How Much Money Can You Save Using Solar Solutions?

Solar system benefits

Using solar solutions is incredible but does it cost a big budget? Absolutely not, it just needs the installation of strong financial attention and the next long-term services will amaze you with benefits. We are talking about the least expenses on maintenance and the eco-friendly attributes. What else you must not skip is mentioned in our piece to educate our clients better. 

What is a Solar Rooftop System?

A solar rooftop system is a scientific arrangement through a photovoltaic system (PVS) that helps in generating electricity from mounted solar panels. It is identified by multiple other names such as solar energy solutions or simply solar systems. This system is used for residential and commercial purposes that are commonly known as sustainable sources of generating electricity. In this, photovoltaic modules, cables, solar panels, inverters and mounting systems, to name a few, are closely connected to attract sunlight and convert it in the form of electric energy. 

There are types of solar energy solutions such as utility solar rooftop systems and rooftop mounted systems. However, utility solar energy solutions have a high capability as compared to the rooftop-mounted system. It is measured with the capability of its megawatt. Considering a residential building with a rooftop photovoltaic system, the capacity to produce energy will be up to 100 KW (kilowatt). Whereas, due to high consumption, commercial buildings have a 100 kilowatt to 1-megawatt production range. Similarly, large solar solutions for homes or commercial buildings have up to 1 to 10 MW.

The Benefit of Solar Rooftop

The important perks that are associated with the installation of solar solutions for the home or workplace are mentioned below: 

  • Pocket-friendly: It is affordable as compared to the conventional electric supply or subsidies offered by the government that eventually drop the cost with high utility benefits.
  • Low-maintenance Cost: Every solar rooftop system is guaranteed a life expectancy maximum of up to twenty-five years that too with minimum maintenance charges, for instance, regular cleaning and little repairing duties when required.
  • Require Small Installation Area: The area where the solar system is installed deals with only that particular space for solar panel installation and also without hampering any other vacant rooftop.
  • Least Carbon Footprint: Solar is a sustainable source of producing energy that makes it clean and renewable which acts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What are the Different Types of Solar Energy Solutions?

Though, those who haven’t tried installing a solar solution in their home or in the firm’s workplace must be unaware of the fact that there are various types of rooftop solar systems available in the market. Let us understand which type of rooftop fits which purpose and why.

1. On-Grid Solar Energy Solution

The Grid solar rooftop solution is an arrangement of a grid and a solar solution or solar panel arranged in close contact. This grid is put in the whole framework to compensate for the power requirement when the solar solution fails to do it. Though, this grid functions with no battery backup system. 

But in case, the energy produced by the on-grid solar rooftop system remains unused, it will be sent to the electricity grid automatically. As an advantage, the solar solution’s owner will be able to make money from the unutilised electric energy without spending a penny after installation. 

2. Off-Grid Solar Rooftop System

Off-Grid Solar Solution means there is no grid system involved to the solar panels. This also means the consumer gets an advantage of power backup as higher electricity production. The best part of this solar energy solution is it even works effectively in cloudy weather or when there is no or less sunlight. 

It has higher capabilities that meet all volumes of requirements. But it is also an expensive deal when compared to the on-grid set of solar solutions. However, consumers looking for an all-time energy producer for electricity purposes must choose this type that fulfils their needs with effectiveness. 

3. Hybrid Solar System

The word ‘Hybrid’ itself means the combination and in solar solution, Hybrid means clubbing of on-grid and off-grid qualities together. The excellency in this gives the consumer advantage of both types. It can give energy produced by the main grid that can be used even as a backup.  Also, it is perfectly suitable for both the other types of solar solutions. 

In fact, the power backup also serves the consumers when the gird is not active or connected. It attracts the more amount of sunlight and let them produce extra power that can be utilised later through backup system. 

How Much Money Can Solar Solution Save?

As per the experts, typical solar rooftop systems can produce 100 KW on average by saving up to 1,27,750 units each year. This means an annual; savings of Rs. 9.26 lakhs can be in the consumer’s pocket. Another example of a 5 KW solar energy system, a saving of Rs. 46,300 each year can be estimated effortlessly. For new installers, it is suggested that they must allow the installer company to determine the solar solutions for the home as per their expertise and analyse the appropriate requirements before installation. This automatically makes the whole process economical and affordable for consumers. 

Being a renewable source of producing energy, the highest savings each year can be estimated up to a range falling between $10,000 to $30,000. However, these all are consumption savings we discussed above. The installation charges may vary as per the area where the installation of solar energy solutions has to be installed and which company has been handed-over the process. Interestingly, if the solar panels expand, the CO2 reduces as a repercussion, which sets up an eco-friendly investment for the consumers. 

Addition to this, inflation will not bother the consumer for a long period of time with the expensive electricity bills. That is why smart commercial buildings have solar panels that operate on renewable energy. Interestingly, this means as per your solar energy system size, you are not going to get paid for their electric consumptions as they will be receiving solar energy converted to electrical energy and using it for free. 

End Thoughts

Solar Solutions is surely a great step tp take toward sustainable energy. Though, the installation needs some precise aspects to match to the criteria. But with growing days, we expect the world to move on the right direction and use solar energy solutions as their electricity producer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is solar energy solutions suited for residential purposes?

Yes solar energy has the efficiency to cover all the requirements of a house or a building used for residential purposes.

Is is expensive to install solar solutions?

Solar rooftop solutions are expensive for installation but guarantee 25 years of effective services with low maintenance costs.

Can solar panels be installed for commercial use?

There are several commercial buildings that run on solar energy solution effectively.

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