Mini Bathroom Makeovers

2 min read

A bathroom is a place where you are going to spend your time every day. And with Eid al-Fitr approaching, you may be looking forward to inviting guests to your place. Bathroom plays a pivotal role in your entire home. A neat and clean home, all decked up with Victorian relic looks uber pretty, but imagine the impression a not-so-good bathroom will form.

And for these simple tricks that will do wonders for the overall look of your bathroom, you don’t need to spend extravagantly. These minute changes can be done on the weekends.

Clean: Pick up a broom and give the bathroom a thorough cleaning. Remove dust from the corners, handles of the door, drawers. Scrub the tiles, bathtub and if needed, use a bit of soda or vinegar to clean water stains off the metals.

Cover: Paint the walls with shades of whites, greys or with any pastel hue to brighten up the whole set up of your bathroom. Don’t use dark colors or drab ones, as they would make the space smaller in size than it is. Or if you want to add texture to walls, apply a bright printed wallpaper which can dramatically update your bathroom. Or you may use Velcro wall stickers to give a life to those lackluster walls.

Lights: Ceiling is the fifth wall. Then why not spruce it up? Add a decorative ceiling medallion or install pendant lights on the ceiling hanging down from a cord or chain. You may also opt for wall sconces by the side of the mirror or sink to add an accent to space. Or stretch yourself a bit to find a nice metal ceiling light which is becoming popular these days.

Mirror: Add large mirrors to the walls as it will reflect the light which will give a spacious look to the bathroom instead of a congested one. For a more spacious look, you can cover the whole wall with a mirror. Mirrors with a gilded frame in gold or silver sparkle add a bit of warmth and elegance to the place. You can also put an eye-catching piece of mirror, antique mirror or a mirror with the colorful frame to give the space a bit of personality.

Storage: With all those hair shampoos, soaps, shower gels and bathing essentials, your bathroom may look unkempt and untidy. If you have a space crunch, design your bathroom smartly. Install shelves above the toilet and doorway or install a narrow cabin storage in a corner to store all your essentials therein. You can also put some storage baskets on the shelves to store the toiletries or smaller items. Roll your towels and place them neatly on the shelves or put them into the storage baskets so that it wouldn’t look cluttered and dirty hanging on the hook.

Greenery:  Put some small-scale plant with sleek planters on the shelves right next to the storage baskets. For a spa-like retreat, you can also use river pebbles and scented candles. Or you can paint your broken stool with ivory white and plant a creeper on top of it to display some vibrant greenery in your bathroom. You can also go for hanging a simple plant on the wall hook as this doesn’t eat much of your space.

Accessorize: Ignorance is bliss. But ignoring old and rusty fixtures of your bathroom is a sin. Change the old drawer pulls, door handles, faucets. Design trends come and go but you can always rely on metal fixtures in the bathroom. Create inviting spaces with shades of gold, copper, brass or bronze. There’s something about the way that light reflects off a metal. Use similar soap cases on your sink countertop to match the surrounding.