Property Registration in Gurgaon: How to Process, Charges and There Laws

Procedure for Property Registration in Gurgaon

The Haryana city of Gurugram is frequently referred to as India’s millennium city. Formerly known as Gurgaon, this city is a part of the Indian state of Haryana and is close to Delhi, the capital city. In recent years, the city has changed to become a prospective location for commercial and financial growth. Over the past ten years, massive investments have been made in the city to improve the road system and build new neighbourhoods and high-end commercial spaces. Players from both the public and private sectors are scrambling to take advantage of Gurgaon’s urban opportunity.

To avoid any problems down the road, you should be well-versed in the paperwork needed, the registration procedure, and the costs associated with registering your recently acquired Gurgaon home. We’ll go over every step of the registration process for properties in Gurgaon in detail.

Property registration refers to an official contract that is legally binding between two parties. When a property is registered, the purchaser in whose favour it is registered becomes the property’s legal owner and is in charge of all of the property’s affairs. The Gurgaon Sub-office, under whose jurisdiction the property is located, is where the sale deed must be registered. Within four months of the sale deed’s execution, the registration and all required paperwork must be completed. The certificate of registration is issued by the Sub-Registrar after the documents have been verified. Stamp duty and registration costs, however, change based on the type of ownership and the property’s worth.

Laws for Property Registration in Gurgaon

The specifications for registering property are outlined in the Registration Act of 1908. It publishes documents, ensures evidence preservation and title protection, and guards against fraud. Every sale deed is therefore required to be registered under the Act. There are additional requirements that must be met before the property can be registered. These consist of

  • Gifted possessions.
  • Non-testamentary documents (those not covered by wills) that deal with or have the ability to establish, declare, assign, restrict, or revoke rights, titles, or interests in or to real property, whether those rights are vested or contingent.
  • The declaration of receipt or the payment of money for the aforementioned instruments.
  • Immovable property that is leased annually, for a longer period of time, or with a yearly rent reservation.

How to do Property Registration in Gurgaon

To assist homebuyers and increase system transparency in Gurgaon, the registration processes for properties have been made straightforward and easy. You can register your property online using Jamabandi, the e-Registration Portal of the Government of Haryana, with the help of this guide.

Step 1: Register Online

Visit the Haryana land records website at Under the menu for property registration, select “Deed Templates.”

Step 2: Creating an Electronic Stamp

You will now need an electronic stamp. You can purchase it either online or from a bank’s website. Log in to the website at, then select “e-Stamp” from the menu, fill out the form with the necessary information, and submit it to generate an e-Stamp. In the event of an electronic payment, an electronic stamp can be created instantly. Make sure the e-stamp has been verified by the relevant Sub-Registrar. Then, in the property registration section of the property registration menu on the home page of the official Haryana land records website, click “Check Deed Appointment Availability.”

Step 3: Scheduling an Appointment for SRO

Before uploading a copy of their deed online, the applicant must schedule an appointment in order to register a property in Gurgaon. On the home page, applicants must click the “Property Registration” tab and choose the “Check Deed Appointment Availability” option from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Visiting the Office of the Sub-Registrar

To submit one copy offline and submit biometric and photo verification, the applicant must personally appear at the sub-registrar office.

Step 5: Paying the Stamp Duty and Registration Fee

The applicant must physically visit the relevant office to manually pay the registration fee and stamp duty. The receipt you receive must be saved because you’ll need it if you ever want to transfer the property.

Property Registration Charge in Gurgaon

The registration fees in Gurgaon are listed below in accordance with the transaction value.

Transaction amount in Gurgaon (in Rs) Registration Charges in Gurgaon (in Rs)
Up to 50,000 100
Between 50,001 and 5,00,000 1000
Between 5,00,001 and 10,00,000 5000
Between 10,00,001 and 20,00,000 10,000
Between 20,00,001 and 25,00,000 12,500
Above 25,00,000 15,000
Between 30,00,000 and 40,00,000 20,000
Between 40,00,001 and 50,00,000 25,000
Between 50,00,001 and 60,00,000 30,000
Between 60,00,001 and 70,00,000 35,000
Between 70,00,001 and 80,00,000 40,000
Between 80,00,001 and 90,00,000 45,000
Above 90,00,000 50,000

Only when the sale deed has received the proper stamping and registration can a property transfer be regarded as legitimate legally. The registration’s main goal is to keep track of the property’s ownership. Normally, it takes at least three weeks to complete the entire registration process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Property in Gurgaon?

In Haryana, registration fees can reach Rs 50,000, based on the price of the property.

What is the Due Date for Property Registration?

In accordance with Section 23 of the Registration Act of 1908, all property documents must be registered within 4 months of the date of execution.

How Much Stamp Duty is Required in Property Registration?

Currently, Haryana charges 5% of the property’s value as stamp duty on gifts, 7% of the property’s value for sales or conveyances, and 8% of the property’s value for exchange deeds.

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