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Proptech Startups India

“Real estate is a market,” Deloitte stated in 2020, “that hasn’t changed very much in decades — maybe even centuries.”

However, things have changed since technology met the real estate industry, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic. Technology made everything faster, easier and better for people who want to buy, sell, rent or manage properties. Technology has ushered in greater certitude, convenience, and welfare in the real estate market, from virtual tours and online property management platforms to smart contracts and blockchain. As a result, Proptech has garnered immense attention from entrepreneurs, investors, and industry incumbents all at once.

Moreover, as the second most populous country, India is also witnessing a remarkable Proptech boom. Yes, it is! The real estate sector in India is getting more and more tech-savvy and innovative. There’s growing interest among enterprises in looking beyond what’s new to what’s next.

As per IBEF, the Indian real estate sector was valued at $200 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to a staggering market size of $1 trillion by 2030. Furthermore, it is anticipated to contribute 13 per cent to the country’s GDP by 2025. That’s huge! And it means more jobs, more opportunities and more growth for the country; there’s a lot happening in this space, guys. Let’s dive in! 

In this blog post, I will reveal the Top 5 successful Proptech startups in India and some exciting impacts they have had on the Indian real estate landscape.

Top 5 successful Proptech startups in India

1. Square Yards

One-stop solution for all property services! Square Yards is India’s largest Real Estate platform and is one of the few Indian startups that have transitioned successfully to the global landscape. With a comprehensive suite of services, Square Yards cater to the diverse needs of home buyers and investors alike, offering online property listings, virtual tours, property discovery, financing options, legal assistance, and post-sales support. By seamlessly providing end-to-end services, Square Yards has unequivocally demonstrated to India — oh, sorry, to the world — that real estate can be made real easy. Square Yards operates in 9 countries and is ranked among the top 10 most profitable real estate companies worldwide. 


Headquarters: Gurugram, Haryana, India | Company size: 1,001-  5,000 Employees 

Founded: 2014

2. NoBroker 

NoBroker is a prominent real estate platform that revolutionises how people rent, buy, and sell properties. Setting itself apart, it eliminates the need for brokers or middlemen, allowing direct communication and transactions between property owners and seekers. Through the utilisation of innovative technology and an extensive range of property listings, NoBroker simplifies the entire real estate process, making it transparent, cost-effective, and convenient for all parties involved. With its disruptive approach, NoBroker has gained significant popularity and established itself as a trusted name in the real estate industry.

Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Company size: 1,001 – 5,000 Employees 

Founded: 2014

3. PropTiger 

PropTiger is India’s online real estate platform. It guides home buyers right from the start, which is searching and shortlisting the property, to the very end, which is possession. Along the way, PropTiger guides you to visit the site with their relationship manager, assists you in securing a home loan if required, proffers expert legal advice and documentation support, and eventually PropTiger let you land your dream home. PropTiger, ultimately, functions on the fundamentals of innovative technology, Insightful data, and trust. 

Headquarters: Gurgaon, Haryana, India | Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees

Founded: 2011

4. ZiffyHomes

ZiffyHomes is a notable name in the real estate industry, offering innovative solutions for hassle-free rental experiences. It primarily functions as a sort of co-living platform that caters exclusively to young professionals and students, offering fully furnished and managed rental homes. These homes come equipped with a range of amenities, including Wi-Fi, housekeeping, parking facilities, security services, and more. Notably, ZiffyHomes is also — just like, NoBroker — indulging their customer with the features of “Zero Brokerage.” This enables direct interaction between tenants and property owners, eliminating the need for brokerage and brokerage costs. Eventually, ZiffyHomes emerged as a leading Proptech startup in India, delivering quality services to its valued clientele.

Headquarters: Gurgaon, Haryana, India | Company size: 41 to 60 Employees

Founded: 2015

5. Magic Brick

Magicbricks provide a comprehensive online platform where you can search property based on area, price and amenities. Whether you require a flat, villa, plot, office, shop, or a lovely home, Magicbrick has everything with various ranges of budgets. Besides, it offers tools and services like property valuations, loan calculators, and legal assistance to enhance the overall real estate experience for its users. 

Headquarters: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India | Company size: 501-1,000 Employees

Founded: 2006

The Impact of Proptech on the Indian Real Estate Industry

The ascent of Proptech startups has had a significant impact on the Indian real estate industry, revolutionising the way how properties are purchased, sold, and managed. These innovative technology-driven companies have disrupted traditional practices, bringing about significant transformations in the industry. 

In simple, Proptech Startups make the real estate industry more fair, simple, and open for everyone. And today, ‘Proptech’ has become a cool term for startups that use tech, data, and streamlined processes to make real estate better and easier. Ultimately, it helps us to save time, money, and hassle. Let’s see how Proptech is changing the game in real estate.

Enhanced Transparency

One of the foremost hurdles faced in the real estate industry has been the lack of transparency. However, Proptech startups have emerged as game-changers by introducing data-driven approaches that revolutionise the way property information is accessed and analysed. In today’s digital era, with just a few taps on your smartphone, you can discover everything you need to know about a property. From its current value and historical trends to price comparisons, best alternatives, and more. As a result, this wealth of information available at your fingertips is truly empowering both buyers and tenants, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Proptech solutions have enriched the real estate landscape by automating numerous processes, thereby eliminating cumbersome paperwork and minimising the need for intermediaries. This transformative shift has resulted in substantial time and cost savings for buyers, sellers, and renters alike. Namely, the invention of digital rental agreements makes paper documentation much easier and faster for everyone, eliminating the need for physical presence.

Market Expansion

Proptech platforms have significantly widened the reach of the real estate market by connecting buyers, sellers, and tenants across geographies. This remarkable development has ushered in a new era of investment opportunities for individuals who were previously confined by geographical constraints. Consequently, investors now have the flexibility to diversify their portfolios and explore properties in various cities without physical limitations. This newfound accessibility has truly transformed the investment landscape, empowering individuals to boldly explore and capitalise on promising opportunities in markets beyond their limited vicinity.

Innovative Financing Models

Proptech startups have brought forth a wave of innovation in the real estate industry, particularly in financing. Notably, by introducing groundbreaking financial models such as crowdfunding and fractional ownership, they have effectively democratised real estate investment, making it more accessible and affordable for a diverse range of individuals. Consequently, these financial innovations have successfully dismantled barriers that previously hindered smaller investors from participating in high-value projects and gaining exposure to the real estate market. As a result, aspiring investors now have greater opportunities to embark on their real estate journey in a dynamic investment ecosystem.

Property Management Solutions 

Proptech has changed property management upside down. Property Management typically encompasses various demanding tasks such as day-to-day repairs, ongoing maintenance, security, rent collection, tenant management, and so on. And these responsibilities used to require substantial time and effort. However, after the enrolment of Proptech, one can effortlessly manage all of these tasks without even leaving the comfort of their couch. Ultimately, These technological advancements have simplified landlords’ lives and empowered them to efficiently oversee their real estate assets with a heightened sense of professionalism.

The Bottom Line

The Proptech startup ecosystem in India is witnessing a remarkable surge in growth and innovation. As technology continues to evolve and consumer preferences shift, Proptech startups will play a crucial role in revolutionising the real estate industry. However, by embracing digital transformation and addressing the evolving needs of buyers, sellers, and investors, these startups have set the stage for a more transparent, efficient, and comprehensive real estate ecosystem in the country.

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