MHADA Pune extends Housing Scheme 2021 till June, due to COVID-19

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All You Need To Know About Housing Scheme 2021 (MHADA Lottery Pune) Extension Till June

MHADA Lottery Pune is a housing scheme started under the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority. This scheme is only available for the residents of Maharashtra. With this housing lottery scheme, the State Government is offering houses to the financially weaker section of the society and others at a reasonable rate. The eligible and willing applicants can apply in 4 different categories- the High Income Group (HIG), the Middle Income Group (MIG), the Low Income Group (LIG), and the economic weakest division or EWS.

Latest information about MHADA Lottery Pune 2021

Following the second wave of the COVID-19, MHADA has put an extension to the housing scheme by one month. On April 13, 2021, the MHADA announced a new housing lottery scheme in Pune and areas of PimpriChinchwad. The houses built under the Pune MHADA are located in Pune, Sangli, Kolhapur, and Solapur.

Important dates

Starting date for registration13 April 2021
Last date to register13 June 2021
Last date to register online14 June 2021
Last date to pay using online portal and NEFT/RTGS16 June 2021
Draft list with accepted applications26 June 2021
The final list containing the accepted applications28 June 2021
Date of the lottery draw29 June 2021


MHADA Pune Unit Details

To help all parts of the society, from the Economically Weaker Section to people looking for affordable homes, the MHADA lottery Pune has different unit categories. There are various categories in which the flats are divided, and the authority allots them to applicants based on these categories. They have their inventory of MHADA, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), all-inclusive schemes with complexes that have all the amenities, and the first-come-first-serve units (no lottery for these units).

Morgoan Pimpri18
Mhalunge (Chakan)209
All-inclusive schemes under PCMC
Pimple Nilakh38
All-inclusive schemes under PMC
Talijai Hills34
Wadgaon Sheri30
First-come-first served

Pricing of flats under the MHADA lottery Pune housing scheme 2021

Based on the scheme category and income group, EWS, LIG MIG, and HIG, the prices of the units are different. The cost is determined keeping in mind the income status of the various sections of the society.

MHADAMIGRs.43 lakhs and above
MHADALIGRs.29 lakhs and above
PMAYEWSRs.13 lakhs and above
All-inclusive PCMCLIGRs.11 lakhs and above
All-inclusive PMCLIGRs.13 lakhs and above
First-come-first servedHIGRs.45 lakhs and above
First-come-first servedMIGRs.32 lakhs and above
First-come-first servedLIGRs.11 lakhs and above
First-come-first servedEWSRs.13 lakhs and above


The eligibility criteria for applying to the MHADA housing scheme

To take part in the lottery, registration is required. It is carried out through two offline and two continuous processes. Once the lottery is drawn by the authority, all the successful applications will be recorded, and the corresponding applicants will be contacted. After this, they will have to submit all the necessary documents and 10 percent of the house’s base cost.

Certain factors need to be met for an individual to become eligible for this lottery-based housing scheme. They are-

  • The applicant should have a domicile certificate as proof of being a resident of Maharashtra.
  • The applicant’s age should be 18 above to become eligible.
  • They should have a PAN card.
  • Applicants with a monthly salary between ₹25,001 to ₹50,000 are eligible to apply for LIG flats, that is the Low Income Group.
  • Applicants with a monthly salary between ₹50,001 to ₹75,000 are eligible to apply for the MIG flats that is the Middle Income Group.
  • Applicants with a monthly salary between ₹75,001 and above are eligible to apply for the HIG flats, the High Income Group.

Remember that eligible applicants cannot apply on behalf of their minor children. Also, if they are already a beneficiary of some other MHADA Housing Lottery, they cannot apply again.

Necessary documents required 

The applicants should have the below-mentioned documents ready when applying for the housing scheme.

  • Passport size photo (limit 50KB)
  • Birth certificate
  • Aadhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Cancelled passbook or check
  • Email ID
  • Mobile number

Without these documents, the eligibility of the applicant cannot be proved. Therefore, these documents need to be presented to take the benefit of the MHADA Housing Scheme.

Steps to register and apply for the MHADA housing lottery scheme

First, the eligible applicants need to register with MHADA and then apply for the housing scheme.

 Step-1- Registration

  • Start with visiting the official site of MHADA.
  • Next, when the page loads, press on “register”. This will redirect the applicant to the user form.
  • Choose a username and password and fill in all the other information correctly. Also, provide the contact details so that it can be used for communication reasons.
  • On pressing the submit button for the form, the user will be taken to another form page. In this form, the applicant needs to provide a username, passport photo, bank details, monthly income details, PAN card number, PIN code with address, and the verification code. Places where documents need to be uploaded, make sure their format is JPEG and in a specific dimension. Once done, click on “submit”.

