AP Housing Sanction List 2020

AP Housing Sanction

In this article, you will learn a few details on the YSR Housing Scheme and its relation to the PMAY. We will also take a brief look at the status of AP Housing Sanction List 2020 and the impact of Coronavirus on the Real Estate Market.

A brief overview of the AP Housing Sanction Scheme

YSR Housing Scheme is one of the on-going projects undertaken by the Andhra Pradesh Housing Board to provide housing facilities to the unprivileged classes of the society. This scheme is incorporation with the Pradhan Mantri Awa Yojana (PMAY) to provide better living conditions in the form of pucca houses to the rural households of the state.

Moreover, YSR aims to provide housing units comprising toilets, kitchen, living room and a veranda which will all be built with superior quality materials so that the unprivileged classes could upgrade their standard of living and lead a healthy life in an urban cluster. The scheme was launched in the year 2019 on July 12 and was expected to release the AP Housing Sanction List 2020 by July 8. The list is supposed to contain the name of the beneficiaries who have registered themselves under the Government policies stated under the norms and conditions of the scheme.

However, the ongoing pandemic situation prevailing over the entire globe has cast its effects on the enforcement of this scheme in the real estate market of Andhra Pradesh as well. As a result, there is uncertainty as to when the entire list of beneficiaries will be released. The most you could do is keep yourself updated by regularly checking on the official website of the YSR Housing Scheme.

Few Aspects of the YSR Housing Scheme 

Besides providing better housing facilities to the people of Andhra Pradesh, the YSR also carries forward a few aspects of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY).

  • Housing for EWS – Having allocated Rs. 1280 crore in the state budget for the development of houses for the Economically Weaker Section, the YSR incorporates with the PMAY scheme to provide pucca houses for these unprivileged people.
  • Urban Settlements for the LIG, MIG and HIG households – Both the central and the state Governments have joined hands for the development of the urban settlements with better infrastructure and housing accommodations. The Central Government has funded Rs. 5000 crores for the enforcement of this scheme, whereas the State Government has provided Rs. 1000 crore for the same.
  • PMAY-YSR Gramin Housing Scheme – Under this scheme, the state as well the centre aims to develop the rural areas and improve the conditions there. These include the establishment of transport and communication, power and water supplies, education and medical amenities, etc.

Thus, we see how the state and centre promote the property market value by giving opportunity for the real estate sector to boom. Many investors, as well as manufacturers, could gain surplus by participating in the government policy of establishing properties all over the state.

Impact of Coronavirus on the Real Estate Market

Since the spread of the virus, many sectors have suffered greatly posing no exception to the housing market. Crisis in employment, as well as labours, have brought the workforce to a halt leading to delay in projects in the real estate sector. There is uncertainty as to when the commenced projects will be ready for accommodation due to which the AP Housing Sanction List 2020 is still under processing.


Q1. What are the norms and conditions stated for the YSR Housing Scheme?

Ans. To be eligible for enrolling yourself as a beneficiary in the YSR Housing Scheme, you have to abide by the conditions stated under the regulation of the scheme.

The conditions are as follows:
1. A native resident of the state.
2. Any of your family members should not own land or property.
3. Valid ration card (either APL or BPL).
4. You should also have a valid caste certificate.

Q2. What are the documents required for enrolment in the YSR Housing Scheme?

Ans. Here is the list of documents you need for registering as a beneficiary in the YSR Housing Scheme:

1. Aadhar Card
2. Income Certificate
3. Bank Account Passbook
4. Domicile Certificate
5. Address Proof
6. Mobile Number
7. Photograph

Q3. What are the proposals stated under the YSR Housing Scheme?

Ans. The YSR Housing Scheme promises to fulfil the following requirements for the EWS people:

1. Construction of 15 lakh houses in locations such as Visakhapatnam, Kurnool and Nellore districts of Andhra Pradesh.
2. Housing units to comprise a bedroom, living room, kitchen, toilet and veranda.
3. To provide infrastructural amenities like well-developed roads, water supply, electricity, sewage treatment and so on.

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