Why Opt for Residential and Commercial Rooftop Solar Systems?

Solar Panel in Realestate

India is a country with copious sunlight throughout the year. And that is its biggest advantage to be used for saving nature by opting for environment-friendly electricity production. Solar systems are at the forefront of eco-friendly ways of producing electrical energy using sunlight. Residential rooftop and commercial rooftop solar systems are getting famous. The increasing use of the system is because of its durability and environmentally safe methods. Using the system is the need of the moment to save the environment from hazardous effects and products. The efficiency of solar systems is unmatchable and can be used for a long time. 

In this article, get to know how and why residential rooftop and commercial rooftop solar systems are beneficial for you. Also, get to understand why people are choosing solar panels over the electricity department for their energy needs. 

What are Solar Rooftops?

Solar rooftops refer to the solar panels installed on the residential rooftop, commercial rooftops and other properties. These panels capture the light or solar energy emitted from the sun’s rays and further convert it into electrical (electricity). The whole setup of tools is known as the system of solar rooftop photo-voltaic. Installing residential and commercial rooftop solar systems is the perfect way to produce eco-friendly and clean energy. The whole setup of solar panel installation is also durable and easy to maintain for many years. The solar rooftop is gaining momentum and is being used by many real estate properties for electrical energy. 

All a solar rooftop requires is space and sun rays to work. If someday the sun is not in its position, the energy stored in solar panels’ batteries can help to produce electricity whenever needed. 

Uses of Solar Panels in Residential and Commercial Buildings

Solar panels produce clean electrical energy through sunlight. Real estate has already understood its importance and started using it for the eco-friendly production of energy. In the upcoming years, the use of solar panels on rooftops is going to be seen in the majority of commercial, residential and educational institutions. With the solar rooftop, one can easily and fastly access the energy required for their property. Both residential rooftop and commercial rooftop solar systems can be used by the property and owners in multiple ways. The major use of the rooftop solar system in real estate is to produce electrical energy and decrease the carbon emission produced. This solar system is a clean form of energy production as compared to other methods. Since it is a renewable source, it promises that real estate to be available in abundance amount. And if it is being installed on the rooftops, additional space or land is also not required for its placement.  

Residential Rooftop and Commercial Rooftop Solar System Benefits

Residential rooftop and commercial rooftop solar systems can be clever choices that homeowners can make. It can help in producing electricity through solar energy. But do you know that it also offers a range of benefits for you as a property owner? The benefits of residential rooftop and commercial rooftop solar systems are as follows:

  • It helps in saving costs which is its main advantage. The tariff for the rooftop solar system related to commercial and industrial rates is 17% to 27% lower for a residential system.
  • The solar system will help reduce the carbon footprint that has been its initiative from the beginning. Especially for commercial spaces that are working in fields that produce some kinds of carbon, solar panel systems can help to decrease the carbon footprint at some level. Not only that, the residential rooftop and commercial rooftop solar systems do not emit harmful gases or hazardous products.
  • It is a cost-effective system which requires cleaning on a timely basis. The maintenance of solar rooftops is easy and needs to be done whenever it is required. Many solar rooftops are durable with a life span of up to 25 years. Therefore, installing commercial rooftop solar and residential rooftop systems is worth the investment.   
  • Installing residential rooftop and commercial rooftop solar systems can help reduce the electricity bill. Normal electricity is produced through natural and limited resources like coal, water, and more. However, solar energy is renewable, and you do not need to rely on the electricity department to provide electricity services. 
  • Solar rooftops are the perfect energy choice that you can make in India. The solar panels are perfect for Indian weather. Being situated in a tropical region, the country receives ample sunlight. Therefore, getting a solar rooftop is beneficial as you have access to sunlight for most days of the year. 

Reasons Behind The Popularity of Solar Panels in Rooftops

There are many reasons why residential rooftop and commercial rooftop solar systems are becoming famous. The solar system is the future, and the reasons for its popularity are as follows:

  • It is popular due to its sustainable properties. 
  • The cost of setting up the solar system is lower than others.
  • It is also gaining momentum because of its anti-carbon properties.
  • It causes minimal distribution losses.
  • It does not require any demolition or extra land parcel for the setup.


Opting for residential rooftop and commercial rooftop solar can be an environment-friendly way to produce electricity through sunlight. The abundance of sun rays available throughout the year in India makes it easy for you to take ̧full advantage of the system without any worries. Start using solar energy today and choose the best solar system for your real estate with us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the types of solar rooftops?

There are three types of solar rooftops which are known as on-grid, off-grid and hybrid systems.

How efficient are residential rooftop solar panels?

With prior efficiency of 15%, the new advancement and technology made it into the photovoltaic sector with increased efficiency of more than 20%. The typical solar power rating also increased to 370 watts from 250 watts

How to decide if I need to install solar panels?

The first and foremost part is to check the financial condition and locality to know whether they support the solar panel system or not. Even if you wish to install solar panels, and these systems do not work in their favour, you will end up wasting your funds. The second thing to consider is the energy consumption of the real estate property for deciding whether you need a solar residential rooftop or a commercial rooftop or not.

Can you be dependent on solar panels for full house needs?

And the answer is yes. You can rely on solar panels for the whole house’s needs only after choosing a system that caters to your energy demands. Since India is a country with abundant sunlight, solar panels are going to work fine with your house needs.

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