Using Laughing Buddha for Good Home Feng Shui

Laughing Buddha for Good Home Feng Shui

Without a doubt, the Laughing Buddha is one of the most popular Feng Shui figures in the world. The Laughing Buddha is perfect to be placed in all kinds of environments like homes, restaurants, stores, museums, etc. according to Buddhists lore, this statue is considered as a manifestation of Buddha. This statue is also prevalent in Chinese lore, where he is considered to be the Zen Monk Budai. 

This statue is widely used in Feng Shui, as it is known to attract positive energy and remove any negative energy from the area. These statues are usually present in wooden, porcelain, and metal variations. The important thing to note while placing your Laughing Buddha statue is to place it in accordance with Feng Shui rules and principles. Let’s take a look at this statue’s importance for home feng shui and how good placement can really help you.

Different Types of Laughing Buddha

The different types of Laughing Buddha statues are as follows:

Laughing Buddha With a Bag/Sack

This is one of the most widely available versions of the statue available today. In this version, Buddha is depicted as holding a sack. The sack is symbolism for this statue’s ability to carry one’s misery. It is said that Buddha collects all the misery and negative energy in the sack while imparting positivity and abundance.  This sack is also said to represent good fortune and wealth. 

Laughing Buddha Holding Beads

This variation of the statue is considered to be the best for meditation. The beads are supposed to be symbolism for meditation. Further, the beads are also said to bring forth prosperity and affluence. There are other schools of interpretation that state that the beads stand for fruits of wisdom or for representing good health.

Laughing Buddha on a Gold Nugget

This version of the statue is the universal symbol of good luck in Feng Shui. This variation is depicted by Buddha sitting on a large gold nugget while presenting a smaller golden nugget with his hand. If placed and taken care of correctly, this statue can spread positivity and spread good vibes in your home.

Laughing Buddha With a Fan and wu lou

This variation of the statue is depicted with a fan in one hand and a wu lou in the other hand. This statue is said to ensure blessings and well-being. Buddhist lore states that the fan helps in keeping misfortune away and the bottle gourd ensures good health and keeps negative vibes away.

Laughing Buddha with a Hat

This Laughing Buddha statue is said to help in removing troubles from the personal life in order to ensure a stress-free life full of happiness. According to the lore, this statue is perfect to be used if you wish for a long, healthy, relaxed, and happy life for yourself and your loved one.

Laughing Buddha with Upright Arms and Gold Ingot

This widely used variation of the statue is a symbol of good luck and vast riches. It is said that if one uses this statue correctly, you can attract blessings from heaven along with propensity and luck for all your endeavors.

Laughing Buddha with a Bowl

This variation of the laughing Buddha is a monk who spends his life spending happiness in people and is in the constant search for enlightenment. The bowl of the statue is a symbol for receiving positive energy and good luck. Further, this statue is also ideal to be used by people who are in the pursuit of higher wisdom. 

Laughing Buddha Surrounded by Children

The laughing Buddha surrounded by happy children is a symbol of the well-being of the family. Most people keep this statue in their house to get rid of problems related to children. Further, it is also said to improve fertility and maintain the general well-being of the family.

Points About Positioning Your Buddha at Home

A prevalent thought in Feng Shui is that one can overcome their imbalance in life by placing Buddha statues in the home. It can bring forth a sense of positivity, harmony and can lead to a peaceful and prosperous life. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use the Laughing Buddha at home for good Feng Shui:

  • The most prevalent and recommended placement of any variation of the laughing Buddha is placing east. It is known to be the perfect placement to bring good fortune to the family. Placing this statue in a sun-facing direction can grant harmony and happiness to the family
  • If you place the Laughing Buddha in the south-east direction, you can receive an increase in the wealth of the family
  • The laughing Buddha is known to represent balance and inner peace. One can maximize their balance and peace in life by placing the statue in the north-east direction. Further, placing the statue in this direction can also enable you to gain wisdom
  • According to various Feng Shui schools of thought, the light entering from the main door of the house is ideal for the laughing Buddha. It is said that the laughing Buddha receives the light, in turn getting activated and removing any unwanted energy from the area. The important thing to remember is that the statue should be facing inside rather than outside. Placing the statue on a corner table diagonally opposite or facing the main door is the ideal placement
  • According to the belief in Feng Shui, each individual has a specific ‘Sheng-Chi’ direction. Once you find your own Sheng-Chi direction, you should place a laughing buddha in that direction at home.  This can help in enhancing  the overall wealth and well-being at home
  • According to Chinese belief, the smiling face of the statue is considered auspicious, and the bag it carries is generally said to bring happiness and prosperity. To make the most use of the positive energy of this statue, you should place it in such a way that it faces the incoming light from the entrance 

Things to Keep in Mind While Placing Laughing Buddha Statue

The following are some of the laughing Buddha placements that you might want to avoid:

  • The bathroom and kitchen are certainly a no-go-zone for the laughing Buddha
  • For the ideal effect of the statue, it should always be placed at eye level. At no cost is this statue meant to be placed on the floor
  • Make sure the area around the statue should always be clean and clutter-free
  • Placing the statue near electrical outlets, motors, or above any electronic appliance can cause interference in an aura of good energy.

Now that you’ve read about the best places to put your Buddha statue, bring one home that makes you truly smile every time you look at it. Make sure to keep it in a place where you’re bound to see it often and it is sure to bring you and your family wealth, prosperity, and happiness.