Proptech Startup Investors in India


Indian proptech startups and businesses are supported financially by people or organizations known as proptech investors. These investors are prepared to put up their money in order to support the expansion and success of these businesses because they feel that technology-driven solutions have the potential to revolutionize the real estate sector. 

The subject of the conversation “How to Invest in Proptech and Who are the Proptech Investors in India” will be discussed. Therefore, organizations and individuals who fund start-up businesses and organisations in the proptech industry are known as proptech investors in India. They support these companies’ expansion and success because they are committed to changing the real estate sector. 

Exploring Proptech: Discovering the Future of Real Estate

Prop-tech, which stands for “property technology,” represents modern businesses that harness technology to revolutionize the real estate industry. These innovative companies utilize state-of-the-art technology to enhance various aspects of property management, transactions, and the overall experience for clients. These technologies include artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, and blockchain. It’s like bringing advanced tools to real estate that make things easier and more exciting for everyone involved.

Proptech refers to a range of digital solutions that enhance buildings and structures to benefit everyone involved in Commercial Real Estate (CRE). These include Property Investors, Real Estate/Building Managers, and Tenants. It’s like a digital upgrade that makes buildings smarter and more efficient, providing benefits for everyone who has a stake in them.

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Meet India’s Proptech Startup Investors

Businesses in the proptech sector are always changing to meet clients’ evolving expectations. We’ll look at a few of the most prosperous Indian Proptech startups in this article. Let’s get started, shall we? Depending on your requirements, one of them may be just what you’ve been looking for. Meet the top 10 Proptech investors in India, supporting innovative startups revolutionizing real estate.

Square Yards 

Let me introduce you to one of India’s top startups that is disrupting the real estate proptech industry and changing the way people buy and sell homes. Square Yards has swiftly become the top choice for thousands of satisfied consumers throughout the world thanks to its track record of success.

Finding your dream home or rental property is important, and Square Yards is aware of this. Their ground-breaking platform seamlessly connects buyers and sellers, streamlining the transaction to make it quick, simple, and stress-free with the help of cutting-edge technology and a team of educated specialists. In India, Square Yards is a real estate and financing portal. They offer a thorough house buying and selling process that includes:

  • The full real estate transaction, including the search and discovery
  • Mergers and acquisition
  • Mortgages
  • Designs
  • Property for Rent 
  • Upkeep of real estate and post-sale support
  • Sophisticated 3D visual aids
  • In their property pulse area, they offer information for the most recent Real Estate news. 
  • Users can read up on taxes, investing, and other topics in this section as well.
  • They also provide a real estate guide that walks you through the important phases involved in house hunting. 

Nest Away

They convert unbranded, empty homes into fully restored, well-maintained apartments. Additionally, they work hard to offer them to potential tenants at fair prices. They are creating an atmosphere with the following goals in mind:

  • Working as an estate manager to streamline all processes, from rent to billing, and cut expenditures. 
  • NestAway offers landlords insurance against unpaid rent. The business will pay if the tenant doesn’t. They help tenants obtain their security deposit back once they vacate.

Magic Bricks

Their Property Index tool provides comprehensive information on changes in residential unit availability and prices in India for various key cities. Their top USPs include:

  • Personalised project and regional suggestions to improve your search
  • Find a house that is similar to the ones you are seeing.
  • Visitors to the website can view housing suggestions by using a slider.


Their fashion is influenced by the varied interests and lives of their customers. They accomplish this by offering the subsequent services:

  • Renting out high-end furnishings and decorative items. 
  • All of their items are designed by specialists that work with them.
  • Additionally, they offer household goods, accessories, and decorations. 
  • One can thereby create their entire home, room, or niche with only one tap. 


They want to provide purchasers the power to select the properties that best meet their needs. Their USPs include:

  • They assist buyers in locating the most reasonably priced houses. 
  • The application provides in-depth information about the new house’s location. They provide information on local schools, colleges, home views, and more, for instance. 
  • When a user searches for a home, brokers are immediately informed.

No Broker 

They operate across a variety of real estate transactional factors thanks to their USP of zero brokerage. The following is included in this:

  • Both rentals and direct sales 
  • Other services, such as mortgage loans, 
  • Movers and Packers 
  • Legally required records
  • Among others, online rent payment.


Chemicals, cement, and other building supplies are sold by and are necessary for construction projects. They mostly provide:

  • A marketplace is available to customers who want to purchase products and services for the construction and real estate industries. 
  • Client queries are handled and analysed via the company’s unified platform. 
  • The supply chain is then matched with them. They additionally provide a trustworthy delivery tracking system and fair credit options. 


Individual pieces of furniture and design stand in contrast to this. Numerous regional residential designers are given power by the design service. They accomplish this by offering the subsequent services:

  • They aid designers in creating virtual room layouts in 2D and 3D and creating home decor looks. 
  • Homeowners can now tour fully constructed homes in 3D virtual or augmented reality. 
  • Before making a purchase, customers can browse a catalogue of Livspace’s product designs.


India-wide operations are made possible by the independent real estate consultant PropTiger. They are incredibly knowledgeable and understanding when it comes to Indian real estate. They want to be your first point of contact if you’re looking to buy a family home in India. 

  • They manage a real estate marketplace on the internet. They prioritise helping clients with real estate transactions.
  • Supporting customer decision-making using data and analysis. 
  • They also provide transaction processing transparency.
  •  with the use of software and analytical data, empower clients to assist their clients with mortgage loans and land registrations.

Zolo Stays

They provide a variety of regular and luxurious living facilities in their living spaces. Giving working adults and college students a hassle-free living environment is Zolo’s mission. 

Their USPs are: 

  • A strong local network
  • A gateway with omnichannels
  • Leading services, including hygienic and nourishing food
  • Rooms that are furnished and decorated
  • Consistent room service
  • Perfect online capabilities
  • High-tech security, among other things, is made feasible by technology. 

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In the end, investors in Indian proptech startups are akin to dependable friends who have faith in the potential of technology to revolutionize the way we acquire, dispose of, and manage real estate. They are the ones who give these unique startups Like Square Yards and many more startup, direction they need to develop and flourish. With their assistance, these entrepreneurs can develop innovative solutions that make renting or buying a home simpler, more convenient, and easier for everyone. These investors are influencing how we interact with our houses in the future by investing in Proptech, which is helping the real estate technology industry expand.

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