screen asking if you want to search for the records of Khatauni information or get a duplicate copy of the Khatauni certificate.
  • After that, when you will click on the Yes option, the main login page for the site will open up
  • Lastly, you have to register yourself and login with the same credentials you just created/used and search for Khasra Khatauni MP information.

Search Khasra Khatauni Number in Uttar Pradesh (UP)

In this following example, Uttar Pradesh is the basic state for reference to search for Khasra Khatauni number for any land parcel:-

  • First, you have to visit the official website of Khasra Khatauni.
  • Now, select the option Rajasva Gran Khatauni Code Locator.
  • Then, you have to choose the city for which you want to locate the Khasra Khatauni UP records. 
  • Then, click on Tehsil and choose the Locality.
  • After that, enter the appropriate Khasra Khatauni UP Number related to which the information has to be searched for. 

Details regarding the land record affiliated with that particular Khasara Khatauni Number will be shown.

Khasra Khatoni – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to apply for Khasra khatauni?

You can apply for the Khasra Khatauni number by visiting the Tehsil’s office or by applying online using land records or the Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni website designated for particular states.

What is Dag Khasra Number in Maharashtra?

The DAG Khasra Number is separately used as either DAG or Khasra Number in some areas, as is known as the survey number. It is peculiar from the Khatauni number allocated for land ownership.

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