Step-2-Lottery Application

  • After registration, the applicants can only apply for the scheme once MHADA verifies and approves the photo identification.
  • Start with choosing the MHADA housing scheme and then filling in the details such as scheme code, income group, and reservation category.
  • The applicants can also check the scheme details before confirming.
  • Next, fill in the information related to the present accommodation, such as ownership/rental, years of living in Maharashtra, the name of the property’s owner, and whether they have applied for some other scheme. Apart from these, again fill in the income details and some additional information.
  • Double-check everything and then click on “submit”.


The applicants can use various payment methods to pay the registration fees. They are available with multiple online payment options and even NEFT/RTGS. The steps are as follows-

  • The “pay” option will be available to the corresponding scheme.
  • After the payment, make sure to print out the application form and download the acknowledgement receipt.
  • The applicant needs a scanned photograph in JPEG format and upload it to the acknowledgement receipt.
  • Next, click on “pay online” to progress with the online payment.
  • The previous step redirects the applicant to the payment gateway. Next, pay the amount and check the terms and conditions box to finish the payment process.

Steps to log into the MHADA portal

The applicants may need to check some information related to their ID, and for that, they need to log into the website. The steps to log in are straightforward and effortless.

  • Begin with visiting the main website of MHADA.
  • This will take the user to the homepage of the portal.
  • On the main webpage, look for the “login” option and click on it.
  • It will open a popup window on the screen. There will be blanks where the user needs to put the username, password, and captcha. It has the same username and password that the user creates during registration.
  • After correctly filling in these three details, click on “log in”, and this will log in the user into the portal.

How to check the housing scheme lottery waiting list

Since there is also a waiting list with this MHADA Pune scheme, the applicant can follow the following steps to check the list.

  • To check the waitlist, the applicant first needs to open the official site of MHADA.
  • Once the home page loads, search and click on the “lottery result” option present on the home page.
  • Click the “view option”, which will redirect the user to a new page/screen.
  • Scroll down the page. At a certain point, the applicant will find the waiting list after the winner list.
  • When the applicant clicks on the option again, the list is displayed in a more detailed format. The list will be displayed according to the scheme category and code.
  • The screen will show a PDF file with the name of the winner and a fixed number.

Steps to follow to verify the MHADA Lottery result

The following steps will help the applicants in verifying or checking the lottery result.

  • Start with opening the main website of the MHADA.
  • Upon loading, click on the “lottery result” option available on the main page.
  • Next, click on the “view” option. It will open up a new page on the screen.
  • If the option is clicked again, the list will be displayed in a more categorized manner based on code and category.
  • A PDF file flashes to the screen.
  • The user can take a printout of this MHADA lottery result file based on their requirements.

MHADA Housing Lottery is an initiative towards helping people get homes at affordable rates; one can own it or rent it. It has many schemes and flats available under it, and eligible applicants are free to choose among them based on their requirements and income. The MHADA Pune is planning to increase the number of flats built in the upcoming years so that the maximum weaker section of the society can benefit from the MHADA Housing Scheme. The registration and application process is easy and can be done through the official portal. Thus, this scheme is very helpful for all eligible applicants.


  1. How does the MHADA refund process work?


For all unsuccessful applicants, the registration amount is refunded after the winner list is announced, and that too within seven days. The refund would be received through the same payment method used by the applicant during the registration.

If the amount is not refunded timely, the applicant can reach out to the MHADA through their helpline and check for the payment status. The Pune helpline is very active, and the authorities are very fast with customer service. Simply provide the application ID, and they will provide the information.


  1. How to check the refund fund status using the MHADA portal?


Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority has a strict policy regarding the lottery refund that the applicants should receive the payment within 7 days of result announcement. But if one has not yet received the payment and wants to know the status, then they can follow these steps-

  • Visit the official page of the MHADA lottery.
  • Then, enter the username/application number (order no.) and the year of the event. And click “submit”.
  • Recovery status can be checked on the redirected page.
  • The link visible on the screen will take the user to their refund status.

In case of any issues, use the helpline to contact the authorities.


  1. Can the applicants check previous lottery winners?

Yes, the applicants can check the list of the winners who won the MHADA housing lottery through the MHADA portal. Sometimes, checking this list can make the applicants believe that the scheme is indeed legit and beneficial. The list is provided income group-wise and scheme-wise. They can even access the waitlist through the portal.

  1. What are the lottery types under the MHADA scheme?

The different lottery type are-

  • The MHADA Lottery Scheme from Pune Board 2021
  • Board of Mumbai Lottery MHADA 2021
  • Konkan Council of Housing Plan
  • Drawing up a Nashik board of directors housing scheme
  • Nagpur Board Housing Scheme Drawing
  • MHADA Housing Scheme Drawing for Aurangabad Council.


  1. What is the MHADA Pune helpline number?

In case of any queries or to check the refund payment status, applicants can contact the authority using the following details.

Helpline number- 022-26592692, 9869988000, 022-26592693

In case of payment related queries, use the Canara Bank helpline- 18004250018.


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